Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Cost in India: Best Process Guide

The healthcare industry is one of the most profitable industries on the planet, and there are many leading companies and organizations, and Apollo Pharmacy is one of them.

A very extreme way to grow the business fast is to offer the franchise business model to the investors.

Apollo is a very reputed organization in the healthcare industry and offers the Apollo Pharmacy Franchise to the franchisees to grow the business over India.

In the healthcare industry, if you check, Apollo Pharmacy is coming in the list of the top leading pharmacies and hospitals.

Before you go for the Apollo Pharmacy Franchise business, it’s essential to have all the basic and additional details about the Apollo Pharmacy so you can conclude why you should start the Franchise of Apollo pharmacy.

So, in order to provide you ease for making up your mind for the acquisition of apollo pharmacy, we are going to cover the details in this article:

  • About Apollo Pharmacy
  • Market Scope for Apollo Pharmacy
  • Apollo Pharmacy Franchise cost (Investment)
  • Required Documents
  • Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Profit Margin
  • Required the Training & Skills
  • How to get Apollo Pharmacy franchise

About Apollo Pharmacy: Overview

Apollo Pharmacy franchise

By getting Apollo pharmacy, you are going to invest your money, time, energy, and effort to grow the business for you and apollo pharmacy as well.

So, when you are going to invest your money in a third-party business, then you must have the graphical details of that business.

Apollo pharmacy was founded in 1987 in Hyderabad and has stores in more than 21 states in India with more than 4,000 outlets.

So, if we see the graph of success of Apollo pharmacy, it is going in only the up direction which is a positive sign for the investment.

It is offering the franchise model at an affordable price, where the other brands of different categories are offering the franchises at 1 crore, 50 lakhs, Apollo pharmacy is offering the franchise store within just 15 lakhs to 20 lakhs rupees.

Why You Should Acquire Apollo Franchise Store?

Apollo pharmacy is one of the oldest leading pharmacy stores in India and gaining profitability day by day since it has started.

Along with the acquisition of franchise apollo pharmacy, you get the brand name of apollo pharmacy which matters a lot to gain the trust of customers.

It has already gained the trust and loyalty of people and it will be transferred while acquiring the apollo store to you.

Furthermore, it has been increasing its valuation day by day by giving premium service to each customer.

It holds a wide range of medical and surgical products and it causes a zero return rate of customers which means, the customer does not go back without purchasing the product which he asks for.

Moreover, this business holds the products which are as much needed as vegetables and water to survive the humans, and that’s why it is a recession-proof business, even any pandemic comes, it grows in it.

Market Scope For Apollo Franchise

Again, it is very important to know about the apollo pharmacy market scope if you have decided to open an apollo pharmacy store.

It sells more than 5,000 medicinals and surgical products across various categories such as childcare, vitamins, health foods, supplements, etc…

It is estimated that around 400 products are exclusive of the apollo pharmaceutical brand amongst all five thousand products sold in apollo stores.

The company has set the aim to grow 30% to 35% every year by adding 250 stores in India.

Moreover, the key feature of apollo pharmacy is that it keeps open 24 X 7 across India which makes it unique and different than all other brands.

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Requirements

As you might know, each franchisor sets certain criteria to maintain its standard everywhere the same.

Apollo pharmacy has also set some criteria while offering the franchise to the investors which are supposed to follow in order to open the apollo pharmacy outlet in any area of India.

Space Requirements

If you want to open the franchise store of apollo pharmacy, you must have the space of 150 sq ft to 300 sq ft at your location.

Moreover, there must be a space arrangement for fixing the deep freezer, counter, customer traffic, and waiting space.

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Cost (Investment)

In order to start an apollo franchise anywhere in India, you need around 15 lakhs to 20 lakhs rupees which vary with the space that you acquire.

If you are going to open the franchise of apollo pharmacy in a small town of the rural or semi-rural area, the investment will be less and if you are going for the urban area, the investment will be more.

  • Land Cost: 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs (If you own land, then don’t consider this)
  • Stock Cost: 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs
  • Franchise Cost: 5,000/- to 25,000/-
  • Worker Salary: 20,000/- to 50,000/-
  • Other Cost: 1 lakh to 2 lakhs

Combining all the required investments, you need to have around 15 lakhs to 20 lakhs rupees to open the apollo pharmacy outlet anywhere in India.

Required Documents to Open Apollo Pharmacy Store

You need to submit several documents in order to acquire the apollo store, which includes the below:

  • Personal Documents
  • Id proof: Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter Id card
  • Address Proof: Ration Card, Electricity Bill
  • Bank Account Details with Passbook
  • Photograph, Email Id, Phone Number
  • Qualification Documents
  • Property Documents
  • Complete Property Documents with Title and Address
  • Lease Agreement (If you take the land on lease or rent)
  • All Types of NOC

Required Training & Skills While Opening Apollo Medical Outlet

A person who wants to start the apollo medical store must be a pharmacist, and he requires to undergo residency training of 2 years.

This ensures knowledge of the drug and its work for the pharmacist, furthermore, he should also be aware of the rules under Medical Awareness.

Medicines have a shelf life of one to four years when the drug is expired, it should be discarded immediately.

The basic training must be taken by the pharmacist and he must possess a Doctorate degree in pharma with a medical background.

According to requirements, the pharmacist must be trained the patients in injections, first aid, and care.

They are supposed to keep records, update inventory, and suggest the correct medication to patients when problems arise.

Apollo Pharmacy Profit Margin

There should be not a single percent doubt about the profitability of apollo pharmacy because it is the leading brand of the healthcare industry.

Apollo pharmacy is offering different percentages of profit margin on each product, which you can explore by visiting the official site of apollo pharmacy.

How to Get Apollo Pharmacy Franchise

You can apply online by visiting the apollo pharmacy franchise website, where you will get an application form, and you have to fill in the proper details and submit it.

Once you fill and submit the application form, your application goes to the company portal directly, and after you are shortlisted, officials of apollo pharmacy company will get in touch with you for further discussion.

In case you want more additional information, you can reach out to them via email.

Email address for apollo pharmacy: [email protected]

Corporate inquire email address: [email protected]

Conclusion on Getting The Apollo Pharmacy Franchise

Here you should notice that apollo is offering you the franchise model in 15 to 20 lakhs rupees which are very affordable.

Whereas you will find that many reputed brands are taking more than 50 lakhs rupees for providing the franchise business.

As apollo belongs to the healthcare industry, it is totally profitable forever, because there is nothing in the world that can replace medicines.

Moreover, if you want practical knowledge, then the best option is to visit your nearby apollo medical store, and the person who is owning the apollo medical outlet already will give you the perfect and 100% practical information.

FAQs about getting the Apollo Pharmacy Franchise

How much is the Apollo pharmacy franchise?

If you are owning your own land, then 5 to 10 lakhs rupees are enough to open the apollo medical store anywhere in India, hence, it depends on the land that you have.
And if you don’t have your own space and going to take it on lease or land, then you will have to have almost 15 to 20 lakhs rupees including all costs and expenses.
In this case, also the final total investment depends on the land that you acquire.

How do I get the Apollo franchise?

In order to get an apollo franchise business, you need to visit the official website of apollo pharmacy, where you will get an application form which you will have to submit by filling in all the details completely with accuracy.
Once you are short-listed, the franchise team of apollo will contact you for further discussion about the business.

Is the Apollo pharmacy franchise profitable?

The profitability of any brand or business depends on many factors, its revenue, branding, brand value, market value, popularity, growth graphs, numbers of profitable stores, and many other aspects.
Talking about the apollo pharmacy, the stats are showing that it is going only in the up direction since it has been established.
Moreover, it is the business under the healthcare industry that is and will be profitable forever, because medicines can never be replaced by anything.

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