13 Benefits Of Using Videos To Promote Your Business

Video marketing is all over the web – have you ever considered the reason behind the large-scale popularity of your favorite brands? Why are platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube so popular? That’s all because of videos. With hectic schedules, people would rather watch two-minute videos instead of reading the same information – a task that can take 15 minutes. 

Video marketing is the future, and the future is right here! Businesses looking to gain good exposure for their products and services should start creating marketing videos because this is the time when they can reap the most benefits out of video marketing.

According to research, 90% of businesses use videos as an effective marketing tool. This speaks of the benefits businesses can reap through video marketing.

Let’s look at the 13 benefits of using videos for promoting your business:

1. Videos Help Build Trust

Trust is the basis of conversions and sales. Therefore, building trust among customers is one of the main objectives of businesses. By extension, the concept of video marketing is also based on creating long-term relations and trust.

Videos are more transparent than written content and give audiences the scope of seeing people behind brands and deciding whether they want to trust them or not. As per reports, 90% of brand videos persuade people to buy a product.

Leveraging videos on different social media platforms can help businesses rank well in their algorithms. In addition, using videos on sites keeps the visitors browsing for longer. This is because videos are a more informative and reliable form of content than any other marketing collateral.

2. Gain Exposure by Posting Videos on YouTube

With over a billion users watching more than 250 million hours of videos every day, it is quite obvious that YouTube is the most popular search engine worldwide after Google.

This is the platform where potential buyers search for your products and services.

How-to searches, specifically, are quite popular on this platform, making educational videos a strategic scope for businesses to find exposure.

Videos thus allow you to make the most out of this platform by letting the buyers know about your products and services on offer.

3. Videos are the Easiest Medium to Explain Products

If you are launching a new service or product, create videos to show how it works. Ask the buyers of a product, and most of them will say that they have bought the product after learning more about it through videos.

Interactive videos, in particular, offer viewers the scope of interacting with the content through different tools. They facilitate active viewing, create a gaming experience for the users, and engage them.

The viewers can drag, hover, scroll, click on and engage in many other actions to interact with the available content. Even if audiences do not interact with such videos, they find them 32% more memorable than simple video advertisements. This ensures that the audiences will remember your products and services, which is then beneficial for you in the long run. 

4. Rank Higher on Search Engines

Posting brand videos on YouTube offers your business tons of exposure. If you want good rankings on Google search pages, you must include videos on your site.

Adding videos to your site increases your chances of ranking on the very first page of the Google search engine results. This makes it well worth the effort, considering that 75% of Google users do not go beyond the first page of the search results.

5. Videos Can Engage the Laziest of Buyers

Undoubtedly, videos are great learning tools, and they are also easy to take in. People do not have sufficient time these days to review long product descriptions and articles. Modern customers are interested in seeing products in action.

Studies show that 83% of businesses use videos as marketing tools to grab more investment returns. That’s because videos are not faceless, unlike blogs. They show the visage of a company, something that the consumers are interested in seeing.

In addition, people prefer watching engaging and fun videos that let them come face to face with the company’s team and see everything in action. Videos can thus offer content experiences that most of their clientele looks out for.

6. Offer Customers Content in the Medium They Desire

More than half of the world’s population agrees that their main reason to be on the internet is to watch videos.

Some people want to see more and more videos from their favorite brands. Others say they would like to watch more explainer style or educational videos, while some consumers are looking for more product demonstrations.

So, undoubtedly, videos are most audiences’ preferable medium. So, businesses should give them what they desire.

7. Using Videos in Emails Boosts Click-Throughs

Using videos in emails can help break through inboxes and get more responses.

The best way of including videos in emails is by attaching thumbnails from the videos in the email body. Then, viewers can easily click on these thumbnails to watch the video and then go to your landing page or site.

8. Videos are Traffic-Generating Machines

Videos are great at consistently keeping people on a web page for longer periods of time.

Moreover, people have a higher chance of visiting your site by watching videos on YouTube or other social media platforms than they are with any other form of content.

This is because more and more businesses have been launching video-equipped sites and investing in the creation of top-quality videos. Most businesses these days are using an online video editor to create professional videos that grab more attention.

Thus, top-quality videos with informative matter undoubtedly serve as traffic-generating machines, bringing more business to organizations.

9. Build Stronger Brand Connections

Watching videos offers both visual and audio stimulation. Activating these areas of the brain engages viewers on a higher level. When viewers connect with something visually and audibly, they naturally develop a strong affiliation with it, and the same happens when they watch videos.

Narrating compelling stories through videos helps businesses build brand awareness and even retain the interest of existing customers. As a result, customers keep returning to watch more videos from their favorite brands.

Businesses leveraging their relationships with existing customers by featuring them in their videos can create a stronger bond with their potential buyers.

These are called customer testimonials and are highly effective in bringing in more new customers. It can be quite compelling to have a perceptible, relatable individual explaining why they love your products and services, your brand, and your organization.

10. Show Up More Frequently in Social Media Feeds

Social media feeds, specifically that of Instagram and Facebook, show individuals everything they want to see. However, algorithms based on the users’ previous activity make it very difficult for businesses to be discovered by new audiences.

Nowadays, if you log into any social media channel, you will find videos within the first 10 seconds. That’s because videos perform best with these platforms’ algorithms – they capture the viewers’ attention for longer.

This explains why videos bring in more engagement on different social media platforms.

On the other hand, social media channels also keep improving their video-related features to encourage wider adoption.

11. Videos are Easy to Work On

It is easy for businesses to use videos in their marketing campaigns because creating a video is not rocket science these days. Especially with the introduction of different video editing tools, businesses don’t need to have large video production teams to excel at video marketing.

Digital viewers also like consuming videos because they are uncomplicated, easy, and convenient. As per surveys, users on YouTube consume 500 million hours of videos while those on Facebook take in 100 million hours of visual content every day.

This is because videos communicate information more efficiently than textual matter. Just try reading written content on, say, getting ready for a party – it is quite time-consuming and boring compared to watching a live stream of a beauty guru teaching make-up basics for parties.

12. Videos Lead to Increased Conversions

Conversation rates double up for the sites that use videos: around 90% of marketers report the significance of accessing video viewing data for qualifying leads, influencing deals, and engaging prospects. So, having that play button on your site is a must.

Videos are also evolving at a very fast pace these days, and now it’s also easy to track how long viewers are watching your content, along with identifying those sections of your content that are being skipped or re-watched.

This can help businesses create targeted follow-ups and get a clear idea of various metrics, including viewers interested in their videos.

Overall, businesses can easily understand their potential buyers for certain products by going through these metrics.

13. Get More for the Money and Time You Invest

You are wrong if you think that only high-budget videos can bring more traffic to your site and more recognition for your products and services. Small-budget videos can also pay off in the long run. 

Given the low cost of making videos, what you get from them is exceptionally high. For example, 51.9% of businesses say that videos bring them the greatest returns on investment in marketing. This is a big deal! Leveraging video content creation can therefore also be quite lucrative in the long run.


Now that you know why it is important for a business to use videos, keep in mind that it is not just videos that will help with business growth; it is also how you use them to your benefit.

Use the right video marketing strategies, and they will surely generate several advantages for your business this 2022.

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