Top 7 Best Business Ideas in Delhi In 2021 That You Should Start

There are many opportunities to execute more profitable and scalable business ideas in Delhi, however, you need to just find the potential of the business which you want to start.

Being any city or state, it’s quite mandatory to analyze that which business idea will reflect the more benefit with sustainability.

For example, Gujarat is famous for food business, Pune is popular for Food Delivery Business, similarly, if you are going to start a business in Dehli, you must have clear stats about which business will give you the good return.

In this article, I am going to remove that huddle for you, you would not have to do very deep research after going through this article.

Best Business Ideas in Delhi

Finding the business ideas in any territory is not pretty hard stuff until you have not clear roadmap to determine the potential of the business.

Delhi is one of the biggest hubs for garments, electronics items, Dehli is the most polluted city of India, there is a problem with accommodation in Delhi.

These are problems with hidden opportunities, make one thing remember in mind forever.

Problem is not a Problem, Finding solution is the Problem

Sir Elon Musk

Being a resident of Delhi, you must have many business ideas in Delhi to execute in a proper manner, and if you don’t, don’t worry.

In this article, you are going to be educated about the same, so stick with this article till the end.

1. Mobile Accessories Shop


Do you know that Delhi is distributing all kinds of mobile accessories all over India at a very low rate?

I am from Gujarat, and I am connected with many distributors, retailers, and wholesalers of mobile accessories who bring the mobile accessories from Delhi at a very cheap rate and sell here at profitable rates.

You have a very great opportunity of establishing a scalable and sustainable business in Delhi by opening mobile accessories shop.

You will be dealing in both retail and wholesale, retails returns more profit margin but quantity will be minimal whereas wholesaling will return a low-profit piece but quantity will be very high.

Your main focus must be on wholesale business, and the major class of your customers will be outsiders from Delhi

After opening mobile accessories shop, you need to market it on social media, google ads and you also can do local marketing.

Mobile accessories include the earphone, handsfree, tempered glass, mobile cover, mobile charger, power bank, and many other accessories.


You can consider this as one of the best medium investment business ideas in Delhi because you will need around 1.5 lakh INR to establish this business.

Hence, you can also start with a lower than 1.5 lakh, but if you get a big order, it can create chaos for you, and you can miss the client for a while.

In a period of high competition, missing a client is not affordable.

Profit of Mobile Accessories Business

You need to deal in bulks more and try to sell at least 500 pieces total, the average margin of each accessory is around 8-10 Rs so you can generate around 4000-5000 Rs per day as a profit.

2. Air Purifier Retailer and Distributor


As I mentioned at the starting of the article that Delhi is the most polluted city in India and there is an opportunity to make the people enabled to have pure air.

You can consider this business as one of the most profitable new business ideas in Delhi because this business is going to generate uncountable revenue for you.

There are many malls, offices, big companies in Delhi that are suffering from the bad and polluted air and looking for air purifiers to pass the fresh air for their customers and employees.

You can approach them for the big order and also long-term deal that whenever they will need an air purifier, you will be providing the same at affordable rates.

Investment for Air Purifiier Business

This business will require a huge capital as an investment because if you are thinking to tie up with big organizations and malls, you have to have enough funds to buy it from the manufacturers as well.

The profit of this business idea is more than you expect, and you can also provide a service also as a regular refreshment service, in which first 3 you can keep free and post three services, you can charge them which is your passive income.

3. Baking Business in Delhi


Delhi is the first smart city of India and the population of Delhi is too advanced and Delhi has a big group of youth as well.

The population of Delhi is always eager to celebrate the days by finding any occasion.

In this situation, you have a very great execute the greatest low investment business in Delhi by starting the business of Baking items like biscuits, cakes, and other items.

Multinational companies are always bringing the baked items for their employees, clients, and high posted employees, I think you are aware of this.

You can contact the event management business owners because they are always taking the huge orders of almost every occasion around your area and outside also.

As another permanent customer, you should tie up with the marriage halls that have a huge potential to supply the big customers who will acquire your multiple products in a huge quantity.

This business idea has an unbelievable potential to create a monopoly as well because there are rare people who are running this business in Delhi.

One thing I want to mention is that you should have enough funds as an investment to execute one of the most scalable business ideas in Delhi.

Business Ideas in Delhi Without Investment

If you are thinking that you can not execute any of the business ideas in Delhi without investment, then you are wrong, there is one business that you can start without any investment in Delhi.

4. Be an LIC Agent

People are very insecure about their family’s security in this uncertain time and always looking for a secured term plan for the same.

The best option to cure the after-death security is a life insurance policy.

You have nothing to do except passing an exam to get the License of an LIC agent.

Year1st Type (Money-back)2nd Type (Endowment)
Bonus Commission40% commission40% commission
2 year10%7.5%
3 years10%7.5%
4th Year onward6%5%

After getting a license of LIC, you need to offer the plans of LIC to the people and convince them to bring a policy.

LIC gives a very good amount as a margin or commission per policy acquisition, and LIC has a plan for recovery amount from 1 lakh to 10 crores plus.

A bigger cure amount policy gives you a higher commission, you need to offer different policies according to the financial condition of the customers.

Never approach to make sales only for the bigger policy in look for the higher commission, because the client will have to pay every month or year.

If any client cancels the policy due to financial shortage, you will get stopped getting the income from that client until he either resumes or takes a new policy.

This is one of the best business ideas in Delhi without investment can be executed as a part-time, secondly, it does not have any fixed location, it can be done online as well.

You can definitely put this business idea in the category of one of the sustainable online business ideas in Delhi.

5. Tea shop small business in Delhi

A businessman of Tea in Pune earns around 12 lakhs per month from only his tea business, it seems unbelievable, right?

But it’s 100% true, he is focusing only on making quality tea in terms of taste and service.

The business of tea sounds like a cheap business, hence very few people know the potential of one of the small business ideas in Delhi.

I suggest you open a tea shop by doing a little investment around 70k to 80k, but I strongly advise you to keep the quality of the tea the ever best.

In Gujarat, there are people selling a cup of tea for just Rs. 10 and there are also shops that are selling the same cup of tea for Rs. 50 to Rs. 80.

With the surprise, the costlier business has more customers and they are generating more revenue than a tea providing at a cheaper rate.

The major reason behind this is the quality and service.

Once you open the tea stall in Delhi, you should not depend only on the walk-in customers, you can tie up with malls, hospitals, multinational companies, and those companies who is having a big amount of employees in it.

Investment for Tea Shop Business

What do you think, how much investment you will need to open a tea shop?

it’s around just 1 lakh including all expenses, like rent of the shop and other expenses.

As long as you start to get the big orders, you will have to keep more funds and you are supposed to rotate the money to sustain the business as well.

6. Water Plant Business Idea in Delhi

Here you are having two opportunities to execute one of the best low investment business ideas in Delhi and High Investment business Ideas in Delhi.

One, you can establish the Drinking Water Plan where you will be providing the drinking water to those water suppliers who are distributing the jug and bottles of the water over the city.

The total investment including all expenses to establish the Water Plant is around 5.50 lakh rupees which Includes all the materials to make the water plans along with the equipment.

If we talk about the difference between the purchase and sales, the manufacturing cost of 20 liters of water is around 4 rupees which you can sell in around 12 Rs Easily.

You will be surprised to know that the consumption of daily 500-800 bottles of 20-liter jugs is nothing in Delhi, you will be selling 500-800 bottles which will produce the on average profit of around Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 4,500 per day normally.

The second Best option which will consume the low investment is to start the water jug distribution in your local territory.

Yes, you will be collecting the drinking water from the water suppliers and will be distributed to the customers.

Best Potential Customers For Water Jug Business

See, for this business, the profit margin is low i.e around Rs. 12 around, so you will have to target those areas from which the crowd of people can buy the jug from you.

For this, you can target the big apartments which hold the many numbers of houses, big row houses societies, Banks, big offices.

If you target a flat or apartment which contains around 200 houses and you provide the water jugs to just 100 of them, you can generate a revenue of Rs. 1000 around only from one apartment.

You should try that you cover a minimum of 12 big apartments or societies, and yes, of course, your expense also will be increased, but your profit also will be increased that you can afford the expense easily.

The second benefit of this business is that you have to invest a little bit of money for advertising in a starting phase, and then you will not be spending a single rupee for marketing as this business contains mouth-to-mouth marketing.

This business idea can make you a rich person very soon, and the first and the biggest benefit of this business idea is that this will business will never die, or never be down because water is a must for survival.

7. Beauty Parlor Most Profitable Business Idea in Delhi

Don’t you think that this is one of the best low investment business ideas in Delhi because Delhi is the most stylish city in India?

The women and girls are too advanced of Delhi, second, Delhi is the city of Festivals where almost every lady finds the reason to make up herself.

You can open a Beauty Parlor, and you can not imagine the profit of the Beauty Parlor, it’s around 150% on every order, product and event.

If you invest Rs. 1,000 your net profit will be around Rs. 1,500 by this business.

You might be thinking why I am telling this with full of confidence because my own sister runs this business for many years and I have perfect data about this business.

If you draw a mehndi which takes around 4 hours maximum, you can charge a minimum of Rs. 3,000 per person, other aspects of this business like facial, haircutting, and other services have massive profit potential.

Along with providing the beauty parlor service, you can sell the ladies items as well like Cutlery, Special Shops, special oil, Creams, and many other products which have more than 50% profit.

One thing I am sharing with my practical knowledge, if you attend the seasonal customers well for only Four Months, You earn as much as 12 months in 4 months.

Another best aspect of this business is that this business can be run from home very easily, you would not have to pay a single rupee as rent for the particular space for the beauty parlor.

If you don’t know anything about the Beauty Parlor field, then you do not have to worry about that, you have ways to start the business.

The service of the Beauty parlor is too easy to learn and you will find a tutor to teach you, and the second option is that you can do just investment and hire female employees to run the business.

As I mentioned the profit potential of this business, you will earn more than expected excluding the salary of female employees.

What is the best business to start in 2021?

If you are looking for the best businesses to start in Delhi, then the following businesses can be the best businesses.
Water Jug Business, Online Classes, Fitness Business, Beauty Parlor, Baking Business, Vegetables Home Delivery.

Why Delhi can be the Best City to Start the Online Business?

As you know, Delhi is the first smart city of India, and developing very fast, people are being more advanced day by day and they value for a time more than money.
They do not prefer money to time, and they always look for time-saving sources.
That is the main and major reason that you can execute any business idea in Delhi.
For example, if you are running a business Vegetable Home delivery by taking some extra money on the market rate, people will prefer to order the vegetables from you rather than going to the market and purchase because you are saving their time by taking just a little bit extra money.
This is the reason, Delhi is the best city to execute every kind of Business Idea.

My Opinion

As a business owner, I would suggest you observe each aspect of the business idea which you are planning to execute, because business is a very big deal, and a small overlook can cause big harm or loss.

Running a Business is not a big deal if you are clear with all fundamentals, competitions, demand, and supply ratios of that business.

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