Top 10 Best Business Ideas In Kerala 2021 – Profitable – Scalable

If you are one of those people who are looking for the best Business Ideas in Kerala, then congratulations, you have landed in the very right place, in this article we are going to explore the most profitable business ideas in Kerala which will make you a real businessman.

If you belong to Kerala, you might definitely know that Kerala is one of the investment-friendly states, giving you a greater return against the noticeable investment.

Many states in India are purely investment-friendly like Gujarat, Maharastra, Kerala, Punjab, and Kolkata.

Kolkata is another best hub for small businesses and there are many opportunities to grow a sustainable business in Kolkata as well.

In this article, you will be exploring the new business ideas in Kerala which will be affordable for you and easily manageable with a good return.

Best Business Ideas in Kerala

You might think that Gujarat and Pune are a few of the biggest business hubs then why am I suggesting Kerala as one of the best cities for establishing the business, right?

The main reason behind it is that Kerala is the one and the only city which is holding the 100% literacy rate amongst all states of India you to reach digitally to people is quite easy.

Secondly, the rent of land and equipment is too low compared to the other states of India, water is available easily and electricity as well, so you would not come to face any harder challenge eve if you want to establish a wide-scale business in Kerala.

You might be thinking whether you are non-residential of Kerala, should you take a risk to establish the business in Kerala?

My answer is: Yes, and the aspects of why should you start a business in Kerala have already been shared above.

I would suggest you start a small business in Kerala initially, then you should think to expand it, and in order to guide you properly, we are also going to mention the small scale business ideas in Kerala as well in this article.

So be prepared to explore the best business to start in Kerala 2021 and start thinking about which business will be suitable for you.

1. Tourist Guide – Best Small Business in Kerala

Business Ideas in Kerala

Kerala is a city of culture having too many natural beauty with old temples like Padmanabhan Swamy, Shabrimala, and many temples which are historical.

On the other end, Kerala is having the 550 km seashore of the Arabian sea where the people come from outside to enjoy and capture the golden memories.

Intelligent people can find the business in this situation, you can be a tourist guide for the people who are not aware of Kerala beauty.

It’s not necessary that you have to guide the people yourself, you can hire the people who are very familiar with each and every corner of Kerala by paying them some money.

You can start a Kerala Darshan Facility service, where the people coming from outside will contact you and you will provide the traveling inside Kerala and make them visit the popular places.

The best thing about this best business to start in Kerala is that this business is an evergreen business, you will not be idle for a single month.

The second thing, investment is not too much, yes, if you want to establish an office, then a little bit of investment will be required because the rental of Kerala is too little.

Customer Potential

If we analyze the requirement and dependency, this will be marked as the most profitable business in Kerala because the tourist coming from outside have less than a little knowledge about Kerala’s places, natural beauty, and history.

The lack of knowledge of visitors will create a great opportunity to convert them into your customer.

So we can firmly consider this business idea as one of the small business ideas in Kerala.

2. Bed sheet Business – profitable business in kerala with low investment

Business Ideas in Kerala

The business of Bedsheets in Kerala is not run by more people, hence the demand for bedsheets in Kerala is profitable.

If you are looking for a profitable business in Kerala, you should analyze the stats of this business for Kerala, you will find that bedsheets business idea is a very profitable and best business to start in Kerala.

As the catalyst, Digital Media will work as a booster to grow your business within and outside Kerala with digital marketing.

The customer who wants your bedsheets, will either contact you directly or will place them on the online shopping portal and your sales will be increasing day by day.

Another way to grow your bedsheet business in Kerala is that you can run the ads on social media, google, and youtube as well.

You are not supposed to just open a shot of bedsheets and do the business with only the walk-in customers.

You can tile up with many online E-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and another e-commerce website that will be spreading your product over the different cities and states.

3. Vegetable Supply to Restaurants

You won’t believe that the vegetable supply to restaurants is one of the best businesses to start in Kerala in 2021 because the main reason is Kerala is a city where a huge number of tourists come and enjoy.

That’s why the business of restaurant is also best and they want a wide quantity of vegetables.

It’s quite difficult and boring to bring the vegetables from the market and clean on daily basis to make the different recipes for the customers.

Here you can jump and can be the missing part of the chain.

What you have to do is that you need to just purchase the different vegetables according to the requirements of restaurants, clean them at your home or another place, and deliver them by packing nicely.

You need to make your customers realize that you are saving their energy, transportation cost, and time as well.

This is one of the best small business ideas in Kerala as this business neither requires huge capital nor dedicated space or a warehouse.

Take The Order in Advance

You need to take care that you are not purchasing the bulk of vegetables randomly from the market and distributing according to the orders.

Take the orders first from the restaurants in advance i.e. prior to one day and purchase the vegetable materials from the market today which will be fresh in quality.

Do not rely only on one restaurant, make deals with multiple restaurants in each area.

Save the Transportation Cost

You should try to have the orders from at least 5 restaurants in each area so that you can deliver the vegetables in one round, which will save your transportation cost.

It’s up to you whether you charge the restaurants for the transportation or not additionally if you want to charge, then I advise you to charge a minimal amount that can not be focused on by the customer.

Profit Ratio

The profit ratio is too high in the vegetable business which I have already explained in the article of  Business Ideas In Gujarat.

The profit of the vegetable business is almost up to 30% which is almost highest among all small scale businesses.

Another most beneficial aspect of this profitable business in Kerala is that there are almost zero chances to suffer a loss because you will be bringing the vegetable materials according to the orders.

4. T-Shrit Printing Business – Small Investment Business in Kerala

Have you ever come to recognize the potential of the garment business?

If no, I will let you focus on the stability and profitability of that, and here I am not suggesting you start the garment business, just a small module of a garment business will make you the stable and scalable businessman in Kerala.

Yes, I am talking about the Business of T-Shirt Printing, and there are two ways to establish and run a T-shirt printing business.

  • Establish your own set up
  • Tie-up with the T-shirt printing unit

Both ways are the same and producing almost equal profit, however in the first way you will be earning a little bit more but management will become heavy.

You will be supposed to establish the printing machines, hire employees, account managers, GST Registration, and of course, you must have some capital as an investment with good backup.

Whereas in a second way, you will be working as an agency, where you need to just have one small office from where you will be managing your business.

Working as an agency, you just need to collect the customer’s requirements, analyze them and give the order to the printing companies.

As long as they are done, will return you which you have to forward to the customer with your profit.

If you can focus more on this idea, you will be finding that this is the best zero investment business in Kerala, investment is not totally zero, but it tends to be zero investment.

Customer Potential

Before starting any business, it’s a good habit to think about the customer potential for that particular business, it’s mandatory to recognize the customer source of that business.

In this business, you will not need to take an order of T-shirt printing on a retail base, you are going to take the order to print the T-Shirt in bulk so that you could earn a good amount.

The customer source is the employee of Catering service providers, Government offices, Private companies whose employees have to follow the dress code compulsorily, and many resources you will be to find with your own efforts.

Online Business Ideas in Kerala

The online segment of the business over the world is spreading with ultimate speed for the last 3 years almost, and many new business comers are investing in the online business.

The major benefit of the online business is that you can manage it from any corner of the world, and moving ahead I am going to explore some best online business ideas in Kerala which will provide you freedom with business.

5. Be a Content Writer – Zero Investment Business in Kerala

Every company, blogger, or YouTuber needs the content to promote, run and grow their business, content is one module of the product.

If you have the skill to create content for others on any topic, you are just one step ahead from establishing the great business of providing a content creation service.

Content Creation business is jumping with wide steps nowadays and many people are starting as a focused occupation with this content creation business.

While starting, you need to work alone for your clients, as long as the number of clients gets increasing, you can hire content writers who will be working for you, and you can set up a big team for your client.

Customers and Customer Sources

You would be finding a good amount of customers from social media, telegram groups, blogs, and online communities.

The clients who need a content writer or content creator for their blog or websites, post the requirements on the online platforms from where you need to fetch the clients.

You need to create some quality content articles first to represent them as a sample, and as a starting, you should offer a low rate.

Like, you can offer 20 PPW which is a low rate and affordable for clients, and they will agree to assign a project.

Strategy to Build a Content Writing Business

Never offer a high rate to your clients without having a portfolio, remember that being a new business comer, you must establish your strong portfolio which forces the clients to pay whatever you ask for the project.

Initially, charge less and give the best quality, and present those contents to the other clients, on the basis of which you will be confident to offer a high rate content creation service.

As long you start acquiring more clients, you will need to hire a content writer who will be creating content for you and you will be forwarding it to your clients.

Earning Method and Ratio

If you get a client who is willing to pay the 30 PPW for his content, you assign that task to a content writer who is working for you at the rate of 20 PPW and you will be keeping 10 PPW with you as a loyalty amount or commission amount.

Additionally, you also have to write the contents for the other clients and the payment of that will be totally yours.

So, here you can realize how much you will be earning with smart work.

Don’t you think that this is the best zero investment business in Kerala?

Here you should notice that you are not going to do an investment of a single rupee to establish and run the business.

Now if you want to calculate the earning ratio, I will be explaining with the bottom and least possibilities, which are high in reality.

If you have 10 clients who are paying you on average 25 PPW on average, and you are working for 5 clients on your own and hired a content writer(s) for another five clients.

We assume that each client wants you to write at least 1500 words per article which is a minimum.

Now your earning amount by the clients is 0.25(PPW) X 1500(Number of worlds) X 26(number of articles per month) =11,250/-

Earning from your content writers is also 11,250 but you will be keeping only 10 PPW per article so that your pure earning from the content writer is:

0.10(PPW) X 1500(Number of worlds) X 26(number of articles per month) =3,900/-

Your Total Earning: 15,150

This calculation is done with the minimum aspects and elements, the total earning could reach up to 40,000/- per month if you fully focus on this zero investment business in Kerala.

According to my opinion, if you are not willing to invest anything to start a business, then this is the best business in Kerala for you which you should prepare to start immediately.

Is Ths new Business Ideas in Kerala

You might be thinking about whether these are really new business ideas in Kerala, however, the answer is “Yes” and “No” both.

Because Kerala holds the most literacy rate over India, and hence the people of Kerala prefer the job occupation first rather than a business.

6. Online Tution Business

Meanwhile the Corona period, the online businesses are growing with unbelievable speed, and it is a must because the show must go on.

If you have any skills which you can share with the people in the rewards of money you can start the online tuition classes business.

It is not limited to just school or college education, if you have a deep knowledge of Yoga and Pranayam, you can start online Yoga Classes, if you are the best in cooking, you can opt in to start the online cooking classes.

Again this is the best profitable business in Kerala because you are not supposed to invest a very high capital to start to execute these small business ideas in Kerala.

7. Website Selling and Designing Business

Making a website is not pretty hard stuff as there are many Website Builders like WordPress, Wix, Majesto on which you can create a website.

If you have the knowledge of WordPress and WordPress plugin, creating a website by WordPress, then it’s a golden opportunity to make money by online business.

You can do two things to build an online business.

  • Design the websites for clients
  • Make a websites and sell it online

You can opt-in either or them or both according to your skills and time management aspect.

You will be finding many clients online who want to establish their website but don’t know how to design the website.

On the other hand, you can set up a website with a good domain name, monetize it then sell it on Flipa or other websites, and you will also find clients online who are willing to buy your readymade website.

Some clients want to carry their own offline business online and that’s why they have a good website, these clients are potential clients for those who want to establish the business of web designing.

You will charge them only for designing, and plugins and themes which you will be installing.

The profit margin of this business is too high, where you take around 4-5 days maximum to design the website and you can charge up to 8000-15000 according to customization in the website.

If you are willing to create the website your own and sell it online, there is no limit for selling price, however, it depends on all aspects of your website or blog.

Great Example of Website/Blog Selling

The greatest blog of India sold in 5.2 Million USD, you can imagine the Indian currency i.e. Rs.3,85,59,1440.00. It was just 10 years around old. Hence the quality of that blog was top, it’s an inspiration that we could also do this.

8. Home Cooked Food Delivered on Doorstep

A Skilled Person Will Never Sleep Hungry!

It’s too risky to have dinner or lunch from outside sources where the crowd of people is present and food is being distributed.

Nowadays people are looking for homemade food to keep themselves far from every disease, and that’s why this is the best opportunity to establish a profitable and scalable business in Kerala for you.

If you are having a good skill to cook tasty food with natural ingredients which are being looked for by people, you are just one step far away to convert your passion into money.

Another beneficial aspect of this business is that cooking food is not a pretty hard task, and after a few times, with having more customers, it would be quite easy, smooth, and manageable for you.

This is the only business where the customers never do the negotiation because this product is mandatory to survive.

You can earn a good amount of profit from this best business in Kerala and you will just have to work hard in a starting phase only.

Customer Sources

The biggest customer source of homemade food delivery business is the employees of a private company and college students who are non-keralian, or belongs to another town of Kerala and living alone in your town for a job, business, or study purpose.

They may be living as a ranty, or PG, or might be living on the company quarter or college hostel.

These people are your golden customer sources which you have to grab anyhow, and with a small initial, they will be spreading your business themselves if your quality and service are awesome.

This is the business that is spread by mouth-to-mouth publicity, and that’s why you should not waste the time to execute this one of the best small business ideas in Kerala.

9. Baby Care – Play Centre

Have you ever noticed that some working parents are not able to grow their children when they are kids, and always looking for the best organization who can groom their children like parents?

If you are able to invest a huge amount to execute the new business ideas in Kerala, this business can be a good opportunity to build a good small scale business in Kerala in 2021 .

Caring baby is not a pretty easy task, for that you need to have rooms for a child-friendly environment, different types of small and big toys.

The lunch and breakfast of kids must be served on time every day, you will be responsible to give them good counseling every day which is quite required for a small baby.

Budget For Baby Care Business

You will require a big budget to establish this business for creating child-friendly rooms, purchase the toys, hire maids if required, and be child counselors.

In terms of providing these services, you will be needing a good budget with some strong backup.

10. Offer Cars on Rent to The Companies

There are many companies who are looking for cars for rent for the transportation purpose of the high-designated employees of the organization.

Yes, and very few people are aware of this business, and this business can be kept in the category of profitable business in Kerala .

If you have a care in good working condition, you can offer it to the companies, they will pay you up to 50,000/- per month as a rental amount, where the maintenance and petrol/diesel/gas cost will be yours.

After deducting all the expenses, you will be getting a minimum of Rs. 20,000 per month, and notice that in this business you are neither investing your time nor investing your energy.

You are investing only the money which is required in almost all good and profitable business.

The second option is that you can offer small tempo vehicles to the goods company with the same conditions mentioned above and they are also willing to pay the same amount, up to 50,000/- per month.

You can imagine the popularity, profitability, and easiness of this business by knowing that people are buying these vehicles on loan to start this business and they are genuinely taking a good profit from this business as well.

What are the most successful business ideas in Kerala?

According to cultural and historical aspects, one of the best small business ideas in Kerala is to establish the Tourist Guide Business.
If you have a good knowledge of cooking, then you should keep the approach to start the tiffin services for the private company employees and PG people.
Another one is the Car Washing business, which you can consider one of the small business ideas in Kerala.

Final Words…..

If you are/were doing a job in a private company then I believe that you already came to know that jobs are not permanent, with occurring any unwanted and unexpectable even over the world, jobs will be spoilt with not intimation period.

It’s better to start another income source by spending some extra time apart from the job timings to during the day.

I have suggested some very best business ideas in Kerala which you can start to execute before 2021 gets ended.

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