Top 10 Best Business Ideas In Kolkata

Top 10 Business Ideas in Kolkata: Previously known as Calcutta, Kolkata is the financial, commercial, and business hub of Eastern India. With 18.6 million people within the metropolitan area and the city limits, the megacity offers a culture of dynamic businesses for people looking to enter the corporate world. 

The cultural capital of India contributes a GDP of about $150 billion to the Indian economy through new business ideas in the Kolkata market. What’s even more intriguing is to discover that Kolkata is amongst India’s top 15 cities with the highest GDP. 

Not just that, Kolkata is home to tons of pharmaceuticals, mining, cement, food processing, textiles, agriculture, and jute industries. These significant sectors alone are responsible for attracting millions of individuals across the nation to the city annually.

So, if you are fed up with your 9 to 5 job, and want to build a future in the marketing world, here is a compiled list of Top 10 Business Ideas In Kolkata to introduce you to the city that has a soul. 

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Best Business Ideas in Kolkata Market 

Covid-19 has resulted in governments all across the globe taking unprecedented decisions. The pandemic’s spread has impacted every sector and brought about drastic changes to be implemented. However, after following strict guidelines, the world seems to be getting its pace back. 

Under the leadership of marketers with a staunch will to reinvent businesses, Kolkata is quickly racing towards becoming India’s business center. 

According to Finance Minister- Amit Mitra, West Bengal is consistently growing with a steady flow of significant investments, upcoming residential projects, job employments, and infrastructural developments. 

It is the right time for any individual to start investing in small manufacturing business ideas in Kolkata or even business on a large scale. In this post, we will also discuss why it is a profitable option for you to start planning your finances. 

In this list of business ideas in Kolkata, we have ensured to take care of your requirements. That is why we have dissected the list into two parts; New Business ideas in Kolkata with low investments and New Business ideas in Kolkata with high investments.

We hope you will find this read interesting. So, happy investing. And let’s begin:

 Business Ideas In Kolkata with Heavy Investments 


Top 10 Best Business Ideas in Kolkata
Top 10 Best Business Ideas in Kolkata

At this point, Real Estate investment is amongst the best business ideas to start in Kolkata. Why? Well! We have reasons. 

You would be surprised that real estate in Kolkata is showcasing a steady market graph despite the existing circumstances. According to a survey by Economic Times, Real Estate is amongst the largest markets for new business ideas in the Kolkata market contributing a staggering figure of 11%. 

With projects like Emami Realty Ltd, upcoming IT hubs such as Cognizant, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, the city is becoming a preferred hub for start-ups. Even the government is implementing estate sectors under the RERA scheme. Existing data indicate that Kolkata is growing at a much faster rate than expected. 

Profit Ratio in Real Estate Business in Kolkata 

The real estate in Kolkata is reinventing itself with governmental support and township builders taking an interest. In addition, with prevailing pandemic situations, consumers are keen on making decisions prudently than ever before. 

Since work from home and social distancing are becoming the new norm, customers prefer smaller units to accommodate nuclear families. 

In fact, in recent years, demand for 1 BHK and 3 BHK flats has soared high. It is predicted that post-Covid-19, the real estate market will witness a surge in budget-friendly residential options. 

The prices of properties in Kolkata have remained stable for the past few years against construction costs that have skyrocketed in the past two years alone. 

Individuals are looking for ready-to-move-in homes leaving real estate investors a significant margin to enjoy. 

This demand is likely to grow more in the upcoming years, with more projects to urbanize the city. Many buyers are reluctant to invest in the ventures. 

A recent survey reveals the following conclusions : 

  • People have realised the importance of having a comfortable home.
  • Most of the individuals wish to shift to their own homes from rented ones. 
  • Families who can afford a big home want to upgrade to a new house. 


Top 10 Best Business Ideas in Kolkata

There is no denying that food is one of the driving factors that can motivate an individual to travel across not just cities but also countries. Kolkata is no exception. The city welcomes millions of travellers annually. And it’s no surprise why the restaurant industry is being hailed as one of the best business ideas in Kolkata

So, if you have a passion for feeding the foodies, your timing couldn’t have been better. Look at the survey done by Smergers below. 

According to the facts presented in the image below, the Indian restaurant industry is worth Rs. 75,000 crores and it is growing annually. You need to decide whether your business will be about casual dining, cafe, fine dining or include pubs and bars. 

Best Business Ideas in Kolkata
Image Source- Smergers

If your business is well segmented, then you can be on the radar of the right customers. 

If your customers love spending time with their families and have no cook-off days, then why not do just the right thing. You can have your delicious food delivered to their hands from your restaurant. Your restaurant flavours can speak volumes about your services.

It is not that difficult to open a restaurant in the colonial capital of the British East India Company. Kolkata has a history of ancient culinary traditions, combining endless tastes and rich flavours on the table. So, if your heart is in food, and you want to let the people enjoy the taste of India, here are the following things you need to do: 

Step 1- Get an FSSAI Certificate 

FSSAI is a mandatory legal document required for operating any food business. It is issued for public safety concerns, and having this certificate allows your business to serve food that is safe for human consumption and meets the safety regulations. 

Step 2- Get a GST License 

Passed by Parliament in 2017, GST or Goods and Services Tax is a unified tax system that has replaced many indirect taxes in India. GST is mandatory for most businesses establishments in India. 

Step 3- Get your Professional Tax Registration

Once you launch your restaurant business, you will need professional managers, chefs, and staff. And that is when you will also need to get a professional tax registration to recruit human resources and pay them legally. This is billed monthly and is similar to other tax services. 

Step 4- Business Registration 

Getting your business registered with the Kolkata municipality will fortify your organization and help you get coverage for legal aspects that you will require to establish a restaurant business in Kolkata. 

Step 5- Gumasta License 

Gumasta License (in local dialect) is nothing but a certificate issued across the country as a shop and establishment certificate. Getting this certificate will allow you to operate your business and run the operations from your area. 

Step 6- Eating House License

If your business serves food at the premises, which is most likely the case, you will need to get this license issued. 

Step 7- Get a No Objection Certificate from the Fire Department 

This certificate is issued by the government considering that your restaurant has been built under the guidelines issued by the Fire Department, and it is fully equipped to handle 

emergencies like Fire.  


Best Business Ideas in Kolkata

The city’s alleys are as rich as its cultural heritage. Who would not like to experience the best of this world in a week? But since you know that most travellers love to keep a time divided up so that they can explore other parts of India while their Visa is valid, your car service can prove to be a boon for them. 

You can appoint drivers, give them specific targets. Travellers are most likely to avail car services to save their time searching for locations and making their journeys memorable. It becomes a lot easier to manage their journey ahead. Hence it is an excellent chance for your business to earn a good amount.  

Few Things to Consider If You Want to Open a Car Service Business in Kolkata 

  • Plan your driver’s salary.
  • Give slabs to be completed by drivers. 
  • Keep in mind insurance payout, and commercial vehicle’s tax. 
  • Do not forget to have pollution check, and diesel expenses in order. 


Best Business Ideas in Kolkata

Underestimating a gadget showroom business can be a huge mistake, especially when new phone models are introduced daily. According to Start Up Storey:

“What makes the gadget industry a profitable venture is a competition between these mobile phone brands which compete to make their phones more user-friendly.”

Since the general consumer market is unaware of the operating systems and how gadgets are operated internally, having your gadget showroom can be a lucrative business idea in Kolkata. 

Brands are focussing on luring more and more customers by launching new features with their every manufacturer. 

Gadget Demand is Soaring High in Kolkata

Kolkata’s virtual wings are pretty high. The need to prevent the spread of coronavirus made parents feel necessitated to buy gadgets for children and their online classes, triggering a significant rise in the demand for gadgets like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and peripherals like microphones, webcams, headphones, etc. You can either open your own showroom or run it as a part time business idea in Kolkata. 

Today people are spending a lot less on other things because they must be wiser in choosing between education and health. Thus, individuals are rushing to gadget stores since the government lifted the restrictions. 

According to the Times of India:

“Stores-both inside malls and in the electronic goods hub at Chandni-report a tenfold increase in demand for laptops across brands and price segments”.


Best Business Ideas in Kolkata

Tourists love exploring the bustling alleys of Kolkata as there is so much culturally vibrant to learn from this city. You cannot absorb enough of the imprints that the Victorian era had left behind. 

After having spent the entire day out on the streets, everyone likes to take the exhaustion off their shoulders with a cup of coffee. Establishing a coffee house presents itself as a profitable small business idea in Kolkata, which most individuals will enjoy. 

How to Open a Luxury Coffee Shop in Kolkata?

The primary step includes planning the architectural plan of your desired space. Other things that you need to consider are the estimated price, revenue mode, etc. Of course, the investment for establishing the coffee house shall depend on the extent of space you are looking to build. If it is going to be a small area, you can think about opening two cafes. 

If you are planning to invest in opening one cafe, you can consider buying a more extensive area or even renting out a place. 

A few things you need to consider before opening a luxury coffee house:

  • Make sure the ambiance of the cafe is pleasant.
  • Maintain a hygienic environment.
  • Make sure quality and taste are not compromised at all.
  • Inspect rate if you are renting a place. 
  • Keep the rates affordable. 

Business Ideas In Kolkata with Low Investments 

6. PUBLISHING HOUSE: Low investment Business Idea 

World Literature is witness to the glorifying, historically rich culture Kolkata (Calcutta, to be time-accurate) has had. Who wouldn’t want to experience how the city grew into the first major commercial and government printing center in the last quarter of the 18th century?

Best Business Ideas in Kolkata

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Publishing House in Kolkata?

Historically, publishing houses focus on the physical printing of books. This works for those consumers who prefer texts over digital devices. 

Publishing house is a perfect home-based business idea in Kolkata with low investment. The steps we are mentioning below will ensure your new business is well-structured and legally compliant. 

A well-laid business plan is essentially clear on goals and targets successful entrepreneurship. It will help you map out the business goals. Other than this, you should consider: 

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What package are you going to offer to your book authors?
  • Name of your publishing house. 
  • Location of your business where you are going to operate from.
  • The ongoing budget you have for your publishing house 
  • Existing competitors 

How Much Profit Can a Publishing House Make? 

The publishing industry in Kolkata is a more profitable business than you think. According to How to Start an LLC:

“Publishing houses consistently bring in about $28 billion in revenue each year. While your own distributing business will begin little, your efficiency directs precisely how much cash you make, as selling unobtrusive “hits” (books selling 3,500 duplicates or more) can dependably net you $3,000 or a greater amount of unadulterated benefit. With no genuine rent, utilities, or other overhead to eat into this benefit, the sky’s the breaking point with what you can accomplish!


Best Business Ideas in Kolkata

If you hear the words, Kolkata and Saree, chances are higher that you have Sabyasachi on your mind. Having a saree store is one of the most successful home-based business ideas in Kolkata. The trend in Kolkata’s fashion includes a unique pattern of sarees printed on a diverse range of clothing materials like silk, cotton, and Chiffon. 

Other than being part of Indian culture, sarees are described as comfortable, classy attire. That is the reason Indian women love wearing sarees. And when you talk about Sarees in Kolkata, who can forget the Bengali women adorned in Lal PaaS Shada saree on the last day of Durga Puja. 

The combination of white saree with red pola (bangle) and sindoor is associated with the Goddess Durga herself. Thus, having a saree store is a business idea in Kolkata with low investment

How to Open Your Saree Store in Kolkata?

At first, you can begin with 10 sarees. Go to Barra market and purchase 10 sarees from a discount shop. There are numerous wholesale shops in the Barra market. Go to shops situated in Banstalla. Purchase the lot at a sensible rate and attempt to sell with no less than a 50% margin. Keep prices fixed and do not negotiate much. 

Make an arrangement with retailers to return your old stock and trade with new stock when you purchase in enormous amounts. Make a chat group on Whatsapp and add your known staff that can visit likely clients. Attempt to exhibit to customers the collection you have and statement pieces. Never sell the articles lower than the bought price. Pick your assortment admirably. 

If you feel your shop location is located in a somewhat congested area, you can create your online website to reach more customers. Create social media presence. You may even consider it as an online business idea in Kolkata if you are running short on space. 

How to Open a Saree Store Business with Low Investment in Tie-ups?

Step 1- If you are running short on budget, you can think of opening a saree store business in Kolkata by tying up with saree manufacturers in the town. For this, you need to approach the traders of the wholesale markets.

Step 2- Next step involves creating your own website and creating your digital presence through social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram. 


Buying souvenirs, trinkets, and small gifts offer a meaningful and valuable way to admire our memories associated with a place, adventure, person, emotion, voyage, or a moment. However, craftsmanship becomes more valuable when people know it belongs to a city part of history. 

Having your souvenir shop will allow the travellers to bring a little something home with them. And when they sit back in their country and look at your gift, they will be instantly reminded of your new business ideas in Kolkata with low investments.

Steps to Start a Souvenir Shop in Kolkata 

Step 1- Start Small 

  • Plan your financial plans and bring them in order.  
  • Estimate what amount the setting up of the business will cost you?  
  • Apply for bank advances if required. 
  • Also, take a stab at discovering private financial backers. 
  • Know where you ought to invest, the amount to invest.

Step 2- Location

  • Find a place that has a higher chance of sales. 
  • Higher foot traffic better chance of sales.
  • Establish in areas lacking business like yours.
  • Settle down in a lesser competition area.

Step 3- Learn from your competition 

  • Be creative in your article collection.
  • Pick a creative name for your business.
  • Keep the interiors of your shop attractive. Add appealing shelves. 

Step 4- Fill stocks and Find Suppliers 

  • Always keep your shop well-stocked that is appealing to customers. 
  • Get your inventory right.
  • Keep bringing in new collections. 

Step 5- Decide what to sell? 

  • Make sure to include commonly sold items and luxury gift items. 
  • For example, you can include birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, handmade products, seasonal gifts, wedding gifts. You can tie up local artisans and include their products on your shelves. 
  • Keep customizable and printable items. 


If you have been baking cakes and pastries for everyone in your home for their birthdays, and want your talent to be recognized, then having your bakery shop is the best business for beginners in baking. It’s high time to test waters professionally and make it official. And if you are worried then baking has no financial profitability, you are wrong. 

According to a study by IMARC, The Indian bakery market reached a value of US$ 9,626 Million in 2020. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to grow at a CAGR of 10.8% during 2021-2026. 

Benefits of Owning a small bakery business in Kolkata with low investment 

  • Saves Capital- Having your own bakery within a small space allows you to save on capital costs. The only investment you will need is for buying ingredients instead of having to spend on constructing shelves, counters, kitchen cabinets, etc. 
  • Baking specifications– You can always have your own area of specific area in baking. For example, whether you want to include breads, cakes or pastries on your menu. 
  • A sustainable alternative to junk food- More and more individuals are stressing over the health benefits of eliminating oily or fried foods from their diets. Baked food is a healthier option for every health conscious individual.
  • Flexible Hours of work- Since you will be owning the bakery shop, you wouldn’t need to slave all day to make ends meet. 

10 Start a Babysitting Service in Kolkata 

Childcare services are growing at a rapid rate in Kolkata. As parents, people always choose the best for their children. And this applies to finding someone reliable and efficient to take care of their children while they’re away at work or even want to spend some time alone as a couple. A childcare professional service is a home based business idea in Kolkata which in recent years have catched a lot of attention. 

Best Business Ideas in Kolkata

Childcare professional services often include feeding, freshening up children, changing their diapers, dressing them up, socializing with them and providing psychological support. Daycare service providers often go through intense training in first aid and CPR. A good daycare or babysitting service focuses on building for children a good learning environment  

Can babysitting be a business? 

Babysitting is usually not considered a business! Especially in Indian society where even today, grandparents take care of their grandchildren when parents are away from home. But in today’s contemporary era, the concept of nuclear families have forced new parents to opt for this alternative. In fact individuals who are efficient in child training can opt it as a part time business idea in Kolkata. 

Other than this, people travelling to far countries often come across challenges in managing children in cities where they feel overcrowding might be an issue or they wish to spend some time as a couple alone. 

Does babysitting help make enough money? 

To be honest, we will not call it a business. It is more like a need for the hour. Our children are the most valuable individuals in our lives and all we want for them while parents are away, is some good care. For this, young parents generally pay out good amounts of money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which business is best to start in Kolkata ?

If you are looking for the best business to start in Kolkata, then you first of all need to decide your budget. In the above sections, we have attempted to bifurcate the best business ideas based on low investments and high investments. 
If you have high budget, these are the businesses fruitful for you to invest in: 
Real Estate 
Restaurant Business 
Car Services  
Luxury Cafe 
Gadget Showroom
If you have low budget, these are the businesses fruitful for you to invest in: 
Saree Store 
Publishing House 
Souvenir Shop 

What are the most successful small businesses ideas in Kolkata ? 

In general terms all businesses turn out to be successful as long as you are dedicated and passionate working for it. However, the most successful businesses at this point of time in Kolkata are Real Estate, Bakery, Souvenir shops, Restaurant, Gift shops, Garments, Vegetable, etc,

What is the best business for beginners ?

No matter if you are a beginner, you have to start somewhere to establish yourself. So, analyzing the current market trends, your safest bet if you are a beginner can be starting small. So if you are looking for small manufacturing business ideas in Kolkata, here are some: 
Babysitting business 
Small coffee shop 
Home based Bakery 
Readymade garments 
Fast food joint 


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