Top 6 Best Business Ideas In Pune 2021 || Sustainable Business in Pune

Are you willing to start a scalable and sustainable business in Pune and seeking the best business ideas in Pune? If so, then you have landed in a perfect place as you are going to be educated about the most profitable, sustainable, and best business ideas in Pune.

Why Pune is The Best Venue for Business?

Before introducing a new business in Pune, you should come through the facts about why is it an appropriate decision to execute the new business ideas in Pune?

Pune is known as one of the biggest knowledge hubs in India, It has the largest development community, and there are not any financial barriers with people, so the purchasing power of Pune’s population is high.

Although, there are also other cities and states where you can establish the most profitable, sustainable, and scalable business, like, Gujarat, Kerala, Kolkata, however, all have different potential.

New Business Ideas in Pune

Whenever you plan to establish a new business, you have two ways, either you modify the existing business or introduce a new idea.

One is that you build a business with a totally new idea that might not have been thought of by another one yet.

For example, Ritesh Agrawal started the hotel booking business for the clients, which was totally new idea.

Another and second way is that you make multiple improvements in the existing business ideas in Pune or any other city or state.

In this article, we are starting the Business ideas in Pune only, we will be exploring the new business ideas in Pune only.

1. Start The Gymnasium – Small Scale Business Ideas in Pune


You should notice that the population of Pune is pretty health and fitness conscious and paying more attention to the same.

Hence, there is a wide opportunity to build a scalable business in the fitness field in Pune which will reflect a good amount of profit.

Yes, it has wide investment to establish a gymnasium business in Pune, if you are willing to invest a big amount, then this can be one of the small scale business ideas in Pune.


There is a big expense to establish this small business in Pune, but returns will be multiple after a certain time.

You are supposed to bring better quality gymnasium equipment, hire a good trainer, tie-up with the nutrition.

Another mandatory expense is that you have to take a space on rent and decorate it properly which creates an exercise environment for the clients.

Revenue Ratio

Big Investment returns the big revenue.

You can charge up to Rs. 2500 Per month for a single person, which will be around Rs. 30,000 per annum and if you have around 25 people who are using your gym service, then your total turnover will be Rs. 7,50,000 per annum.

Here you need to notice that the investment of gym equipment is a one-time investment and the rent of the land and salary of trainers and nutrition is a recurring expense.

However excluding all expenses, you will be supposed to earn a very good amount per month.

You can approach the clients to avail of the yearly subscription by offering a discount which will make your business more profitable and sustainable.

Another way to earn that you can provide the necessary nutrition ingredients from your end which you will be purchasing at the wholesale rate and distributing at a retail rate, there is a sister concern revenue source.

Customer Source

The customer source of this business in general, most of the students will be interested in your Gym service, another class of people who are pretty health and fitness conscious will be your potential customers.

Offering a referral discount is a good approach to make this business more scalable.

2. Software Development Mentor

Pune and Bangalore are the origins of Software development in Inda and people of these cities are too curious to make their career in this field.

If you have good skills and knowledge of developing software, mobile application, and security software, then you are just one step ahead to make million rupees in 2-3 years.

There are two better ways to execute this one of the profitable small scale business ideas in Pune.

If you have good capital for investment and deep knowledge of software development, you can start an academy of software learning.

You will be requiring the paid and licensed versions of tools, languages, and operating systems for this.

The professors of Python language are charging Rs. 2.50 lakh for the full course, hence it’s not necessary that you also have to teach the Python language, it’s just a reference to explore the potential of this business.

Else if you have the good captial to invest but do not have a piece of proper knowledge, you can establish the academy and hire potentially knowledgeable professors who are willing to work for you.

Else as the last option, if you are holding the deep and complete knowledge of software development, but not having a good capital to invest, you can tie-up with the academy owner, you will be paid some amount of fees per student as your profit.

Manufacturing Business Ideas in Pune

If you have good investment capital with financial backup and want to establish a huge scaled business, then we have a good suggestion with some best manufacturing business ideas in Pune.

There are many scopes to build scalable and profitable manufacturing businesses in Pune which I am going to explore here for you.

3. Jeans Manufacturing Business

You might be thinking that Pune is not Garment City then why I am suggesting you establish the Jeans Manufacturing business, right?

The reason is that the traders of Pune have to import the garments from other cities to run their business, and they have to pay any extra costs like transportation costs, wholesalers commissions, and other hidden costs.

If you run the manufacturing business of jeans or other garments, the retailers and wholesalers will purchase all the materials from you because you are saving their money.

Expense for Jeans Manufacturing Business

Hence, this is a manufacturing business, the capital sounds too big, however, the return of the manufacturing business in Pune is huge as well.

First, you are supposed to buy land on rent or your own, required to buy different required machines, need to hire employees for operating machines.

These are the basic and recurring expenses for establishing the garment manufacturing business in Pune.

The must and the most required expense is the expense of Fabric, Threat, and other accessories for making the jeans for that you must have a good budget plan.

Profit Potential of Jeans Manufacturing Business

As you are running the jeans manufacturing business in Pune, you will not be dealing in the single-double pieces or 50-100 pieces of your product.

You will be dealing in the bulk of a minimum of 500 pieces, making a huge profit per deal.

Suppose, the making cost of one piece of jeans including all-expense is Rs. 550 then you can easily sell it for Rs. 600 per piece.

The bulk quantity of one deal is 500 pieces, then your profit is Rs. 50 X 500 = 25,000.

This profit is only from one customer, if you have only 20 customers, then your net profit will be Rs. 5,00,000 per month.

If we exclude the electricity bill and other expenses, you will be earning at least Rs. 3,00,000 per month.

You are supposed to make the variant quality of jeans and offering more and more varieties to your clients to make and keep them satisfied with your product.

Doesn’t this sound like one of the best manufacturing business ideas in Pune?

Expansion of Jeans Manufacturing Business

The most beneficial thing of this one of the manufacturing business ideas in Pune is that this business will not be bounded in just Pune, you can enhance your trading outside Pune and Maharashtra as well.

You can contact the big wholesaling traders outside Pune and Maharsatra and supply them a huge quantity of your products, making the bulky profit revenue.

The best way to expand your business outside your area is to register and join the B2B business sites like Indiamart and TradeIndia.

What are the most successful small businesses in Pune?

Blogging can be the most successful small business in Pune like other cities, as it can be done from anywhere, but Pune is one of the best cities for blogging because you will be also driving business from the big and reputed companies as a content creator, web designer, and other modules.
Another one is Coaching Classes Business, because the population of Pune is education conscious, and they invest more and more money in learning and keep themselves updated with the current time.

4. Namkeen and Sweets Manufacturing Business


Have you ever come to know that the Diamond Namkeen was started on a very small basis and today it’s annual turn over is more than 5000 Cr. per annum.

I am not approaching you to start the namkeen business from home, the intensity to give reference is that this one of the most wonderful manufacturing business ideas in Pune holds huge profit, sustainability, and scalability.

Yes, it’s quite true that it will require a huge amount of investment as capital with wide financial backup.

In the return on the investment, you will be receiving uncountable revenue, however, let me let you know this manufacturing business will take a long time to get sustainable.

Customer Source of This Manufacturing Business in Pune

I am not supposed to declare the customer source of this business, because you are already familiar with the fact that these products are being sold all over India, so your customers will be coming from everywhere from India.

You will be providing your products to the distributor agencies and they will be forwarding them to the retailers.

You will require some legal documents to start and run this business like an FSSAI license, approval from the Food Department of Pune and Center.

Profitability of Namkeen Manufaturnig Business

It’s well known for all people that the production of these products is too bulky and is being distributed in amount of lakhs.

So, excluding all the taxes, recurring expenses, salary, electricity bills, if your profit is 10 paisa per piece, your profit revenue will touch around Rs. 20,000 per day.

As I mentioned above, it will take time to get sustained, so you should not expect a profit of Rs. 5,000 per day even from the first day, month.

Small Business Ideas in Pune for Housewife

The current trend has removed the limitation of gender to compete and establish the business, and women are also jumping into the business and giving the tough competition in the business field.

Before a few duration, only non-married women like students newly graduated girls were trying to start a business, but in today’s time, housewives also involving themselves to set up a profitable business.

Many businesses can be handled by housewives along with their regular home responsibilities.

5. Baby Care Center


Do you know that Pune is one the busiest cities in India, and working parents are not supposed to pay full attention to their kids?

They are always looking for the best baby care centers that can groom their children like them and here the opportunity is generated for you to grow a sustainable business.

You can open a baby care center in Pune, and you should target the Industrial area where mother and father both are in earning phase, and they can not manage the time to care for their babies.

This business is one of the best small business ideas in Pune for housewife because it can be handled parallelly while performing her regular responsibilities as well.

You might be thinking that is she able to perform the home responsibilities and this business parallelly?

The answer is “Yes” because you can hire a female maid who will be caring for the children in your baby care center, and you will be doing your regular work, you just have to visit it meanwhile to confirm whether all is right or not.

Investment for Baby Care Center Business in Pune

Investment in the Babycare Business does not need a very high capital of investment, but it also can not be executed by a very little investment.

It contains the small baby toys, room decoration materials, maid salary, and other misc. recurring expenses.

6. Tiffin Services Business – Making + Delivery


Being a housewife cooking is very easy stuff do for any housewife, and if you are also a housewife, you can convert this skill into the business and generate good revenue.

Making food is not quite a harder task for a housewife and it’s the major strong aspect for you.

You can start a business of making tiffins and delivering them to the needed people, Pune is the hub of jobs, many employees are living alone as a PG, many students live in Pune as a PG and most of them look for homemade food.

This situation is a golden opportunity to execute this one of the best small business ideas in Pune for housewife.

You can run this business with the two strategies.

You can make the tiffin the deliver it to the customer’s location and second, you will ready the tiffin and the customer will collect it from your location.

You can apply both strategies according to the customer’s ease of access.

Investment for Tiffin Service Business

You can say that this business contains zero investment because the investment will be very little, like vegetables, oil, gas, and other misc ingredients.

If you delivering the tiffin box to the customer’s location, then you need to add the delivery charge as well in the cost of tiffin.

Return for Tiffin Service Business

You will be surprised that the tiffin service business in Pune returns you a very good amount, as long as your customer base will become wider your revenue will hike day by day.

The people of Pune always look for homemade food due to the corona side effects, and they never negotiate while paying money for tiffin.

In this business, you should take care that you are maintaining the delivery time very nicely because this is not a product which can be used apart from its regular time.

My Opinion on Business Ideas in Pune

In a conclusion, I would suggest you analyze your financial condition first because business is a rare time opportunity, failure in a business can demotivate you.

Business is not quite harder, but it’s also the fact that business is not easier stuff otherwise feveryone would be doing a business instead of a job.

Business is not a small module that today you think, tomorrow you will plan, and the next day you will be executing it.

Too many aspects are supposed to be analyzed, and then you need to confirm that how long you can sustain that business without return, would you be the manageable person that business in the off-time duration or not.

In a job, your work and salary are fixed, in the business, you will be earning how much you will be working.

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