Best Manufacturing Business To Start With 15 Lakhs That You Should Start in 2022

Manufacturing is the start point of every business, none of the business exists without manufacturing the product, and moreover, starting a manufacturing business is not an easy deal.

If you are going to start a trading business or any kind of service business or online business, then you can manage that business with an investment of around 1-3 lakh rupees.

But when we are talking about starting the manufacturing business, investment can be from 5 lakh rupees to crores.

Well, there are also many profitable manufacturing business ideas that can be started with a low and medium amount of investment, and we are going to explore those.

In this article, we are going to explore the best manufacturing business to start with 15 lakhs or less amount which will give you a proper guideline.

There are several business ideas for manufacturing to start, but you can not pick each one, you need to find the best one from them, and set it to your criteria.

Best Manufacturing Business To Start With 15 Lakhs

What do you think? Can you find a profitable manufacturing business under 15 lakhs or less?

Well, it’s up to you, if you are really willing to start it, you will find it at anyhow, and if you are one of them, this article is for you dedicatedly.

If you want to start a manufacturing business in less than 15 lakh rupees, you are at the very right place, you are going to have enough details here.

Whatever business you start to plan for a manufacturing, you are supposed to pass it through the different parameters.

It should be profitable, sustainable, futuristic, and easy to carry because if you choose the plan for the business which gets saturated after certain levels, it would be a static business.

So, always pick the dynamic business in which you are free to make new innovations and grow by applying the different strategies as well.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore the business ideas which are supposed to be started with the investment of Rs 15 lakhs or below.

1. Notebook Manufacturing Business

A notebook is an essential appliance for making the future of any country, and many businesses also are run by this object.

Without a notebook, the image of schooling is not possible, and for educating the children, the notebook is a must.

So, with just 2 sentences, you are supposed to recognize the profitability and potential of the notebook manufacturing business.

The maximum investment to start the notebook manufacturing business is around 4.50 lakhs, but if you have 2 lakh rupees on your hand, you can easily start the notebook manufacturing business.

There is a massive profit in this business because of the high and endless demand for notebooks in India.

2. Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business

Go to any restaurant, hotel, banquet hall, or function, you will not find any place without tissue papers.

Tissue papers have been invented and are being used to save water, and that is why it is the appliance with the unlimited and endless demand in the world.

In a nutshell, the demand for tissue paper is high and will remain high forever, so it is one of the best manufacturing business opportunities to start within 10 lakhs rupees of investment.

Later on, when your business gets hiked, and you have more confidence, you can start the exporting of tissue papers to the western countries as well.

The suppliers of western countries are always in search of the bulks of tissue papers at a low price, and you can become the regular and favorite seller of them.

So, there are many opportunities for growth in the tissue paper manufacturing business, so you can start it after doing deep market research.

3. Packaged Drinking Water Business

We have always read, heard, seen, and realized that none of the life forms can survive without water, and hence it’s the most basic need of humans as well.

Nowadays, there is a lot of water on the earth, but how much is pure water? The answer is: very less, right?

In fact, people are using only mineral water when they go outside of their homes, and most companies are also using mineral water for their employees as well.

So, seeing the future of life on the entire planet, the water business is one of the best business ideas. We can not manufacture the water, but we can make it pure, and sell it by packing it in a safe container.

If you are looking for a business that is never supposed to see the face of recession and could be sustained forever, packaged drinking water business could be one of the best ones for you.

You can easily start a packaged drinking water business in less than 15 lakh rupees, and it contains a good amount of profit revenue as well.

4. Namkeen Making Business

If you have an investment of around 5 to 6 lakh rupees, you can start the namkeen manufacturing business which is a very huge market in India.

The specialty of namkeen making business is that you can cover each kind of audience, kids, youth, old age, males, females, employees, sportspeople, and each class of people.

The profit margin per piece is very minimal, but you will be selling it in a very huge quantity, so the overall monthly profit will be beyond your expectation.

In this business, being a manufacturer, you will have to focus more on the marketing as well, poor marketing will slow down your business.

Moreover, this business is not limited to your local area, you can easily cover the whole nation if you work with consistency and proper strategies.

5. Ball Pen Manufacturing Business

Again, this is another essential object of stationery items, in which there is a huge potential to build a successful business.

Schools, colleges, offices, organizations, and everywhere bullpens are used in a huge quantity, so there is not a single percent doubt about the profitability of the ball pen manufacturing business.

You don’t need the investment of more than rupees 3 lakhs to start the ball pen manufacturing business on a small scale.

Yes, of course, the ballpen-making business is a very profitable manufacturing business but there is also more competition in this industry.

There are many non-branded ball pen manufacturers who are making low-quality ball pens and selling them at very low prices, and you are supposed to compete with them first.

So, it is very recommended that you start this business on a small scale first, see the trend of the market and competitors, and then go ahead slowly.

6. Garment Manufacturing Unit

When we are going to start a business of a product that is needed for the survival of humans, that business never goes down until you make any mistake or compromise in quality, service, and marketing strategies.

Clothes are the appliances that are mandatory for people to wear, and that is why this is another business that is never going to die to face the recession period anywhen.

You have multiple choices to start the garment manufacturing unit, you can start men garments, women garments manufacturing, kids garments manufacturing, undergarment manufacturing for men and women, and many more products you can start.

Moreover, you have multiple subcategories under each category, like you can start jeans manufacturing, shirts manufacturing, T-shirt manufacturing, saree manufacturing, Kurti manufacturing, etc…

Talking about the investment, you will require a minimum of 10 lakh rupees to invest in the garment manufacturing business on a good scale.

7. LED Lights and Bulb Manufacturing

What if all the lights get off for one day from earth? We can not imagine a life of darkness, right?

So, for this business also, I think I don’t need to explain the potential of the LED light manufacturing business.

You may have to invest more to start this business, hence it depends on the size of your business, if you are going to launch the business of LED bulbs on a small scale, you may have to have around 5 to 6 lakhs rupees.

Talking about the profit margin, there is more than a 25% profit margin in the LED manufacturing business.

8. Paper Bag Making Business

I don’t have to mention that many countries over the world have banned the usage of Plastic bags, and there are only two alternatives to them.

  • Cloth Bags
  • Paper Bags

Moreover, it is not a product without which people can manage their shopping and other stuff easily, so it must introduce the best alternative to plastic bags.

And, as an alternative to plastic bags, paper bags are more recommended because the cost of making them is less than clothing bags.

The other reason this business is most profitable in India is that there are very few countries that are making paper bag-making machines, and India is one of them.

Due to this reason, the making cost of paper bags is lower than other countries and that is why if you want to export the paper bags to other countries, you are about to get good deals as well.

Conclusion on Best Manufacturing Business To Start With 15 Lakhs

15 Lakhs rupees is not a small amount, and with this amount of investment, you can start a business whichever you want.

But I suggest you, in spite of having such a big amount, plan for the big level business, but start on the ordinary level or small level.

When you feel that your business has become stable, or you get the signs of becoming the business stable and more profitable, start investing more in slabs.

What business can I start in 15 lakh rupees?

There are many businesses that you can start in less than 15 lakh rupees.
Jute Bag manufacturing business
Homemade chocolate business
Garment manufacturing business
Catering business
Multiple online businesses
Flour processing business
Toy making business
Paper bag manufacturing business
Paper plates and cups manufacturing business.
Hence, this list is endless, because there are many trading, service, and manufacturing business that you can start with or less than 15 lakh rupees.
Well, 15 lakhs is a very huge amount, and there are many scopes, and you also can do an experiment by starting the small scale business as well.

Which is the best business to invest in?

See, it depends on many factors, your knowledge, your marketing skills, your business management skills, your geographical knowledge, your orientation; means you want to start a business on a local level or national level, and there are also many other aspects.
But if you want to start a small business on an ordinary level, and want to expand it later on, then you have multiple choices from which you need to choose your best one accordingly.
Garment manufacturing business
Online Business
Online Trading Business
Online Reselling Business
E-commerce Business
Paper bagmaking Business
Mobile cover making business
Mobile accessories making business
Grocery Shop business
Open a small superstore
Real estate business
Event management business
Catering service business
Open a restaurant

Apart from the above listed, there are numerous business ideas that you can start, but you need to conduct deep market research before getting it initiated.

How can I earn daily income?

For earning the daily income you must do either business or freelancing or because in a job you can not do so.
So that you must find a business idea from which you can earn a profit or revenue on daily basis.
And hopefully, there are many business opportunities in which you can invest a little bit and can earn a money on daily basis.
And for that the deep research is must be done by you, if you start any business without research, and stuck anywhere in middle, you might commit a big loss as well.
So, find the best and the most profitable business ideas from trusted sources, conduct deep research on the business idea, and if you find it good for your area and skills, then plan to start your budget.
One more piece of advice here I want to give you that, never keep the approach to start any business on a big level, start it on an ordinary level, and as long as it starts to become stable, and you get confidence that you can get a good return by investing money, start to invest more, and expand it.

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