Top 8 Best Marketing Tips For Business Ultimate Growth 2022 – Proven Checklist For Sustainability

Marketing is the Mandatory aspect for growth and the best marketing tips have the potential to boost the business in the topper class, do you agree?

Marketing is a very huge concept in itself having the depth potential to change the game of any business.

The best example of a marketing-oriented business is Zomato and Swiggy, and I don’t mention that you see ads of both on playing any YouTube video.

It doesn’t matter that you are a beginner or expert, you have a small business or huge scale business, your business is product-oriented or service-oriented.

Marketing is a mandatory matrix for every business which wants to grow up along with a legit and quality customer base.

We are going to cover all aspects of marketing, and also will be exploring the best tips for marketing that boost your business exponentially.

What is Marketing?

Best Marketing Tips

During my market research, I have found many people doing marketing for their business without any strategy.

As a result of the received total loss of money, energy, and time, because marketing without a strategy can never work and returns nothing.

Before running any marketing campaign, it’s quite mandatory to have complete knowledge about marketing.

How to do marketing is the second step, the first step is to know what marketing is and why it is mandatory.

In a nutshell, marketing is a proper way to make people aware of your business, service, quality, and products.

It is about registering your brand name in people’s minds and making your brand name synonyms of the product name.

You suggest to the people about your products when they need it, marketing does not mean that people will buy your product daily or every week.

Marketing stands for convenience for the people buying your product when they hurry with the need of that product.

Why Marketing is Mandatory?

Marketing is a way to register your brand into the customers’ subconscious mind, and for that, you have to make the interaction of customers and your product again and again.

But the question is why do you need to do the marketing for your business, can’t you run the business without marketing?

Of course, you can run the business without marketing, but it will act like a human without a brain, hands, and legs.

When you market your business, people get aware of your products, yes, no one will buy your product in one go.

Hence, if you have a new business, you do have no trustworthiness, reputation, or review of your products.

For a review, it’s mandatory that someone buy, and use your product, then after he or she can give an honest review.

But, when will he buy your product? When he needs your product and he is aware of your products.

This is the connector of your business and your potential customer, need, and awareness.

If someone interacts with your products 20 times, at least one time he will purchase your product, because it is human psychology.

Marketing of your business must be customer satisfaction oriented, i.e. the content of marketing must make the customer realize that he will be getting values and satisfaction by associating with you.

Best Example For Marketing Strategy

Zomato and swiggy marketing strategy

I believe you might have noticed that whenever you see any video on YouTube, the ads of zomato or swiggy appear definitely once, am I right?

So, what do you think, what is the reason behind running ads multiple times by investing money in digital marketing?

Do they expect that you will be ordering one food item after seeing their ads?

No, definitely not! they are registering their business in your mind, as anytime you need food only one source can click in your mind, swiggy…. or… zomato.

In a nutshell, Marketing is a must attribute for your business, but it is also mandatory that you run in a proper way with the appropriate strategies.

In this article, we are going to share the best marketing tips and strategies with the help that your business will become the synonyms of the product that you trade or manufacture.

Identify Your Audience

If you sell the medicine in the market of garments, you would not be able to generate a single sale in several days.

Because the garment market is not a proper market area to sell the medicine, similarly, you have to find your targeted audience.

Digital Marketing is the best way to identify the potential and needy audience for your products, service, and overall business.

If your business is trading home appliances, then you should offer your product to those who are seeking the home appliances like a pressure cooker, mixture grinder, etc…

Keep Approach For Digital Marketing

No doubt, traditional marketing generates a good number of leads for your business, but modification and degradation are a must for business growth.

You have to conclude where your potential audience is, but nowadays, it’s not hard to predict the place of your potential customers.

Of course, they will be available on the internet like social media, forum sites, and Google.

In regards to the growth of the business, you should divert your strategies to digital marketing which will fetch many leads for your business.

You can run Facebook ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing, YouTube Marketing, and can promote your business on other digital platforms.

Find The Problems of Customer

Problem and solution for best marketing strategy

The most revolutionary person of the century has said: “Problem is not a problem, but finding a solution is the problem”.

He wins who finds the problem of people and works on that in the direction of solving that problem.

It is not mandatory that you start your business according to the problems of the surrounding people.

But you can implement the improvement strategy for the problem that is being faced by the people which will attract the customers towards your products.

While marketing, you are supposed to centralize the solution to the problem which is distracting the customer.

For example, if you have a business of water supply, then your content of marketing should be pointing to pure water and from time to time.

Focusing on Subject

While doing digital marketing, your 70% focus must be on the subject of promotion, because the subject line appears first when a person sees your ad.

If you are doing email marketing, the subject line is too sensitive, because it decides that customer will open your email or not.

While running the ads on Google and social media, target the customers’ problem and suggest them the solution in the subject of your ad campaign.

For example, if you are doing a vegetable home delivery business, your subject line or subject text can be: “Get Fresh Vegetables at home with no delivery charges”.

The subject line is an initial point of the customer’s interest, so you have to make sure that you are not stating the subject line or subject text too long.

Mention the summary of the whole content in the subject line which forces the customer on your ad or email.

Email Marketing and other digital marketing have a huge potential to generate leads at a very low cost and a little duration.

But there is a condition and email marketing and a part social media marketing must be executed with proper strategies and pointing out the exact audience.

Adopt The Freebie Strategy

It’s very recommendable to include the freebie strategy in every business marketing strategy because this marketing strategy will create the pipeline for upcoming customers.

For reference, you can check out the live example of Lenskart Business Marketing Strategy, which was providing the first frame free, and that marketing strategy boosted their business overnight.

By providing the first frame free, they were reserving the customer base, because it’s the human tendency to try anything for free.

If there are 10 people, only 2 out of them will agree to the paid trial, but 10 out of 10 people will agree to the free trial.

While implementing the marketing strategy, you should include the freebie attributes which attract the public towards your product and business model.

As an example, if you have an online food business, you can offer the customer a free small tin of cold drink upon the order of food item above 100 rupees.

Mention The Honest Reviews of Existing Customers

Why are reviews important? Is there any specific reason or logic behind sharing the honest reviews of existing customers?

Of course Yes!

The customer review is the sharing of experience by the third party who does not have any connection with the product.

If someone is telling the world that your product is too good and adds value in his life, other people will trust your product very fast..

In a nutshell, customer reviews are the premium support on selling your products which points your product to the best in the views of other customers.

Suppose, you want to buy the mixer grinder online, so would you buy the mixer grinder directly from amazon or any other site?

Definitely No!

You also check the reviews of other customers who have already purchased that particular product and will conclude whether you should buy that product or not, am I right?

Review Facts

  • According to the online review research, more than 59% go through the reviews of that product before making a purchase.
  • More than 55% of customers scan at least 4 reviews before concluding for purchase of any item online.
  • More than 50% of people are interested to post an honest review after their every purchase from an e-commerce site or any other online buying source.

You might have noticed that every ecommerce site leaves reviews on top of the product because they want to make trust to the customer about the product value.

The sharing of honest reviews of existing customers increases up to 50% chances of converting the sales of your product.

Keep Consistency

Consistency is the prime key to success for any business in the world, and that rule is also applied to the marketing strategy.

You might have noticed that some companies run their products ads consistently even some someone purchases that product or not.

It’s an in-depth marketing strategy where you constantly ping your targeted audience’s mind about your products and keep awarding them continuously.

Your customer will not approach you many times for your product, but where he will need any products of yours immediately, his fingers will type your brand name on Google by default.

It’s the quick result of consistently ping effort which you would have been doing for a long time, so keep consistency in your marketing strategy.

Without consistency, none of the best marketing strategies will work according to your expectation.

Ask Customers For Reviews and Feedback

Feedback and FeedForward is one of the most essential parts of any business and its marketing strategy.

While doing email marketing or running a social media ad campaign, allow the customer to share feedback and leave their honest review by requesting tone.

It will help you to implement the improvement strategy that will connect you to the current trend of the market.

For Example, if you are running a tiffin service business, you could ask the customers for feedback regarding the service in qualities.

You may miss some attributes in your business that could be the key point for your competitor for fetching your business from you to him.

It could be possible that the customer might be expecting more ease of getting the daily menu, or delivery aspects.

Until you ask them, you would not come to know what improvement or modification or more value is expected by your customer.

Conclusion on Marketing Strategy and Tips

Marketing is one strong leg of your business, without which your business can run, but with a very low speed.

Do not ever keep an approach to save the cost of marketing by avoiding the marketing matrix in your business.

The major reason behind this is that the investment of 1000 rupees in marketing will generate 10,000 rupees of profit later on.

As I said earlier in this article, you would come across many ads of branded companies who have already gained their trust.

Despite the fact that they gained the full trust of people, they are running the marketing campaigns, why do they need to do so?

Because the human mind is evolving day by day and accepts new things by erasing the old data, and that’s why it is mandatory to refresh the information with a certain frequency.

If they do not do so, their new competitor can dominate their market very easily with their own marketing strategy.

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