Top 4 Best Reselling Apps in India Enable You To Start Business With Zero Investment

From 2017, the reseller apps have captured a big part of the trading market, and after that many apps have been introduced till the date, but the question is, are they worthy and do they really benefit us?

Answer is: Definitely Yes!

In the initial phase, the best reselling apps in India did not have enough attention from the people, but the luck of reselling websites and apps is like Paytm.

Like, Paytm was lying in the market for a couple of years with very little attention from people, and the demonetization transformed the present and future of Paytm suddenly.

Similarly, the Corona Pandemic turned the position of online reselling applications at 180 degree, and made them too profitable business source.

You might be aware of the reselling online app, or you might not be, and there are also possibilities that you are thinking that what are the reselling apps, right?

What are The Reselling Apps?

Best Reselling Apps in India

In simple words, Online Reselling apps are the online money making apps by which you can earn money online by doing different kinds of stuff.

Reselling apps are a supplement for the ecommerce business ideas, if you do not have much more investment to start an ecommerce business with your own ecommerce site, you can start with the online reselling apps.

Reselling apps allows you to create an ecommerce store on their platform to promote your products to your targeted audience free and with paying as well, it depends on that reselling app.

There are many online reselling android and iOS applications by which you can grow your small scale business and convert it into a large scale business.

You can sell the physical products as well as the digital products by the medium of online reselling apps in India which saves your cost and gives a good revenue in terms of profit.

But which are the best reselling apps in India, and whom do you trust more? That is a very tricky question and this article will guide you to choose the best reselling app for your business.

How to Choose The Best Reselling App in India

Choosing the best reselling app is not an easy task, yes, you can also move your business from one app to another reselling up, but it’s quite advisable that you choose the better app from the beginning.

There are certain checkpoints which indicate that the reselling app that you are choosing is appropriate for your business or not.

  • The app should have a simple interface with a customizable dashboard from where you can manage everything.
  • It should be payment friendly, the process of sending and accepting payment should not be complicated that irritates the customers.
  • Uploading the products and describing the features should contain the least clicks and the visibility of your products to the customers must be clear.
  • It must be user friendly that appeals to the customer to be on your page and scroll your products with ease of surfing.
  • The best online reselling app is that contains easy navigation for the customer by categories, prices, and other variants like size, color, volume, weight etc…

There are many characteristics of the best selling app that you should verify before selecting it.

How You Can Make Money By Reselling Apps in India

Best Reselling Apps in India

Isn’t it strange that you can earn money online by utilizing the online reselling applications? It really seems strange, but it needs perfect strategies, and plans, then you can generate money online by reseller apps.

By using the online reselling application, you can promote your digital and physical products to the all Indian population which breaks the area barrier.

Let’s suppose that there isn’t the existence of online reselling apps with the help of which you can make aware the other cities and state audience about your products.

Then what will happen, how big your customer base will be? The people living around your area, right?

And if you want to check the potential of online reselling websites or apps, let me tell you that investors are investing millions of dollars in building the reselling apps.

Udaan App, Meesho App, OLX, Quicker, what are they? They are the reselling apps, from which we can sell and resell our local products to anywhere in India.

1. Meesho

Best Reselling Apps in India

If you want to start an online business with a low investment or zero investment, you will not find a better option than Meesho.

Nowadays, Meesho is the #1 Reselling Application in India, and also it is one of the largest social commerce platforms as well.

If you have any product that you want to sell, like it may be the garments, or it could be jewellery, or it can be the grocery, or anything, you can sell on Meesho.

Meesho online reselling app was not too popular in the starting phase, and it happens, not any strange in it, but with the constant upgrade and providing the values to its customers, it has become the biggest online reselling app in India.

According to the latest update, Meesho has announced very good news for the suppliers by selling their products with zero commission.

It means, if any customer purchase any product of yours through the Meesho, you will not be giving any commission to Meesho, all money will be yours

Meesho has amazing features that makes the reseller happy by doing the B2B and B2C business with it.

If You Are Seller/Supplier

If you are a seller or supplier of any products, you can list your products on Meesho, and Meesho will promote your products by the resellers to the customers by paying them some commission.

The major key factor, and of course, most beneficial point for Meesho is that you will not have to pay any commission to Meesho when you get any sale.

Being a supplier, you will have to invest some money to manage the inventory of products that you want to sell, hence, if you have a small scale trading business, Meesho can be a game changer for your business.

If You Are Reseller

If you want to start your own business with zero investment and without managing any stock inventory, then you should stop searching for the business ideas with zero investment in India right now.

Install the Meesho that is one of the trending best online reselling apps in India with which you can start an online business from your home by just having a smartphone and internet connection.

By registering on Meesho, you will have the rights to access the products listed on Meesho by the sellers and suppliers.

You will have to just share them on your network like whatsapp, and social media, and whenever anyone purchases any product from your link, you will get a commission.

The best aspect of Meesho is that you can decide the product’s selling price yourself by adding your commission.

If you have a good knowledge of the product, you can earn a lot of money online by using the Meesho android and iOS app.

2. Popshop Online Reselling App

Popshop is another one of the best online reselling apps in India and if you are a seller, then you should not look for any other best reselling online website or application.

You can upload your products to Popshop which will be visible to every person living in India. When you receive any order, you get all the details of the customer which is very useful to make them repeat customers, isn’t it?

A few people are aware of popshop online reselling apps, because they don’t invest money in the marketing, they focus on providing the best services and quality to the customers and resellers.

They have enabled the chatting feature in their app by which you can talk with your customers as well.

I have personally experienced this application, and I have been using it till date for my retail garment business, and honestly speaking, I got a minimum of 8-12 orders per day.

In my opinion, if you have a small scale business, you must try a popshop online reselling app which will bring a massive amount of customers for you that will be difficult to handle for you alone.

The Popshop online reselling application is almost all barrier free, the best reselling app in India for clothes especially.

Yes, you can also sell the other products, no doubt about that, but if you have a clothing business, you should definitely try the Popshop.

3. Shop 101

Best Reselling Apps in India

Shop 101 is a very popular online selling and shopping application, that is the best reselling app in India like Meesho where you can sell and buy anything to and from all over India.

Hence, this article is dedicated for doing business, so let me share the selling features of this best online reselling app in India.

If you are not comfortable with Meesho, or other online reselling applications like meesho, then shop 101 is one of the best apps for online reselling in India which enables you to share your products to each person in India who is using the smartphone.

Shop 101 has a very easy interface to upload the products’ photographs, and mention the pricing of your products.

If you don’t want to invest anything to start an online business in India, stop searching anywhere else, download and install the Shop 101 app for online reselling without investing anything.

You can pick from the existing products on shop 101, and share them on your local networks and social media.

Whenever anyone will purchase any products from the link shared by you, you would be getting a good amount of revenue as a commission.

It takes hardly 1 hour per day to perform this stuff, and returns you a good amount as a commission, if you are willing to spend more time, you will get more commission.

If you are a housewife, or non working woman having a little bit of knowledge of operating a smartphone and internet, this app for online reselling can make you rich in a certain time.

Till date, many non working women have grabbed the benefit of this online reselling app in India and changed their life, so what are you waiting for?

4. Amazon Seller App

I believe I don’t need to introduce the amazon seller app, because you will rarely find a person who is not aware about amazon, right?

Amazon is the largest ecommerce website and company on the planet and offers the sellers to sell the products with restriction free conditions with low commission.

It means that you will be paying a very low commission to amazon if any person purchases your products listed on the amazon seller app portal.

The listing of products on amazon seller app is very simple and completed in a very few steps, and that is the major reason of being popular in the seller community of India.

After listing your products on the amazon reseller app, you will not have to wait for a single week to get the first order, and this is my personal experience that I am sharing with you.

As I mentioned in this article that I am owner of the garment business (I have multiple businesses, garment is one of them), I got my first order on the 6th day after listing the men’s shirts on amazon reseller app.

You will have to pay only 2% as a commission amount to amazon reseller if anyone purchased your product from amazon.

Conclusion on Best Reselling Apps in India

Starting up an own ecommerce business asks for an investment and too much time for management with a huge inventory as well.

And the current time is of those people who want to change the world by implementing the best ideas and innovation.

Online reselling applications are one of their best innovations in search of changing the lives of people on the planet.

You should not keep yourself apart by earning money with either zero investment or low investment, and opportunities knock once only , and you know it, right?

The online reselling application offers you both ways to do a business, if you have investment, or else you don’t, in both cases you can earn a lot of money by properly utilizing the best online reselling apps in India.

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