Top 5 Best Small Business Ideas For Women With The Lowest Investment in India

Today’s women are in search of being independent along with the dual responsibilities of home and career, and they have the potential to do so.

Well, women have more obstacles than men to starting their own business due to the heavy responsibilities.

So that they need such a business that can be done from home, and for the middle-class women, her savings are her assets for the future and her kids.

This article will guide you on how you can build up a profitable business model to generate a side income by taking your regular responsibilities.

I am suggesting the small business ideas for women with low investment because housewives can not occupy around 8 hours behind the business.

Therefore, I should suggest those businesses that can be managed according to the time convenience, and luckily there are many business ideas for women fulfilling this condition.

Small Business Ideas For Women With Low Investment

small buisness ideas for women

This article is dedicated to those women who are willing to start a business to generate a side income with a limited investment, but not getting a proper way of deciding which business they should start.

Business is not like a job where you invest nothing, just work for someone and your bank account gets credited on the 1st of every month.

Business is a responsible work in which you have to preplan, who will be your customers, how much you will have to invest when you start to get noticeable profit, what if any pandemic comes, and other aspects.

Generally, women of India never believe in borrowing, so they prefer to start a business from their own savings, and that’s why I am suggesting small business ideas for women who have great potential.

You should choose the perfect business idea which needs the lowest investment and gives a good return. It doesn’t matter that the return takes more than 4-5 months, but it must be a failure-proof business idea, right?

I am going to suggest barrier-free small business ideas for women, and you are supposed to be well educated, only the thing needed is your creativity, and you have that one, isn’t it?

The world always keeps changing, and you will not have to learn any extra objects to start your own business, but you can convert your expertise and qualities into your business.

The world of current duration is in search of values, if you have any quality or expertise by which you can add value in people’s lives, then it will not be limited to just expertise, it will become the great money magnet business.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore the most profitable business ideas for women with low investments!

1. Sell The Plant Arrangements

Selling the plant arrangement is a profitable business idea for women that can be executed from home with a very low investment.

People use the arrangement of different kinds of plants to decorate their homes, and moreover, it’s amongst the best options for gifting purposes.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions are made more beautiful by adding gifts and the plant arrangement is always present in gits.

If you don’t know how to make these kinds of plant arrangements, there are hundreds of legit videos and blogs on the internet from where you can learn quickly.

You will require some beautiful small trees, a medium like sand, pebbles, and succulent plants to make the beautiful arrangements.

These materials are easily available in the wholesale market, and the investment required for this is too low.

Now, the most and the majorly required thing is your creativity, the more creativity you have, you can create the more expensive plants arrangement.

One very important tip I want to share with you is that, don’t approach selling directly by making the plant’s arrangements.

First, make some pieces of plants for you, or for your home decoration, whenever anyone like your friends or relatives come to your home, they will see them and be attracted.

You will start to get some good references slowly, and as long as you will be delivering more plants, your business will increase.

It’s clear that you will not get the quick orders, like in a couple of weeks, you will have to keep patience, you will start to get orders one by one initially.

Moving forward, one more creativity you can use is that you click the pictures of all plants that you have made for yourself and for your customers.

Share those pictures to your WhatsApp status, Facebook stories, and Instagram stories along with feeds and walls.

Moreover, you can tie up with eCommerce apps and sites that will be bringing more customers to your business.

You will have to give a minimal amount as a commission on each sale, and won’t have to spend more money on marketing as well.

If you are having such creativity, you should think about this profitable small business for women, and try to create a successful eCommerce business model.

2. Birthday Decoration Kit

small buisness ideas for women

One more small business idea for women with low investment is here, it is again about assembling some objects, making an attractive kit, and selling it online and offline.

Birthdays come every year, and they contain decorations. Moreover, the generation of today’s time is not willing to decorate the birthday backgrounds.

Typically, the birthdays of small kids are celebrated with a grand decoration, and people are not willing to purchase them from the market.

There is a huge business opportunity in every small problem, seeing at the first sight, this problem seems very minute.

If we think carefully, then every day is the birthday of many children and people, and many of them also celebrate.

And if we get only 10% of its orders, then we can generate very good revenue by selling the readymade birthday kits to them.

In the birthday kits, you need to include some metallic balloons of different colors, birthday caps, some regular balloons, and some other birthday objects, your kit is ready.

After making the birthday kit complete, stick a picture on it, so that people can see how your birthday kit looks.

Will you sell all kits at the same price? No, you will be making different types of birthday kits in terms of quality, quantity, numbers of balloons, and other ingredients and selling all of them at different prices.

If you keep consistency in this quality, it will become a very interesting small business idea for women, and as a housewife, you will be able to generate a huge side income after some time.

As long as your business becomes stable in selling only the birthday kits, you should not stop there. Moving forward, you can start making wedding kits and sell them online and offline.

3. Cookies Decoration Kit

small buisness ideas for women

I think you are excited to know the next small business idea for women with low investment, right?

Yes, and it’s making and selling the cookies decoration kit which is used in birthdays, wedding anniversaries, gifting purposes, and many other occasions.

If you interlink the last business idea and cookie decoration business idea, you will find that this one can be the add-on for the birthday kit selling business.

Moreover, nowadays, cookies are not used only for birthday occasions, the corona pandemic is still continuing, and children are not able to go to school.

They are not able to work on their skills, creativity, and during this time, if parents could bring this kind of kit to their kids, it helps to increase their morals and creativity.

And the biggest benefit is that the kids will become busy which is very important to make their nature jolly.

This small business idea for ladies can become a legit and big source of side income along with their regular responsibilities.

4. Pickle Making and Selling Business

Pickle making and selling business is generally avoided by many people by stating that it does not have huge profit potential.

Here, one thing I want to share is that even if you start a face mask-making business in corona pandemic time, it will not give you the high revenue initially.

Because business is not like a job that you start today and your bank account will get credited some amount at the first of next month, right?

Business is like a tree that you have to sow seed now, and it will grow according to the natural laws, and after a certain time.

If you are good at making the different kinds of pickles, you can convert your skills and qualities into a very profitable small business.

There is a very high demand for pickles in the Indian market and international market as well.

Moreover, if you have good awareness about the reselling apps and retailing business of India, you can not imagine how much money you can make from the pickle making and selling business.

Ecommerce websites are the greatest platform to generate hundreds of retail sales of your pickle from all India per day, and B2B sites are the strongest platform to generate the wholesale orders for your pickle making business.

If we talk about the investment to start this profitable business idea for women, you will not need the investment of more than 10,000 rupees in the starting phase.

Moving forward on the profit aspect, you will earn a small profit in the beginning, but as long as the numbers of customers increase, your profit will double and triple, and so on.

5. Festival Kits Selling Business

small buisness ideas for women

Since the online selling concept and eCommerce sites and apps have been introduced, many people have got access to be relaxed before starting any small business in India.

The next one is also an online and offline selling-oriented business, in which you will not have to make more investment.

I do not need to mention that India is the country of the festivals of different religions, and most of them are celebrated with joy.

For example, Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India, and it is celebrated with a great celebration.

Here, you can find a huge business opportunity for ladies, because ladies are more creative than men.

You can make the Diwali kits and sell them online and offline, and many people are looking for ready-made Diwali kits to save their time.

Making a Diwali kit is quite easy by including some customized candles, rangolis, handmade printed lamps (diyas), and some sparkles, and your kit is ready.

This is only for Diwali, there are many festivals in India that are celebrated with grand celebrations like X-mas, Navaratri, Makar Sankranti, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, and many more.

Considering the investment, I think you have a better idea than me that it will not consume more than 5,000 rupees initially, and later on, you will be rotating the money generated from the business to go ahead, right?

If you are in search of profitable business ideas for women and have a limited amount for investing, focus on this business plan, and work with patience only for some time.

You will find that your business will be scaling day by day, and you will come to know at every festival.

One very important tip I want to share with you is that you should start marketing on the online platforms before at least 1.5 months of the targeted festival.

Conclusion on Profitable Small Business Ideas For Women

As a woman, it may be quite difficult to handle the dual responsibilities of job/business and family.

And that’s why, if you want to start any business with low investment, you should pick a business idea that can be executed from home by investing less time.

This is for the beginning only, as long as your business grows up, you can build a strong team to handle it while still being at home, isn’t it a nice idea?

Another aspect is investment, investment is a crucial factor for any small business idea for women because mostly, women are not trusted by their family to start and run a business, am I right?

And secondly, women are non-earning assets that can not borrow money from anyone, so they have to start any business with their own savings.

So that the business must be low investment-oriented as well, and that’s why I have focused on all these aspects and suggested only 5 small business ideas for women that cover all sensitive aspects.

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