Top 6 Best Small Scale Business Ideas in India 2022 Makes Your Business Scalable

Do you think that seeking the best small scale business ideas is difficult, if so, then this article is dedicated to solving your problem which is not real.

Yes, Business is not an easy deal, but if you do it in a simple way instead of making it complicated, then it comes pretty simple and easy for you.

I have heard many people talking that I want to start a small scale business, I want to start a low investment business, I want to start a quick profitable business, etc…

Before starting any business, you might have clear fundamentals about that business, like if you start a low investment business, then you must have enough knowledge about what is low investment business, how long it can sustain, what are the pros and cons of it.

This article has been published in order to explore the Small Scale Business Ideas in India 2021, so we will be explaining only about Small Scale Business ideas in this article.

As I mention priorly in this article that you must be aware of all details of the business kind which are you going to start with, I will explain in deep.

What is the Small Scale Business

If you are thinking to start a small scale business, have you come to know what is a small scale business?

A small scale business model is a business model which contains fewer employees, or a small team, and with a noticeable investment, i.e. it gets started with neither a very big investment nor a very small investment.

The profit and revenue will not cross the limit of big business’s revenue, and it will get saturated after reaching a certain point.

With the Small Scale Business, you will be able to cover the lower market area for selling your product or providing the services and you can sustain it as a proprietorship or a Limited Liability partnership firm.

Why I Suggest You to Start a Small Scale Business Ideas as a Beginner?

It’s very risky to jump directly on the 10th ladder instead of starting to climb from the 1st one.

Similarly, if you are a beginner, you should start with Small Scall Business in beginning, although you are free to dream big and achieve big as well.

That is the reason, you should start with a lower one and collect the experience, then convert it into a big empire.

When you start a small scale business in India, you do not come to face a high risk of loss, and it requires a low investment to start.

In the current time, almost everyone dreams to be his own boss rather than working under any other’s supervenience, correct if I am wrong.

A small scale business makes you able to manifest your dream in reality, yes, be your own boss with the first day of executing the small scale business ideas.

If you are going to Mumbai from Delhi, which way will you prefer to go, the easiest and shortest way, right?

Similarly, a small scale business is very easy to start and maintain in the starting period while having a lack of experience.

Have you come to know that for the last few years, the government and banks are invoking in the small scale business ideas to grow the “Make In India Project“.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog that the small scale business contains low revenue and profit, it becomes quite harder to manage the tax aspects.

You would feel glad to know that small scale businesses are approved for the taxation benefits from the government.

Best Small Scale Business Ideas in 2021

After coming through the benefits of Small Scale Business Ideas, you might be clear with the mindset of whether you should start or not, right?

After deciding to start, it’s pretty confusing that which small scale business you should start, am I right?

So, I suggest you stop worrying and keep reading this article, in which you are going to have brilliant small scale business ideas in 2021 which you can start with no huddles.

Every year, many new small scale business ideas are being introduced and executed by people one day by day and month by month.

1. Vegetable Home Delivery Business in India, Best for Every Location

Do you know that the Vegetable Home Delivery Business is going to be included in the category of best profitable businesses very soon?

You might be thinking the reason for these stats, I know, and there are multiple reasons for this business idea’s growth.

In the current fast life, people are becoming very time conscious, and they are ready to pay extra money to save their time.

This duration is not considered safe for staying for much time outside of the home, people are afraid to face the crowded environment even if for their daily routine needs.

This is the time of technology which is becoming the people lazy, and people are not supposed to do that work which can be done by others by paying them a little money.

These reasons are enough to prove the profitability, sustainability, and scalability of the vegetables home delivery business.

The other biggest benefit is yet to explain to you which will encourage you to execute this small investment business from home.

Almost 80% of businesses are bounded by the regional parameters, fame parameters, requirement parameters, manufacturing parameters.

But this business has no boundary because the vegetable is the object which is a must for survival for every person of India.

So, it doesn’t matter from where you belong to, you are from Pune, Delhi, Gujarat, you live in a rural area or urban area, anywhere, you can start this business and will grow very fastly.

Best Reason to Start Vegetable Home Delivery Business

This is one of the fastest-growing businesses and most profitable businesses, and it can be started with an initial investment of a Maximum of Rs. 10,000, and within this amount, you will be having everything for this business, this is not a partial investment, it’s the full investment for the entire business.

2. Wedding Planning Business

best small scale business ideas

Wedding is held by almost every human being for both male and female, and if you have good experience or knowledge about how to do Wedding Planning, it can create a very profitable opportunity to set up a permanent business model with low investment.

I was supposed to share this small scale business idea prior to some time, but the whole world was passing through the Corona pandemic so it was not an appropriate time for this business.

The Wedding Planning Business in India requires a team of very few members i.e 4-5 members, which is quite easy to manage.

The profit ratio of this business model is pretty much good, hence it varies with the relocation of each area of the country.

Wedding Planning Business does not include only the wedding planning, after having certain experiences, you could approach to plan the events of multinational and big companies which pay you a big amount for one event planning.

This is one of the most scalable small scale business ideas for ladies because according to my deep observation and knowledge, this business is mostly run by females.

3. Papad Making BusinessBest small scale business ideas for housewives in india

best small scale business ideas

Do you know that Shreeji Papad is the most selling papad in India which was the low investment high profit business idea, currently it has been converted into a very big scale business.

My intention to share this fact is to explore the potential of the Papad Making Business in India, when you start this business, you are supposed to keep your profit margin low to become a brand in a certain period.

Shreeji Papad making business was started by a very small group of housewives, and that’s why I am stating papad-making business as one of the small scale business ideas for housewives in India.

If you are thinking that the profit margin of this business is very low, then let me explain to you that the overall profit margin of any business is calculated by the amount of product sold and the profit margin amount per piece of that product.

Papad is not the kind of product that is being sold in a retail quantity, initially, if you are exporting 50 kg papads (which is quite easy to sell), you can earn a more than noticeable amount as a profit margin.

Another benefit of running this homemade business in India is that it requires very limited raw materials and which cost is also minimal per quantity, as it requires a very low investment.

In the beginning, you might have to spend a little money on the marketing, but after a certain time with regularity with maintaining the quality, service, and delivery consistency to the suppliers, you would not be supposed to spend a single rupee on marketing.

Important Tip For This Business

As you know that papad making business is a low margin business, hence you will be exporting in a huge quantity, so you will be earning well per deal, but one thing I want to share to sustain this business for a long time and transform in the brand.
Allow the suppliers (who will be selling your papad to the customers in retail or small wholesale quantity) to have a good margin per kg because they are your KeyPoint.

4. Start Online Yoga Classes

best small scale business ideas

India is a spiritual country, and India is only the country which is carrying its culture since its origin.

If you are one of those people who have a good knowledge of Yoga and Pranayam, the current duration is the best time to start it, because in the current duration a major class of people over the world is becoming health conscious.

According to my deep survey, You will be getting clients from other countries rather than India who are not used to negotiate the payment which they will be paying you as fees.

Indian public may aware of the right method of Yoga, but the outsiders are not, and it’s your strong point, and in the time of the advanced technology, you can reach out anywhere over the world via internet connectivity with some devices like mobile and laptop.

There are many apps that allow the person to create the conference online via internet connectivity, you are supposed to take the benefit of the technology and start the Online Yoga classes.

Here is one aspect that can be a barrier for you- Language Barrier, you must have speakable English for foreign clients, you are not supposed to have a strong fluency in English, just keep command of English that much can convey your message to your client.

5. Open a General Store – Long Term Brand Coverting Potential Business

Do you know that Dmart was started as a very small General Store was started in Powai (Central Mumbai) on 15 May 2002, and today it is listed in SEBI as well, and its net profit is around  ₹414 crore, is it believable?

When anyone is suggested to start a general store as a business in India, he neglects this best business idea in India, because he is not aware of the potential of this business.

I consider this business as one of the quickest scalable most successful small business ideas in India because its foundation is very small and requires a very low investment, but the future of this is too bright.

Opening a general store does not keep you in the general people category, business may be small, but none of the business ideas is small, it depends on you how you scale your business with your profitable strategies.

6. Dropshipping – One of TheBest Online Business Ideas in India

best small scale business ideas

If you are aware of online earning businesses, you will be aware of the Dropshipping Business Model.

If you are not, then let me introduce the business model of dropshipping.

You create your online store and sell the products of the third-party seller on your online E-commerce store on behalf of them.

Whenever a customer places an order, you forward that order with the customer’s details to the supplier and he makes the product delivered to the customer.

Here you might be thinking, how can you earn from dropshipping, then let me explore, you will be offering your price to the customer of the third party product.

If a seller offering you a product, let’s suppose the shoes, in Rs. 500 then you can add your profit margin on Rs. 500 and can sell to the customer.

If you want to add your profit of Rs. 100, then you will be keeping the price of that shoes of Rs. 600 on your online selling portal.

A good benefit of this online business idea in India is that it requires very little investment to run it, you will have to pay a little amount to the sites that are allowing you to create the online store.


Executing a small scale business in India is not a big deal if you have accurate research data, proper planning, financial arrangement with backup, and a good working strategy.

Apart from mentioned in this article, there are many small scale business ideas that are too good to start in India in 2021, which will be published on this website with a certain frequency of days.

Even there are many online small scale businesses in India that can be executed by proper strategies with having good skills.

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