Burger King Franchise Opportunity in India: Cost, Profit, Process, and Requirement: 2022 – Best Guide

If you want to invest your money in burger restaurants, then you must know about the burger king franchise business model.

Hence, there are many restaurant franchise business models in India which you can opt for, but if you want to specialize your business only for the burger, then you should invest your assets in the franchise of burger king in India.

Fast food is the trendy food of the current era, and many people over the world like to have fast food because it does not take more time to be prepared.

If you want to start a fast-food restaurant, you can also open a food truck business which is very good.

But if you do so, you have to start from zero, and if you acquire any fast food franchise, you get the readymade business by paying a high cost.

Well, there are many items in the fast-food category, but the most popular and available everywhere fast food is the burger.

Even if you go anywhere, you will find the burger in each corner of the earth, and that is why the business of burgers is always profitable.

If you also like the burger, and if you want to invest your money in a burger restaurant, then do not miss to read this article till the last line.

Burger King Franchise in India

In this article, we are going to explore all the details about the franchise of burger king which will help you to make a decision whether you should acquire the burger king’s franchise or not in India.

There are many questions and processes that you should know before you plan to acquire the dealer for Burger king.

  • How to get burger king franchise inIndia
  • Burger King company history and background
  • Products range of burger king
  • Types of Burger King franchise
  • Burger king franchise requirements
  • Land Requirements for burger king dealership business
  • Burger king franchise cost in India
  • How to apply for franchise model of burger king
  • Profit margin of burger king store

What is The Burger King Company

Burger King is an American fast-food restaurant chain company, which specializes in making and selling burgers all over the world.

The headquarters of burger king is in Miami-Dade Florida, and this business was started in 1953 with the brand name Insta-burger king.

Davi Edgerton and James McLamore bought the burger king in 1954 due to some financial issues, and the company was rebranded with the name Burger King.

The fast-food company opened its first store outside of the United States of America in 1963 in San Juan in Puerto Rico.

With the growth of the business, Burger king started the drive-through service in 1975.

Burger King started the franchise business model in 1959, and there are more than 18,000 outlets in more than 100 countries as of 2018.

Burger King has managed to gain worldwide popularity as one of the biggest names in the fast-food sector with its great marketing and advertising strategies.

Is Burger King Franchise Profitable?

Generally, the profitability of any business model is determined by the stats, profits, employees, branches, etc…

But the stats only for business are not enough to make the decision to start it, it is essential to have more reasons as well.

Because if you are going to buy the outlet of burger king business, then you must have a valid reason for how it will be beneficially profitable for you.

You Get Brand Built Business

By acquiring the burger king outlet franchise model, you will get an already branded business.

Due to this reason, you will not have to struggle to scale your business, and you will not have to survive with less profit or no profit for the beginning period.

Burger King company is already popular, trusted, and famous, so you will not face any problem in building the customer base.

Getting Readymade Customer Base

With the brand name of burger king, you will get a ready-made customer base. It does not mean that company will give you the customers with the franchise.

But due to the fame of the company, you will not have to approach the customers or don’t have to advertise your business.

People already know what burger king is, and there is not any trial concept for them as well, so you will get a huge customer base very soon.

Not to Do The Advertising and Marketing

Again, you will not have to do any marketing and advertising for the business, because it will be done by the company itself.

You just have to sell the products to the customers which you are provided by the company to sell.

As the company is including the cost of marketing in the total price of the franchise, so it will be doing the same, you don’t have to do so.

Product Range of Burger King Franchise

Talking about the product range of burger king outlets, it has many numbers of products which they are providing to the customers.

The most popular food item of burger king’s Whopper Burger, and along with it, they are providing many numerous items.

  • Burger
  • Sandwich
  • Fries
  • Beverages
  • Various Breakfast

How You Can Get Franchise of Burger King in India

Hence, every international franchise business model has a certain process to be acquired for the different countries, and there are some conditions which we have to fulfill to get it.

And the burger king franchise model also follows the same flow, there are some requirements that you have to fulfill to get the franchise business of burger king.

So, let’s dive deep and know how to get a burger king franchise in India.

Types of Burger King Franchise in India

Burger King is considered the most popular burger franchise in India, and it has more than 200 outlets in India.

Well, burger king offers the investor to have the three types of franchise models, and he can opt for any one from them.

  • Individual Franchise
  • Entity Agreement
  • Corporate Agreement

Requirements of Burger King Franchise

Every international franchise business model has its own and different requirements, and it must be because they have maintained their standard equally over the world.

Similarly, Burger King is following the same process, and it has its own requirements which you must fulfill to get an outlet restaurant for Burger King business.

So, let’s go through the necessity and conditions of the burger king dealership business.

Location and Space For Having Burger King Franchise in India

If you want to acquire the franchise business of burger king, you have three options to do so on your selected land.

  • Institutional Location: Airports, railway stations, bus depot, sports territories, government buildings, etc.. are coming under the category of institutional location.
  • Commercial Location: Majorly, the shopping malls are considered the commercial location for the burger king restaurant.
  • Non-Conventional Locations: This category of burger king stores includes the gas stations and other conventional areas.

Training Process

Burger King is an international brand, and it is supposed to maintain its standard over the world with equality.

In order to do so, it is essential to provide the same quality of service and food everywhere which maintain the reputation of the company.

That is why a person owning the burger king franchise needs to go through the training process conducted by the company to learn the ropes of the business.

Burger King Franchise Cost in India

A franchise business is not a small business that you can start with low investment, it requires a huge investment, and that is why it is the most important aspect of any franchise business.

However, in reward of the higher fees of the franchise business, they offer you very much ease of doing a business.

So, talking about the investment to start a burger king franchise in India, you need at least 50 lakhs rupees.

Moreover, apart from this investment, you are supposed to give the royalty fees of 4.5% to the company, which is mandatory.

How to Apply For Franchise of Burger King – Registration Process

You can apply online for getting a franchise, you need to visit their official site of the franchise, where you will get a form which you will have to fill in according to the required details and submit it.

Once you submit the form along with the proper details, your application will be reviewed by the support team of the company.

If you are selected, then they will contact you and schedule a meeting with you, and if the meeting becomes successful, then you will be able to have the burger king franchise in India.

After this process, you need to sign the agreement with the company, and after certain days, you can open the franchise of burger king.

Burger King Franchise Profit Margin in india

Like Mcdonald’s and KFC, or Subway franchises, there are no specific numbers or statistics to highlight the profitability of the burger king profit margin in India.

However, the company is growing with the ultimate speed in India, and it had made sales of 375 crores INR in 2018.

It proves that if an investor invests in the business of burger king fast food stores, he will always be profitable.

Talking about the individual profit margin, burger king is offering the profit margin range of 25% to 30% to the franchise owner.

Conclusion of Getting The Burger King Franchise in India

The Burger King franchise price is not unaffordable for the big investor, because the reward it is giving is very much that I have mentioned in the article.

Burger King is so popular that it receives over 11 million customers each day on a daily basis all over the world by serving delicious burgers and providing the highest quality of support and service to its customers.

It has managed to make itself a global giant in the fast-food industry, and it has loyal and huge customer potential over the world as well.

Eventually, there are lots of benefits of associating and investing in burger king and becoming an owner of the franchise.

The company provides support and assistance to the franchise in things like opening events, evaluations, etc…

Burger King also has a toll-free number for the franchise owners to address and solve their queries and problems.

Moreover, Burger King has a future plan to open 700 stores in India by the year 2025.

So, in conclusion, if you have money to invest in a burger king, and become the owner of the franchise, burger king is a great and profitable franchise business model for you.

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