Best 9 Business Ideas For a Small Village That You Can Start From Anywhere

Before a couple of decades, if you were living in a village in India, you would have almost the only option to start a business, and it was a farming business.

None of the village people were thinking about doing another business apart from it, but now the time has changed almost in 1800, and revolution has occurred.

Nowadays, you can execute many profitable business ideas for a small village that can make you a successful business owner.

You are reading this article that means you are looking for the most profitable business ideas in the village with a certain investment, right?

And so, in this article, I am going to explore the best business ideas in a village that you can start with minimum investment, and make it sustainable very soon.

Profitable Business Ideas For a Small Village

Business Ideas For a Small Village

See, the people of small villages may not have a very high purchase potential, and for that, as a business person, your business niche should be according to it.

You can not start a restaurant business in a village, because the people of villages are not interested in restaurants and they may not afford them as well, right?

Now, you might have gone through the other sources for business ideas in small villages and might have gathered some information as well, I believe so.

But, in this article, you will get a piece of different information which will change the point of view of starting a business in a small village.

If you are living in a small town, but not taking advantage of technology, then you are losing too much money day by day.

Yes, you are reading the right thing. Despite living in a small town, you can make as much money as the urban area businesses.

How? Will explore later on this article. So without wasting time, let’s explore the money-making business ideas for a small town.

1. Pickle Making and Selling Business

The Pickle-making business is one of the most profitable business ideas in rural areas because the demand for pickles is worldwide.

You might be thinking that the population of your town is very small, so how could you make a huge profit, right?

You don’t need to cover only your village public, you can sell the bulk of people in the cities to those customers who are looking for tasty pickles at affordable rates.

For that, you have to conduct online and offline marketing, and both of them will return unbelievable results.

You can cover the city area or semi-urban area, and promote your pickles, and moreover, there are many e-commerce sites where you can list out your products to sell anywhere in India.

Going forward, you can list out your pickles on the B2B sites to sell them in bulk as a wholesaler which will produce a massive profit on a single deal.

Investment in this small village business idea is not more than Rs 20,000/- and it is the investment which you have to arrange while starting the business.

Once you start and the money gets started to rotate, then you will not have to add a single rupee from your pocket to roll the business.

2. Milk Distributing Business

Milk distritubtion business

Milk is the must beverage for the survival of humans, and that’s why this is the business that never sees the face of recession.

Even the corona pandemic could not downgrade this business industry, and that’s why it comes under the category of the best business ideas in the village.

Your major and potential customers are the dairies that are selling the milk and milky items to the urban area.

If you have cows and buffaloes, then this is the most successful business idea for a small town, and you should execute it.

I don’t need to mention that this is a home-based business and you don’t have to arrange any extra funds for the investment, right?

And the profit margin in the milk distributing business is too high, and there’s very low competition in this business as well.

3. Start a Flour Mill

If you are willing to start a profitable business in a small town, why don’t you go for starting a flour mill?

The flour mill is a business that must exist in every city, every street, and every village because people can’t survive without it.

If you are having your own land, then you can start the flour mill business from Rs 50,000/- to 1,00,000 including all costs.

The average range of flouring the grain is around Rs 5/kg, and if you have the two machines and you process the flouring of 200 kg of grain per day (which is quite easy and achievable), you can make up to Rs 1,000/- per day.

Isn’t it a good deal?

If you are really in search of the best business ideas in a village, you should conduct more research on this profitable business idea for a small town.

4. Organic Fruits and Vegetables

People of cities and other areas can get fruits and vegetables if the farmers and people of villages produce the farming.

In search of a profitable business in a small town, you should look into the organic fruits and vegetable business idea.

Yes, it’s not quite easy to process the farming business of fruits and vegetables, but with the proper strategies, you can execute it very nicely and earn a lot of revenue by supplying them outside of your small town.

As small customers, you can target the big catering service providers, big hotels, and restaurants that need a huge bulk of vegetables per day.

Moreover, India is one of the leading countries that are exporting organic vegetables and fruits to foreign countries.

If you are producing the organic vegetable in huge bulk, you can export it to international buyers as well and can generate a mountain of profit in only a few deals per month.

5. Kirana Shop – Grocery Store

Kirana store business in a village

Hence, there are many profitable business ideas for a small town, and amongst that, the grocery store can not be skipped due to its consistent presence in people’s life.

If you can invest up to Rs 2,00,000/- to start the business in a small village, you should opt for the Kirana store.

Groceries are the mandatory objects for people to survive, and none of the people can avoid them, right?

Moreover, you can also start a home delivery business of groceries to your nearby houses, which will generate good revenue for you.

6. Agarbatti Making Business

Agarbatti making business is one of the trending businesses over the world and consumes a very high potential of profitability and scalability.

You need the investment of Rs 80,000/- to 1,65,000 to start the agarbatti making business in a small town.

The demand for agarbatti is always at a peak point because it is used on a daily basis in homes, and moreover, in foreign countries, it is used for many purposes.

By starting an agarbatti making business, you can sell it wholesale all over India with a good profit margin.

As you will be selling wholesale, the profit per deal will be very huge, and you can list out your products on the B2B sites to get genuine and valid clients.

In addition, if you are having more investment to spend, you can go for the export business of agarbatti, where you will find very potential clients who will be willing to pay you your amount for good quality products.

7. Online Yoga Classes Business

online yoga classes

Skills can never be bounded by anything, neither by location nor by the situation. Yes, if you have knowledge of Yoga, and you have a laptop with a good internet connection, you can have a great online business opportunity to start in a village.

After the corona pandemic, people have become more health-conscious and adopted natural therapies instead of human-made therapies.

You can find a great business model by solving this sensitive problem of people of the world. Yes, you can start your online yoga classes.

Investment is not more than Rs 30,000/- which is a one-time investment almost, and you just need a silent place.

Hence, you are living in a village, you don’t need a separate room or office, the village is the lap of nature, and you can find a silent place in your village anywhere.

Initially, you will not get more clients, but as you become popular, you will start to get numerous clients per month.

Later on, you can hire the experts of yoga as your team members or employees, when your students will increase.

You should make some demo videos, and run the online ads for the western countries people because they are your most potential customers.

8. Start Blogging From Village

If you want to start an online business in a small town, you will find many businesses, and blogging is one of them and it is one of the best online small village business ideas.

If you surf YouTube, you might have come to see some videos indicating that xyz person is earning lakhs of rupees from a small village by blogging, right?

Blogging can not be bound in a location barrier if you are willing to invest only Rs 3,000/- per year, and 4 hours a day, and looking for the best business ideas in a village, then start learning blogging from now.

One important thing I want to share with you is that blogging is not a quick money-making business, you will have to keep patience at least for 8-10 months.

And when you start earning from blogging, your income will always go up, and there are many ways to monetize your blog after it becomes authentic.

Talking about the revenue from blogging, it’s limitless, it depends upon your creativity and strategies.

Blogging is a very big field in itself, and there are multiple ways from which you can attract money to.

9. Small Clothing Store

Living in a small town, you may struggle to get customers for your clothing store, and that’s why you should open a small clothing store where you have available almost all kinds of garments.

Moreover, there are many online e-commerce sites where you can promote your products to get customers from across India.

Nowadays, there is also very tough competition in e-commerce sites as well, and many e-commerce sites are selling your products to their customers without charging you for any kind of commission.

If you have more investment to start a small business, you can upgrade your business with wholesaling later on.

You might be thinking that how can a garment business become a profitable business idea in a village, right?

Let me explain to you.

When you start a garment business like retail, you would be purchasing the clothes from wholesalers from the urban area.

While purchasing, you will be bearing the transportation cost, urban area goodwill, and some other expenses.

But when you start the garment wholesale business, the retailers of your village and nearby villages will not have to go to the urban area for purchasing, and it will save their cost.

If you are saving your customer’s costs which are increasing their profit, then ultimately you are increasing your customers with more profit.

So, if you are looking for the best business in a village, you should conduct more research on the small apparel cloth business.

Conclusion on Business Ideas For a Small Village

Due to the cultural difference, it may become tough to find the best business ideas for a small village, but a good strategy makes every work easy, right?

If we research more, we could find many more profitable business ideas for a village in India, and you can execute it nicely by following their strategies.

The business ideas mentioned in this article are universal for villages, which means, it doesn’t matter from which village of India you belong, it will work everywhere.

As usual, I recommend you conduct deep research before executing any of these best business ideas for a village anywhere.

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