Best 6 Successful Business Ideas For Students in India To Make Side Income

Who does not like financial freedom? Especially when you are totally dependent on your parents’ income. Many students like to be a strong shoulder of the father to support him in financial matters, right?

Financial freedom makes you more confident and responsible, and when you are in the student’s phase, you learn how to manage money if you have your own income.

Being a student, it’s not your responsibility to earn money, but some highly ambitious students plan their future from their student life, and if you are reading this article, then you are also one of the future-oriented students of India.

As a student, you have two options to make some side money along with study, and you can opt for any of them according to your choice.

  • Doing a Part Time Job
  • Running a Side Small Business

You will find many sources from where you can find a part-time job for students, hence, I want you to see you becoming an entrepreneur as your future, and that’s why I am suggesting to you some of the most successful business ideas for students in India.

Scope of The Successful Business Ideas For Students in India

Business Ideas for Students in India

Being a student, you might be faced with starting up a business along with studies, like investment, time management, teamwork, managing the accounting, making and serving clients, revenue generation, and many more.

In order to cut off these hurdles, I am going to suggest to you those business ideas for students which you can execute in a very smooth way without disturbing your study.

Many students having a very high ambition can not take initiative for a business plan because of the rigid belief that they can not handle business while studying because business needs full attention.

It’s quite true, but there are some business ideas for teenagers that can be run along with their study, and until you explore them, you will be living in a myth.

Because I am not suggesting you start any manufacturing business, or any retail business by opening a shop, or an offline marketing business where you need to occupy your whole day.

I have good surprise business ideas for you, and you will not feel that you are doing business, you will be feeling that you are enjoying and that joy will reflect money for you, isn’t it very interesting?

So, without wasting time, let’s explore those best business ideas for students that you can do with your study and generate some huge side income.

1. Content Writing as a Freelancer

Do you know how many online business ideas for students in India are? I think you do or you don’t, but there are numerous online business ideas that students can grab and make online money.

Hardly spending 3-4 hours per day can generate around 700-800 rupees per day. It’s too strange to read, but it’s 100% true. I will explain to you how you can do that.

There are several freelancing sites on which clients (companies or individuals) post the project for content in search of freelance writers.

It means they want someone to write articles or other content for them or their business, and they are willing to pay an amount in reward for it.

You just have to sign up on those sites and register yourself as a content writer or content creator along with some best samples.

How much amount do you need to invest to start this online business for students? Is it 50k, 60k, or 10k?

It’s Zero rupees, yes, you are reading absolutely right, this is one of the best business ideas for students without investment.

If you don’t know those sites, you can search them on google by typing “best freelancing sites”, there are multiple freelancing sites that give you an opportunity to make online money by investing zero rupees.

Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, Freelancing, People per Hour, are some very well-known freelancing sites, and apart from them, there are hundreds of freelancing sites.

As a beginner, I would suggest you start with Fiverr because Fiverr is the simplest freelancing site for beginners.

It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, it is equally potential for both categories of students.

2. Become Blogger And Start Your Own Blog

A girls is doing something in a laptop at outside of a building

Do you know that there are many students under 18 years of age in India who are making at least 1.50 to 2 lakhs rupees per month by blogging only along with their studies?

If you don’t want to be dependent on the clients for making money with your writing skills, you can start blogging as a part time business.

If you can spend 3 hours per day on blogging, it can be one of the most successful part time business ideas for students in India and can reflect a big amount of money for you.

Blogging will be your digital property from which you will be earning forever, it will be your passive income generator.

Being a student, I can understand that you could not have more than enough money to invest, and that’s why I am suggesting another online business idea for students with low investment.

Hence, you can also start blogging without investing a single rupee, but I don’t recommend that way, you should go with a long term future business plan, and that’s why to keep the approach to invest a little bit of money per year.

  • Good Hosting: Rs. 130/Month
  • Domain: Rs. 499/Year

If we calculate the yearly investment, it reaches up to around Rs. 2,000 per year which is very minimal and any student of India can afford it.

I found this in search of innovative business ideas for students and being a successful blogger, I recommend you to do this business for a long term business plan.

3. Online Reselling Business For Students

Reselling does not mean that you purchase some product from the manufacturer or wholesale and then sell to the retail customer.

Reselling means you take responsibility to sell the product of any manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer to your audience.

It doesn’t matter whether you purchase first and then sell or sell it indirectly without purchasing.

Being a student, you might not have the potential to buy a bulk product to resell, and that’s why the online reselling business is a very beneficial business for you.

Yes, here you don’t have to invest anything, or else, a very few amounts of investment you will need.

It may be a new concept for you, and that’s why I need to mention that this is one of the best business ideas for students for making side money.

Can you spend only 1.5 hour per day for your own profitable and zero investment business? If yes, then start from now.

Is it possible to start from this moment? Yes, How? Let me explain!

What is The Requirement and How To Do Online Reselling?

You need only 1.5 hours per day and a smartphone with a good internet connection. That’s Enough!

You have to get the details of the selling products from the sellers and promote them online on the internet like social media, or paid ads, whatever you are comfortable with.

As long as anyone will purchase any product from the link you shared, you will get some commission, and it is the earning of your zero investment business.

Register on Online Reselling Application

There are many online reselling apps in India on which you can register yourself and promote the products of existing vendors.

You will have to register on those applications, you will get all the catalog details with the shareable links.

After getting the links, you just need to share them in your networks like Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media.

There are several online reselling apps on which you can register and generate unbelievable revenue as a student as well.

If you are a college student then you must not ignore this one of the best business ideas for college students in India.

Small Business Ideas For Girl Students

If you are a girl student and looking for small business ideas for girl students, you can also start the above-mentioned businesses, but I have also the bonus businesses that you can execute them being a girl.

4. Online Jewellery Reselling Business

Four awesome rings of silver are lying on the surface

Girls are very fond of wearing jewelry with or without occasion, right? Girls don’t need any special moment to wear jewelry.

Moreover, girls have a very huge group on WhatsApp and Facebook along with other social media platforms.

And, girls are very much active on all social media platforms with WhatsApp as well. You will be thinking about how you will be building a profitable business using these all platforms, right?

You have many ways to convert this fund into money by promoting the jewelry products to other girls.

You can register on the online reselling apps, and share the links, and the other way is quite interesting.

Contact the supplier of jewelry, and ask them to send the daily updates of their products on Whatsapp with all the details and catalog.

After receiving it, you can share your WhatsApp story, Instagram story, Facebook story, and everywhere where the girls are engaged.

This is one of the wonderful part time business ideas for students in India because you will have a maximum of 1 hour for this business.

5. Become a YouTuber – Best Online Business Idea For Students

You would have found that many people are wasting a lot of time in making the videos from which they are going to get almost nothing.

But do you know that you can generate uncountable money by making useful videos that can help people?

Yes, Youtube is the biggest video-sharing platform where you can share your legit knowledge in video content and make a lot of money by helping people.

If you have a deep knowledge of any field, you can create an explanation video with different graphics and engagement, and upload them on YouTubes.

After fulfilling YouTube’s policy, your YouTube channel will be monetized from YouTube, and your online earning will get started.

If you are fond of creating videos, then don’t waste your valuable time in creating videos that produce nothing.

Create videos that can add value to people’s lives, and share them on YouTube, and convert your passion into money.

You will rarely find innovative business ideas for students as an option for this one. If you are good at video creation, start from today, don’t miss this opportunity.

6. Network Marketing Business

MLM business explanation for students

I know what you are thinking by reading the network marketing business, but let me tell you one thing, I am also associated with Vestige network marketing company.

And I am sharing my own experience that network marketing business is top of the best business ideas for students without investment.

The best factor of this business is whether you earn money or not, but you develop many skills which help you in the future when you establish your own business.

I joined vestige when I was a student, well, I did not make a lot of money, because I was not doing it seriously.

But yes, I developed many skills like dressing sense, talking manner, good communication skills, marketing skills, product review skills, person testing skills, and so on.

Moreover, I made noticeable money without focusing on it, because I became only 19 members as my downline, and then they are working and the list has reached 596 members on today’s date.

Honestly speaking, till now I am not focusing on the network marketing business, but I am getting money credited to my bank account till now.

Being a student, you should not miss the opportunity of executing this one of the best business ideas for college students in India without investment.

Conclusion on The Business Ideas For Students in India

As a student, it’s quite challenging to arrange the investment for starting any business, and study is more important.

So you should opt for those businesses that do not affect your study, and for that, the online opportunities are the best business ideas for students in India.

All the business ideas for students in this article are evergreen, and as a student, you can execute one or more of them without affecting your study.

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