Top 8 Best Profitable Business Ideas in Bangalore In 2021

To execute the best business ideas in Bangalore is not a big deal because Bangalore is one of the trending smart cities in India and growing day by day with the ultimate and unmeasurable speed.

There are many business ideas in Bangalore if you have working potential with consistency and patience as every business takes time to grow.

If you are looking for the best business in Banglore to start and still confuse about selecting the best new business ideas in Bangalore, then you have landed in the very right place.

In this article, we are going to explore many business ideas for Bangalore like new business ideas in Bangalore, like best business to start in Bangalore 2021, best profitable business ideas in Bangalore.

In addition, I would like to share that apart from Bangalore, there are also other megacities and states suitable to execute the different business ideas and become sustainable.

Like, Gujarat has many business opportunities, Kerala is one the best cities for Business, Pune is considered as a business hub as well.

Why Bangalore Has Potential to Grow a Business

You might be thinking why should you think about the business to start in Bangalore then let me share that Bangalore has too many populations and they value time more than money.

Wherever time is more valuable than money, it becomes the business hub very soon because people are always looking for sources to save time by spending some money.

I don’t need to explain that wherever money rules, business takes born there very easily, right?

Do You Know?

  • Bangalore is in the list of Top 5 cities of India which generates more than 40% sales of India
  • Bangalore is the city that holds the purchasing power with the 5th position in India
  • You can do also a Part time Business in Bangalore with your current job
  • Bangalore is one of the most favorite cities in India for doing home based business.

1. Tuffen Glass or Tempered Glass of Smartphone

business ideas in Bangalore

As long as any brand of smartphone introduced a new model of any smartphone, a huge requirement of its accessories is created, and public attacks on that for purchasing.

In this case, you have a great opportunity to execute this one of the small scale business ideas in Bangalore with low investment.

The measurable aspect of this business is that this business can be run from home also and it’s not limited to a specific territory.

You can also sell these products online by tieing up with e-commerce sites, on the Facebook marketplace, and promoting on other social media platforms.

Even if you want to enhance your business, you can contact the retailers and provide them a tempered glass of mobiles at wholesale rates in bulk which will produce a massive profit.

You are very familiar with the fact that nowadays, every smartphone user buys a tempered glass, although the latest smartphones come with gorilla glass however they do not give surety about the bearing capacity of the display.

To avoid unwanted and unexpected damage to the smartphone display, people have to buy a tuffen glass which is mandatory for the safety of smartphones.

Investment & Return

There is not a huge investment to run this business, you would have to purchase the tempered glasses of all the latest smartphones in bulk quantity.

Initially, you can also purchase only 10-15 pieces of each if you do not have a noticeable capital as an investment.

This trading business will become one of the best startup ideas in Bangalore which will become more scalable with the introduction of different smartphone gadgets.

If you can invest up to 1.60 Lakh to execute this one of the most profitable small business ideas in Bangalore, it would be generating uncountable profit for you each month.

Yes, you can start to manufacture tempered glass for newly launched smartphones by different brands.

The cost of a Tempered glass-making machine is around Rs. 70,000 which is a one-time investment.

The cost of Hot soft glass screen protector 9H nano flexible Glass film Raw materials used in making tempered glass is around Rs. 60,000/-.

The packaging charge is around Rs.1 per tempered glass and you must have a laptop or computer to set the dimensions and measurement of the tempered glass of the smartphone.

If you total all expenses, it would touch around Rs. 1.60 Lakh in which the cost of Laptop and tempered glass making machine is a one-time investment, and it returns you more than your investment.

The stability time of this one of the small business ideas in Bangalore is around 3-4 months.

If you are in search of other new business ideas in Bangalore with low investment, then the upcoming business idea can be the wild card for you.

According to my experience, every person has a different motto and reason to start the business, so it is not mandatory that each person who is willing to start the business will have huge capital as an investment.

2. Water Jug Supply Business

business ideas in Bangalore

The business of supplying the drinkable water jug is one of the most sustainable best business ideas in Bangalore as everyone needs pure water to survive.

One thing I want to point out for this business is that the center point of this business is not water, but it is pure and drinkable water.

First, if we talk about the residential areas in Bangalore, there are many areas and flats where the water supply of corporations is not enough and constant.

Especially for the living people in flats and apartment construction, it’s quite harder to carry the water from the basement or ground floor to the first, second, third, or nth floor, and even though there are elevators, they are not used to do this kind of stuff.

You can contact the secretory of this apartment and can do a deal that you will be providing the water on a regular basis according to the requirements of customers.

Secondly, the Banks, shops, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, and many commercial areas will become your permanent customers.

You need to contact them and make a deal to supply the jug or bottle of drinkable water to their location.

Investment & Return

The investment to start this business will be the cost of Jugs and bottles only, it will be a one-time investment.

As a recurring expense, you will have to take a transportation vehicle on rent (or you can buy it easily with the help of finance providers), the salary of the driver and delivery person, and fuel of the transportation vehicle.

You might be thinking that from where you will be collecting the water to supply your customers, right?

You will find the water pump that will be providing the water to the water suppliers like you, you will have to collect the water from them and supply it to your customers.

They will be providing you a water quantity of one jug is around Rs. 12, and you will be selling it at Rs. 30 per jug.

Lumpsum investment of 1 jug with all expenses will be around Rs. 16/- and you will be selling it at Rs. 30/- so the net profit of 1 jug will be around Rs. 14/- per jug.

The sustainability of this business is around 1-2 months.

Once you acquire 100 customers, your revenue will touch up to Rs. 40,000/- per month.

3. Business of Catering Service

business ideas in Bangalore

You might be surprised to know that you can execute this business as a sustainable business idea in Bangalore because this business does not require constant attention.

You do not require huge capital as an investment to start this business, you can execute this small business idea in Chennai with a lower investment as well.

You can provide your catering services to the big companies which are always looking for catering services that are providing a better quality of food at affordable rates.

The secondary customer source is occasional events like birthdays, marriage functions, marriage anniversaries, and other occasions.

The season of marriage and festivals is the earning time for you because you will be getting many orders for service catering services.

The investment of starting a catering could be a little bit challenge for this business but as a solution, you should hire the employees on a contract basis for each occasion.

If you have the regular order of any company, where you will be providing the food on daily basis, you can hire employees on a salary basis.

How to Get The Customer For Catering Business

Firstly, contact all the marriage halls around you and far away from you make a deal with them that you would be providing them food for every occasion at affordable rates.

The second best way to grab more customers in few times is online advertising, run the ads on social media and google ads which will bring a very huge amount of customers for you.

You should take care while running advertisements, you are targeting the local areas only, once you expand your business in other cities and states, you can increase the location in ad campaigns as well.

4. Game Center – Play Station

You might be aware of the gaming craze of the Indian population and especially for the Bangalore people.

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India, and after launching certain games like PUB-G, Free Fire, this industry is growing more with the unmeasurable speed.

Hence, after launching heavy games, many game lovers are upgrading their smartphones but still, there are some lacks in it and every gamer can not afford to upgrade his smartphone with the costly smartphone.

The second issue of playing HQ games with a smartphone is that all these games can be played only with internet connectivity and it consumes too much data from the internet.

By opening the play station, you will be solving the biggest problem of game lovers.

You can charge per game or per hour to play the game according to the market rate, in your city, it could be different than other cities.

Saturday and Sunday will be the golden period per week to earn good revenue from this business.

Online Business Ideas In Bangalore

Today’s time is trending with both online and offline businesses, and even people are bringing their offline business to the online business.

In the time of technology, earning is not limited to physical businesses only, there are many opportunities with online businesses like digital marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, YouTube, Dropshipping, tie-up with e-commerce sites, and many more businesses.

5. Affiliate Marketing – Best Online Business Idea in Banglore

The online community in terms of business is growing day by day, and some online businesses like affiliate marketing and digital marketing are generating unbelievable revenue.

If you want to affiliate marketing, then you need almost zero investment, there are many ways to do affiliate marketing.

Before starting an affiliate marketing business, I recommend you understand what affiliate marketing is, and then learn it which takes very little time.

After learning affiliate marketing you will see that affiliate marketing is just an entry point of an online businesses idea in Bangalore, and you will be expanding your online business in all directions.

Affiliate Marketing means you will be promoting the third-party sellers’ product online and you will be earning some commission if you generate the sale for that seller.

Investment & Return

The investment depends on which way you choose for starting the affiliate marketing, because you can start affiliate marketing by blogging, YouTube, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Email marketing, and some other legit ways.

The return of the affiliate marketing is very high, if you choose the digital products for affiliate marketing business, you can earn up to 60% commission of the selling price of that product.

For example, Bluehost is giving $65 as an affiliate commission on a single sale of any hosting plan.

Amazon is giving a different percentage of amounts on different categories’ product sales.

An average affiliate marketer of India is earning around 40,000-50,000 per month by just spending 4-5 hours per day.

6. Start Real Estate Agency

The proper accommodation is the basic need of everyone who lives on the planet and Bangalore is one of the smartest cities in India.

Bangalore is the hub of job opportunities and many people relocate to Bangalore from other cities and states.

Additionally, the companies are always looking for a good space for the organization establishment, towards this direction, if you are having a good connection with the real estate community, it is a great opportunity to build a real estate agency business in Bangalore.

After the corona period, this is going to become one of the most profitable business ideas in Bangalore due to the increasing demand for lands and buildings.

The second aspect of one of these greatest business ideas, the people who are searching the home or offices for rent, will become your profitable customers.

7. Food Delivery Business

As food delivery business idea is a common idea for many cities, but you can notice here that the taste and choice of each state are always different.

You might have noticed that there are thousands of small offices and companies in Bangalore and there are more than lakhs employees are working with them.

In the environment of Bangalore, people are always looking for quality food, if you are not able to make the food on a large base, you can tie-up with the restaurants or catering service.

The benefit of tieing up with these Frenchies is that you would not have to make food and take other big headaches.

You will be receiving the orders from the customers, forwarding them to the suppliers, collecting the food from them, and delivering the food to the customers.

Initially, you would have to invest some money, you will have to create an application from which clients can place the order and merchant can execute the orders, and also a customer can pay you online as well.

8. Open a Gym in Bangalore

The population of Bangalore is very health and fitness conscious, and they never miss physical activity to keep their body fit and healthy.

It’s a good approach to start the Gym in Bangalore by choosing the proper location if you have a good budget of capital as an investment.

You will be requiring a little bit big space for gym and all the latest equipment for exercise with well-educated trainers in terms of fitness knowledge.

The best way to earn more from this business is that you should offer yearly membership to the customer by giving some discount in the fees.

The logic after offering a yearly membership is to secure the customer and profit because if you offer a discount for a yearly membership, the customer will notice that he is saving some money if he or she opts for a yearly membership.

If you have more investment, this business will become one of the most profitable business ideas in Bangalore after a few months.

Revenue of Gym Business Idea

The general charge of a gym is about 4,000-6,000 per year if the customer takes the yearly membership.

Having 200 members (which is not pretty hard to be) your yearly revenue will be on average 10,00,000/- which is enough for any newly started business.

Every business idea has its uniqueness, pros, and cons, the noticeable con of this business idea is that it requires a big investment, and returns come slowly in the initial phase.

My Opinion For Business Ideas in Bangalore

As I mentioned just above that each business idea has its uniqueness, pros, and cons, so I suggest that before executing any business idea in Bangalore, you are supposed to check and verify every aspect of that business.

Research very deeply whether that business is suitable for the Bangalore location or not, who are your competitors, what is the strength of your competitors and verify many other things which impact the journey and success of your business.

Please do have a strong backup if you are going to establish any huge scale business because huge scale business takes time to grow and give the appropriate returns.

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