Top 7 Sustainable Business Ideas in Chennai With Low Investment In 2021

Chennai is one of the smartest cities in India and growing more day by day with ultimate growth speed, and hence I am going to explore the best business ideas in Chennai, hence many business opportunities are going to be generated here in coming to few duration.

As you know Gujarat is one of the most growing states in terms of business development and Mumbai and Pune are also not excluded from it, Chennai and Bangalore are also some of them.

The business doesn’t rely on any aspect until you do not make its base strong, once you have enough understanding of fundamentals, your business gets started growing at a certain time.

It depends on what business you choose, for example, if you belong to Surat, the textile business is one of the best business ideas in Gujarat for you.

Hence, in this article we are going to explore the best ideas in Chennai, we have listed some very best businesses to start in Chennai which will give you a scalable business model.

Before You Execute Any Business Idea in Chennai

Being anywhere, any place, and in spite of having a great business idea, it’s not recommendable for you that you jump directly into any business without preparation.

In this article, we are exploring the great business ideas in Chennai, I will give you some tips before executing any business idea in Chennai.

There are many ideas for business in Chennai and don’t forget that Chennai is one of the largest tourism places in India.

You should find which is the largest tourism place in the whole of Chennai, and observe that place whether that place has the potential to start any tourism-related business or not.

Take any business of the world, you will not found a single business which does not contain the competition and competitors, right?

Before executing any business idea in Chennai, I strongly recommend you to find, track and analyze your competitors what they are providing in their business and which service or aspect they are missing.

The best way for your competitor is to providing that module which they are not providing in their services.

For example, you are opening a restaurant, and your competitor is not providing the home delivery, replacement, then you should provide both.

Only making new customers will not grow your business, you will have to divert the existing customers of your competitors as well.

Chennai is a smart city, and it’s not in terms of only development, people of Chennai also are smart, they can judge who is providing better and who is providing worse.

Make your business branded, yes it’s true that brands are not made in a day, you will have to keep working and working for a long time with the best quality and service.

Dmart, Swiggy, Zomato, and many more companies are not branded with the establishment, they put lots of effort and they never made try to become brands.

They are just focusing on customer satisfaction by giving the best services and quality, people themselves made their brands.

Small Business Ideas in Chennai

It’s not necessary that you must have a huge investment to start any scalable business in Chennai, even if with the medium range of investment, you can execute many small business ideas in Chennai, and make them larger with great efforts.

Later on in this article, you will be exploring many business ideas in Chennai, which will open your mind to new business ideas in Chennai.

1. Food Delivery Business

Business Ideas in Chennai

In the current time is not money, but time is more valuable than money and hence people are working in the direction of saving time by spending the money.

This is the situation where you can introduce your efforts and save the valuable time of the people by saving their time.

Yes, food delivery is one of the best small business ideas in Chennai which you can execute and solve the problems of people and can generate revenue by giving solutions.

You are not supposed to launch an android application like swiggy and zomato to start the business by investing lots of money.

Initially, you need to target your nearest territory for the customers and make your branding strong.

Take their orders on WhatsApp, ready their food package, and make them deliver on time, this business needs quality and service.

Make your quality the best and deliver them before time, and this is the real asset of your business.

You will not need too much investment to start this money-making business in Chennai.

Initially, you will not require many people, you can deliver the food to the nearest area yourself, as long as the number of customers gets increased, you can hire the people one by one according to need.

This one of the small business ideas in Chennai will become profitable, scalable, and sustainable if you keep working with focus and consistency.

Your customer base will be working with people in multinational companies who are looking for good quality food twice or once a day.

Secondly, you know that Chennai is a smart city, and many outsiders are coming to Chennai for different purposes, who stay as a PG and they do not have any source for food.

They do not have time to cook the meal by themselves own self, and the rate of hotels and restaurants are not affordable for them on daily basis.

One most important thing I want to mention for this business especially that does not offer a high rate of food because they are already getting it from other sources.

Make customers happy and satisfied by offering a good quality of food at an affordable rate and make your business sustainable first.

2. Photography Business in Chennai

Business Ideas in Chennai
Business Ideas in Chennai

Do you know that you can make the Photography Business your secondary income source, and you need to be creative and innovative because this business has strong competition in the market?

You will need to keep improving your skills instead of focusing on the competitors’ skills and business growth.

Clicking a photo is not a big deal, in today’s time there are many smartphones giving a high-resolution results camera, but can everyone click the perfect photo?

NO, because it needs the skills and deep knowledge of photography, which you must have, if you do not have, you can hire a person who is holding the same.

You will be providing your photography and videography services in the occasional functions like marriage, parties, birthdays, company functions, etc…

The equipment you will be required is as below:

  • A good quality of DLSR Camera
  • Small Studio
  • Laptop or Computer (Laptop is perferred)
  • Good Lighting
  • Cameraman

One major thing you should keep in mind is that you should buy a good quality DSLR which can provide you every kind of photo and video according to the occasion.

You can hire an experienced videographer who will be shooting the video with proper focus, lighting, and angles.

A laptop will be required to edit photos and videos to make them professional.

If you are thinking about the return from this business, then let me inform you that you will easily be charging around 40,000/- for 8 hours occasion, where you will be paying your employees around 20k total including the physical photo album and video CDs.

You need just 3-4 orders per month, to get a good income.

The other will be your net profit against your invested time, your skills and knowledge, and execution.

Don’t you think that it is one of the most profitable small scale businesses in Chennai for 2021?

Home Based Business in Chennai

It’s not compulsory to have the separate space to start and run the business at anywhere, there are many home based business can be started and grown as well with a certain speed.

Great business ideas can be born from anywhere, similarly, you can execute a profitable home based business in Chennai as well if you have skills.

If you do not want to invest more money in the business to start, then you must have some skills by selling them you can execute some good business ideas.

There are many home based business in Chennai without investment which sounds not good in a starting phasing, but with the passage of time, they give a huge return.

3. Yoga Classes

Business Ideas in Chennai

Health is Wealth, and nowadays, people are willing to do anything to maintain their health and fitness.

There are many ways to do so, like diet, exercise, yoga, and many other sources.

So, if you have the proper knowledge of Yoga, you can start the Yoga classes at your home without any investment.

You just have a space in your home, or else you can teach your students yoga on the Terrace as well which gives you open and fresh air.

As I mentioned, you do not require any investment to start the business, yes for the marketing, you may need to spend a little money.

As long as your business starts to become scalable, you can enhance it by initiate to teaching yoga online.

If you have proper skills and knowledge, there are many business opportunities in Chennai without investment which you can transform into a scalable business model.

This trend is working very nicely in Gujarat and Mumbai.

4. Papad Making Business at Home

You might not know the potential of the papad-making business in Chennai, but some people are making a minimum of 70,000/- per month by executing this one of the most profitable home based businesses in Chennai without investment.

The revenue center of this best business idea is Quantity, sellers will not purchase the papads in 100-200 quality, they will be purchasing around 10-20 kg per day.

You will have to make a little bit investment of in papad making machine, which will cost from 45,000/- around.

If you sell at least 100 kg papad per day and you are making a profit of Rs. 10/kg only, then the total earning of one day reaches up to Rs. 1000/-

The making and selling cost of papad depends on the quality of materials and the materials of packing you use.

Your customers will be wholesalers, agencies, and retailers who will be purchasing the papad in bulk every day.

Low Investment Business in Chennai

Great business ideas are always executed by a great mindset, strategy, and consistency with patience, if you do not have a huge investment, you do not need to withdraw yourself from the business field.

Even if with low investment, you can execute good quality of low investment business in Chennai, and for that you should be educated with the ideas of business with low investment.

Coming further in this article, we are going to explore the same!

5. Maid Agency Business – Low Investment Busines in Chennai

As I mentioned earlier that Chennai is one of the smart cities in India and almost every couple is a working couple and today’s time is the trend of small or separated families.

So there are many working women who are always in search of maids for taking care of their house and they need the trusted maids to maintain their house in absence of.

If you were a working woman and you need a trusted maid, you will be asking your neighbors, relatives for the maid, right?

See, finding a maid is not a problem, problem is to find a trusted and authentic maid, and this is the golden chance to outsource the profitable business Low Investment Business in Chennai.

If we do not get a good reference, we google for searching an agency that is providing maids on their responsibility, right?

Here you will become that agency that will be providing the trusted maids to needy working women.

When you start this business with a proper setup, launch a website about your business and market it online by spending some money.

Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing are the best marketing strategies to spread this business.

In the starting phase, you might not receive more inquiries because people will not aware of your services.

As long as you will provide trusted, verified, and authentic maids to the required people, you will start getting more and more inquiries.

Always approach your customers to leave feedback on your site after you provide the maids, it will boost a big hike in your business’s growth.

6. Logo Designing Business in Chennai

You might not aware that the logo designing business is one of the most profitable small business ideas in Chennai with low investment which is totally barrier-free.

This one of the most scalable small business ideas in Chennai with low investment is two in one business i.e. you can generate revenue from the local customers and online customers as well.

For local customer service, you would have to make a little bit of investment in radium stripes & papers, logo making and cutting machine, and small space as a shop.

Many people are fond of decorating their vehicles with various logos, fonts, words, and designs, some people love to decorate their cups, mobile covers with different designed logos.

You will be surprised that the charge for making a small logo is Rs. 50 and the cost of material used to make it just Rs. 8/-.

A bigger logo will reflect more profit, you would not have to draw a logo, a logo-making machine will draw and cut itself with 100% accuracy.

You just have to make a logo on your pc and just give command of print, that’s it.

The second source of getting good revenue from this one of small business ideas in Chennai with low investment is finding customers online on freelancing sites and social media sites.

There are three sources where you can promote your services.

  • Freelancing Sites
  • Social Media
  • Google Ads and Social Media Ads

If you do have an excellent knowledge of logo making, you can promote your services on the internet from where you will be getting high potential customers.

From freelancing sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, you will be getting clients who will be willing to pay you up to Rs. 5,000 per logo, but quality must be there.

The second option, promote your services on social media from where you will get the medium potential clients, like someone who is going to launch his website and wants a logo on a low budget will approach you.

The third best source is Search Engine Marketing and social media marketing where y0u will have to make a little bit of investment and in reward of that, you will get high-paying clients.

This is also one of the most wonderful small business ideas in Chennai with low investment for housewives because ladies’ minds are always awesome to make different varieties of logos.

In the digital duration of the world, online business ideas can be the best business to start in Chennai 2021 that you should not miss.

7. Travel Blogger and/or Vlogger

If you are a travel lover, then travel will return you a lot of money, and it’s 100% true fact.

If you love to explore different places by visiting there, don’t let your traveling null, make money from traveling.

After reading some lines, it will become one of the best business opportunities in Chennai without investment.

There is no requirement of any extra investment, everyone has a smartphone nowadays.

You might be traveling to different places by either your own vehicles or rented transportation service.

This business idea will give you money with fun and entertainment, by creating vlogs and blogs.

How to Execute Travell Vlogger Business Idea?

To execute this business idea, you need to do just a few things, whenever you go, keep a good camera or smartphone with you.

Shoot and record almost every moment of your tour, explain about every place with its history, specialties, the popularity of that place, famous food, famous residential, popular shops and areas and cover maximum aspects of that place.

If you do not have enough information about that place, you can search it from blogs and Youtube, and other sources.

Now, open a YouTube channel, and start a wordpress blog in which you will have to explain everything.

Starting a YouTube channel takes zero cost and a wordpress blog will require a minimal investment of hosting and domain.

Edit and make a video attractive with useful information and publish on YouTube and parallelly write a blog on your wordpress blog and make sure that you are interlinking both of them.

After fulfilling some required criteria of both, your YouTube channel and Blog will be monetized by google and youtube and your earning will get started soon.

What are the most successful small businesses in 2021 in Chennai?

There are many most successful small businesses in 2021 in Chennai, like Yoga classes, papad making business, namkeen making and distributing business, Online teaching business.
It depends on how you execute the business ideas and convert them into a successful business.
Opening a restaurant is one of the most successful businesses in Chennai, hence it depends on which location you choose to open the restaurant, which kind of quality you are providing to the customers, are your rates affordable or not, how much time is being taken to serve the food after customer place the order.

My Opinion on The Best Business Ideas in Chennai

Being a businessman, my opinion is that every business idea is the best, but some barriers are applicable to each business.

For example, If I want to execute the business idea of garment manufacturing or trading then Mumbai and Gujarat will be the best locations for me because I will find my targeted audience over here.

Some business ideas have the capital investment, like opening an electrical charging station is the best business idea in Chennai for upcoming time, but it requires almost 40 lakh rupees as capital to invest and execute the business idea.

You should identify your skills, analyze the investment of that business, confirm whether that business is a financial backup or not, measure after how long it will start to give a full return, and then start to execute the best business idea in Chennai.

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