Top 7 Best Business Ideas In India For Beginners 2021 That Can Be Executed With Low Investment

Best Business Ideas In India For Beginners

India is the country where a graduate person starts making resumes and posting on the different job portals to apply for the job, but do you know the age instant after graduation is the golden time to choose the career field.

There are also a few chances that you choose the wrong job, are you agree with me?

Honestly speaking, the beginning of any business may be a challenge for you, because business is quite different than a job.

When you do a job, you have to work for 8 hours a day, and when you come the home after duty, all responsibilities and stress are left at the office.

You are not supposed to think constantly about implementing new and innovative ideas and think about how to grow the business of the company.

You don’t concern with the profit or loss of the company, you get credited the salary every month in your bank account.

Whereas, if you are running a business, you have to implement new strategies, keep your eyes on the competitors, get yourself updated on the current trend of the market, implement the involvement of technologies.

Best Business For Beginners in India

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, almost all people search for a job after their studies, which is not wrong at all, but you can start a business as the first job.

Running a Business asks for experience, patience, and a little bit or more investment, but do you know the success of business matters on which business you choose and how you run it.

It depends on which strategies you are using to make it scalable and profitable, which kind of marketing approach you are adopting, how you are treating your team and how you are building the team strength.

In this article, we are going to some very new trending business ideas for beginners which will enable the beginners for business to make it easy and null the chances of mistakes.

1. Franchise Of E-Commerce Site Companies

According to the Data of Statista, more than 330 Million people shop online in India (till 2020), so you can judge the potential of Ecommerce sites.

Opportunity is everywhere, but it is our responsibility to dig and catch it, you have a great opportunity to sow and grow a great business idea as a beginner in India.

You can take a franchise model business from the e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, and other e-commerce companies.

Approaching for the franchise or agency to the e-commerce company for delivery is quite simple, you just have to show the space as a warehouse to maintain their couriers.

They will ask for some amount as a security deposit which will affordable, you can inquire about this amount on their website portal or nearby main agency.

How to Manage Delivery Service of Ecommerce Company

Your responsibility will be to deliver the couriers to the customers received from the seller to you (e-commerce company).

They will be sending you the couriers to your location on daily basis and you will have to deliver them to the customers on the same day.

You can hire some delivery boys to do the delivery task and you will be paying them per delivery charge including the petrol allowances.

Ecommerce sites also will pay you a charge per delivery.

2. Tea & Coffee Shop


Have you heard about Chai Sutta Bar ever, he is the guy running a business selling tea whose turnover is around 100 Cr and he started his tea selling business before 5 years by one small shop in Indore.

Selling tea is a business that never faces a recession period in its entire life because tea is an addiction of the people and they will never stop drinking tea.

According to my opinion, this can be the best business for beginners in India, opening a tea and coffee shop does not require a very big investment as well.

Your focus must be on making the best and tasty tea and coffee rather than selling it because this kind of product contains the mouth to mouth marketing instead of local and digital marketing.

Your service and quality will be your logo and trademark because there are some things in which people never tolerate compromise and tea & coffee are two of them.

The shop of tea and coffee will pull rich and disciplined customers, so you will need to improve your communication skills also to communicate with them.

Best Location For The Tea Shop

Location is one of the most considerable aspects of any retail business, so you have to emphasize selecting the location for the coffee shop business as well.

Select the massively populated area for coffee shop business like college, around the multinational company, outside of the mall or theater, etc…

Make a good interior of your shop that can attract the customers and forces them to spend more time in your shop.

If we talk about the investment of one of the newest trending business ideas for beginners, you will require a rent amount of shop, tea making equipment cost, decoration cost, raw materials cost like milk, solid tea, and other and cost of employee salary if you hire.

Increase Revenue By Including Multiple Products

You might have drunk tea or coffee in a coffee shop and you might have noticed that the cafe of tea does not provide only tea and coffee.

Similarly, you are supposed to include all other relevant items like cookies, flavored tea, different types, and flavored coffee, cold drink, butter-based food, burgers, puffs, and many other bakery items.

3. Be an Advertiser

Advertising Business Ideas In India For Beginners
Business Ideas In India For Beginners

Becoming an advertiser does not mean that you have to print the templates or calenders for your clients, I am suggesting you start the advertising business by using the technology.

Digital Marketing is booming nowadays and people are almost aware of the potential of digital marketing and online marketing.

The problem is some people do not know how to do digital marketing and some people know but they do not have enough time to focus on digital marketing for their business.

Here you can grab the opportunity to build a scalable online business in India, and this business does not require multi-years of experience.

Even if you do not have any knowledge about what is digital marketing, you can learn it without paying any cost from the internet.

Once you learn it, you can start doing digital marketing for small clients and collect the experience.

Digital Marketing is too wide a field and contains many modules and strategies, you are supposed to focus on one stream first like Facebook Marketing or Google Ads.

Jump on any of all, learn and implement it personally, get mastery on it and then start working for small clients at low rates.

As long as you will be working for more clients, your portfolio will become start to build, and after gaining a certain experience, you can register your business as an advertiser as well, and then you can charge a high cost.

Investment For Advertising Business in India

If we talk about an investment, in the beginning, phase, you will not require a single rupee as an investment because you will not be occupying any equipment, staff, or employee.

This business requires only a Laptop or Computer and a good active internet connection from which you will be running the ads.

4. Dopshipping Business


Dropshipping Business may be a new concept for you, however, it’s a very beneficial online business idea in India.

Dropshipping means you will be creating an online store and will be selling the products of other merchants on your online store.

As long as you receive any order from the customers, you will be forwarding the details to the seller, and he will be delivering the item to the customer on his responsibility.

Very few people are aware of the dropshipping business in India so that it’s a great opportunity to start a dropshipping business in the trend of low competition.

You will have to pay some amount to that website which will host the store for you, the amount can be monthly or yearly which depends on the terms of the website.

5. Virtual Assistant Business

If you are an expert in any field like Writing, scribing, CA, or any other field which can be managed by working online, you can grab the best online business in India by being a virtual assistant.

A person holding the knowledge of Accounts can establish the most scalable online business idea by using the latest accounting software like QuickBooks.

Medial Virtual assistance is also trending like scribing, where the doctors of outside countries talk with patience, and you have to record all the conversations in writing by hearing them live.

The biggest benefit of this online business idea is that you can run this business from your home as well and as long as your business grows, you can establish an office and hire a team as well.

Investment in this business is zero, or if you want to do it, then it’s minimal, and the marketing cost is also too less because you are going to go the digital marketing for this online business to run in India as well.

This business is one of the top online business ideas from home in India due to the ease of access and revenue model as well.

6. Fast Food Street Shop Business

Do you know that the owner of the food business never sees the face of recession in India, even covid could not affect the food business industry in India, by this fact you can assume the potential of food business in India.

As an owner of food business, it’s most important to choose the proper location because you will be earning from the walk-in customers, and another important aspect you have to keep in mind is that the Indian public pays for the taste rather than the quantity.

The Indian public is used to negotiate while purchasing anything, but in the case of eating, they prefer quality and service in terms of taste and time, so your focus must be to provide the various quality with full of taste.

The fast-food industry is one of the most profit holding industries in the food business where you are about to get more than 40 percent profit.

7. Cooking Coaching

The cooking coaching business is another one of the easiest online businesses in India that can be run from home with a very low investment.

Cooking seems low volume business, but if you search the data that how many people want to learn cooking, you will come to know the potential of this online business in India.

You can set up an online coaching class on cooking in a separate room from where you can teach your students how to cook by online screen and voice sharing technology.

Cooking does not hold only one income source, you can share your knowledge by blogging and making videos on YouTube as well.

Blogging and YouTube give you uncountable revenue of your knowledge, you are supposed to make videos of cooking and share them on YouTube.

If you want to share your knowledge by writing, you are supposed to write the process and other knowledge and information of cooking and share them on Google by blogging.


As a beginner, you should not jump into a huge scale business as it requires a lot of experience, because the surface of business is uneven and each business contains hard competition.

A beginner can not deal with the old and strong competitors, so according to my opinion, you should start a small business in the beginning, get a lot of experience in it, get every pros and cons in deep and learn how to deal with them.

After having a certain experience and learning you can think to switch your business on a huge scale by extending the investment with enough backup.

In order to guide you properly, I have included those businesses that can be run with lower investment and low manpower and can be executed easily.

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