Best 7 Business Ideas in Rural Areas in India With Profitability

If you see the picture of India before one decade, you would find that only cities (almost all big cities) were having the big business models, and the villages were contributing for only the agricultural aspects, right?

A person who wanted to start a business was relocating to the cities because the villages did not have too much potential to build up a sustainable business model.

But nowadays, the situation has totally changed. With the evolution of technology, the motion of the era has taken the U-turn since 1800, and villages also are producing business opportunities.

If you are living in a small town, you don’t have to move to the urban areas, you are able to build up a sustainable business model in your small town as well.

And for that, in this article, I am going to explore the best business ideas in rural areas that you can start with any kind of investment.

It means, if you have a low investment, or medium investment, or high investment, you will be able to start a business in a small town anywhere in India.

Successful Business Ideas in Rural Areas

As you know well, there are thousands of business ideas in the world that can be started with different aspects.

But we are also supposed to pick the successful and profitable idea, and that makes sense, right?

Villages are not like an urban area where a person would start any business and it will run with profit, it may run, and it may not as well.

Small towns have their different micro-culture, and if anyone wants to start a business there, he is supposed to pick the business idea very wisely.

In this article, we are going to some village-friendly business ideas that you can start and have a quick ROI as well.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore the most successful rural business ideas that can provide you with a stable business model.

1. Poultry Farm Business

It doesn’t matter in which village or small town of India you are living, the poultry farming business is the best business to start in rural area with medium investment and high profit.

The investment depends upon the size of your business, if you want to start the poultry farm business on a small scale, you need a small investment, and the rest are respectively.

There is a very huge profit margin in the business of poultry farms, as long as you grow your business, you can enhance it to over India.

In the beginning, you are not supposed to target the outer states directly, cover the local audience first, which means, firstly make your business strong by providing the poultry products in your district only.

When you start receiving the regular orders from your territory, wait for a few months, observe and conclude the strength of your business.

If you found that you are good to go, then you can go ahead with the different states exporting.

2. Pickle Making Business

I don’t need to explain the demand and importance of the pickle for the Indian population, right? Because you are already aware of it.

Now, you might be thinking that a small town has a very small population, then how will you be able to stand up a profitable business model by starting the pickle making business, right?

But, here are the different concepts I am going to explain to you. You are not supposed to sell pickles in only your town.

Want to know more about this profitable business for a rural area? Keep reading!

First of all, think about how many brands for pickles are too popular, or the brand name which is on the mouth of most people?

You will find nothing, right?


Because this food industry is very unorganized, and no one is ruling on it, and that is your key feature.

Pickle making business is a very low investment business which is able to be started in village and has high profitability.

You will not need any equipment, you will just need a team, and by making the pickles, you can sell them online with your brand name.

In the starting, just cover your area for a couple of months, or maybe for four or six months, then start covering the national market.

3. Dairy Business

The dairy business is the heritage of villages, you will rarely find the village where the dairy business is not running.

The plus point of the dairy business is that you are not supposed to invest too much money, you just invest your time in processing only.

Or else, if you don’t want to do this also, you can hire some employees to do the same or else you can involve your family members in the beginning.

There is a very huge profit margin in the dairy business, if you want to know, let me let you know that there is more than 50% margin in this business.

If you are searching for the top business ideas in rural area, you are not supposed to ignore this one.

The people of the small towns are used to using natural products only, and apart from them, there are millions of people all over the country who always avoid company-made products.

These all are your most potential customers whom you can provide pure dairy products and generate a huge amount of revenue.

4. Organic Vegetables and Fruits

For the last some years, the market for organic vegetables and fruits has been growing in an exponential way.

If you are looking for a rural area business opportunity, you should not ignore this one.

There are many vacant farms in the villages which are not being used for business purposes, if you can see the opportunity, you can use them and stand up a profitable business model in a small town as well.

If you have more investment, you are not supposed to do any physical work, just hire the employees by paying according to salary, and make the work done by them.

There is a huge demand for organic vegetables and fruits in hotels, restaurants, halls, and nowadays, the residents also are keeping the approach to using organic vegetables and fruits in their routine life.

If you research the market in depth, there are many vegetable suppliers who are always looking for the direct supply, and they are your most potential customers.

So, the business of organic vegetables and fruits is a very profitable business model in a village, and you should try that.

5. Drinking Water Supply – Very Profitable Business in Village

There are many villages in India that are going to be part of the urbanization, and the big sites, malls, and other amenities are going to be established around there.

A new venture always carries huge business opportunities, and you are not supposed to miss them.

You can start the business of supplying the drinking waters around your town areas where the drinking water is not available easily.

Now, this business can be started with high investment and with low investment as well.

It depends upon you in which manner you want to start, if you want to start with low investment, then you can set up a water supply trading unit.

In this business, you will be collecting the drinking water from the water pumps, and distributing your customers.

Whereas, if you want to start with a high investment, you can start your own water plant from where you will be providing the water to the water suppliers which I talked about above.

So, basically, it doesn’t matter which kind of business you start for the water supply, both are profitable businesses in rural areas.

6. Blogging Business

There are more than a thousand people from the rural areas of India who are earning more than one lakh rupees per month by doing the blogging business from home.

Do you know that blogging is not just about sharing information, it’s an online business model?

Blogging is the best online business in the village, by which you can make more than your 40,000/- per month in the first year of starting.

It depends on many things, which niche you select, how you prepare the content, how you deliver the content to your users, how you monetize your blog, etc…

The investment to start a blogging business is not more than 5,000/- per month, and revenue is limitless.

It means, you can earn whatever you want, but the base of this village business is learning and keeping yourself updated.

This business in village is not barrier by the location, it means you are not supposed to cover only the local area audience.

You can cover the audience from all over the world, if you want to target the audience of the USA, you can do it without any barriers.

7. Namkeen Making Business

Namkeen making business is a very profitable business model in a village with a medium range of investment.

Namkeen is the food or eatable which is used every day in the number of tons in the entire country.

And, this is another industry that has not been organized properly. When you jump into the unorganized industry, you do have a greater opportunity to acquire a huge class of targeted audience.

Like, the meat industry is very unorganized in India, and as a result, you can see the progress and business model of licious.

If you are having a little bit more investment, and you are looking for the best business to start in a rural area, namkeen making business is one of the best opportunities for you.

Talking about the demand for namkeen, so you know better than me that there is a huge demand for namkeen in India.

If you have noticed, all the few brands of namkeen have been born in the villages themselves.

Because, in the village, you can get all the resources at very affordable rates, and that is why the cost of the final product gets reduced.

As a result of this, you can offer your product at very affordable rates to the customers which is the cause of more sales with good profit, and it is the root of a successful business model.

Conclusion on Best Business Ideas in Rural Area in India

In this era, the villages and small towns are pulling their shocks to compete and beat them, and hence, there are too many business opportunities in villages.

It is up to you how you find them and grab them. If you are not from a village, but you are living in an urban area, then you can also grab the opportunity.

For example, if you are having an investment of around 7 or 8 lakhs and are willing to establish a profitable business in a village, you can start a garment manufacturing business.

How would it be beneficial and profitable for you?

In the village, you will get all the resources at a very low price apart from the raw materials.

Like, labor, employees, supervisor, land, and all the resources. As a result of this, your final product will be prepared at a low cost and you will be able to offer it at a very affordable cost to your customers.

Which business is most profitable in rural areas?

It depends on which kind of business you want to start, how much your investment is, and in which field you are an expert.
According to the culture of the villages, the dairy farming business, organic farming business, poultry farming, flour mill, are a few of the most profitable business ideas in villages in India.

Which shop can I open in a Rural Area?

You can open a meat shop, stationery shop, grocery shop, small garment shop, customized gift shop, perfumes shop, kids store, sports shop, and there are many other best options you have.
Before starting any shop in your town, it is very recommended to analyze the trend and the requirement about the niche of the business for which you are going to start the shop.
For example, if you want to open a stationery shop, but if you find while researching that people of your village always buy the stationary stuff from the urban area for the entire year, then opening the stationary is not advisable for you, so you should look for any other option.

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