Top 5 Best Business Ideas in Tamilnadu With Low Investment 2022

Searching for the Best Business Ideas in Tamilnadu is not a big deal if you are familiar with the habits of the people of Tamilnadu, because Tamilnadu is one of the busiest cities in India.

Finding a job is not a big deal and you can find a good job easily in Tamilnadu, but think one thing deeply, does a job give you the satisfaction of life?

Yes, the job reflects the comfort, but your expenses will be fixed for every month, and you will not able to overcome the financial restriction.

Hence, job and business both have their benefits and drawbacks, so it depends upon you which you are going to choose after coming through the fundamentals of both of them.

Job Pros and Cons


  • No Investment
  • Fix Timings of Working
  • Weekly Space
  • No headache of Business Growth
  • Yearly Fixed Increment
  • Covers PF Security


  • The budget for the whole year will be fixed
  • Plan every occasion in advance
  • No Personal Freedom
  • Can not plan a huge expense easily
  • 9 Hours are occupied mandatorily
  • Your Child will start his career from the beginning

Job is also a good approach if you want to spend your life in your comfort zone and not want to face any unwanted situation.

While doing the job, you have one security that your bank account will be credited with certain money every month in any situation.

But one biggest disadvantage of the job is that nowadays jobs are not secured and they are temporary, during the Covid period, people realized this fact and they started to work in direction of establishing their own businesses.

Business Pros and Cons


  • Freedom of Budget
  • Income growth exponentially
  • You can implement your all ideas without any hesitance
  • Your child will take over your business
  • Your child will be the owner of a readymade business with greater income


  • Initially, income will be very less
  • Profit and loss, both will be born by you
  • You have to face the impact of market fluctuation

In the business, you will have to make all the investments and in a starting phase, you will be receiving less return, but remember one thing, Business is like a tree, if you sow a root today, it will return you the fruits after some months or years.

Best Business Ideas in Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu is one of the best locations like Gujarat, Kolkata Delhi to execute any business idea.

Without any restriction, there are many business ideas in Tamilnadu which you can execute without any huddle, and with the passage of time, it will be converted into a successful business with consistent efforts.

In this article, we are going to explore some very best business ideas in Tamilnadu which will be clearly affordable for you.

Small Scale Business in Tamilnadu

Hence Tamilnadu is a time-conscious city, you are supposed to take the benefit of that matter and there are many Small Scale Businesses in Tamilnadu to execute.

You have to take care that you are tracking the people’s activity and reacting to provide the best solution for their chaoses.

1. Non-Veg Food Making and Delivery

Business Ideas in Tamilnadu

You might be thinking that if you are planning to start a food business in Tamilnadu, then why only Non veg food, why should you not start all kinds of food businesses in Tamilnadu, right?

Nonveg food is served much more than veg food, the population of Tamilnadu is fond of nonveg food rather than veg food in their routine life.

You can start this small-scale business in Tamilnadu and convert it into a huge scale business very soon.

You can provide the nonveg food to the local residential public by delivering it to their home, and secondly, you can tie-up with the wide companies having too many employees.

If you do not want to take a headache of delivery, you can tie up with Swiggy, Zomato, and other food delivery partners that will be delivering your food to your customer on behalf you.

You will have to share a few amounts of revenue with them, and after that also, you will be earning a greater amount as a profit.

If you are thinking that would you getting enough customers only for the nonveg food, then let me let you know that there is a different huge class of people who are fond of eating a nonveg food in their daily routine life.

Benefit of Non-Veg Food Making and Delivery in Tamilnadu

  • You run this business from home
  • Low Investment
  • Zero cost Marketing
  • Easy to Manage
  • No More Staff Requried
  • Great Return
  • Too less time to grow

2. Poultry Farm

Business Ideas in Tamilnadu

Do you know that Tamilnadu was having the highest population of poultry in India in 2019 which was around 121 million?

The demand for Poultry products is growing rapidly overall in India and day by day it is increasing more.

In this situation, you have a very good opportunity to execute this Small Scale Business in Tamilnadu having a good return in less time.

You would be supposed to have a good investment to run this Small Scale Business in Tamilnadu initially because the maintenance of this business is not an easy deal.

You must have a source from which you can bring good quality of food for hens, you must have good staff for taking care of your poultry farm.

Another thing that is very sensitive is that you should keep attention that none of your hens are not suffering from any diseases.

As the products of the poultry farm business, you can outsource the eggs, meat, and poultry feeds.

There is a huge potential on the internet to grow the business, you are supposed to invest some money for the marketing on the internet by doing Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and other ads.

This business comes in the category of the most profitable businesses in Tamilnadu, hence, investment can create a little chaos for you, once it will grow a little, it will start to reflect the great revenue as well.

There are many small business ideas in Tamilnadu to execute and these two are some of the best of them.

New Business Ideas in Tamilnadu 2021

Some people do not believe in refurbishing the old business ideas, they have a fire to execute new business ideas.

To take their mentorship, we are going to explore the new business ideas in Tamilnadu 2021, which might be some tough, but will be returning good revenue.

Developing a new business idea has one chaos that it takes time to grow and get stability, you are supposed to add efforts without paying attention to the results for some time.

In this article, we are going to cover many business ideas for Tamilnadu, which is going to educate about the potential of the business.

3. Fitness Trainer

Meanwhile the Corona Period, people realize the value of the Health and Fitness, and they are paying more attention to keep their body and mind fit.

If you have the skills to teach people how to maintain fitness ever, you have a great opportunity to develop a new business idea in Tamilnadu in 2021.

If you have enough investment, you can open a mini-gym where you will be providing the training about maintaining fitness along with guiding the exercises as well.

One suggestion I would like to add for you, If you are male and starting a Fitness Training Center, you are recommended to hire at least one Female Fitness Trainer because there will female students also be taking training from your center.

There is a very low Investment in this Business if you do not start on a huge scale, and there are multiple ways of earning in this business idea in Tamilnadu.

Nutrition companies and sellers are always in search of big deals rather than selling a small quantity, else they prefer to supply small quantities on a daily basis or a certain frequency basis.

You can tie up with Nutrition Suppliers who will be providing you Nutritions at a low rate which you will be providing to your trainees.

On another side, you can follow the same strategy with gym equipment as well.

The Profit of this Business is quite noticeable, you can charge your students according to the rate of your nearly regional area.

If you want to more specify this business, you can open a Fitness Center only for Females, and everyone knows that females are too conscious regarding the fitness factor for the life.

4. Catering Services

Do you know that there are many Multinational Companies that are looking for sources from which they can save their recurring expense of every month and the food department is one of them?

It’s quite easy to get clients for the Catering Service Business in Tamilnadu because Tamilnadu is also a state of India itself.

After Starting the Catering Service Business, you will realize that this is one of the New Business Ideas in Tamilnadu 2021 and you should have started it before many times.

Yes, there is a noticeable investment in this business, but on the other hand, it passes the good return as well.

On Average, on the one small order, you can generate a profit of around 10,000 Rupees, which is quite more, and if you attend only 3 orders per month, you can earn up to at least 50,000 rupees per month on average including big orders.

In the seasonal period of the function, many catering service providers are charging more than double, I am not recommending doing this, but I am showing the potential of this business.

5. Vegetable Home Delivery – Evergreen Business

In the business nature, each business contains a recession duration of 4 months every year, but some businesses are excluded from them and Vegetable Business is one of them.

You are not supposed to open a shop and sell the vegetables to only the walk-in customers, you can open the shop, but it is not mandatory to execute this one of the most scalable New Business Ideas in Tamilnadu 2021.

It’s quite easy and simple to start the vegetables home delivery business, as the second benefit, it does not require the investment of more than 10,000 rupees.

The Profit Ratio is around 30% per sale which is coming in the category of high-profitable businesses.

The most beneficial aspect of this business is that this business never sees the recession period because food is mandatory for the survival of each people, and this business is most beneficial for Tamilnadu because, in Tamilnadu, there are very few sources for Vegetables.

Not even this business, if you concentrate more deeply, you will find more profitable business in Tamilnadu which are supposed to become sustainable after some duration.

Conclusion on Best Business Ideas in Tamilnadu

Starting any business is not a big deal, hence choosing a profitable, sustainable and scalable business is quite a different task for us.

In order to guide you, we would like to acquire an opportunity to take the mentorship for pointing you on the right path in terms of business ideas.

The incomplete portion of the above sentence is that it’s also quite difficult to sustain the business after set up, so you are supposed to run the business with the best strategies.

According to my research, Tamilnadu has a massive potential to start and run a business successfully if we pay double attention to it.

Always focus on solving the problems of the people around you because every problem has the opportunity of business ideas.

OYO, OLA, Redbus business ideas have been born from the problems of the people, if Ritesh Agarwal would not have realized the problem of hotel booking and would not have a focus on solving that problem, we would not be able to book hotel rooms in few seconds nowadays.

According to my opinion, making the existing business profitable is much beneficial rather than finding the new profitable business ideas in Tamilnadu.

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