Top 6 Successful Business Ideas With Low Investment And High Profit

Everyone knows that starting a business without experience or with low experience is not totally safe.

Because a small mistake can destroy everything, and there are many examples of this also, so what should you do if you want to start your own business with these abnormal conditions?

The crucial step is picking the best business idea which you should perform with precaution, and for that, you need to pick some successful business ideas with low investment and high profit.

There are too many successful businesses that you can start with minimal investment and are supposed to return a good enough profit.

It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female and looking for commercial income ideas, you should have the guts to identify the profitability before starting.

And in this article, we are going to explore those profitable business ideas which you can start with the low investment will give you high profit in certain time duration.

Successful Business Ideas With Low Investment And High Profit

business ideas with low investment

Eventually, you might find a good business idea to start with minimal investment, but it might not be profitable, isn’t it?

So it is critically important to confirm whether a particular business idea is profitable or not, it doesn’t matter it consumes the low investment or high investment.

In this article, we are going to explore the online business ideas, manufacturing businesses, and the trading business opportunities that can be started with a little sort of investment and returns you an enough high profit.

So, without wasting time, let’s begin to start exploring the business ideas that can be started with minimum investment and give you enough profit revenue.

1. Blogging Business – Best Online Business With Low Investment

Blogging is the business which is I am doing right now and earning a lot of money from it, and yes, of course, I had started it with the investment of only Rs. 5,100/- in 2018, which has grown too much in just three years.

People think that blogging is just a website where we generate the content and publish it, users read it and if they click on the ads, we get money.

It is not just a site, blogging is one of the most successful and profitable online businesses in the world, and the biggest plus point of it is that it can be started from also.

According to the data, there are 5.6 billion searches are done on Google per day, so you can imagine the profitability of the business.

Moreover, there are 10+ ways by which you can monetize your blog, and generate revenue with multiple sources.

Ad monetization, affiliate marketing, backlink selling, sponsored posts, guest post, giving a particular space of blog on rent, are the major revenue sources from blogging, and yes, apart from these, there are many more.

If you are looking for an online business idea to start with a low investment and get a higher profit, you can start a blogging business.

2. Homemade Chocolate Business Idea

a person is making the homemade chocolates

Are you looking for a business idea that can be started with the investment of only Rs 5,000/- around from home and can return you around Rs 20,000/- per month?

If you are looking for this kind of business opportunity, then you should read how to start a homemade chocolate business and make a proper business plan for starting this business.

Homemade chocolate has a very huge market over the world, which means, if you manage more investment in the future, you can expand your business to other countries as well.

Well, it’s a, later on, matter, but talking about starting the homemade chocolate business, you don’t have to have a particular or dedicated space to make chocolates, you can make them at your home as well.

You can find the customers very easily, it’s not a big deal because the chocolate business is a very unorganized industry in India, and that’s why it becomes easier for you to cover the targeted audience.

Like small hotels, restaurants, grocery shops, canteens, event management companies, these are your potential customers with whom you can make permanent or long terms business deals.

Moreover, you have two ways to sell your products.

  • Wholesaling
  • Retailing

Both are supposed to be done with online selling strategies, and offline selling strategies.

Offline selling strategies will be conducted to cover your local area customers, and it is too much important in the beginning.

But when your business grows, you are supposed to cover the national audience as well, and for that, you can list your products on e-commerce sites and B2B sits from where you will be getting numerous customers per day.

Talking about the profit margin, then let me give you a surprise that the profit margin in the homemade chocolate business is more than 60%.

That means if you make the chocolate of Rs 1,000/-, you can make the revenue of more than Rs 1,600/- for that slot.

Moreover, this business is mostly preferable for the women like working women and housewives who can run this business with their regular responsibilities as well.

3. Small Online Food Delivery Business From Home

You are again surprised, right? You might be thinking that how can you start the food delivery business from home, isn’t it?

But it’s true if you are not willing to invest more amount to start a business from home, the online food delivery business is one of the best low investment and high-profit business opportunities.

In this business, you are not supposed to rely on the walk-in customers, you need to tie up with the online food delivery partners who are supposed to collect the food from your location, and deliver it to the customers.

You need:

  • Tasty food (can hire chef)
  • FSSAI License, and Fire NOC
  • Food making appliances
  • Tieing up with online food delivers
  • Customer base (food delivers will do for you)

The above-listed things are majorly required things to start the business of online food delivery from home, and you don’t need to worry about creating the customer base.

The food delivery partners will do for you because more customers are more needed for them than you.

After the Corona pandemic, people are avoiding to go outside their homes as maximum as possible, and the second reason is that people have really become lazy during the pandemic.

Both situations are in favor of you, and you have the greater opportunity to build a successful online business model with a very low investment.

The profit margin in the food industry is up to 40%-50% and it should encourage you to start the food business idea.

Talking about the investment, it depends upon you, which niches of food you choose to start, and how many varieties you want to serve.

4. Tiffin Service Business: Matters With The Location

open Tiffin

If you are living in any of the metro cities, or in a city that is one of the biggest job hubs like Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Chennai, or another city, the tiffin service business idea could be one of the most profitable business models for you.

You may be eager to know why I am including the tiffin service business in the list of the most profitable businesses, right?

There are significant reasons. If your city is the job hub, business hub, or study hub, there are numerous people who have been and will be relocating there for job purposes, business purposes, and study purposes.

They can not afford the meal of restaurants or other sources in terms of health and finance, and they always look for the homemade meal for having twice a day.

There is not any option other than the tiffin service to do have the same, and that’s why you have a good opportunity to build a good business startup with a very low investment from home.

While starting a tiffin service business, you must take care of quality, taste, packaging, service for your customers.

There are also some legendary ideas by implementing which you can engage your customers with your business only.

Again, the profit margin of this business is up to 50%, and it should be the reason to start it, and in addition, this business is one of the best business ideas for housewives in India that can they deliver with managing the regular responsibilities.

5. Ecommerce Logistics Business

If you are living in India, you might aware that the e-commerce companies are spread over India and running their business across.

Managing a single business with the different modules is not an easy task of any big multinational company, and that is why you have a chance to grab for establishing a franchise business.

There are many Indian and non-Indian e-commerce companies that are offering you the franchises of them to handle their business in your area.

The beneficial aspect is that you are not supposed to give them any amount as a security deposit to start a logistic business.

Yes, you need to make a set up of the required appliances like a laptop, scanner, printer, and a warehouse with a small team.

The core work of business is to collect the ordered parcels from the main office of your city of the e-commerce company and deliver them to the customer’s location.

You get a certain amount as a profit or a commission revenue for the delivery of each ordered parcel which is your net income.

Moreover, the application process is too simple, and you can do that online also by submitting certain required documents, their team will be reviewing your application and will approve or decline.

In the case of rejection, they will also provide you the mentorship for improvement so that you can get approval from their end.

6. Papad Making Business – Best Village Business Idea


If you know the Lijjat papad, it has a turnover of around Rs 1600 crores and was started from small home before too many years.

Papad is one of the most needed supplements while having a meal for the Indian population, and the cost of papad does not make load to them also.

If you are looking for a business idea with low investment and high profit for women in a small town, I suggest you conduct more research on papad manufacturing business ideas.

It’s not too hard to start the manufacturing business of papad, but yes, if you are thinking to make handmade papad and sell them, I suggest you do not do so.

It’s more preferable to purchase a papad-making machine from the market of an e-commerce site of B2B site and start making the papad.

Moreover, the other but small expenses you would have to bear like packing expenses, raw materials expense, electricity bill expense, and other misc. expenses.

In the beginning, just focus only on acquiring the local area, and make the base of your business strong, and making your brand instead of directly going for online marketing.

Once your business starts to become strong, and you feel so, go for the next step of acquiring intercity customers by online marketing, and then take the next step.

Conclusion on Business Ideas With Low Investment and High Profit

If you have heard somewhere that the low investment business can not return you a high profit, then let me break the myth, and tell you that it’s totally wrong.

Yes, it’s true that the business started with minimal investment takes some more time to return you a very high return, but it gives.

If I give you my own example, I had started the online garment selling business with only Rs 30,000/- at the end of 2018, which is generating more than Rs 40,000/- per month.

This is not the end, along with I started the blogging business as an online part-time business at the same time, which is returning me a very good amount as a passive income every month.

So, the moral of the story is that business strategies work, it’s fine, but the crucial step is picking the right and perfect business idea.

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