How to Start Candle Making Business in India – Best Guide 2022

If I tell you that Candle Making Business can transform your life, what would be your reaction? It would be like you want to reconfirm what I told you, right? In fact, I would repeat the same thing that a Candle Making Business in India has the potential to change your life.

The peculiarity of this business is that this business is started as a small business, and with a minute growth day by day, it becomes a huge scale business, and you can even start the candle making business from as well in India.

Do you know that candles are not used only for religious occasions, but in most of the seasonal events, birthday parties, and other occasions, in many restaurants, tea centers, cafes, bars, tea and coffee franchises, candles are used in a massive amount?

The business Model of candles is profitable in itself, if you start a business of candles, you have various options: either you can start candle making, or you can start a candle trading business.

Both are profitable and sustainable businesses, there is not much more to explain about trading business, because it is quite simple, hence the business of making the candles needs the proper guidance and explanation.

In this article, you will learn how to start a candle making business in India and how to make it profitable, sustainable, and scalable with different strategies.

So, without wasting time, Let’s Explore how you can start a candle making business in India anywhere and can generate a good amount of revenue.

Manufacturing Business Myth

There is a big myth about manufacturing business that the manufacturing business requires a huge amount of capital as investment.

Yes, it’s true, but not a piece of complete information, because there are plenty of business ideas that can be started with a minimal amount of capital as an investment.

A candle Manufacturing business, Papad Making business, these both business ideas are the best and greatest examples of those manufacturing businesses in India that could be initiated with a very low investment amount.

Yes, after scaling your business, you would need some more to grow, but one thing is sure that you would be earning more than enough to invest more in terms of the growth of a business.

Why Should You Start Candle Making Business in India?

The “WHY” is a must because taking any action in every aspect, maybe it’s business, it’s a relationship, it’s a job, or anything.

We should not move an inch step until we get the answer of “WHY”, and here is also one “WHY” that why should you start a candle making business, right?

Well, many people are looking for low investment business ideas in India, if you also are one of them, then you have a wonderful opportunity to execute low investment business ideas by starting the candle manufacturing business.

On the other hand, if you are a lady, and finding a business idea in India for women, then the business of candle manufacturing matches your requirement because this business can be started from home also.

If you do not have a much more amount to invest to start the candle forming business, you can start at home also by investing very little money, and it is the biggest beneficial point of the candle making business model.

After a certain growth of the business, you can go for an advanced business strategy, like purchasing the candle making machines, renting a dedicated space for making candles, hiring manpower and other strategies which can consume some extra cost.

Types of Candles

There are various types of Candles that you can make and sell for different purposes for people, various types of the product open more opportunities and generate more revenue.

  • Pillar Candles
  • Round Shaped Candles
  • Small Tea Light Candles
  • Aroma Candles
  • Gel Candles

These are not enough to mention, apart from these, there are various types of candles that can be made, you can form a candle in many shapes like round, square, heart shape, Festival Iconic candles and so on.

Once your business will become scalable, you will be receiving the order to make the custom shapes of candles, custom shaped candles with different fragrances, and colors as well.

Market of Candles – Only India? Get Answers Here!

If you are thinking about how many people would be using candles in India, and how much you would be earning, then let me share some interesting data about the utilization of candles.

Here is the trend of utilization of candles by the American population, you can see that the American population never misses a gap for candle utilization, you can export your candles to countries that consume a high demand of candles.

Google trend reference for Candle making business.

There is a huge demand for candles in foreign countries, and due to the currency variance, your profit margin gets boosted as well.

Candles are used in huge amounts during Diwali, X-mas in India, and foreign countries as well, and these are the best time to earn the maximum amount of the year by taking more and huge orders.

You would be surprised to know that the overall turnover from the candle making and trading business was 3.45 Billion Dollars in 2018.

Growing The Candle Manufacturing Business with Equipment

Starting a business on a small scale is quite a nice approach, but to stick to a certain and fixed level is not advisable.

Once your business of candle manufacturing reaches a certain level and becomes sustainable, then you are supposed to keep one step ahead.

You should purchase a candle making machine, and increase the production, and as long as the number of clients will increase you must establish equipment in terms of a candle making machine.

The candle-making machine enables you to produce more candles in the least time which will firm the agility with scalability.

Requirements For Candle Making Business

The process to make the candles is quite easy, you need some basic and supplement ingredients as mentioned below.

  • Paraffin Wax
  • Moulds
  • Color dyes
  • Aroma Materials – Oil

Paraffin Wax is the basic raw material for making the candles, it is the main ingredient from which the candles are made.

Moulds are used for shaping the candles, hence, it’s quite understood that you would not be making only one shaped candle for the business, you would have to make the different shapes of candles to fulfill the clients’ requirements.

Colors are added to make the candles colorful and aroma oil is responsible for adding the fragrance to the candles. In foreign countries, people are used to using fragranced candles for their daily routines.

Marketing Strategies

Every business needs the marketing strategy and implementation to grow business more and more, and similarly, you would not be excluded from it.

Nowadays, marketing is not as hard as in earlier times, and you would not be dependent on others to market your business.

You are having a strong shoulder of marketing which is called digital marketing or online marketing.

You can share your product with a proper business model on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and you can also run the paid campaign to make people think about your business, like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, and other platforms ads.

If you do not know how to do digital marketing for your candle manufacturing business, there are several companies and individuals who run digital marketing for your business on behalf of you at a very affordable price.

An affordable price means they are not giving a discount, but digital marketing is a low-cost marketing source by default.

Along with the online marketing strategy, you should not forget to implement the traditional offline marketing strategies.

Following the offline marketing strategy, you can distribute the samples of your candles to the gift shop, candle shop, and wholesalers of the candle trading business.

Carrying Your Business Online

After around 2011, the transaction methodology has been transformed on a huge scale, people are moving and preferring online purchasing because the online purchase market has established its trustworthiness in the last few years.

In this duration, despite making the best quality of candles, if you would not go for bringing your candle making business online, you could lose a massive potential of revenue from the business.

There are various sources to promote the business online, either you create your website to sell the candle online or you can tie-up with the e-commerce sites, and B2B sites.

Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho are the best for retailing business, and Indiamart & TradeIndia are the best online platforms for the wholesale business.

You can register both of them and expand your candle trading business in both directions, retail and wholesale as well.

There is also another way that you can use to carry your candle trading business online, and it’s to approach the gifting website to promote your candles.

Yes, candles are used on a huge scale for gifting purposes, and there are many websites that are dedicated to selling the gifts, you can tie up with them and promote your candles.

Benefit From The Government

Do you know that the government is also supporting the growth of the candle making business in India, as the Indian government has been running a Make-in-India campaign for a very long time?

The government is providing a good amount of loans to grow the small scale industry business, and candle making business comes under that category.

Revenue Model of Candle Making Business

As you know that the profit margin of any production or trading business depends on the product cost of the product.

According to the sources, you can earn up to 25,000 from the candle making business, this is the estimated figure, the rest depends on your strategy, how you run the business.

As a business owner, you are supposed to keep tracking the marketing and your competitor’s strategies.

The missing key or missing part of your competitor is a trump card for your business, you have to analyze and find the loophole of your competitor and fulfill it in your product and service for the customers.

The major revenue of your candle manufacturing business will be generated from the wholesale dealing because wholesale trading consumes more pieces of your product which multiplies the revenue.

Don’t Forget These Steps Before Starting!

In many articles, I recommend two things that you should never avoid starting your business: your business could be about anything, it may be the manufacturing business, it could be a trading business, it could be a franchise business, or anything else.

Always keep an approach to register your business with the government before you start by providing the legal documents to them and keep a good name for your business.

Remember that going forward, your business name is going to become a brand and the main identity of your business and product, so take enough time to decide the name of your business.

Expansion of Candle Manufacturing Business

Working dedicatedly on a business strategy, providing the proper services to the clients and the best quality at an affordable rate, there is not a single chance of loss, your business will definitely grow.

As long as your business will grow, you will require more funding, and there are many investors, banks, and yes, the government as well who will invoke your business and will push your business.

So, if you have full confidence in your skills, consistency, and patience you should start implementing the strategies on establishing the candle making business in India.

Conclusion For Candle Making Business in India

Candle Making businesses are not concentrated in India for now, but this business has a bright future because you might that foreign countries are adopting Indian cultures and traditions day by day.

There are several usages of candles, but they are using the candles because our Vedas and other Literature are telling us to do so.

Big Aim, Start Small, I believe you might have come to listen to this sentence, if you want to implement it in your life in regards to business, candle making business can create a good opportunity for you to manifest this saying.

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