How to Start Dairy Farming Business in India 2022 – Best Step by Step Guide

Why should you learn how to start dairy farming business in India? Is it the most profitable business, or is it a demandable business or else is it an evergreen business?

Well, these three reasons are not enough to start dairy farming business in India, because the dairy farming business has a huge potential beyond what we think.

Dairy Farming Business is one of the oldest business plans of India which has been continuing without any hurdles.

If it is constantly running, it proves that dairy farming Dairy Farming Business is one of the most profitable business ideas in India which can be executed by anyone.

We are going to explore all the details about the business of dairy farming in India which will educate you about executing it with a proper strategy.

What is Dairy Farming Business

A person is feeding the cows for dairy farming business

Dairy farming business is a process in which we grow the milk producing animals, and sell that milk to the suppliers, and other sources.

Trading of milk is not only an aspect of dairy farm business, you can also make different products of that milk like Ghee, Butter, yogurt, and other different products and can sell.

By providing the same quality of milk and milky products, you can make your business the brand very soon.

Reasons For Starting Dairy Farm Business in India

Each action requires the reason before manifesting, right? If I suggest you start the dairy farming business, there should be specific reasons to start, isn’t it?

There are multiple reasons they encourage you to start dairy farming business in India.

India produced 198 Million tones milk in 2019-2020, which is going to convert in 266 Million tones* till 2030.

By these stats, you can figure out the business opportunities in the dairy farming sector and this is a right time to jump when it is too far from the saturation point.

Dairy sector is an evergreen industry which is never going to become dry, because people will never stop to utilize the milk and products made from the milk.

If we go through the other side, the dairy farming business is quite beneficial because there is a huge population in India which is increasing day by day, and none of them are non-using people.

The milk business plan is unstoppable, because India is exporting a lot of milk abroad to generate the most revenue from export business.

You have a great opportunity to export the milk abroad to potential international clients which will make your business scalable and expandable as well.

How to Start Dairy Farming Business in India

Starting a dairy milk farming business is an easy but lengthy process, because it is the result of combining many modules.

It needs a dedicated space, animals like cows, buffalos, and goats, employees, food for the milky animals.

You need to select a proper place to start a milk business plan, space should be more enough where you can take care of animals.

You can start with a minimum of 10 cows or buffalos which is enough to start a small scale business of milk producing.

The major dependency of milk production is upon the breed of milk producing animals, and in order to that, you must have awareness about the animals’ breed.

Choosing a Proper Space For Dairy Farming Business

A candidate who wants to start a dairy business in India, has to manage a good enough space for starting milk production business ideas.

You need to acquire a minimum 50 sq.ft. dedicated space for it if you are going to start the milk business plan on a small scale.

If you want to execute the milk production business idea on a huge scale, you need around 3000 sq.ft. space.

In order to maintain the safety of animals, you are supposed to dedicate another small space availing of enough oxygen as well.

Proper Breed Selection of Animals

Different breeds of cows

The quantity and quality of daily milk production depends on the breed of animals and how they are treated.

You must have an enough and proper knowledge of the breed of cows and buffalos, if you don’t have, you can take an advice from expert person.

Each breed of animal has a various capacity of producing the milk according to their structure, so, you have to select a proper breed of animals which can provide you with enough milk.

The surrounding atmosphere affects the breeds of animals, and that’s why you should buy the animals by keeping this aspect in your mind.

Feeding For Animals

It’s quite mandatory to feed nutritious and quality food to maintain the health of animals to sustain your dairy farm business.

That’s why you have to always try to get the proper amount and nutritious food, that is, from green food, animals give milk in more quantity and also reduce the coming expenses.

If you have any vacant land, then you can easily produce green food for your animals there, and according to the stats, about 6-7 liters of water is required to give 1 liter of milk to the milking animals. Therefore, take special care of the amount of water.

Maintenance of Animals and Space

Any business in the world needs a proper maintenance of sources and resources utilized in it, right?

The animals are the resources from which your dairy farming business runs well, that’s why it’s too mandatory to maintain the animals’ health, and the space in which they are being grown.

You are supposed to conduct the medical checkup of each animal’s wealth from time to time by special doctors to keep them healthy.

The space in which they are grown must be clean and a sanitary process must be conducted every day.

Customers For The Dairy Milk Business Plan

Finding the customers for your milk production business is quite easy, you can supply your milk to those companies which are producing the dairy products like ghee, butter, yogurt, cheese, and other milky products.

Other than this, you can supply the milk to those merchants who are supplying the milk to the residential areas, and who have a huge customer base.

Thirdly, the small dairy businesses can be your very potential customers which need a lot of milk in very huge quantities.

Business Ideas For Dairy Farming

Starting a milk production business is just an initiative, there is a huge scope ahead, which you can utilize to enhance the milk business in a strategic way.

If you produce the milk and sell only to the merchants and dairies, it would generate a good profit, but you should adopt other opportunities as well to enhance your milk business.

If you are not a dairy farming business owner and importing the milk from the dairies, then also you can execute this dairy products business ideas.

Selling Milk and Milk Products

dairy Products

As long as you process the milk for the further products, the expense gets increased along with the profit margin as well.

Like, you can make paneer, yogurt, butter, buttermilk, ghee and many other milky products and can sell into the market and can export to foreign countries as well.

There is a very good profit margin on each product of milk and the milk itself has a very huge profit because these all products are sold in huge bulk.

Produce Casein For Pharma

A very few people know that milk produces also a product named Casein which is used in the pharmaceutical industry to make the capsules.

So, if you are able to establish the pharmaceutical plant, or else you can sell your product to any pharmaceutical plant, it will generate a massive profit for your dairy farming business plan.

Vermicompost and Biogas

Apart from the milk of cows, the cow dung also is very helpful which produces many organic products, which can generate a massive profit for your milk business.

You sell the vermicompost which is made from the dung of cows online by making your own brand which generates a very good quantity of profit.

If you are able to process this kind of plants, it will open more opportunities to enhance your dairy farm business.

Else if you can not set up these plants, you have another option to sell the cow dung to those plants which are processing the biogas and vermicompost.

The other profitable products are mini cow dung cakes, cups, and diyas, that you can make and sell them online branding your business.

These kinds of products are used for regular uses and religious purposes as well and there is a huge market of these products within and outside India.

You can sell these products also to those who are doing the import-export business, and by this source, you can generate a good amount of profit.

Distill Cow Urine For Pharma

You might be aware that the urine of cows is used for various medicinal purposes, pharming purposes, and paste controls in the world, and nowadays, it is also being used for beauty purposes.

If you want to generate more revenue from the dairy farming business, you can distill the cow urine and sell to the plants which are making and selling the products made from the cow urine.

Selling The Cattles

You are having a big farm and many animals already which will be born to the cattle, right?

Here you can sell the cattle to the other dairy farming business owners, or hubs at a very profitable price.

If the breed of animals you are having has high potentials, the cattle being born will also be the strongest, and which will give you a good price.

Why Dairy Farming Business Fail?

Some people fail to run the dairy business and they have to bear a loss, so does it mean that the dairy farm business is not profitable, or we should not do it?

No, not like that, because there are certain reasons behind failing in the dairy milk business plan, which you must not do.

The biggest asset of the milk business in India are the animals and cows, and you have to treat them properly, you need to take care of them.

If you do not feed them well, they will not produce a quality milk in a proper quantity, which will put you at a loss.

Another mistake that people make is, they establish a milk producing business on a very huge level directly, which is not recommendable.

You should start as a small scale business of dairy farming, and then upgrade with the passage of time and increasing the stability.

Start with only 10 cows and buffalos, which are too easy to manage in a small space with the mini staff, and expense and management also will be easy for you.

Dairy Farm Training Centers

There are many training centers that are conducting proper training for the dairy farming centers which are regulated by the relevant authorities.

The Kisan Vikas Kendra near by you conducts the training session of 3 to 5 days, in which you will learn how to select the proper animals, how should be the designing of farms, how should be the shelters for the comfort for the animals, and other mandatory aspects of dairy milk farming business.

You also will learn about the feeding of animals, common diseases of animals, and reproductive diseases , and how you should deal with them, which kind of tools you will require.

The first approach to conduct training should be your nearby Kisan Vikas Kendra, and this kind of training is also conducted in Veterinary Institutes of your territory.

Training is one very mandatory aspect to sustain your milk business, because it is the basic knowledge. If you start without it, there are many chances that you stick in the middle of problems and can not find a proper solution.

As a result, you can ruin your whole business also, so I recommend you to contact your nearby training centers and attend the full training.

Conclusion For Starting The Dairy Farming Business in India

Starting a dairy farm business is lengthy but quite easy, if you follow the checklist thoroughly, you will not face a single chaos during the entire process of establishing a milk business plan.

Hence, the current youth is not taking interest in this business, but this business is a game changing business, because the dairy farm business will never die, if it dies, people will not survive.

Again I suggest you to take proper training before starting a business of farming of dairy, and then start with a proper strategy.

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