Domino Franchise Cost in India: How to Get Domino’s Franchise in India: 2022 – Best Explanation

Domino is one of the biggest fast-food organizations in the world, which comes at 2nd in the fast-food industry.

It was founded in 1960 in the United States of America, which was initiated into business in the USA, and nowadays, Domino’s pizza is liked by the entire planet.

The business of Domino has been dominating the food industry by covering more than 70 countries, with almost 15,500 outlets, and progress is still continuing.

Talking about the business growth of domino in India, it has more than 550 outlets in 120 different cities.

This was an overview of Domino’s pizza business model, so you can conclude whether this business will be profitable for you or not.

In this article, we are going to explore all the details of the domino’s franchise model by covering the below details:

  • How to get domino’s franchise
  • Domino Franchise Cost in India
  • Land required for getting franchise of domino pizza
  • Documents required
  • How to apply online in order to have franchise of domino fast-food

Is Domino’s Pizza Franchise Profitable?

Before we start any business, it’s essential to conclude whether that business will be profitable for us or not, right?

So, prior to starting a domino franchise business, it’s quite mandatory to check whether it is profitable or not, and why you should start a domino franchise business.

According to business nature, whenever you start a new business, you must be prepared to wait for some months or years to make your business sustainable.

Till that time, you have to survive with either a very low profit or no profit, because you are supposed to create your branding, trustability, and credibility in the view of people.

At the beginning of any business, you don’t have the trust of the audience and that is why your business does not have enough clients or customers.

You are supposed to invest and spend too much money on marketing and branding and after a couple of years or three years, you may succeed to build stability in your business.

On the other end, domino is a worldwide famous, popular, and trusted business model. If you start domino’s fast-food franchise, you don’t have to spend a single rupee on branding and marketing.

Domino is an international brand, which is trusted by the entire planet, and that is why you come in profitability from the first month of establishing the franchise.

How You Can Get Domino’s Franchise in India

Domino is doing business in India via Jubilant Foodworks company, so if any person wants to buy a domino pizza franchise, he needs to contact Jubilant Foodworks instead of connecting with Domino directly.

Starting the franchise of domino pizza becomes a very profitable business plan if anyone does because of the market value of domino’s pizza.

How Much Land Required For Domino’s Franchise

As we know domino is the most popular and reputed brand, it has set some criteria which must be followed while signing the franchise business with it.

A person who is willing to get a franchise domino needs to open a restaurant that provides a parking facility to the customers.

Moreover, the front view of the restaurant must be very attractive, and including all aspects, you must have land of around 5,000 sq. ft to 10,000 sq. ft.

In addition, the location of domino’s restaurant must be on-road, and it must be a combination of two roads, without meeting these criteria, the company will not approve the franchise request.

Talking about the land, then you need to take care that there must not be any governmental objection to it.

And if you are taking the land of the lease, then you must have all the required documents with NOC with the lease agreement.

The company checks all the related documents related to the land like complete property documents with title and address, and all the documents must be clear.

Domino Franchise Cost in India

It’s very mandatory to have an idea about the required investment for starting the domino franchise.

Investment depends on the land you acquire and the location that you pick to get the franchise business of domino food.

If you have your own land, then it will save a huge cost of investment, and if you are taking it on the lease, the investment will differ.

Moreover, the company takes the brand security according to the domino outlet location.

If you are going to start the pizza outlet of domino then you will have to pay a very high amount for brand security.

And if you want to start a franchise of pizza from Domino’s in a small city or developing city, then the company will charge a normal amount as brand security.

The brand security amount fluctuates between 15 lakhs rupees to 40 lakhs rupees according to different aspects and criteria.

If you want to know the exact amount of the brand security, you will have to inquire with the company.

Then, you need to build the pizza outlet of domino with the best and quality interior, provide the parking facility, and also manage the other unavoidable expenses.

By doing total of the all costs applied to start the franchise of domino fast- food reaches around 2 Cr to 3 Cr in India.

It isn’t the mandatory amount, as I mentioned just above that the investment depends on the nature of the business.

If you want to start a small franchise business of domino outlets, you can start with lower investment as well.

Moreover, if you don’t have such an amount of investment, then you can start by making two or three people as partners also.

Types of Domino’s Pizza Retail Outlets

Dominos pizza provides you with three types of franchise models which depend on the location that you pick to start the franchise.

  • Traditional Store
  • Non-Traditional Store
  • Transitional Store

If you are going to start the domino pizza outlet near the shopping centers, street centers, then domino will give you the traditional store.

Whereas if you are willing to open the domino fast-food outlet in the mall, shopping mall, toll road, stadium, or zoo, then you will be offered the non-traditional store.

Lastly, if you want to start the outlet of domino fast-food in the market, then you will be offered the transitional store.

The most expensive type is the transitional store, if you are having enough investment, then go for it, otherwise, you can choose from the first two according to your budget.

Term of Agreement and Renewal in India For Domino Pizza Franchise

While taking the franchise of domino, you need to sign the agreement for 10 years with the company, and after this period, you need to sign the agreement of 5 years.

The franchise agreement for the traditional and non-traditional stores is 10 years, and for the transitional business model, the agreement period is 5 years.

Now, talking about the renewal process, it depends upon your record till the completion of the first agreement.

If you have maintained a good relationship with the company and provided the best services to the customers, then your contract will be renewed very easily.

But if you are not providing the proper services to the customers, and the customers are not satisfied with your outlet of domino, then the company reserves the right to cancel your project of domino franchise.

Training and Support Provided By Domino in India

As we discussed earlier, Domino’s is a huge and the most popular brand so it does not compromise the quality and service.

Domino assists you in every factor to start the outlet as it helps you to build and decorate the domino store.

Moreover, it provides you the training along with your staff so that you can serve the customers very nicely.

It does so, and so that you as an owner can manage your team and staff in a better way, and your staff becomes able to treat the customer in a proper manner.

In addition, the domino company helps you in the advertising task also, thus, it helps the dealer in every aspect and every step.

Process to Get The Domino Franchise In India

As you know now domino is doing business in India by tying up with Jubilant Foodworks, so you need to visit their site and apply online for a franchise of domino pizza outlet.

If you want to visit the office of Jubilant Foodworks personally, you will find the address under the About Us section of the website.

Conclusion on Domino’s Franchise Cost in India

Taking domino’s franchise business model asks for a huge investment, even if you want to open a small outlet, the investment reaches up to almost 60-70 lakhs rupees.

If we look carefully, we find that Domino’s is taking too much care of its customers in terms of providing the best services and quality.

It is a very old company and has gained fame, trustworthiness, and popularity after too much hard work, so it can not tolerate the lack of service and quality.

It depends upon you which kind of domino outlet you want to open in your city, and according to that, you need to manage the investment.

But before taking such a crucial decision, you are supposed to conduct deep market research for the business.

Selection of the location to initiate the domino’s pizza outlet is a very critical step to execute and you must pay double attention to it as well.

How much does it cost to open a Domino’s in India?

The exact cost depends upon the business type whether you start a traditional outlet or nontraditional store or else you start the transitional domino’s pizza store.
But you are supposed to keep a minimum of Rs 50,00,000/- as an investment if you want to start the domino’s pizza outlet anywhere in India.

Is Dominos’s franchise profitable in India?

Domino is an international brand and that is why there is not a single question that can be raised on profitability.
Of course, the business of domino pizza outlet dealership is one of the most profitable franchise businesses in India.
Moreover, they are providing the home delivery service of pizza and other fast food over India so you will be getting more customers from the outside areas of your local territory as well.
For your reference, there are more than 550 pizza stores of domino in more than 120 cities across India and all are running successfully with massive annual profitability.
In a nutshell, if you are thinking to start a domino’s pizza franchise business, you are going in the right direction towards a business career.

Which Locations are preferred to start the Domino’s franchise?

Domino is an international brand and the price of products of domino’s pizza is a little bit higher.
So, the selection of the location to open the domino’s franchise must be done in a proper manner.
The shopping mall, inside and near the airport, in the market, around the upper-class residential is the best location to open the domino’s pizza outlet for you.

How can I apply for the Domino’s pizza franchise?

Domino is not doing direct business in India, it is running the business via Jubilant Foodworks company.
So you can not apply to dominos’s directly for getting the franchise business, you need to contact Jubilant Foodworks to get domino’s fast-food franchise.
You need to visit their official website and apply there, and if you want to visit the head office personally before starting the business, you will find the address of their head offices in the About us section of the website.

What is The Term of Agreement with Dominos?

For the traditional and nontraditional outlets, you are offered the terms of 10 years which will be renewed for five years more after the tenure of 10 years.
Moreover, the company has the right to withdraw your franchise before time if they found any issue or non-compliant activities are done from your end.
In the transitional outlet system, the initial term of the agreement will be five years, which will be renewed according to the company’s conditions.

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