Experiential Learning Startup Habbit raises $320K in Pre-Seed Round

Habbit- which is one of the most interactive platforms for online learning for new-age digital skills and new hobbies, has declared the funding of $320,000 in pre-round that was leading by Ashok Goyal who is an Ex-Supervisory Board Member.

The other contributors in the leading event are Sanjeev Goenka Group; ex-Managing Director, Philips Carbon Black; and ex-President of KEC International along with participation from the department of reputed angel investors.

The Angel Investors took part in the round including Rajinder Mohan who is Founder and CEO, RT Vision Technologies and Bitcomm Technologies, Regional Head East Mr. Gaurav Vij, Sanctum Wealth Management; Geeta Ahluwalia, who is the Founder of Aanchal Apparels Private Limited; and Son of Vijay Ojha- Mr. Kunal Ojha who is the Chairman of Techno Relief Group.

The startup will utilize the financing towards developing its local area of clients, onboarding new guides, and additionally foster the item.

What is Habbit?

Habbit is an experiential learning stage that associates energetic guides and students through live mentorship, drawing in learning encounters, and community building.

It was founded in September 2020 by BITS Pilani alumni Somnath Sandeep and Raghav Goyal.

Somanth Sandeep who is the Co-Founder of Habbit has shared his thoughts and goals by saying something.

In a world brimming with content and utilization, what is scant is commitment and communication through live mentorship and local area. We have seen expanding approval for our plan of action and overpowering reception from our students to submerge themselves in our live learning experience and networks, particularly undergrads, working experts and homemakers.

In only three months of undeniable item dispatch, we have extended our community to 5,000+ students and led 400+ learning meetings.

We were unable to request preferable accomplices over our present financial backers who have enormous experience and vital vision.

The new ventures will basically speed up item improvement, extending our substance, and maker base to cover one-of-a-kind learning encounters for our students.

There are two major intense behind establishing the habbit, first one is to support willing learners to sharpen their skills in the journey of becoming creators instead of followers and help existing creators to enlarge their establishment and convert them into the Enterpreneurs.

The second goal is to motivate people to come out from their comfort zone and encourage them to convert their hobbies into the profession and generate revenue in the easiest way.

People who are willing to learn for growth can either attend personal one-on-one tutor assistance or can join a conference module training where the experienced mentors will be sharing valuable knowledge.

In the current duration, the Habbit is offering over 42 skills coming under the 7 categories that include art, music, design, games, fitness, dance, and gardening.

The new milestone of Habbit is to add more skills and categories in their portfolio like digital skills, self-care, culinary arts, and photography.

Till date, the startup claims to have engaged with 5,000+ learners and conducted 400+ learning sessions. 

According to Mr.Raghav Goyal, Co-founder, Habbit

With the world proceeding to bear the impacts of the pandemic, in addition to the fact that people are searching for innovative approaches to contribute their opportunity to keep away from burnout from our ordinary hustle, yet additionally, seek after it as a side or primary gig. Being a maker is progressively turning into a wonderful just as a practical occupation and way of life. At Habbit, you can find your energy, discover your clan, share encounters and assemble long-lasting connections.

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