Best 10 Export Business Ideas in India – Make Your Business Profitable

Business of importing and exporting the products to other countries is the bridge between two countries to accomplish their own and each other’s needs.

Import and export business is one type of giving and deals between two countries where the population of every country is involved with the medium of government.

If you have more investment and are looking for the best export business ideas in India, this article will guide you on which business idea is the best for you to start an export business.

Starting an import-export business and finding clients for export business is really simple, but the major aspect is which are the best export business ideas in India, right?

Which products should you export that are demandable in other countries, and how could you make the deal?

Well, as a business mentor, we are going to suggest to you some very legit export business ideas for India in this article, which will help you to build a successful business model.

Best Export Business Ideas in India

Export business ideas in India

Finding the export ideas for export business is not quite simple, as you have to consider many aspects, you need to conduct deep research as well.

There are several ideas for export business, it is up to you which one amongst them you choose.

Before starting an export business you should consider the product in which countries it is demanded, how is the market of that product, how many other countries are exporting it, what is the rate difference, and many other aspects.

But some products are such for which one country is dominating the world. As for electronic items, no one can beat china in the whole world today, because it is its specialty, that no one can give it cheaper than that.

So, are there any business ideas for export in India by which we can build a successful export business model? Yes, there are!

So, without wasting time, let’s export the most profitable export business ideas in India.

1. Garment Export Business

If you are a garment manufacturer or garment wholesaler, you hold tons of bulk garments and can export to other countries at the most profitable rates.

India is leading the position in the top 5 for exporting the garments due to the supreme quality of garments, fabrics, and amazing services for the same.

If you have a huge investment and want to start an import-export business, garment exporting is considered the best export business idea as of today.

It is quite beneficial to start a garment export business if you are a manufacturer because international clients always seek the manufacturer to save the purchase cost.

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2. Onion Export Business Idea

India is one of the biggest agricultural countries in the world, and almost none of the other countries can beat India in it, right?

India has been exporting the finest quality of onions to Bangladesh in the highest quantity for the last three years.

Bangladesh is the country to import the onion of over 7 Billion USD from India in 2021, and Malaysia was on 4.6 Billion USD.

If you are connected with the agriculture background, and looking for the best export business ideas in India, the onion export business is one of the best export ideas for you to start.

You will have to take double care while doing this business, you need to make sure about the quality of the onion, the sizing parameters are such an important aspect as well.

If you are the first seller of the onions, then it generates more profit for you and on the other end, the client gets low rates, so both are in a beneficial position.

3. Meat Export

Meat pieces ready for exporting

The business of meat is a very unorganized industry, not only in India but there are many countries, where the organization of meat is not in such a good condition.

You can go through the Licious Business Model to have a look at how you can build a brilliant business model by involving in an unorganized business industry and making revenue.

Indian beef meat is the most popular meat product in the world, and the export of meat in the last year was around $2,921 USD.

Moreover, India has declared that it will enable the international buyers to import the Indian-origin frozen boneless buffalo meat with safety according to OIE guidelines to prevent risk.

If you are associated with the meat industry, the meat export business can become the best export business idea for you in India.

4. Machinery Export Business Idea

If I give you an example, India is leading in the top position for paper bag exporting business, and do you know what is the reason?

The reason is that there are very few countries that are making paper bag making machines, and India is one of them.

So, the paper bag manufacturing business does not need to import any essential materials from other countries, and manufacturing costs get reduced, and it impacts positively on the export business.

So, if you are the manufacturer of machinery which is the most demandable in other countries, you should start to search for export clients right now.

Machinery business is a huge investment-oriented business, but on the other end, it releases a massive profit as well.

5. Toilet Paper Export Business

The United States of America is the highest user of toilet paper in the world, and you will find a lot of huge clients for the toilet paper export business.

There are a few reasons behind it. They consider the usage of toilet paper as cleanliness, cost-saving because toilet paper is cheaper in the price aspect.

If you are a toilet paper manufacturer, it may be possible that you don’t find enough clients in India because there is a very small class of audience who is using the toilet paper.

But there are many countries over the world that are using toilet paper, and they use thousands of feet of toilet paper per day.

As a manufacturer of toilet paper, if you are looking for the best export business ideas in India, this one is the most relevant and profitable export business idea for you.

6. Fish and Fish Food Export Business

India is the country that has exported the fishes worth INR 476 Billion in 2020 to the other countries.

India comes in the fourth position in the list of exporting fishes over the world, and the government also is supporting the fish export business.

The supplement and add-on fish export business is the fish food export business idea.

There is a huge demand for fish food in the fish lover population countries, and if you are the manufacturer of fish food, you should not miss the opportunity to start the fish export business.

The fishing industry is another unorganized industry in India, and most of the fishers are not so educated that they can deal with international clients.

As they are unable to do so, they can not take huge advantage of it, you can become a bridge between the fishers and the clients to make successful deals, and make the fishing business beneficial for the fishers, you, and clients as well.

7. Pet Food Export Business

Western countries are pet lovers, and they take care of their pets like their children, and we have a good opportunity to convert their care in our business.

If you are a big supplier, or you can manage the supply of pet foods with a huge quantity to western countries, the pet food export business can change your life.

But you should have enough knowledge of pets’ nature, what they like to eat, and what is the demand for food of pets in the targeted countries.

With the growth of 489%, India exported 9,093 metric tons of pet food worth $38.2 million in 2018, and started in 2008 with the supply of 2,638 metric tons.

So, you can predict the future of pet food export business from India, and conclude from where you can start this business.

8. Pickle Export Business Idea

There are lots of people from many countries who are fans of Indian pickles, and they don’t think twice before paying the seller’s amount for the taste of Indian pickles.

India is exporting the pickles to more than 50 countries every year with the worth of around 31.45 million US dollars.

You won’t believe that only 5 exporters from all exporters are dominating the market with the export of 21 million USD.

Because there is a very low competition in Pickle export business, and due to this reason, pickle export can become the strongest export business idea for you.

Pickle exporting business idea is quite different from other export business ideas, you should start with covering the domestic market first.

Hence, you can get the international buyers directly, but that way is not more recommended, start with local buyers first, create your goodwill and then go ahead for the international market.

The reason is that abroad, most consumers of Indian pickles are NRI, and they are name conscious, and many of them prefer some particular brand of pickles.

So, if you have a good reputation for your pickle business in India, it will work to build a great business in foreign as well.

9. Food and Beverages Export Business in India

You might be thinking that how can we export the food to other countries as most of the foods can not survive longer, right?

But the word “Food” includes all types of eatables here, India exported the Basmati rice worth $4.02 Billion USD and Non-Basmati Rice $4.81 Billion USD in 2021 to other countries.

Basmati rice is the etable which is used in a very wide range over the world in different countries, and there are very few countries who are exporting the same.

You know that there are millions of NRI people spread all over the world in different countries.

They always prefer the Indian rice, and the Basmati rice most, the consumption of Indian rice is too high in those countries.

This is the state for only one food item, there are hundreds of food and beverage items that are being exported worth millions USD per year, and you can be the part of it and build a long lasting successful exporting business model in India.

10. Agarbatti Exporting Business Idea

Agarbatti making business is one of the trending businesses since a long time, but it is underestimated due to lack of information of potential agarbatti export business ideas.

It’s recommended that you contact the manufacturer of agarbatti and incense sticks, because the importer is supposed to deal in a very huge quantity of bulk for agarbatti.

The demanded stock must be ready with you, or you could be able to make it available the earliest possible.

If we randomly calculate the profit of agarbatti making business, a raw agarbatti gives you the profit of Rs 10/kg around in the local market.

While dealing in the international market, it could be decreased by 7-8 rupees, let’s calculate the average profit of Rs 7.5 per kg.

If you export a total of only 15 tons of agarbatti per month to the international market, you can make a profit of Rs 1,12,500.

Whereas the scented agarbatti contains the profit of 25-30 rupees per kg, and if you export 15 tons per month, profit reaches up to Rs 4 lakhs.

Conclusion on Export Business Ideas in India

Finding the ideas of export business is a crucial task as you have to deal with the international clients, and once they decline your product, you may be put in fix.

So, it is quite recommended that before starting the export business, you should have enough knowledge of that business.

Let’s suppose, if you conclude to start the agarbatti exporting business, then before starting the agarbatti exporting business, you must be familiar with agarbatti making and trading business.

And, this condition is applicable for all of the export business ideas amongst which you want to start.

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