100% Successful 6 Best Food Truck Business Ideas in India

The food truck business is becoming more and more popular day by day in India, hence, many people believe that starting a food truck business is a new concept.

But the truth is that the food truck business has been running for many years in India and the world as well.

The food truck business is amongst the businesses that consume the medium range of investment to start and produce a good enough profit margin.

Before starting a food truck business, many people think that they will not be able to compete with the already existing restaurants in terms of price, quality, and other aspects and they leave the idea to start a food truck business.

But if we peep into the business world, we won’t find any business which does not have high competition.

So, if you want to build a successful business model, you have to make up your mind to face the competition.

In the competition, not only do your qualities and money with strategy save your business, but your creativity is also mandatory.

We are exploring the food truck business ideas in this article, so I am going to share with you the creative food truck business ideas in India that will make your food truck business quite different from others.

Creative Food Truck Business Ideas in India

If you see that somewhere in a Chinese food stall, and there is a very huge crowd of customers, some of them are eating there, and some are bringing the parcel, and the owner is earning too much.

And after seeing this scene you also decide to start a Chinese truck food, and you think that you also are making too much revenue, this idea won’t work for you at all, I mean, there are very few chances for working for this business idea.

Because you are not doing any creative business, you are just copying someone’s idea, but how will you add the creativity which that owner is adding?

So, in short, I want to explain to you that every food business is quite potent, but you need to do deep research before selecting the food product, and think about how you can make it better than others, right?

While finding the best food truck business ideas, you need to scan which are the food items that are in demand, but there are very few vendors that are making it and serving to the people?

These kinds of food items are the game changers for your food truck business, and you should do the maximum focus on these kinds of foods for the people.

The food truck business is known for fast food, and you should choose the food items which can be prepared in the minimum time to skip the waiting time for the customers.

In this article, you will come to know some very demanded food truck business ideas that are not easily available.

So without wasting time, let’s explore the best successful food truck business ideas in India to make your business model profitable.

One Very Interesting Fact:

Out of all the startups in the world, most of the startups that are closed, are closed in the first one and a half years of the beginning, because in the first one and a half years of any business, we face the most problems in the business, and Instead of solving that problem, we assume that this business idea itself is wrong.

1. Cinnamon Rolls Food Truck

Cinnamon Rolls, Food truck business ideas

The basic ingredients used to make the cinnamon rolls like sugar, flour, and cinnamon powder, are not costly in terms of price.

Due to the utilization of non-expensive ingredients in cinnamon rolls, the profit margin of cinnamon rolls is quite high.

In the current period in India, cinnamon rolls are a quite new and fancy food item, so people are curious to have it, and once anyone tastes the cinnamon rolls, he can never forget it.

This is one of the most profitable food truck business ideas where you will not have to spend too much money for marketing, as it contains the mouth to mouth marketing.

Making the cinnamon rolls is too easy, and it may be quite possible that someone around you has already been selling this food item.

Instead of making and serving only simple and traditional cinnamon rolls, you should add the varieties in it, use the chocolate sauce, chili sauce, and make some additions to the ingredients as well.

Like, you can create a mixup of cheese and cream with some other ingredients, and make a new kind and taste of paste to add in cinnamon rolls which will taste different to the customer.

In short, you should add your own creativity by experimenting and adding value to customers’ lives which will give you a very good reward in terms of profit.

If you provide something new in the existing item, many customers will be attracted to you, and each of them will bring 4 more customers, right?

Once this business starts capturing the market, your profit will not be countable for you.

2. Crepes Food Truck

Crepes are one kind of french dessert which you prepare by using flour, eggs, milk, and serving the customers with sweets.

It becomes tastier with the combination of pinnate butter, chocolate sauce, and banana wafers.

Again, the ingredients used to make the Creepers food are not too expensive, which causes the high-profit margin for this food truck business idea.

Being one of the tastiest french desserts, crepes food is too fancy and a new food item for the Indian population, and they are again eager to have a taste of it.

Even if you are not aware of the recipe for making the crepes, you can search it on YouTube or on the food blogs available on the internet.

3. Waffles Food Truck Business Idea in India

You might have heard about the American and Belgian waffles, but in the food truck segment, the waffles business is still a unique business idea for the food truck.

There are different types of waffles, fresh fruits waffles, lemon and blueberry waffles, pinnet, and chocolate waffles, and similarly, you can make the various flavors of waffles.

For example, you can use orange, lemon, coffee extract instead of vanilla extract, and can create different variants instead of traditional waffles.

Variety is the key that attracts the customers to your business, it is not applicable for any specific business, in each business, variety is a magnet for the customers.

Waffles are one of the best food truck business ideas with the same reason of usage of the non-expensive ingredients to make it.

In the current period, fancy food items are becoming more and more popular day by day, and people also do not think twice before spending money behind them, and that’s why these kinds of food truck business ideas are becoming profitable in India.

4. Icecream Food Truck Business Idea

Ice cream food truck

The next one which I am going to explore is quite famous all over India and many people do it without any special occasion.

Yes, I am talking about the ice cream food truck business idea which contains lots of profit margin due to the high volume of demand and selling.

Here, you are supposed to serve the readymade simple and traditional ice creams, you should serve the ice creams made by you with different recipes adding some twists in it with different tastes.

There are many types of ice creams that are demanding but no one is making and serving them in India, you should focus on them and offer your customers different tastes.

This will not only increase your sales, but it will also increase your profit margin, and once any new variety of your ice cream becomes viral, you can imagine the afterlife.

If I give you an idea for ice cream varieties, then you can serve ice cream rolls, biscuit ice creams, sandwich ice cream, tacos ice creams, etc…

These all variants of ice creams are tasty as well as appealing for customers’ eyes which grab their attention quickly.

See, one repeated tip I want to share with you is that you will have to add the different creativities in your business to make it quite different from others.

So, don’t rely on described variants and creativities shown by me only in this article, you are supposed to explore them as much as you can.

5. Beverages – Most Demanded in India

Two plastic cups of bubble tea

Serving the beverages is a little bit of a different food truck idea, but with the beverages idea, you can make a very interesting food truck, and it is the food truck of Bubble Tea.

Hence, the concept of bubble tea is quite new in the market, but becoming more and more popular day by day in India.

Bubble tea is one kind of flavored fruit tea, it is a very fancy item, and for that, the sales of bubble tea are very high in India.

The profitability of this food truck business idea is very high due to the same reason of using the low-cost ingredients to make the bubble tea.

6. Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls are a portion of healthy food that you can serve to the customers by making it in various ways.

By topping with fruits, nuts, and seeds, to make it more attractive and cheesy to eat, and that is the point which grabs the attention of the customers very quickly.

The ingredients used to make the smoothie bowls are costlier compared to other food truck business ideas, but as you are providing healthy food, there is a huge class of healthy food-conscious people in India, so you can earn more profit from this food truck business idea.

Here, you have one more option to share the investment, either you can start the smoothie bowls food truck independently, or else you can combine it with the beverages food truck.

High Demanded Food Truck Business Ideas in India

The food truck business ideas mentioned above are demanding and new as well, which are very rarely served.

Hence, there are some foods for the food truck business ideas that are very high demanding, but along with the high demand, there is also a high competition in it.

  • Chinese Food Truck
  • Italian Items Food Truck
  • Various Pizza Food Truck
  • Pani Puri Food Truck
  • Sandwich Food Truck
  • Mexican Items Food Truck
  • Chhole Bhature and Punjabi Items Food Truck

There are also several other food trucks with a very high demand with the con of a huge competition as well, you can start with any of them.

Investment Required For Food Truck Business Idea

Two people are making the investment plan to start the business

Hence, there is a dedicated article for how to start a food truck business idea in India on this site, even though, let me give an overview about how much investment you may need to start a food truck business.

Well, no one can figure out the exact amount of food truck business to start, it depends upon your strategy, which vehicle you choose, which kind of food you want to make and sell, how many employees you are going to hire for the business, etc…

But, on average, if you want to start a food truck business on a small scale, you should keep at least 3 lakh rupees in your hand before starting.

3 lakhs rupees is not a perfect required amount, but it is for the purpose of sustaining the business for at least the first six months without the take-home profit revenue which prevents you from giving up from the middle of the business.

Conclusion on The Food Truck Business Ideas in India

Starting a food truck business is not a big deal in India, but yes, it is quite mandatory that you choose the right niche for your business.

The food truck business ideas in this article are quite new, and demanding, even though it also depends on your locality and territory.

So, I strongly recommend you, if you have a strong plan to start a food truck business in your city, please don’t skip the very most important step of market research to do.

By doing proper market research, you will come to know, amongst mentioned food truck business ideas, which one is the best and most potential for you.

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