How to Get Buyers For Export Business 2022 – Best Strategies Revealed

Are you facing too much trouble to get buyers for export business? If so, let me congratulate you that you have landed on a very right place from where you will be getting the best tips to gain more international clients for your export business.

Import Export business has a great opportunity in upcoming features if you run it with proper strategies and terms.

Before jumping into the business of import export, every person feels one very major fear about getting the buyers for import export business.

There are multiple questions raised like, would they really get the clients, or how would they be getting international clients.

You are going to get the answers of all buyers related questions for import export business, it does not depend from which country you belong to, it will work for you in order to get buyers for import export business.

India’s Share in Import Export

If you are an Indian person, then you have the greatest opportunity to get quick and massive growth in the business of import and export.

What’s the reason? Reason is that India is holding a minimal share in Global Trade over the world i.e. 5%, and India is committed to grow it up to 5 % till 2025.

In order to get a premium hike, the Indian government is taking much interest in import export business and supporting the people who are willing to start the business of export as well.

If India is exporting only 5%, it means, 95% of the deals are being made by others, so that 95% deals and business is an opportunity for you that can be converted into your business and revenue.

Because the deal made in desperation encourages the fraudsters to do more frauds with several buyers.

Why Do Buyers Need You?

During my business journey of almost 6 years, I have found many sellers compromising with their terms and conditions to get the clients, or buyers.

Yes, it is necessary, but you should do it when it is required, it’s not necessary to open your book with every customer and agree with their condition.

You might be thinking why I am advising so, is there any reason, Do I have any proper explanation for this?

Yes, I do! Let me explore!

The business is a binary direction system, not a unidirectional system, there are two parties involved in this system.

  • Buyer
  • Seller

If a buyer wants to earn a good amount of profit by selling the products to the people, then he needs a good supplier, and seller.

Whether he really needs a good seller, he will definitely find the seller, which means you are not only a seller who is finding the buyers, buyers also are finding you.

Before You Deal With Buyer

After going through this article, you would be strongly able to find the potential worldwide customers for your export business.

And hence, I am sharing information in order to add one more step to get buyers for export business which will prevent you from the possible harms.

It’s not necessary that you will be finding only genuine foreign clients for exporting your product, you may also come across fraudsters clients as well, which you must verify before sending consignment.

Hence, there is an ECGC policy, but it is the cure, not prevention, and prevention is better than cure!

This is our business, and why should we be careless that we have to climb the steps of ECGC, right?

It’s your responsibility to verify the background of the International customer, his frontend, dues, and all other related aspects before finalizing the deal with him.

Whenever you get a new overseas buyer for export business, you can contact the India Embassy present in that country and ask for the details for that buyer, and go through it.

If you get a green signal to go ahead with that potential foreign buyer to make export deals, then you can move on despite moving due to desperation.

How to Get Buyers For Export Business

The name of import export business seems much heavier than the out of box business, and we think that even if we start, how would we get the international buyers for export business, right?

Absolutely Right!This is the first thought that comes to our conscious mind when we are trying to make up our mind to start the import export business.

Hence, let me suggest to you that there are assorted modes of finding genuine worldwide buyers for exporting your products to foreign.

Connection With Relatives and Friends

Market study is the mandatory matrix for distributing the products within a particular territory, city, state or country.

Yes, it’s quite true that you can research and study the market of foreign by the internet, however if you have relatives abroad, you have the best scope to explore your export business.

You are supposed to contact them and take a brief about the demanded product over their area and country as well.

Find out whether they are interested in selling your products in their country or not, if they do, you can start exporting the product on a small scale.

If they are interested, they can bring big leads and big deals for you as well by their efforts, in rewards, you can pay them a commission, which will motivate them to go ahead.

In this way, you are secured with reliability, because you know that they will not do any scam or fraud with you.

Your Websites

As I mentioned earlier, not only sellers need a buyer, but buyers need sellers as well for growing their business and generating a good amount of revenue.

You are advised to set up a good website for your import export business, it’s not mandatory to design a very expensive website.

You can create some mandatory pages and one blog page where you will be discussing the information about the products, nothing else.

The purpose of making a website should be to convey your message to your international client for export business.

It is also recommendable that you create a small website, it just should convey your professionalism.

Share the details about your company, profession, and also share your contact details so that interested buyers from worldwide can contact you for making the deals.

Using websites you can drive the traffic by SEO and Paid traffic as well, which will generate more leads for you.

You can use the Google Ads and other digital marketing strategies to alert the overseas buyers for your import export business.

Social Media Accounts and Ads

I don’t need to mention the potential of social media here, like facebook, instagram, pinterest, linkedin, twitter and other platforms, right?

But… But… But…

Many import export business owners commit a very big mistake here by aiming in the dark.

The basic fundamental of marketing strategy is that you are supposed to display your products where your audience is.

Suppose you are running your import export business in India, and Facebook is the most used social media in India.

Now, you are looking for an international client for your import export business from the USA, you will run the Ads on Facebook, right?

It’s Wrong!

Before running ads for your product, you should do in-depth research on which social media is trending and the most popular in that country.

Because you will be finding your potential overseas customers on that social media instead of that social media which is trending in your country.

List Your Products on B2B and B2C Sites of Targeted Country

Only one or two ways to find the worldwide customer for your exporting products are not enough to make your exporting business scalable and profitable.

Another way in which you should jump is to list your products on B2B and B2C sites of the targeted countries.

The sites for different countries may vary, you should do a research to find out these sites for your targeted countries.

You would find various sites to promote your products, you are supposed to find the popular sites of those countries from which you can grab the maximum trusted foreign buyers for the business of exporting the products.

Be Active in Export Bodies and Promotion Councils

I suggest you to be active in the export bodies and promotion councils which are related to your product niche.

They are dedicated to promote the import export business of their country, they also conduct the various events in order to boost the import export business model.

Participate in that kind of event, where you will find several types of clients by interacting with them.

Why Do People Fail in Import Export Business

Like other business ideas, some people can not get the buyers in export business, and some people get too many buyers, but they can not make a successful deal.

If you are one of those people who are serious and willing to execute export business ideas, it’s quite mandatory to get the answer to these questions.

It is mandatory for you because if you avoid making strategies on these two matrices, you may face chaos on each step.

As a result, you might feel that you would have chosen the wrong business idea, and you would lose the success opportunity as well.

But it’s a myth, the idea of business can never be wrong, but we would be executing the business idea with inappropriate strategies and that’s why we fail.

This article is dedicated to educating you about how you can find the Overseas Buyers for your import export business to interpret in a perfect way for massive success.

People Discourage You

If you ask for business advice to 10 people, some will refuse to execute the business by stating the reasons of risk, failure, money security and all.

You might hear that business can not be run without this and that, there are many chances to be cheated and other things.

But you need to verify their past history, whether they have run any business in their past or they are just advising in the dark.

If they have run a business in the past and they failed, it may be the main reason that they would not have worked properly, and they failed.

So, you should not attend to the kind of people who discourage you. Yes, it’s also necessary that you think about negative aspects, but you can definitely find the solution for them as well.


Over-expectation could be a root cause of desperation, if you are thinking that Foreign Buyers for export business would be standing in a queue at your door the next day, it would not happen.

If you are thinking that there will be multiple emails lying in your inbox, this also is not going to occur within a couple of weeks.

You should not over expect to get buyers for export business, the Worldwide Buyers will come to you with the passage of time, if you work consistently.

In order to get overseas clients for export business, you have to be realistic, you have to follow the procedures, and propel with the proper checklist.

Got Buyers But No Deals Materialized

Many times it happens that someone gets very potential foreign buyers for export products, but he could not convert the communication in the deal.

Happening this multiple times creates desperation in the seller’s mind, and he commits to give up.

You should not give up, but do the RCA – Root Cause Analysis- You should find the reason why you are not making the deal despite getting the potential worldwide buyers for your goods.

The reason behind it is the focus of our energy in the wrong direction, we consume most of our energy to find the foreign consumers for export orders.

But the most important thing is knowing your product. You must be clear with your product, its quality, which kind of people are using it, and other related aspects.

If you do not focus on any of them, and find the international buyer for exporting the product, send them the samples, they will reject, because you have not researched and concluded about your product.

Final Words

My final words are for your in depth benefit that verifies the client before making any kind of small or big deal with him or them.

Hence, your payment is secured with the involvement of the government of your country, but prevention makes us safer and safer than the cure.

So, we should prevent ourselves rather than choosing the cure in terms of exporting our products to foreign clients.

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