What is Haldiram Franchise Cost in And Profit Margin

If you are searching for details about the haldiram franchise, this article will assist you from beginning to end.

Whatever the franchise model you adopt, must be profitable and scalable, even the business model must be scalable, and haldiram is one of them.

So, if you have decided to invest your money in the haldiram’s franchise, then it will be a very good decision.

It’s very advisable to have the proper and correct information about the franchisor before investing money in that business.

This article will help you to explore everything, and you will come to know about:

  • About Haldiram Business
  • How to get Haldiram Franchise
  • Haldiram Franchise Cost in India
  • Land Requirement for buying a haldiram franchise
  • Documents Required
  • Registration process
  • Haldiram Franchise profit

There are many Indian franchises and foreign franchises that you can buy, it depends upon which stream of business you are interested in and want to invest your money in.

Whatever field you choose to jump into, you should go through the company overview at least, its business model, profit ratio, future plans, and business strategy, right?

About Haldiram Company : Overview

Haldiram is the manufacturer of namkeen and sweets which was founded in 1937 by Shri Shivkisan Agrawal, in Bikaner as a very small shop of namkeen and sweets.

Nowadays, it is one of the biggest and largest namkeen and sweet manufacturers of the world and has scaled its business within India and out of India in many countries.

Talking about the current situation of Haldiram namkeen company, it is manufacturing more than one hundred products and selling within and out of India.

The company is exporting its products to other 23 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Sri Lanka, UAE, New Zealand, and Japan, and along with exporting, haldiram has also established its business in these all countries.

Trust Research Advisory published a report in 2014, in which the Haldiram namkeen was ranked at 55th number in the list of the most trusted companies.

By this stat, you can imagine how giant this company is and doing a business on a very big level.

So, any person who is thinking of a franchise of haldiram, then it is going to be a good decision and can establish a good revenue business with a small, medium, and high investment.

Is Haldiram Franchise Profitable?

In any offline business, the location matters a lot, and especially when your potential customers are the walk-in customers, then the importance of location and territory matters too much.

According to the stats of the business of haldiram, taking the franchise outlet of haldiram is very profitable, but it also depends upon your area selection.

It is understood that haldiram is not dependent on area, as it is running its business across the world, and it is proof that it is a profitable business, even if your location selection must be perfect.

As it is understood that haldiram is running the business with profit in more than 20 countries, we can judge the profitability of the company.

The biggest benefit of becoming the haldiram’s franchise is that you will get the readymade branded business, and you will not have to put too much effort to boost your business.

The brand name itself works, you just have to maintain your business by providing excellent service to the customers.

Types of Haldiram Franchise

As you might have seen most of the brands offer different types of franchises, you might have checked the KFC franchise, or you would be aware of the Patanjali franchise, these are offering different types of franchise models to the franchisee.

Whereas the chai sutta bar and apollo franchisors are offering single model franchises, it means, they offer you only one model of franchise wherever you want to open it.

Talking about the haldiram franchise business model, it is offering you the three types of franchises.

  • Casual Dining
  • Kiosk
  • Quick Service Restaurants

The land requirements and cost for investment are different for all of them, and any person can start the haldiram outlet according to his investment planning and requirements.

Haldiram Franchise Cost in India (Investment)

Investment is a very crucial part of any business, and when you are going to invest your money in a third-party business, then it becomes more crucial, so you must be aware of the required investment to start the franchise of haldiram.

Well, the required investment to start haldiram’s franchise depends on the type of franchise you opt-in and the land.

If you are having your own space, then it will be an advantage for you, but if you don’t have, you will have to borrow land for lease or rent.

Each franchise-type has different-different costs, restaurant fees, and other charges, so let’s explore them.

Casual Dining Franchise Model

In the casual dining franchise model of haldiram, if you have your own land, then you need to pay Rs 10 lakh to 15 lakhs as brand security.

Other than this cost, you need to invest the money in staff, furniture, shop setup and other costs which will reach up to 70 to 80 lakhs rupees.

So, if you do have this amount, then it is a good opportunity to start a good franchise business model.

Kiosk Franchise Model

Kiosk model is one kind of small haldiram store, so you need to invest less money then the casual dining franchise model of haldiram.

Hence, if you are going to open a small outlet, you will need a small piece of land, so it will save your cost of opening the franchise.

If you are having your own land, you will have to pay rupees 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs as a brand security amount.

Again, similar to the casual dining franchise model, you need to prepare for the staffing cos and some other extra costs.

Combining all the required costs, if you are having 50 to 60 lakhs rupees as an investment, you can easily go for the kiosk franchise model of haldiram namkeen and sweets.

Quick Service Restaurant Franchise

If you are having more than one crore rupees as an investment to start a franchise business, then you can easily go for the haldiram’s quick service restaurant franchise model.

Because in this franchise model, you need to open a multi unit big restaurant of haldiram,

In this franchise, if you are having your own land, you need to pay Rs 20 lakhs to 40 lakhs rupees as the brand security to the company.

Same as the first two types, you need to prepare the restaurant, and hire the staff and all the cost including all the stuff is around one crore rupees.

These all costs are estimated, if you want more information with deep details, you can contact the company directly.

Space Requirement For Haldiram Franchise

As we discussed above, that investment is required in a different manner according to the type of franchise, similarly, the land requirements are different for the different types of haldiram’s franchise to start.

  • Casual Dining Franchise: For the casual dining franchise model, you need 1000 sq ft to 2000 sq ft land,
  • Kiosk Franchise: If you want to open the kiosk type of haldiram franchise, you need 1000 sq ft to 1500 sq ft land.
  • Quick Service Restaurant Franchise: In order to open the quick service restaurant franchise model, you need 2000 sq ft to 3000 sq ft land.

Documents Required For Haldiram Franchise

You need to submit some essential documents to open the haldiram franchise anywhere in India as below:

  • Personal Documents
  • Id Proof
  • Adhar card
  • Pan card
  • Voter Id card
  • Address Proof
  • Ration card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Bank account number with pass book
  • Photograph
  • Email id
  • Phone number
  • Other documents with educational qualification
  • Property Documents
  • Completely properly documents with title and address
  • Lease agreement
  • NOC

How to Get Haldiram Franchise

You will have to visit their official franchise website, where you will get their contact number in the segment of contact us, or else you can fill the form as well to apply for franchise.

In the form, you will have to fill all the required details and submit it, and whenever they will generate the requirement at the area where you mentioned in the form, they will contact you.

You also will be able to find the form in the section of “Apply Now’ on the header area of the website.

haldiram franchise application form

Haldiram Franchise Profit

Haldiram is offering more than 100 products, and the profit margin of each product is different, so if you want to have the exact or near to exact data about the profit margin of haldiram’s products, you need to contact the company.

Conclusion on Getting Haldiram Franchise

If you want to invest your money in the food sector by associating with a very huge brand which is supposed to provide you unlimited leverage, then the haldiram franchise is one of the best options for you.

It depends upon your investment capacity which franchise model you should buy. Moreover, if you are living in a small town or a semi-urban area, then you should not go for the quick restaurant franchise.

And if you are living in the urban area, you can go with any of them, and if you are living in the metro city, and having enough investment, the quick restaurant franchise model is the best for you.

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