How to Sell Products on Amazon -Boost Your Business 100X With Amazon – Best Step By Step Guide

In my many blogs, I have recommended selling your products online on eCommerce sites to boost your business quickly, right?

There may be many eCommerce sites that can boost your business, but do you know that Amazon is the best and the biggest eCommerce site in the world?

So, you should tie-up with amazon and list your products on Amazon, and for that it is mandatory to know how to sell products on Amazon, right?

And this article is dedicated to sharing the guide for selling your products on amazon to boost your business 100x amazon.

Why I am suggesting amazon is because Amazon is the most reputed and trusted eCommerce platform to grow your business with no investment.

In this article, we are going to explore how you can sell the products on Amazon, what are the benefits, what’s the costing, what is the process, which documents you need to set up your store on Amazon, and which kinds of services are provided by Amazon in this entire selling process.

What is Amazon?

I think I don’t need to tell you too much about amazon because you probably know what amazon is.

Amazon is the world’s biggest and most reputed eCommerce site or portal that promotes and helps to sell third-party’s products.

Amazon has the trust of the audience, which it transfers to sellers and helps them to sell their products by taking a minimal commission as their fees.

By listing your products on Amazon, you can sell out your product anywhere from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Associating With Amazon

If I am suggesting you join your business with Amazon, then you must have information about joining with Amazon, right?

Yes, there are multiple benefits of associating with amazon as a seller, it will save you many costs and it will directly impact your net profit.

As a seller, you are supposed to provide the products on demand listed on amazon’s site. So, let’s see what you get as a benefit by associating your business with Amazon.

Cost Savings

If you tie-up with Amazon, you don’t need to set up a dedicated and high rental store, which saves your rent, electricity bill, manpower, maintenance, and other expenses.

After listing your products on amazon’s portal, amazon collects the products from your warehouse on-demand, so you can take a warehouse anywhere.

If you do not tie-up with Amazon, as a retailer, you have to set up your store in the prime location to acquire more customers, and the prime location asks for the high rental.

Now, you are avoiding all the unnecessary expenses by starting a business on Amazon, and it increases your net profit amount.

No Need to Setup Ecommerce Website

Let’s suppose that amazon would not exist, and you want to sell your products online, then what would you have to do?

You would need to set up your own eCommerce website, bring viewership, drive customers by adding too much funds in marketing, and maintain the website.

You would require a dedicated team for maintaining the eCommerce website as well. This stuff is too loaded technically and financially.

These all tasks are done by Amazon, and you can fully concentrate on your business, quality, and customer services.

This is one of the biggest benefits, and that’s why you must know how to sell products on amazon by starting a business with Amazon.

Readymade Trust Gain

The base of business growth is the trust of customers or consumers in the seller or supplier, do you agree with me?

As a newbie, you are not trusted in the market, until you get several positive feedbacks and honest reviews from the users, no one will trust you and your products.

Moreover, the online selling world is always suspicious, and almost every person double-checks the authenticity of the eCommerce website before ordering the product.

The customer verifies where he will really be receiving the product after doing the online payment, and his debit or credit card will not be misused.

If you have your eCommerce site, it may be possible that the customer may not consider you as a genuine seller, and he would not place the order.

But when you are doing business through the medium of Amazon, customers feel secure, because he trusts amazon.

So he will be ordering the products via amazon’s platform to you, and you will be getting more sales.

They know that their cards will not be misused, and they will definitely be delivered the ordered items, and you can take the advantage of this trust by associating your business with Amazon.

Shipping and Delivery

In the online business, service is a very important pillar to maintain the goodwill of your brand, if you are not able to deliver the ordered item within TAT, customers can leave negative reviews on your portal as well.

When you join your business with amazon, amazon takes the responsibility of delivering the products to the customer on behalf of you.

Capturing The All India Market

Before some years, when the eCommerce concept was not existing, retailers were suffering from the saturation of customers, and in addition, competitors were not letting them earn more profit.

They could acquire only their nearby customers because, in almost every territory, they were getting another retailer for the same products.

But after amazon was introduced, the location barrier has been just removed, and a local retailer can cover the all-India market.

Even if you are from Kerala, then also you can sell your product to the person who is sitting in Delhi with the help of amazon i.e. eCommerce business platform.

How to Sell Products on Amazon – What’s The Process?

After knowing the benefit of associating your business with Amazon, you would be thinking that it would be very expensive to sell the products on Amazon, right?

If you are thinking so, you are definitely wrong! Listing your products on amazon’s portal is totally free of cost.

Amazon charges its commission only when any of your products get sold, apart from this amount, there is not no other hidden cost.

Amazon deducts its commission from your sales amount and credits the rest in your bank account every seven days.

Now, if you want to sell your products on Amazon, you have to register on the amazon seller account which is different from the regular one.

So it’s time to associate your business with Amazon, and the question is how to join Amazon as a seller, right?

How to Join an Amazon Seller Account?

You can download the amazon seller mobile app, and go for the further process with the required and mandatory* documents.

The registering process is too simple, you just have to keep filling in the details as it asks you to fill in the fields, and your account will be set up very easily.

The mandatory things required to set up the amazon seller account are below.

  • Valid Email Id
  • Phone Number
  • Store Name
  • Address and Pincode
  • Bank Name
  • Account Number and IFSC Code
  • PAN Card Number
  • GST Number
  • Signature

GST number is mandatory if you are going to do online selling unless you sell the GST-exempt products.

After filling in the required details and uploading the required documents, your account will get activated and you can start listing your products on the Amazon portal.

You can get every detail about the products, selling, revenue, and all the details in the dashboard of the amazon seller app.

How to sell products on amazon

Dispatching -> Easy Ship Service, FBA – Fulfilled By Amazon

When you get an order for any item from the customer from anywhere in India, you have three options to deliver the product to the customer.

  • Dispatch Yourself
  • Easy Ship Service From Amazon
  • FBA Service From Amazon

Dispatch Yourself: The first option is that whenever you receive an order, you dispatch it yourself, and deliver the product to the customer by the courier service.

Easy Ship Service: In this service, when you get an order, you do not have to dispatch it to the customer, the amazon executive comes to your doorsteps, collects from you, and delivers the product to the customer.

FBA Service: Once your business grows with ultimate speed, you can hire the service of amazon called FBA – Fulfilled By Amazon.

In this service, amazon maintains your stock with it, so you are not supposed to maintain the warehouse, no need to manage the shipping and packaging, nothing you have to do when you get the order from any customer.

Whenever an order is placed, the executive of Amazon packs the products and dispatches them directly from the warehouses.

You are able to get all these services by paying minimal fees to amazon in reward of it. This service has been introduced for the prime customers of amazon who get the fastest delivery on their location.


By going through this entire article, you have come to know how to sell products on Amazon, and you should conclude that is the greatest opportunity to boost your business by investing a very minimal amount.

If you avail of the amazon seller service and associate your business with Amazon, you are able to capture the market of all of India without moving a single step from your home.

Moreover, Amazon has been introducing new services for the customers as well as for the sellers, and it depends on your business type, which one you should opt-in.

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