How to Start Dry Fruit Business in India -12 Months Successful Small Business

Dry fruits are used in every home almost on many occasions, and many people are using the dry fruits in their daily routine life as well. Dry fruits are one of the healthiest supplements on the plant of course!

Dry fruits are most commonly used in making sweets, and for the last some years, the usage of dry fruits has increased a lot to make sweets.

But nowadays a new trend has been introduced that many people are buying the dry fruits instead of the sweets, and due to this reason, the demand for dry fruits has been increasing day by day.

So, if you are a business-oriented person, you can find a great opportunity to accomplish this demand, and start dry fruit business on a retail base or wholesale business, or else both.

If you are looking for successful small trading business ideas in India, you can start a dry fruit business and can make a mountain of revenue.

In this article, we are going to go through the perfect guide about how to start a dry fruit business in India, what’s its market demand, from where you can get the dry fruits at an affordable price to sell, and everything.

Demand For The Dry Fruits in The World

Star dry fruit business in India

Before starting any business, it’s quite mandatory to go through its demand in the country, world, or a specific territory which we are going to target for our business.

Considering the demand for dry fruits, it is very high, not only in India but over the world, the dry fruits are most demanded.

If you start a dry fruit wholesale business and have a good amount for investment, you can also export the dry fruits to foreign clients in bulk.

The best season for dry fruits is the festival season and the marriage season. During this time, the demand for dry fruits is always at its peak.

Apart from these, nuts and dry fruits are used to make bakery items, dairy products, are the most consuming items of the nuts and dry fruits.

Moving eyes to the export business opportunity, India is exporting dry fruits to around 75 countries in the world with the revenue of millions of US Dollars.

See, dry fruits are not human-made products that can be manufactured in the companies by the machines, it’s the natural object, and it needs the proper atmosphere and other conditions must be accomplished.

India is one of those countries that have the god gift of a perfect adjustable atmosphere to grow dry fruits, and that’s why India is one of the highest dry fruits exporting countries in the world.

The top buyer countries for the dry fruits of India are the USA, Australia, and UAE. These countries are trading the business of dry fruits in a different quantity every year.

How to Start Dry Fruit Business in India

Starting the business of dry fruit has a proper guide that you need to follow. First, you need to decide the type of business whether you want to start the dry fruits retail business or wholesale business.

You need to find a valid supplier who can supply you with the dry fruits on-demand at a good rate, select the perfect location for retail business, carry your business online to cover the maximum audience and do proper marketing.

We are going to explore all the aspects in this article ahead with extra additional important tips and information.

Select The Niche of Dry Fruits Business

different packages of dry fruits

Selecting a niche stands for you need to decide which kind of trading you want to start for the dry fruits.

Whether you want to start the dry fruit wholesale business or a dry fruit retail business, or both of them.

If you want to start a dry fruit retail business, you need to adopt a different strategy and a different one for wholesale trading.

For retail trading, you are supposed to focus on location selection and drive more customers from online and offline sources.

Moving forward to the next step, the products need to be specified, dry fruits contain many products like Cashews, Walnut, almonds, apricot, betel nut, dates, dry-fig, and hazelnut.

You should decide which of all you want to sell, one, two, more, or all, there are not any criteria for the product selection, you can go ahead according to your investment capacity.

Select a Proper Location to Start a Dry Fruit Retail Business

If you want to start a retail business of dry fruits trading, the selling location matters a lot, because you are going to drive the walk-in customers.

If you pick the location where there is not more traffic of the people, you may not get enough customers which affects your financial aspect of the business.

The location must be in a crowded area, where the traffic of people is constant day and night. Here are the most likely to drive more and more customers.

Mall also is one of the best options for the location selection, or near the railway station or airport are also the public crowd holding areas.

Finding a Valid Supplier

If you are getting more demand, but your supplier is not active and constant, then you will not be able to scale your dry fruits trading business in spite of having a huge demand.

Because supplying the products comes under the service sector, and if you are providing a bad service, none of the customers will recommend you.

So, you need to find a valid supplier who can deliver the dry fruits on demand and instantly or at the earliest possible.

If you don’t know where you will get the suppliers for the dry fruits, you can search for them on Google as well.

How to Start Dry Fruit Business in India.

Set up a Shop – Store – Super Store

The next step is to set up a good and attractive store or superstore of dry fruits. Considering the retail customers of dry fruits, you need to make them feel special and important.

You might have noticed that the infrastructure and furniture of dry fruit retail shops are too amazing and attractive that they hold the customers there.

You need to spend enough on the store or superstore set up. Moreover, it is the best strategy to allow the customers to pick their products themselves like malls.

Finding and Driving The Customers

Customers are the main potential key to running and growing your business. There are various strategies to drive the customers for the retail dry fruits trading business and wholesale dry fruit selling business.

For retailing, there are multiple sources to gain customers.

  • Walk in Customers
  • Online Marketing Driven Customers
  • Offline Marketing Driven Customers
  • Home Delivery Oriented Customers

The amount of walk-in customers depends upon your location selection, and at the other end, you can drive more customers by adapting the best marketing strategies.

Home Delivery Customers stands for those customers who are acquired by you in your area and outside of the area by the marketing strategies.

In this way, you are not involving any third party to get orders and deliver the products to the customers. You generate the leads and sell them products yourself.

If you are running the wholesaling business of dry fruit trading, your customer base is quite different from the retailing business.

Small and big retailers, exporters, and Malls are your potential customers whom you can approach for selling your dry fruits in bulk on a regular basis.

Marketing and Market of The Dry Fruit Trading Business in India

online and offline marketing thinking a person

I believe I don’t need to mention the important role of marketing in any business. You know very well that without marketing the speed of business growth gets very down.

So, you have to do more focus on the marketing strategy, and you should adopt both strategies of Marketing, which contains:

  • Online Marketing
  • Offline Marketing

Online marketing is also known as digital marketing in which you promote your product, service, and business on the internet. Because nowadays, people are spending their major time on the internet, right?

There are many digital platforms where you can acquire the audience to sell your products.

  • Google (Organic and Paid)
  • Facebook (Organic and Paid)
  • Instagram (Organic and Paid)
  • Dropshipping (Paid)
  • Affiliation (Paid)

By doing online marketing with proper strategy and analysis, your sales will get boosted very high.

Well, online marketing has a lot of potentials, but you should not ignore the offline traditional marketing strategies as well.

In offline marketing, you can stick the banners at some shops, on the poles, and distribute the pamphlets as well, which drives a good number of customers.

Carrying Your Business Online

Yes, you will be driving the customers from online marketing and offline marketing strategies along with the walk-in customers.

But one more potential source of customers is left, and it is driving more audience from the online sources like e-commerce websites and B2B websites.

For the retailing business of dry fruits, you can tie up with the Ecommerce B2C sites like Amazon and Flipkart, whereas for the wholesale customers, you can list out your products with B2B sites like IndiaMart and TradeIndia.

The benefits of associating with eCommerce sites are too much. You will not have to spend a single rupee for the marketing, moreover, you will be getting all types of valid customers from across India.

More customers generate more revenue, and in addition, these sites are providing the special facilities to rank your products on the top and most visible positions on their portal by paying some extra minimal charges.

Moving forward to the next step is that you can make your own ecommerce website on which you will be promoting and selling your products, without paying anything to anyone.

Investment to Start Dry Fruit Business in India

You might be thinking about the profit margin in dry fruits business, and it’s a very valid question.

The cost of the dry fruits is quite high, and you also need to set up the other modules to start a dry fruit business.

If you start a dry fruit business on a small scale, 3,00,000/- to 5,00,000/- rupees are more enough and you should keep some amount as a backup as well.

Let me inform you that you will not be getting a profit of thousands of rupees from the first day or first month.

It will take some time to become sustainable, and till the time, it is necessary to survive without or with less revenue.

Profit Margin in Dry Fruits Business in India

Running a retail business of dry fruits generates approx 25% to 30% profit margin which is a very attractive amount.

Second thing is that the rates of dry fruits do not remain static for a long time, and the fluctuation increases the chances of getting a high-profit margin as well.

If you are doing the wholesale business of dry fruits, the profit margin becomes low, but as you will be dealing in bulk, the overall profit margin amount will be beyond your imagination.

Observe Your Competitors

You may know that if there are aunts, it must be a sweet in the nearby area, right?

Same as, the dry fruit industry is a very profitable industry, and that is why you will find many competitors as well.

You need to keep an eye on your competitors always because the dry fruits industry is not a well-organized segment in India.

Required Licenses to Start a Dry Fruit Business

You will require the following licenses to start a dry fruits business in India.

  • Trade License
  • FSSAI License
  • GST (If required)
  • BIS Certification

The dry fruits trading business comes under the category of the food industry, and that is why it is mandatory to get the FSSAI license.

Conclusion on Starting a Dry Fruit Business in India

After reading the full article, I hope you are confident to start a dry fruit business in India now, hence, step by step guide is given to it, right?

Hence, you need to perform market research before starting the superstore at your preferred location.

If you are thinking to start wholesaling, then I would recommend you to start the retailing of dry fruits first, learn the market, and after a certain duration when you are confident enough about starting a dry fruits wholesale business, then you should go ahead.

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