How to Start Food Truck Business in India – Best Step By Step Guide With Profitability 2021-2022

The business world has been very compressed with the evolution of the human mind and technology. If you go in a flashback, sustaining business was too hard and survival of business was too challenging, right?

Who thought that the idea to start food truck business in India will grow with the ultimate speed? And the Indian audience also welcomes the food truck business idea with big hands.

There are many businesses that seem very common but have a very great potential of earning and branding as well, and the food truck business is the most demanding business idea of them.

What is a Food Truck Business?

Start Food Truck Business in India

In simple words, the food truck is a portable and moving restaurant. You set up a full restaurant clone in the truck or a bigger vehicle.

You can set up a kitchen, store the raw materials, stick a menu card for the customers, and serve the food on demand of customers as well.

In short, by running a food truck business, you can bring the whole restaurant anywhere with all amenities.

Starting a food truck business is quite easy if you have enough investment and manpower along with the proper business plan.

In this article, we are going to expand about how to start a food truck business in India and how you can make it brand and sustainable with scalability.

How to Start Food Truck Business in India

As you know very well that each business of the world needs to follow certain steps to get started, the business of food trucks also has to pass through it.

There are multiple aspects that you have to take care of before, while, and after starting a food truck business in India.

Like, the cost to start a food truck business in India, is the food truck business profitable in India or not, what is the food truck business profits in India, is that scalable or not, and many other aspects.

You need to do market research, purchase some equipment, set up a portable kitchen, need manpower and do many other things you have to do.

We are going to explore all the processes with a step-by-step guide in this article, so you are advised not to miss a single letter of this article, be stuck till the end of this article!

So, without wasting time, Let’s Explore how to start a food truck business in India, and how profitable it is!

Do You Need Experience to Start a Food Truck Business?

For a beginner to business, raising this question is the usual thing, and it must be raised. Would I be an experienced person to start a business idea of a food truck?

Well, the answer is – No! You don’t need to be an experienced person, however, you should have a good practice of making a better or the best taste of food.

And if you don’t have anything to worry about, you can hire a chef who has good knowledge and experience in making tasty food.

This is mostly the service sector, so you are supposed to be good at that point, like how to communicate with customers, what they like, taking feedback from the customers, you must have good practice about customer satisfaction.

Market Research Before Starting Food Truck Business

A person is doing market research to Start Food Truck Business in India

I believe you know about the potential of market research, market research is quite a mandatory aspect to do before starting any business anywhere.

Similarly, you must do deep market research before starting a food truck business in India anywhere.

Food truck business is location-oriented business, taste and service-oriented business, and they’re also will be many competitors of your business.

So, you will have to cover all these factors while doing the market research. When there is a crowd or more people on any food truck, you should go there.

Visit that food truck, and observe everything there. How is the taste of food, how many times of food he is serving to the customers, what about quantity and quality, rates, and how he treats the customers.

Do you know that for any business, your competitor is your best mentor and the best guide by whom you can learn many things for implementation in your business?

Moreover, you also have to analyze what is the likes and dislikes of the audience of the area that you are going to target.

What is the buying capacity of the people, what kind of rates are affordable by people of that area, these are the small factors but effect too big on your business.

You can fetch all this data from your competitor anonymously, you should visit their food truck, and observe everything for some duration on a daily basis.

I think I don’t need to mention that you can buy a different food from them, and keep watch on them to note down everything.

Don’t limit this market research to only one competitor, track as many competitors as you can, and spend the maximum time for market research.

While making a food truck business plan, you must take care of the taste quality of people and provide the best service to them.

Food truck Business Ideas – Selection Niche of Food Business

If you start a business of selling the chole kulche in Punjab, it will give you a massive revenue, but if you start a Gujarati dish, it may give you very little revenue.

I hope you have got my point, what I want to convey to you by this line. You have to take care of the taste of your local territory people.

This step must be executed while doing market research in regards to starting a food truck business.

You can visit many places and decide what the people of your area like, and what they eat more. This step will give you a perfect idea about selecting the food category.

At the beginning of the food truck business, do not try to cover too many items of too many categories of food, concentrate on a specific category.

For example, if you want to open a food truck for Italian items, then you should serve all Italian items, but don’t focus on other than Italian items.

Required License to Start a Food Truck Business

The standard of a Food Truck business is pretty different from a static food stall, there is not a special permit for the food truck business in India.

But there are significant licenses available to open a business of a food truck similar to opening a restaurant business in India.

In addition, the various cities have different types of permits and guidelines for food services in Indian territory.

But there are some common licenses that are a must to open a food truck business anywhere in India.

  • FSSAI: FSSAI license is for the food safety and security for the people, approval from FSSAI proves that your food is safe and eatable. You have to apply for FSSAI License, and after meeting your business with their criteria, you will get approved.
  • Fire Department NOC: The Food truck contains the fire sensitive objects like gas cylinder, oven, fuel,and boiler. These appliances can cause a fire accident, and that’s why you have to get an NOC from the Fire safety department.
  • Municipal Corporation Permit: You must have a permission from the Municipal Corporation of India to park your food truck, you can get it from the municipal office of your area.
  • License of Commercial Vehicle: You, or the owner of the truck, need a license of a commercial vehicle and NOC from your state RTO department to start a food truck business in Indian streets.

Benefits -Why Food Truck Business is Profitable in India

Start Food Truck Business in India

First of all, the recurring expense makes your products costly for the consumers, and it creates chaos to build a strong market in the business world.

The food truck business is the portable version of the restaurant, but at less expense and investment than a restaurant business.

As your recurring expense will be reduced too much, and the cost of making the food will be the same as the restaurant.

As a result, you will be able to provide the better and best quality of food at less than the restaurant’s rate to the people, which will build your brand in the mind of the audience.

Moreover, you will not be depending on a particular location, it’s quite advisable that you focus more on location before starting a food truck business.

But, if by chance, you lack in the location selection process, and choose a non-potential location, you can change it without any challenge.

If you have your own vehicle, then you will not have to pay a huge amount of rent for land or space. It will save your cost to make food, and you can transfer this savings to the customer by providing them with the best food at affordable rates.

Manpower For Making Food and Other Stuff

You will need a chef, server, and washer to survive the food truck business, because it is teamwork, and a crowd of people can not wait for so long.

If you are using disposable appliances like dishes and glass, then it will save the cost of one person, and it is quite advisable to use so.

A good food maker chef is the key point of your food truck, if you are a good cook, then you don’t need to hire the same.

But if you are not confident to prepare tasty food according to the people’s state, then do not take the risk of making the food yourself for the customer to save cost.

And according to my opinion, even if you are good at making food, hiring a professional chef will be more beneficial for your truck food business.

Cost for Opening a Food Truck Business in India

Start Food Truck Business in India

This is a very big challenge for starting a food truck business anywhere in India because you can not accomplish the requirements in 50k-60k.

You must have a vehicle (owned or rented), a good quality kitchen, disposable crockeries, raw m materials for different foods, gas cylinders, lighting, banners, decoration and customization, tables and chairs for customers.

The list may be longer in each case, but these are the basic mandatory things that you must have. So that you will have to research, and then make a budget plan to start a food business in India.

Choose the right vehicle for your business, if the demand is too high, you can not adjust the required kitchen in a small area.

Initially, you should borrow a vehicle for rent, and then if you become confident enough about sustaining the business, then you can go for buying your own commercial vehicle.

Investment is a bigger challenge for small scale business ideas, and for a solution, you have multiple ways.

Either you can use your savings if you have, or you can apply for a business loan to defined authorities of India.

Location Selection For Food Truck Business in India

Here I want to congratulate you because you are going to plan the location barrier-free business idea.

But it does not mean that you lack in selecting a proper location, the constant presence of your food truck will create your branding on people’s minds.

So, you will have to take extra care while selecting the location. Main road or cornered space, near the crowdy residential areas like raw house society, falts, the multinational company are the best locations for your food truck business in your territory.

If there are some restaurants around you, it can be the better place as well, because the people have a tendency of comparing the price and quality of two products, which can be more beneficial for you.

Secondly, you will have to work only 50% to make customers, because you will be getting most of the audience from the existing restaurants.

The third one, last but not the least, is near a big garden. Garden is the place where many people come to spend their free time, and they can be your potential customers as well.

Marketing – Online and Offline

Never try to grow your business without the help of marketing, and in the era of very tough competition, marketing is the mandatory aspect to hike your business.

Adopt the online and offline strategies of marketing, for online marketing, you can use digital marketing by using social media, and your local online community.

If you have a good budget for online marketing, you can hire a professional to do so, and it is the right investment.

The investment of 2000 rupees for online marketing can bring the customers 20,000 rupees, it’s just an example to define the power of online marketing.

In the era of technology, many people are avoiding offline marketing, which you should not do.

Offline marketing also is holding great potential to grab potential customers. Flexing the banners, distributing pamphlets are still working a lot.

Partnership With Online Food Delivery Apps

Don’t leave any single corner from where you can expand your business in your area, and the integration with the food delivery app is the best way to expand your business without spending money on extra marketing.

In fact, there are many online food delivery apps, but zomato and swiggy are the most preferable online food delivery apps.

Conclusion on How to Start a Food Truck Business in India

It’s pretty much easy to find the best ways to start the food truck business in India if you have a proper mentorship. We are taking that responsibility to provide a better solution for business ideas and processes to our readers.

Once again I want to remind you of an important step to do not lack in selecting the location for your business, you should grow your business as a brand by selecting a proper and perfect location for your business of food truck.

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