How to Start Online Clothing Business In India 2021 – Step By Step Process – Best Guide

How to Start Online Clothing Business In India

The clothing business has a very huge potential in India and especially after developing the technology, each business has hiked a wide jump since the last many years.

If you start any business, Garment Manufacturing Business, Home Appliances Business, Vegetable Business, or any other business, you can make multiple revenues by taking it online.

Starting an online business garment in India is not a big deal if you have a proper strategy to execute it.

Online selling of clothes sounds to register your business on an Ecommerce site and continue, hence, it’s right but not completed, because the online community is too wide in itself.

If you want to switch your clothing business online, you are having a lot of ideas that can make your business scalable and more profitable.

It’s suggested that you should do either garment retail business or garment wholesale business, and it’s quite true, but if you are having good management skills, you can run both types of businesses parallelly.

Many people always think about how do I start an online clothing business, but they can not conclude from where they do start, right?

Before you start an online apparel selling business, you should properly understand what is online clothing business is.

Online clothe business stands for you provide the garments to the customer without wasting their time, they just see the pics and catalog of your garment collection and will choose their selection.

You will be delivering them their selected apparel at their doorstep without making them moved a single step.

The business of selling garments online can be done in various ways which I am going to explore in this article that will help you a lot to boost your business and you will open a new direction to scale your garment business in India.

Register Your Brand – Business on Ecommerce Site

Since the online selling website have been introduced, it has changed the whole concept of the business.

Prior to some years, if you would have a store of toys, your customer base was local around 5-10 km from your shop, and your revenue also was saturated and limited.

However after the online selling merchant websites have been introduced, you are not bounded to sell your products in the limited area.

If you are having a small shop in Ahmedabad, your customer can be from Kerala also, because a person of Kerala also can see the collection of your business online.

If you want to spread your business over India, you are supposed to connect with those sources which are spread across India.

Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Meesho are the very popular, trusted, and reputed sites that will spread your garments in every corner of India.

You are supposed to follow a certain process to connect with those sites which are quite easy, you will need to provide some documents like PAN Card, GST Number, and some other required documents.

Amazon is a multi-wide site that will promote your product everywhere, same like Flipkart is another best option for you.

Myntra is the best option for your online cloth selling business Myntra does not sell multiple products on its site, it sells only clothes, so people do more trust in Myntra compared to other sites.

What’s The Charge to Regiester on Ecommerce Sites

Registering and take your garment business online is totally free of cost, it means they do not charge any kind of fees from you, but they take a minimal share of the selling price of your product as their commission.

Generally, the commission is around 5% of the selling price of the Product, but it’s strongly recommended you double confirmed while registering your online clothing business on the Ecommerce site.

Benefit of Registering on Ecommerce Site

The biggest benefit of registering your online clothing business with an e-commerce site is that you will be saving the cost, energy, and efforts for the marketing of your brand and products.

Ecommerce sites have their own audience which always gets increased day by day so that you would not have to tell the audience about your product by adding your own efforts and expenses.

If you are providing the best quality and services, your customer base will hike day by day without any extra effort because e-commerce sites display the review and feedback from the customers for your products.

Benefits of Online Clothing Business

If a customer has come to an e-commerce site to purchase only one apparel, an e-commerce site can generate multiple sales from him.

Ecommerce site suggests the customer’s multiple variations and products regarding the customer’s interest on the same window which increases the chances of multiple sales from one customer in one go.

You will be free from the courier or delivery process of the product to the customer because as long as they will get the order, the e-commerce site will collect the product from you and will make it delivered to the customer’s location.

Ecommerce Sites Hire Affiliates For More Sale

Ecommerce sites are always in search of more sales in order to generate more revenue and for that, they adopt the affiliate marketing strategy.

They hire the affiliates who promote the products registered on the e-commerce site and generate the sales, in reward of generating the sales, e-commerce sites give some amount as a commission from their profit revenue.

As a result, affiliates promote more and more products and more sales get generated which indirectly becomes too much beneficial for your online clothing business.

Create Your Own Website For Online Selling Garment


It’s also a very good approach to create your own website to carry your clothing business online and stand a brand reputation for your garment business online.

Creating your own website for an online business requires investment and lots of effort, you will need a developer for making a website.

Or else you can use one of the different best website builder platforms like Wix, Majesto, WordPress, or another website builder.

For the payment transaction, you will need to integrate the payment gateway from where customers pay you the amount, integration of the payment gateway is totally free.

If you want to build an e-commerce site on WordPress, you can build it by using Woocommerce which is quite easy.

You will be requiring a good domain name that forces the people to click on your site, a good hosting that can bear the load of a huge number of visitors.

Only making a website will not accomplish your goal, you will need either organic or paid traffic on your website to get the sales.

If you want organic traffic (Free Traffic), you will have to do the best SEO with keyword research and also create a blog section inside the website informing the people about products and niche-related details.

If you are not aware of anything about website building and blogging, you will have to hire a team for different modules and will have to pay them for different tasks.

Else you can opt-in for the paid traffic, where you will be paying some amount to google and google will send the traffic on your site without doing SEO and other required stuff.

Offer The Reselling Garment Business to Resellers

There are many people who want to do the online garment business but they do not have enough funds to establish the business and manage the inventory.

Those people are very potential customers for you who will be bringing a lot of customers for you, the process and agenda of this strategy are quite simple and easy to execute.

You will be contacting them and making a deal that you will be sending the products catalog to them and they will be spreading it in their network.

Now, one thing I want to mention is that the network of Resellers is too big beyond your imagination.


Why I am saying this is because I was doing the garment reselling business and still doing a part-time.

When I was doing an online garment reselling business full time, my network was more than 30,000 people including all social media from where I was getting 500+ orders per day, and I had to hire a team to manage the orders as well.

Online Garment Resellers are not able to hold the huge stock of garments to sell online due to insufficient funds, that’s why they promote your products and forward the query or order as long as they receive.

You would have to agree to provide them a single piece or a small number of garments according to their orders.

This was for one reseller, in order to make your business scalable, you are supposed to tie up with 15+ active online garment resellers who will be generating 50+ sales for you.

Promote Your Business on Social Media and Google

Do you know that you can generate an endless number of sales using social media and Google to sell cloth online?

Running ads on social media and Google will grab a particular class of customers for your online garment selling business.

You can target a specific audience according to your product’s nature, like if you are selling only Sarees, then you can set parameters by which only married women will see your ads.

By running Google Ads, you can display your business and product details on the Top of the Google Search Engines for your product-related queries also.

For example, you are selling only men’s shirts and you want that anyone anywhere in India to search “Best Men’s Shirt” then your product listing should appear there, you can set this by running Google Ads.

Budget For SEM and SMM

For running ads on social media and Google, you will have to pay them, and they will charge you either on PPC base or RPM base.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, whenever you will appear, you will not be charged until a user clicks on it, if he clicks, you will be charged as per the keyword charges.

If your ad appears 1000 times and no one clicks on it, your balance will not deduct a single rupee.

RPM stands for Cost Per 1000 Impression, you will be charged on ads displaying 1000 times as per the decided rate.

It doesn’t matter how many users how many times click on your ads, you will not be charged for clicks.

For the Facebook ads, you have to add the money to your wallet to run the ads, Facebook does not charge per click or per impression.

It will run the ads for few days according to your budget and it will give you the number of engagements.

For Example, Facebook may give you the 2000 users’ engagement in 100 rupees, which means if you run the Facebook ad of 100 rupees budget, Facebook will make your ad reached 2000 your selected people according to set filters by you while creating the campaign.

Create Your Own Community On Social Media

Building your own community of the audience will be your permanent asset because, by the other sources, customers will come, buy a product then will go back.

It is not sure whether he will come back ever or not, but if you have a list of the permanent customer, you can approach them in the future for your other or new products.

For building a lot of term community of audience, you should create a page and group on Facebook and post your product regularly on them.

In the initial phase, people may not order a single product, but you have to keep working on it without expecting any return, you will see the unbelievable result after few days.

Similarly, create the group or channel on telegram, and keep publishing the pics with details on Instagram.

Till here, everything is fine and manageable, but one most important thing that you have to do is that you are supposed to interlink all the accounts with each other, and as a result of it, the audience will be rotated from one to another and will be aware more about your brand.

How do I start an online clothing business from home?

Starting an online clothing business from home is not a big deal but quite easy, you just have a smartphone and a good internet connection.
I would not suggest you create an online store and that kind of way, I am going to share the simplest way to take your clothing business online in India.
You should dig the land there where the water exists, right?
Promote your clothes on social media on the appropriate page, group, and place where the garment’s interesting audience exists.
It’s not a quick-return process, so it would take a little time to get the engagement, but after a certain time, you will be having a strong and big community to sell your garment products online.


You should attack of a dig where the water exists, similarly, If you should promote your garment products where the interested audience exists.

If you could fetch the mindset of the public, then Marketing is the easiest process and if you couldn’t then it’s the toughest process.

Carrying the clothing business online in India nowadays is not a big deal, it matters how you run it.

If needed, you should build a team but you should utilize every possible platform to promote garments online and generate sales because online selling is going to be the backbone of every business in the upcoming very few times.

Ordinary people spend most of their time on social media so you should focus more on social media marketing according to my experience and also cover the other sources.

Like, Ecommerce sites are one of the best sources to market your online clothing business, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra are the best of them.

Personally, I don’t recommend building your own site for selling garments online because you will have to compete with very big, reputed, and old sites.

And, if they are providing us good marketing, and a huge customer base at minimal charges, then why we should invest extra money, efforts, and energy to do the same work, right?

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