How to Start Reselling Business – 40k Revenue Per Month – Best Guide

In this article, you will know what reselling business is and how to start reselling business which makes you able to make at least 30k to 40k rupees of revenue per month in India.

If you are one of those people who are going to start a reselling business or recently started the same, then this article is key to success for you.

After this article till the end, you will come to know how you can make thousands of rupees by starting your own online reselling business with the help of only social media platforms.

You might not be aware that there are more than 50 lakh resellers in India who are earning up to 40k rupees per month by doing an online reselling business only.

They don’t invest in website development, digital marketing, or any other paid earning source. There are some methods by which you also can do the same.

And I am making you pretty sure that if you follow the process which I am suggesting in this article for 8-10 months, you also will be making a certain amount of money per month by doing an online business of reselling.

How to Start Reselling Business Online

Do you know that you have the potential to earn up to 50k per month without running any physical business, without enrolling in any paid course, or without developing any website or investing in paid ad campaigns.

Yes, and it’s 100% true! And you are able to do so if you follow the step-by-step guide given in this article.

First of all, you need to that what is the reselling business, and what are its operations, and it’s essential to know for you.

The concept of reselling is very simple, Reselling business is a basic level of e-commerce business.

You already know what an e-commerce business is, an e-commerce business stands for making online transactions by selling the products online.

The basic reselling business is that basic level of e-commerce business where you don’t manage the inventory of products.

You take the products from the wholesaler (you don’t purchase), and sell them to the customers and consumers and earn the profit between both.

Before some years it was not possible, because you would have purchased the product first, stored it in your shop or warehouse, dealt with the customers, and then traded.

And that’s why the establishment of physical stores or shops needs a very huge investment.

But after starting the era of digitalization, all things have been transformed in the digital form.

Now, you are not supposed to manage the inventory by stocking with you in your warehouse, you just pick the photos of products, and sell them to the customers.

Now, you might be thinking how could you sell the product without having it, right?

See, the social media platforms are free of cost, and you have to just do social media marketing, so the maximum number of people can see the product’s pics that you have collected from the wholesalers.

More people will see the photos of your products, more people will connect with you and more people buy the products from you, and eventually, you would be earning without spending a single rupee by social media and WhatsApp.

Potential of Online Reselling Business

Nowadays, more than 50 lakh people are involved in online reselling business in India, and you also are seeing that many numbers of online reselling companies have been introduced by investing huge money in this business model.

So, it is quite understood that if someone is investing crores of rupees in such a business model, then that business model must have the potential of earning and returning.

You would be seeing Meesho, Dukaan app, Glowroad, and many other online reselling apps that are trending in India for online reselling business.

I am not saying that you must collaborate with these companies, yes if you don’t have any wholesalers and you are a beginner, then you can use them as a starter.

But I always recommend that you connect with the wholesaler directly, and as a benefit, you will get the direct price, low price, and you would be making a good relationship with the wholesaler which is essential to establish the long term business model.

There is a very special advantage of making relations with professionals, in the future, when you will go on a higher level, you will start your business on a huge scale, that wholesaler will give you products on credit, nice services.

And one thing is world known, when there are good personal relationships in the business industry, as a result of it the business grows very quickly.

Combining all the matters, if you want to make your brand, then the business of online reselling is the best model for you.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore how to start a reselling business and add value to our carrier graph.

Choose Your Product

The first process of starting an online reselling business is to choose your product. It should not be done that you start to sell every product or sell random products.

I have seen some resellers who are selling multiple types of products in their group. I recommend that you promote the products of a particular category.

By doing this, your customer will realize that you have expertise in one niche and will trust you more.

If you go somewhere to buy the clothes for you, and you see that the seller is selling the shoes, artificial jewelry, and cosmetics also along with the garments.

Would you prefer me to buy the clothes for you from there?



Because you don’t find any specialization there and you will not trust that you would be getting a good deal there.

So, I strongly recommend you focus on one niche, and promote the products of a particular niche to widen your business quickly.

Build Your Brand

The second essential step of the online business of reselling is building the brand.

Keep a logo, select a good name for your brand, and they should be in such a way that could be easy for people to recognize again and again.

For example, chai sutta bar, this name is very unique and easy to remember. If any person reads this name once, he can not forget it soon.

So, it is very important that you decide the name and logo of your brand wisely, do deep research for it, and take the advice of an expert if anyone is available around you.

Social Media Profile

There are 4 major social media platforms that are most responsible for the highest numbers of reselling.

  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

These 4 social media platforms consume the highest numbers of reselling, customers, consumers, and conversions as well.

Now, it is very important to create a magnetic profile, because by doing this, you are near to becoming an influencer.

People will not know the supplier whose products you are recommending, people know only you, and they will purchase the products by trusting you only.

Find The Genuine Supplier

As much as reliable and trusted suppliers you find, your business will become stronger. If the products and services are better off the supplier, you can forward the same to your customers.

Another thing is that you should not rely only on one supplier, you should make a network of suppliers, so in some cases, if something is not available with one supplier, you can make it available from the other supplier, and fulfill the demand of your customers.

Your supplier should have the capability to provide you with the products on demand, which means, when you receive the order from a customer, and send the details to the supplier, he must be able to send the product instantly.

The next step is very simple, but you need to be consistent, otherwise, you may spoil the potential of the business.

Digital Marketing – Free Marketing Strategies

Here, digital marketing does not mean that you need to run the Facebook ads and Google ads by paying money to them.

Once you start to get the details from the suppliers on Whatsapp, then you need to just market them on social media.

Here you need to try to reach the maximum of interested and targeted people to generate more sales.

Once anyone sees the products on social media, they will come on WhatsApp, and you need to communicate with them in a proper way.

During the communication, you will be explaining more about the product, solving their queries, in some cases, you will have to negotiate also, and you will be selling the product there.

Update and Follow Ups

Once you get a paid customer, save his number, add him to the broadcast list, and keep sending him every new update.

Because a customer who has purchased a product from you by trusting on you will purchase the products multiple times from you.

Once you make 1,500 to 2,000 customers (which is not too difficult), then you don’t need to do marketing. Those customers will be doing marketing for you.

Who Can Become a Reseller?

Many people are confused about whether they can do online reselling business or not, what they need, what is the minimum qualification etc…

The answer is: anyone can start the business of online reselling, you don’t need any degree, any qualification.

There are only three mandatory skills to start an online reselling business, you should have the knowledge of:

  • Product Selling
  • Social Media Handling
  • Sales and Marketing

One more thing is that it’s not mandatory that you must have a very deep knowledge of the above-mentioned aspects. The basic knowledge of it is enough. It will be upgraded with experience.

If you have the basic knowledge about how online selling is done, how shipping proceeds, how to operate social media platforms, and how to negotiate with customers, then you can start an online reselling business very easily.

As long as you start exploring the online reselling business, you will learn many new things yourself, so don’t think of useless things, education doesn’t matter here.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter who you are and what you are, even if you are a woman, housewife, working woman, teenager, old man or woman, student, or anything, you can easily start and run an online reselling business in India.

How to do Marketing For Online Reselling Business?

Marketing is an essential pillar for each business, and there are certain stages and differences with the growth of the business.

It means when your business is in the beginning segment, there are different marketing strategies, when it is in the growing stage, marketing strategies are different from the beginning.

The marketing in the beginning period of business is done by testimonials and reviews.

Testimonials and reviews stand for the feedback and recommendation from that user who already has used your products practically, and has experienced your products.

So that if he recommends your products, then your audience trusts more of your products.

If you want to invest in marketing in the beginning, then invest only in Influencer marketing only, never go for any other marketing else.

Investment and Profit Margin

If you are thinking about investment, then let me tell you that it depends upon you, even if you can start with zero investment as well.

But starting an online reselling business with zero investment is not recommendable, you should invest around Rs 10,000/- to bring the samples to market in your local area.

Talking about the profit margin, you can also make a profit of Rs 300/- to Rs 400/- per product if you resell the high-quality products.

Never keep an approach to promote and resell the low-quality products to anyone, it will give you only the short-term benefit.

Conclusion on Online Reselling Business

Online reselling business is one of the most emerging businesses in this decade, and a huge investment of online reselling apps and companies is the best and live proof of the potential and profitability of this business model.

While doing the business of online reselling, you must take care that you are dealing with genuine wholesalers who are able to provide you the products on demand, and they never lack in the service and quality both.

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