How to Start Vegetable Business in India at Anywhere 2021 || Best Step by Step Guide

How to Start Vegetable Business in India at Anywhere 2021

The most beneficial feature of the Vegetable Business is that it is an EverGreen business and it never sees the face of the recession period and runs with consistent sustainability.

Many people are neglecting the business of vegetables but they are not aware of vegetables business profit and ease of work.

Vegetable business doesn’t mean that you open a small cabin and sell the vegetables or sell the vegetable door to door by carrying them on the moving cabin.

It’s a business and if you run it in a strategic way, it can make you 6 digit earning person in only 5 years, you are supposed to do it with full focus, consistency, and providing customer satisfaction.

If you really want to start a vegetable business in India, don’t start it in a typical way, execute the vegetable shop business plan in a strategic way.

I am going to educate you about how to start a vegetable business in India step by step which will open your mind and you would not be able to stop yourself by executing the vegetable business plan.

Define The Vegetable Business Name

Choose a relative and proper name for your vegetable business because the name of the business or shop drives the maximum customer traffic for your business.

Some people choose the business name in a typical and old way like the names of the human name, wife name, child name, or god name, don’t do this.

Choose a trendy name that represents the nature of your business, like Vegbazaar, Freshveg, or else you can use the Business name generator tools for vegetable business name ideas which will suggest you the best name for your business according to the nature of your business.

Do The Market Research

You might be thinking that why should you do the market research to start the vegetable business, right?

But you do, because market research is the first and initial step must be taken prior to starting any business.

You are not going to sell the vegetable door to door by carrying the vegetables in a moving cabin, you are establishing a shop of vegetables at a static place, that’s why Market Research is a must.

Research that whether the people around the territory are happy with the current vegetable sources or not, what they are missing, what they are looking for, how is the rate, do they get the vegetables in a timely manner or not, and what they want extra.

Collect all the requirements and analyze them deeply so that you can conclude that what will be your focused point and what is the loophole of the current vegetable supplier.

Choose The Best Location

Most of the start-ups lack here and that’s the major reason why they can not sustain for a long.

If you would be running a business that does not need a walk-in customer like wholesaling business, or manufacturing business, the location would not matter a minute.

But you are going to execute a vegetable business idea that consumes the walk-in customer, so the location is the top of the most mandatory aspects.

Choose the Shop location in a massive population area, if possible, have a shop with L shape with more traffic of the people.

See, the vegetable is a daily routine appliance, and it is not too expensive that people will search for 4-5 shops, so choose the location of shop from where you can grab the maximum customer traffic.

Have a Proper Shop in Populated Area – Vegetable Shop Business Plan

The shop is mandatory if you want to grow vegetable selling as a scalable business, shop is the trademark of your business.

You will be noticing that there are many people who sell the vegetables on moving cabin near your shop but still you will get the customer because you are on a static place.

By having the shop, a person can create an identity and trustworthiness for his regular customers, if by mistake, you sell any damaged product to the customer, he will be relaxed in spite of it, because he knows that you will be available on the same place for replacement.

Customize the shop and furniture according to the requirements, like, do not keep the vegetables in a helter-skelter manner, arrange them in a proper sequence and manner.

Tag each and every vegetable by its price per kg or whatever weight quantity is comfortable in your area according to the people’s consumption.

Vegetable Business

Arrange all the rack of vegetables at a proper height which is visible for each height of customers, if you arrange the rack on heighted place, the short heighted customer will not be able to access it easily.

Tie Up With Direct Merchants of Vegetables

As a shop owner, you can not sell the vegetables at a higher rate than the market rate because there is very high competition in this business, and in a low profit, you will not sustain for a long time.

You might be thinking that how could you sustain the business with low profit because you are supposed to arrange many recurring expenses like rent of the shop, electricity bill, the salary of the employee, tax, and other misc expenses, right?

Don’t worry, you will not have to compromise on your profit, I suggest you the best way to manage all things together.

Purchase the required vegetables from the direct merchant of vegetables instead of the wholesalers, wholesalers will sell you the materials with the adding the Brokerage of 8% to 10% according to the government norms.

If you purchase the vegetables from the direct merchant, you will not have to pay the extra brokerage of 8% to 10% which will be directly added to your net profit.

How to Approach For Tie Up With The Merchants of Vegetables

In the beginning, the consumption of vegetables for your shop will not be much more and that’s why the merchant can deny you to supply the vegetables you directly because they supply in bulk only due to the low-profit margin per kg.

But you do not need to worry about this, you have to apply a strategy to connect with the direct merchant permanently.

You can combine the requirements of multiple shops, make a bulk requirement and then order for the big bulk to the direct merchant, and you have to keep this chain running ever.

Market Your Business With Strategy

Marketing is the legs of any business, Marketing of your business aware the people about your business and products.

You can distribute the templates in your local area for the audience’s awareness about your business, and the digital marketing of your business is the best strategy for your business.

In the current duration, digital marketing is the most potent marketing strategy, either you do typical local marketing or do digital marketing, both require money.

If we compare both of them by example, an investment of 100 rupees in local marketing returns you the 10 customers in a month whereas digital marketing reflects 50+ customers in a month in the same investment.

Be Engaged With Customers

Vegetable Business

Engagement with customers is the best policy for each business, in the vegetable business, it’s too mandatory to engage with customers and taking care of their requirements and satisfaction.

Ask the customers for their feedback, what they want as a change or modification in service, and quality aspects.

The suggestions of the customers will enhance your mind to provide them the better quality vegetables in services and make sure that they are comfortable with the rate and services as well.

Vegetable Business contains the communication and interaction with women mostly, so make sure that your staff (if you have) is treating them nicely and providing them to access to buy.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management of Vegetable Business in India is a hard challenge because the rest material of today will be converted into garbage tomorrow.

The quality and freshness of the vegetables with the time gets dull in few hours, for that you should bring the deep freezer for the survival of vegetables for 1-2 days.

Purchase the vegetables from the merchant according to the requirements, do not make the over purchase because the over purchase will ruin your profit.

Selling Strategy and Method

The selling strategy of vegetables is quite different than other businesses, you have to make a strong strategy with variance in the price of vegetables.

At the beginning of the day, sell the maximum vegetables at the market rate, as long as the best quality of vegetables get sold, make some decrement in the rate.

This will not affect your overall profit because you would have already covered the expected profit by selling the vegetables at higher rates at the beginning of the day.

For the last 3 hours of the day, downgrade the rates, and try to sell maximum vegetables because if you do not adjust the rate, those vegetables will not be sold, and you will have to bear the total loss.

For example, 4 kg Cabbage is unsold, which purchase cost is Rs. 10 and your regular selling price is Rs 16.

Now if you do not downgrade the rate, it will not be sold and be the cause of the loss of Rs. 40 tomorrow.

If you sell it at the rate of Rs 13 per kg, it will make Rs. 52 instead of Rs. 64, it means the 12 rs loss in profit.

Here you should note that you were supposed to suffer the loss of Rs. 40 which was rescued by applying the rate variance strategy.

Vegetable Home Delivery Business Plan

Vegetable Business

Business Enhancement makes the business scalable, doesn’t matter which business you are doing.

In the pandemic duration, people are avoiding going outside from the home and it’s an opportunity for you.

You can enhance your business and the customer base along with the profit revenue for the vegetable business by executing the Vegetable Home Delivery Business Plan.

The Process of a Vegetable Home Delivery Service is quite simple if you execute it with proper planning and teamwork.

The business of vegetable home delivery contains the marketing strategy, building the regular customer base, collecting the orders in advance, execute the delivery in a timely manner, and payment options.

You can also state the Business of Home Delivery of Vegetables as the Door to Door Vegetable Business because in this business model you are providing the vegetables to the doorstep of the customers.

You are supposed to provide multiple payment options to the customers, and after a certain time with building a strong relationship with customers, you can provide the vegetables on credit as well.

Online Vegetable Business Plan

Moving the business online allows you to interact with a huge amount of customers which directly impacts the revenue of your business.

While providing the home delivery service for vegetables, you can ask the customers to place the orders via Whatsapp/call or you can launch an android app by which customer would be placing the order.

If you want to spread your business outside of your territory or city/district, you can offer a franchise to the willing people.

Vegetable Business Investment

The major part of the vegetable business (even for any business) is an investment, how much investment will you have to prepare before starting the vegetable business or India, or can say vegetable shop setup cost, right?

Well, it defers with the location, you can consider the rent of the shop around 10k to 15k which is maximum, you are not supposed to pay more than this amount anywhere in India, because you will not require too much space for this business.

The expense of daily vegetables depends on the daily selling bulk, on average, you will not need more than 5000/- per day initially and it would be rotating day by day.

Per day 5000/- doesn’t mean that you will have to arrange 1,50,000/- per month, that 5000/- will be rotated, sometimes you will have to add some money, sometimes you will be reducing from it.

If you hire an employee, his or her salary would be around 8000-12000, however in a starting phase, you will not need it, it is an optional expense if you are willing to do it, you can, otherwise, it’s not mandatory.

And the other misc. expenses like transportation, electricity bill, etc… you will have to manage.

So, combining all the expenses, if you have Rs. 30k around, you can easily execute this one of the best business ideas in India without having any hurdles.

Vegetables Business Profit

How much profit margin in vegetable business in India are you expecting? If you can not imagine, let me share the profit margin of the vegetable business and it is up to 40% depending on the kind of vegetable.

The vegetable business profit is one of largest percentage amongst all businesses in India, yes, initially, when you would not have a huge customer base, you will not realize the effect of profit in vegetable business.

However, as long as your business customer base will increase and you will be selling the vegetables to walk-in customers along with the home delivery customers, you will realize the total profit for the month is more than expected.

Is Vegetable Business Profitable?

Yes, Vegetable Business is one of the most profitable businesses in India, hence it contains up to 40% profit on each module.
It depends on how you execute the business, which strategy you apply to run and enhance the business parallelly.
Sticking your business in a limited territory in one place statically will not show the expected profit.

How do I start a vegetable business?

Starting a vegetable business is not a big deal, it does not require much more investment, if you are living in any area of India, you can start with just Rs. 30k as investment including one-time investment and recurring expense.
Market Research, Customer Engagement, Choosing the proper location, Marketing the Business, and Providing Quality and Service to the customers are the main pillars of a vegetable business.

Conclusion on Vegetable Business Idea in India

There is not a single business that generates money or revenue, it’s you and your business strategies that decide that you will be generating money or losing money.

I personally have run this business, I have run many businesses in my life and I am sharing my experiences with you and also mentioning what you should not do while executing the business idea.

There is not any business in the world which will be reflecting the profit from the same day or second day of starting it.

You would have to spend some duration without profit because the profit is a by-product and the customer base & your services are being-product.

Customers will start trusting you after experiencing you, and the time between your service and their experience is crucial, so when you start a vegetable business anywhere in India, focus on quality and customer service instead of profit.

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