How To Startup Business in India – Proven Guide Will Make You Success in Startup [2022]

How To Startup Business in India

Many people are suffering from the question How To Startup Business in India, they are not able to recognize about which business they should start, and the time keeps spending itself and they are losing that things which are never going to return.

Starting a new business is not a big deal when you have a certain experience, but if you are not aware of the business aspects fully, it creates chaos at each step of your business journey.

Remember one thing that you must need a mentor before, while, and after starting a new business idea anywhere in India, and we the “masterbusinessideas” would like to have that opportunity and educate you about How To Startup Business in India.

Acquiring the first 1000 customers becomes the game-changing point for any business, and in this article, you will learn everything about the start-up.

You might have learned about business startup ideas in India stating the process of starting up a business, but in this article, I am going to explain the strategies and fundaments of startup business ideas in India.

Identify Your Customer

Identify the customer - How To Startup Business in India

Before starting up any business, you need to recognize who are your potential customers, don’t try to sell your product to everyone.

Some business startups do one mistake that they keep the price very low to acquire more customers, hence, it’s not a bad approach, but you have another good option.

Make your product for the dedicated audience, For example, if you want to start a toy shop, then the parents are your potential customers.

You might be thinking how could the parents be your potential customer while toys are favorites of kids, right?

Yes, you are right, but the kids are not having the buying potential, Parents of the kids hold the buying potential, so your potential customers are the parents.

So, when you start marketing for the toy business, you are supposed to target the parents instead of the children.

See The Problems From The Customer’s View

Analyze the requirements and demand from the customer’s point of view, every big business is applying the same strategy to enhance their business.

For example, Paytm launched its services in 2014 when none of the Indian Population was aware of what is online payment transaction.

But Vijay Shekhar Sharma realized that the upcoming time is going to become a technical time and people will need the ease of transaction of money.

When he started Paytm, he was not earning anything from Paytm, and today, there are many other online payment transaction merchants in the market, but none of them can give the competition to Paytm.

The Keypoint of Vijay Shekhar Sharma was that he saw the market from the point of view of the customer, thought what if I were in place of the customer, what would I require?

So, if you want to start up a business, it’s unavoidable part to recognize the point of view of your customers.

See The Problems From The Customer’s View- -
How To Startup Business in India

Acquire The Small Market

When a player learns to bat, the coach does not inspire him to cross the main boundary line first, he teaches the player to cross the inner boundary first.

Similarly, you are supposed to cover the small market first, and then enhance the business with a slow-motion initially.

Acquire the maximum coverage of a small market, which becomes your business stable first, if your business is stable, you will get very much ease to make it scalable and profitable soon.

If you are climbing a mountain, your shoes must be strong and you must have enough oxygen.

Focus on value creation, value creation is one of the most needed pillars of growing sales.

Focused Pilot Market

Before jumping for acquiring a small level market, you are supposed to do some basic research which allows you to take the firm decision about moving ahead.

Check if your customer is fully funded or not, and whether your customer is easily accessible or not.

Find the strong reason for the customer to purchase your product, and are you able to avail the product for your customer on demand.

Another important aspect you need to check that how much competition is in the niche of your business, and what would be your next step after winning the small market.

Focus on Products And Services

Make your product and service full of quality that the customer inspires to pay you in Advance, if he is not ready to pay, then at least he must be convenient for paying the deposit.

Your product and service must be appealing, you might have not to speak anything about your product, your product must speak about you.

If I give you an example of Chai Sutta Bar, Today, After 5 years, they do not have to spend a single rupee for their marketing, because their product quality and services are describing their business themselves.

Customer Profiling

Identify your customer that who and what your customer is, make a mini-biography of your customer.

For example, whether your customer is male or female, does he or she have a buying potential or not, how would you communicate with him, Make the marketing strategy according to the nature and aspects of your customers.

For example, if you are planning to start up a business of Saree Making in India, then your potential customers are mostly married women.

In this business, it’s advisable to hire female employees for the marketing stuff because they can communicate with the women very nicely without any chaos.

Build Your Brand

Build your brand iconic image

It’s quite true that building a brand takes a few months or a few years, but nowadays, with the assistance of technology, you can reduce this time by branding your business online in India.

Do a little bit of investment, create your business website when you will be building up your portfolio.

Provide your full-size image on the About Us page of your website, share your skills and testimonials, Accolades.

Share your case studies, your achievements, any rewards if you have got from anywhere and make your portfolio stronger.

Mention on the Customer Acquisition page that ” You Don’t Get Paid For The Time You Spend, You Get Paid For The Value You Create

Don’t try to make the customer realized how much hard work you did for him, make him realized how much value you provided him.

Emphesize on The Marketing Aspect

Hence, your business is just started up, you do have not any reputation, trustability, or authenticity in people’s minds.

Marketing strategy for business must be pure and intent oriented, your product must be reached to only your potential audience, and for that, you should accept the digital marketing approach.

You might be aware of the power of marketing that bad marketing of the best product can not generate a single sales, but the best marketing of the worst product can generate th0usands of sales.

Follow Up With Customer

Following up makes the impossible deals ever, follow-ups do not stand for begging and sales, or funding, it indicates your passion, your dedication towards your business.

You might not familiar with the incidence of getting the first funding to Ritesh Agarwal for the OYO start up.

He got the Funding for OYO Business Star up after 38 Times Follow up and the investor told that he did not raise the funding for OYO due to following up 38 times, but he raised the funding by considering the fire of Ritesh Agrawal to expand the business.

Investment Arrangement

Start up of any business requires a noticeable amount as an investment, so you must have the required amount with enough backup.

If you do not have so, you can raise a request for Mudra Loan, which helps you to arrange a fund, or you can raise the fund from VC by sharing your business plan with them.

Business Startup Ideas in India

Before starting up any business in India, you need to recognize many things as I mentioned above, in which area you are starting a business, from which state you belong, and many more aspects you are supposed to analyze.

For Example, if you want to start a business in Gujarat, Gujarat has different potential startup business ideas than Mumbai, Kerala, and other states and cities.

Every startup business idea contains a different strategy, it depends on which business you are going to startup.

Many startup ideas get failed due to inappropriate marketing strategy, targeting wrong and more customers to generate more sales, locating the business in the wrong place.

One very important recommendation I want to suggest to you for Business Startup Ideas in India, whether you launch any business idea, do not forget to connect with the online community.

I have some suggestions for Business startup Ideas in India that will make your business profitable, scalable, and sustainable, hence, you can also opt for another one apart from these according to your interest and experience.

Vegetable Home Delivery Business Idea

Vegetable Home Delivery is one of the best startup business models in India which is going to become very huge in the upcoming time, and I have personally run this business idea and I got massive success in it, currently, it is being handled by my partners.

The mechanism of the vegetable home delivery business idea is quite simple and easy to follow that will save you a lot of time by switching it on the automated mode.

Garment Manufacturing Business in India

If you want to start a long-lasting business startup Idea, the garment manufacturing business could be one of the best startup businesses for you.

The business of garment manufacturing requires a lot of investment with an almost equal backup amount which you must have, and if you do not have, you need to arrange it or you can apply for the business loan or raise a request for funding to the funding agencies as well.


It’s quite true that starup business requires too much attention, but if you move with proper planning, strategy and back up plans, you never see the face of faluire.

I have failed 4 times in business then I got my first success, and after that I have never seen the face of failure because during the 4 failure, I had gathered about what not to do during executing any business idea.

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