7 Essential Tips: How to Increase Sales For Small Business

Whether you have an online business or an offline business, you must have enough customers to make your business scalable, profitable, and sustainable.

Moving forward, your business might be a small business or large business, but the conditions and nature remain the same so that you need the respective volume of the customers.

The customer does not become a customer directly, it is the prospect first, and then your influence and other aspects of your products and service make him the customer.

Okay, fine, you got the customers and consumers as well, but is it enough to have customers?


Until and unless you make sales, the customer will not pass the worth to your business, so it is essential to increase the sales, and in this article, you will learn how you can increase sales for small business and large business as well.

Steps to Increase Sales For Small Business

In this article, you are going to get an invaluable treasury of tips to hike the sales of your business, it doesn’t matter whether it is a small business or a wide business.

Sales increasing is not a normal process that you can execute by doing some very simple steps, somewhere it needs too much money to get results.

But in some cases, it happens that even after spending a lot of money you don’t get enough queries, right?

It happens due to the wrong approach of marketing and sales strategies, and to avoid that chaos, this article has been prepared.

In this article, you will learn the tricks about getting more customers without spending a sort of money on your business.

Along with that, you will be able to generate new customers and retain old customers and convert them into loyal customers after reading this article.

So, Let’s begin the secret methodology to boost your business sales!

1. Give The Personalized Service

If you are thinking that giving the personalized service means delivering something to the customer’s location whenever he calls you, then it’s not like that.

The definition of personalized service is quite different in the marketing world. What is it? I’ll explain to you.

Every person feels dessert when someone calls him by his name, and you also do, right?

Each customer likes the specialized, personalized, and customized services offered by the service provider.

For a better explanation, let’s go through one survey which was conducted in some restaurants. This survey was held by three experiments.

In restaurants, when customers finished their meal, it was time to give the bill. Now they experimented with three things on different customers.

First, a waiter went to the customer with only the bill, then a waiter went with the bill and mints to another customer.

In both cases, when a waiter keeps the mints with the bills, he gets 14% more tips than giving only the bill to the customer.

And the third one was quite interesting. A waiter also gave the chocolates to the customers who had their children as well, and in this case, he got 27% more tips.

Now, by this example, just think what will be the cost of mints and toffee? hardly maximum Rs 10/-, right?

But as a result of it, the brand value and brand equity of your business increases, and the customer feels that he is given personalized service by you.

So, personalize your customers, even if you have a small store of groceries, call your customers by their name.

It’s a very small activity, but you will get very big results.

2. Co-Creation of Innovation With Your Customers

If someone gives you importance and value, you like it, right? If someone asks for an opinion before doing something, you feel valued, right?

So, the same thing happens here, ask for the opinion of your customer, receive feedback from them before innovating new things in your business.

Make the customer realize that you and he are creating something new together, and let him believe that he is contributing his ideas for your business.

Whether you have a small business or a wide business, you can do this by connecting with them via the website, or social media.

You should create a page of a poll where you will be asking for their requirements, ideas, and suggestions, and in some cases, you can also ask them about the pricing of your product, how much will be affordable for them, etc…

  • A – Analyze
  • B – Brainstorm
  • C – Co-Create
  • D – Deliver
  • E – Evaluate

Analyze with the customer what he wants, and take ideas about how you can implement it which should be likely affordable for you and the customer both.

The methodology of co-creation feels customer empowerment, he thinks that he will be able to get whatever he wants, and it will be done only with your service.

As a result of this, the consumer will never look anywhere else for the particular product of your business.

3. Customer Loves Loyalty Program – But???

Customers’ love is the loyalty program but when you make it easy for them. The customer is ready to be retained and become a loyal customer of your business. But you need to offer a reason to come back to you.

Make the loyalty program easy and exciting for him so that he is not able to prevent himself from coming to you again.

In order to do so, you need to give them benefits. There are two types of benefits you can give the customer.

  • Financial Benefits
  • Emotional Benefits

You can give the different offers to the customers with a certain frequency of time and it may also become a peak time for your sales.

For example, during the festival season, you should offer a noticeable discount on some products, or else you should make the categories of customers according to their history and provide minimal financial benefits on a regular basis.

The second is the emotional benefits. What happens here, if you have any membership type business where you are offering the customers to upgrade their category like gold, elite, diamond, etc, then he feels that he can become superior to others.

In this case, he would be paying you yearly charges which will be minimal for him, and you can get extra revenue with the loyal customers as well.

4. Prudent Wow and Delightful Surprise

Not only the customer, but every person in the world loves the surprises, it makes his or her day, am I right?

So, why should you not implement this strategy in your business and hold the customer forever?

Enforce customers to feel “Wow” again and again by giving them surprises. It is better to give small “wows” frequently than giving “one big wow” rarely!

For example, you are doing an on-call projection meeting with your client, and the meeting is predicted to be too long.

So, what you can do is open an online food delivery app, order a small pizza for your client.

He is still not aware of your order, and after half an hour, his doorbell will ring, and he will get a surprise pizza, how he would be feeling!

Now, here the expense to order the pizza is not more than Rs 200/-, but what will be the impact of it?

I believe you know the answer! Let’s move on to the next one!

5. Consider Your Product as a Project

If you consider your product as just a product, then your business flow will remain as it was, simple and slow.

But instead of that, you should consider your product as a project and work like that you are finalizing a project for your client.

Now, if you have decided to do so, then you must know how to increase sales volume by selling the product as a project.

There are three main pillars of project management.

  • Scope Pillar
  • Time Pillar
  • Cost Pillar

In this term, you need to decide the scope, like deliverables, specifications, objectives, exclusions, constraints, and characteristics. It means, it will define what you are going to give the customers in your product.

Now, one more thing that remains in scope is whether you can give the under commit and over-deliver, can you give the customers more than his expectation or not.

The second Pillar is the Time Goal, here you should try to deliver the product or service before the time that you have given to the customer or client.

The last one is the cost. Are you able to offer the product or service to the customers at less cost than his expectation?

These strategies are too essential to increase and improve your sales, and if you think and do practically, you can not ignore it, right?

Remember one thing, if you pass your business through these three pillars, one thing assured that your customer will never go somewhere else for a lifetime.

Now, if your business is like that you can not accomplish all these three parameters, then you should try to fulfill at least one parameter completely.

6. Create a Purposeful Interesting Story

According to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the human does not remember the data and numerical figures, but the stories are thoroughly registered in his subconscious mind.

Does your sales pitch have a powerful story, or can you create a powerful emotional or interesting story to convey to your customers?

If you do have so, or could you do so? If yes, then you will get limitless customers because humans are emotional and they are quickly attached to these kinds of products and product makers.

But while applying this strategy, you need to keep attention to the depth and emotions of the story.

If you are passing a good message but the story is not too good, it might not work for you, whereas if your message is not too impressive but the story behind is engaging, it will definitely work for your business.

7. Sell Experience Over Money

You might have been seeing the television from your childhood, right? now I tell you to tell me the tagline of LIC policy, would you be able to tell me?

Yes, you will definitely.


Because it is focusing on its expertise, and experience instead of the features, discount rates, and other aspects.

If I tell you to remember the taglines of old products, you will not miss a single one as well, right?

  • Zindagi ke sath bhi, Zindagi ke baad bhi -> LIC
  • Har ghar kuchh kehta hai -> Asian Paints
  • The taste of India -> Amul
  • Desh ka namak -> Tata Salt
  • Aaj kuchh meetha ho jaye -> Cadbury

If you recall, you will remember the hundreds of brands that are registering them by this methodology.

So, the moral of the story is that along with focusing and sharing the features, prices, discounts, offers, and advertisements, you should also focus on selling your expertise and expertise to the customers, it will increase the sales of your business very quickly.

Conclusion on How to Increase Sales For Small Business

The moral of the story is that you must have certain strategies to increase your sales without spending too much money.

If you are spending too much money to get sales, it is meaningless because it will cut off your profit margin, and to sustain it, you will have to make your product costlier, and it will affect your customers’ mindset.

Costlier products are not able to register in customers’ minds, and end of the process, you will there where you are now.

By reading this article completely, you have gone through those effective marketing strategies which accelerate your sales very quickly without spending too much money.

So, instead of running the expensive campaigns, you should improve your business inside it, right?

Which are the unique ways to increase sales?

As I mentioned in the articles, there are 7 effective ways to accelerate your sales.
1. Give The Personalized Service
2. Co-Creation of Innovation With Your Customers
3. Customer Loves Loyalty Program
4. Prudent Wow and Delightful Suprise
5. Consider Your Product as a Project
6. Create a Purposeful Interesting Story
7. Sell Experience Over Money

How to increase sales of the product?

Increasing the sales of product become easier when your focus moves on the requirement, problem, and advantage of the customers instead of your profit, benefit, and revenue.
Your revenue is a by-product, and the solution to the customers’ problem is the being product.
If you focus on solving the problem of the customers, your sales will automatically get increased.

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