Top 8 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas For Village in India

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, and villages are not excluded from the developing mode.

Nowadays, the villages of India also are contributing a lot to the growth of the Indian economy.

If you belong to a small town and are looking for the best manufacturing business ideas for a village in India, then this article is very special for you.

The manufacturing business is the origin of the business world, and without manufacturing business, the business chain can not be continued.

But what’s the problem being faced by the people while starting the manufacturing business?

It’s an investment aspect!

Yes, the manufacturing business requires a lot of investment, right? Yes, it’s right, but it’s not mandatory to have a huge range of investments to start.

You are reading a strange but true fact!

In this article, we are going to explore some very profitable small manufacturing business ideas for a village which can be started with low investment and give you a very good return as profit.

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas For Village in India

Being a part of village culture, you will not be getting more customers very soon, and so that you start any manufacturing business with a low investment.

You should pick a good manufacturing business idea for a village which can be started with the lowest manpower and money.

And it’s quite tough to find such a kind of small manufacturing business idea living in a small town where the total population is low.

But let me educate you that the manufacturing business does not cover only your local territory. You can acquire the national and international market as well.

In this article, I am going to explore some very profitable small manufacturing business ideas that can be executed from a small town with less than Rs 2,50,000/- and give you a quick ROI with high revenue.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore the most successful manufacturing business ideas for villages in India.

1. Paper Plates Manufacturing Business From Small Village

Paper plates making machine

After banning plastic materials, the paper industry is growing very fast and demand for paper plates has been increasing day by day.

The benefit of using the paper plates is that there is no headache of washing for reuse and there isn’t the possibility of breaking which causes the loss.

Due to these three major reasons, paper plates are always in demand. Functions, street food stalls, temples, are the places where the paper plates are consumed in the highest quantity.

Considering the demand for paper plates all over the world, this business will provide the best small manufacturing for a village.

Doesn’t matter if you belong to a rural area or an urban area, paper plate making business is beneficial for both entities.

You can start a paper plate manufacturing business from a village with very low investment, and there are lots of possibilities to get high revenue from it.

If you are thinking about the investment, let me inform you that the major part of the investment is for the paper plates making machine.

You can get a good quality paper plate-making machine from the market or online for Rs 1,00,000/- to 1,50,000/-.

The other expenses like manpower, raw materials, rent of land are small and manageable, and the profit margin of this business is not too high.

But, remember that you are going to deal in a very massive bulky unit of paper plates, so the overall profit revenue will be beyond your thinking.

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2. Ball Pen Manufacturing Business

As you know the ball pen is used in daily routine life, and it is used almost at every place. Whether in office, school, colleges, corporates, trusts, homes, and everywhere the ballpen is being used.

Before starting the ball pen manufacturing business, you should pay attention to which kind of ballpen you should manufacture.

Here I will give you the essential tips that you should start manufacturing use and throw a ballpen.

Because if you research, you will find that the use and throw of the ballpen is more than tip-top and capped ballpen.

The reason behind this fact is that the used and thrown bullpens are strong and long-lasting, and there is no headache in changing refills as well. Just use, and throw when its ink gets finished.

Manufacturing business ideas For village in India

If you are worried about the investment cost of ball pen making machines, let me give you good news that you can buy the automatic ball pen making machines for just Rs 1,50,000/- to 2,00,000/- from the market or online sources.

The profit margin in the ballpen manufacturing business is again low, but while considering the bulk selling profit, it crosses Rs 1,000 per deal.

So, if you are in search of the most profitable small manufacturing business ideas in the village, you should conduct more research on ballpen manufacturing business ideas.

3. Aluminum Foil Container Making Business

Almost all industries are aware of the aluminum foils container and there are many sectors in an industry where aluminum foils containers are being used in a wide range.

Aluminum foils are mostly used in the food industry because nowadays people are preferring online ordering for food, and aluminum foils are mandatory for packing the food for delivery.

Moreover, the online food industry is growing day by day too much, and that’s why the demand for aluminum foils is increasing minute by minute.

If you are looking for the most profitable business ideas in rural areas, the aluminum foil container-making business can be your best one.

Once you make up your mind to start the aluminum foil container-making business, you have two options for the machines.

There are two types of aluminum foil-making machines, one is a fully automatic machine and the second one is a semi-automatic machine.

The price range of a fully automatic machine is between Rs 4,00,000/- to Rs 10,00,000/- and for the semi-automatic machine is between Rs 2,00,000/- to Rs 3,00,000/-.

According to a good suggestion, you should start this business on a small scale with a semi-automatic machine.

When you gain more demand and customers, you can upgrade it with fully automatic machines.

Talking about the profit margin, the per-piece profit margin is very low, but same as other manufacturing businesses, you will be dealing in bulk selling, and the overall profit margin is too high.

4. Potato Chips Manufacturing Business in Village

potato chips

If you are looking for the best food manufacturing business in a village, you should focus on the potato chips making business.

Hence, there are many namkeen items in India, but potato chips are the highest selling products amongst all namkeen products.

The potato chips are a snack which is liked by kids to old age people, in a nutshell, this is the product for which you can target every class of person.

According to the demand for potato chips in India, this business will be proved as the most profitable manufacturing business for rural areas in India, because branding is not a must aspect for this one.

The potato chips business comes under the food industry, so you will have to obtain the FSSAI license, which you can apply online as well. And the process is very easy to follow.

If you want to make your brand, and goodwill in the market by scaling up your business, you have to offer various varieties of potato chips to people.

Like, simple potato chips, tomato potato chips, spicy potato chips, special potato chips for fasts, etc…

You will need 3 machines to start this potential small manufacturing business in your small town.

  • Chips Cutting Machine
  • Flavor Machine
  • Packaging Machine

You can buy all these machines in the range of Rs 2,00,00/- to Rs 2,50,000/- from the market and online sources, and as raw material, you need to use only the potatoes and spices with flavors.

Considering the profit ratio of this best small manufacturing business for a village, the per-unit profit margin is not considerable.

And again, due to the dealing in the bulk units, the total profit is very high, and that’s why if you are seeking the best food manufacturing business ideas for a village, you need to conduct more research on this one.

5. Peanut Butter Manufacturing Business

Peanut butter is the ingredient that is used in health supplements the most, and health-conscious people use peanut butter almost on a daily basis.

The person doing the Gym exercise uses it on a regular basis because they need to feed the health supplements to keep their body and mind energized.

In all these situations, the manufacturing business of peanut butter can be proved the profitable manufacturing business idea for a small town.

Moreover, you don’t need any additional land or unit set up for starting this business, you can also start the peanut butter-making business from your home as well.

Worrying about purchasing the peanut butter-making machines?

Then let me know that you can purchase the peanut butter making machine from the market or online sites in the range of Rs 40,000/- to 80,000/-.

For the customers, you should run online digital ads for your business targeting the health industry like gyms, hospitals, and health centers.

In this business, you should adopt both; online marketing and offline marketing strategies, but your major focus should be on online marketing.

6. Flour Manufacturing Business

There would be a rare home where the member of it is not using the flour, and according to my assumption, there should not be a single home.

Whether you are living in a rural area or an urban area, the flour manufacturing business is a profitable business idea for both locations.

You can start this business anywhere, if you have a vacant space in your home front area, you can set up a small unit of flour manufacturing setting up the machines.

Talking about the investment, you start the flour manufacturing business with less than 2,00,000/- rupees in your small town.

If you are eager to know about the profit margin of this small rural business plan, if you can process 200 kg flour per day, you can make a minimum of 1,000/- rupees per day.

7. Mobile Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business

You are already aware of the wideness of the mobile industry, and how mobile accessories are demanded along with mobile devices.

By taking advantage of this demand and situation, you can generate a lot of revenue by starting the mobile accessories business.

There is a huge demand for mobile tempered glasses in the retail and wholesale market as well, and you will be dealing with wholesalers only.

As a result, you will be earning a massive profit by dealing in the huge bulk with wholesalers.

The mobile tempered glass-making machine cost is around Rs 1,50,000/- to Rs 2,00,000/- that you can purchase from the market or online sources.

This is also one of the best manufacturing business opportunities from home in a small town because you will not need any specific land or godown to start this home-based business.

There are limitless models and various mobiles in India, and you can manufacture tempered glass for them.

Moreover, there are multiple sources to gain customers for your mobile tempered glass business, well, you can sell them on online portals, B2B sites as well from where you will be getting genuine wholesale customers also.

8. Agarbatti Manufacturing Business in Villages

I think I don’t need to mention that agarbatti making business is one of those businesses which can be started with the minimum investment in a rural area and urban area as well.

There is a huge demand for agarbatti all over India and foreign countries which is the key point for you.

In order to start agarbatti making business, you should have only Rs 1,50,000/- to Rs 2,00,000/- in your hand, and you can start this business very easily in a small town.

Good quality agarbatti making machines cost between the range of Rs 70,000/- to Rs 1,20,000/- in the market.

Moreover, the raw materials used to make agarbatti will be available on every B2B site like IndiaMart and TradeIndia.

If you can not afford extra space to start an agarbatti manufacturing business in your town, and if you have a vacant room in your home, you can start this business from your home as well.

Conclusion on Manufacturing Business Opportunities In a Small Villages

All the mentioned manufacturing business ideas in this article can be started with less than Rs 2,50,000/- from a village, and if you belong to a small town, you should conduct more research on any of them.

Starting a manufacturing business on a small scale in a village is not a big deal if you have a perfect business idea and execution plan.

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