Proven 8 Most Profitable Businesses in India With Low Investment

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, and the current trend of India has changed with 1800 for the last some years.

Yes, before some years you could find a person having his bachelor or master degree in hand and finding a job in multinational companies.

And if you scan India, you will find the people looking for business ideas, profitable business opportunities, search on the web for start-up ideas, and all that.

So, there is a huge change in the mindset of people, and as a publisher, I am supporting them by suggesting the most profitable businesses in India.

If you are amongst those people, then you are welcome to the business world, and in this article, you are going to get wonderful ideas for profitable start-ups in India.

What Are The Most Profitable Businesses in India?

After the corona pandemic (which is not over yet), it is clear that you should have at least two income sources if you are doing a job.

Two income sources do not mean that you are doing one full-time job and second the part-time job. The second income source should be your independent business.

Your second income source should be an independent business that you can start as a part-time business and when you feel that it has become stable, and giving a high revenue, you should switch on full-time business.

Hence, this is useful advice to you for making a stable financial career, however, in this business, we are going to explore the most profitable business models for India which can give you stable financial freedom forever.

1. Start a Blog

What is Blog, and What is Blogging?

The blog is the electronic medium to share your knowledge and information with users by writing it in text content form.

If you are having a deep knowledge of home decoration, then you can monetize your knowledge by educating people about home decoration via a blog.

And blogging means, sharing the information via Blog. The blog is considered as a freelancing work for oneself, but do you know that you can make the blogging business?

Most people are not aware of the fact that they can convert their skills into business by blogging.

What’s the investment to start a blog? It’s just Rs 3,000/- per year, and it’s almost the maximum investment for the first few years.

You just have to purchase a domain, one good hosting, you should have a laptop, and good internet connectivity. That’s enough!

By starting a blog, you can make limitless money, but yes, one thing is fact that you won’t be making the revenue from the first or second month after starting.

It would take a few months to generate the first revenue, and once, you generate the first revenue, it will be unstoppable.

If you don’t know how to start a blog, there are hundreds of free legit sources from where you can learn, and start.

Blogging is one of the best online businesses in India, and you can do it from your home as well with very low investment.

2. Event Management Business

Event management handing over all the responsibilities of a grand event to someone by paying him a specific amount.

What a Great Deal!

But it’s too difficult to find such a person or a group of people who can handle this kind of responsibility. Because it needs creativity and management skills.

If you have this skill and looking for the most profitable business in India with low investment, the event management business is one of the best business opportunities for you.

I am stating as a low investment business, you can ask for the partial advance payment to the client, and the rest you have to manage, and it will be paid after the event.

Isn’t it an awesome business model?

By starting an event management business, you can make a good piece of revenue per month if you get only 4-6 orders per month.

The charges for handling the entire event depend on the type of event.

You will receive the orders for handling the birthday event, marriage event, anniversary celebration event, and other events.

You just have to manage the requirements products like lightings, wiring, balloons, catering services, and other requirements.

But yes, in the event management business, you will need a strong team to perform multiple tasks individually.

3. Food And Beverages Business

The food business is always keeping in trending, it is amongst those businesses which can never be affected by any pandemic or unwanted situations.

The food industry is too wide and hue, and there are many niches to start the food business, also there are many types.

Like, you can start a food truck, a street food stall, you can start a restaurant, can set up a cloud kitchen, and even can start a catering business as well.

The investment depends upon the food business ideas, and your marketing strategies, but any of them you start, you will definitely earn a massive profit.

The profit margin depends upon many factors like the area, rates of raw materials, salary or employees, and many other aspects.

But if we consider the average profit margin ratio of the food business, the average profit margin is around 35% to 50% in India in the food industry.

The two licenses are mandatory to start any food business in India, one is FSSAI, and the second one is the fire NOC from the fire safety department of your city or state.

Talking about the beverages business, you can start a tea shop and coffee shop, soda shop with cold drinks as well.

4. Home Based Bakery Business

The home-based bakery business is always a trending business in India, and yes, you can start it with a nominal investment, which is the biggest plus point of this home-based bakery business plan.

If you are passionate about baking food items, then do you know that you can convert your passion into a profitable business model?

This is one of the most successful businesses from home India, where you don’t need any dedicated vacant space to set up the business.

Bakery times are too much demanded in every area of India, you can tie-up with the small grocery shops, moreover, the malls can be your the most potential customers as well.

To grow the business with the ultimate speed, you can list out your baker products on E-commerce sites for retailing, and on B2B sites for wholesaling.

If you are thinking about the profit margin in this business, let me tell you that there is a very good ratio of profit margin.

You should keep the variance in the price while dealing in retail and wholesale. Retail contains the low volume high-profit margin, the wholesale contains the low-profit margin and high volume.

5. Being an Online Ad Expert

The online business community is too wide, you can not get command on each niche of it, instead, you should pick one niche and become a master in it.

And, I am talking about being an expert in running the digital expert for the business of your clients.

If you are in search of the best online business opportunities in India, a digital marketing expert is one of them.

There are thousands of business owners who want to run online ads on various platforms like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

But they don’t know how to do that, and if you are a master in running online ads, you can make your business.

Yes, you can charge them for creating and running ads on online platforms, the fund of running ads will be theirs, you will be charging only for creating and running the ads.

Hopefully, there is a very huge demand for online ads running in India, and this is the business that has the fastest growth.

Initially, you don’t require any additional space to run this online business in India, you can start it from your home as well.

Talking about the investment, let me tell you that your investment is your time, which you will be spending on learning.

And the revenue is limitless, your revenue depends upon your skills and your marketing strategies to acquire the clients.

6. Garment Reselling Business

Why do I prefer the garment reselling business often? Because it is one of the most successful businesses in India, and I am also doing that and I am firmly confident about its potential.

You don’t require an investment of more than Rs 5,000/- to start this low investment business in India.

Only two things you need, one is some garment suppliers who can deliver the apparel on-demand, and the second thing is a huge network of customers whom you can sell the garments.

Now, what you will have to do that, collect the all information with pictures of garments from the suppliers and promote them on online platforms like your Whatsapp status, Facebook wall, relevant Facebook groups, and on Instagram.

As long as you receive an order from any customers, forward the product details to the supplier and ask for instant delivery.

Here, your investment is very low because you will be taking 50% of the payment in advance from the customer, and forwarding the same (after deducting profit) to the supplier.

And your client will pay the rest amount after delivery that you will be forwarded to the supplier as well, hence it’s a very simple business with high profit in India.

The biggest benefit of this profitable business model is that the whole profit is yours because you will not have to bear any other expense like employee salary, shop rent, electricity bill, and others.

Talking about the profit margin, the profit margin of the online garment selling a business is around 80%, which means, if you buy any garment from the seller for Rs 100/-, you can sell it out to the customer at Rs 180/- very easily.

7. Chocolate Making and Selling Business

Like a bakery business, the chocolate-making business is one of the most trending and successful businesses in India.

Would you believe that you can start the chocolate-making business with just Rs. 4,000/-?

I know that you won’t believe it, but the homemade chocolate business can be started with a nominal amount.

Your major customers will be the restaurants, small shops, malls, marriage, and other event managers whom you can supply on a regular basis.

Moreover, there is a huge class of people who always like to have homemade chocolate instead of brands, and that can become your potential customers as well.

In addition, you can list out your different varieties of chocolates on the Ecommerce sites by which you can gain customers from the entire country too.

8. Tiffin Service Business

Especially, when you are living in a metro city, or a job hub city like Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, then the tiffin service business can become the most profitable business in India for you.

There are thousands of people in these kinds of cities who need homemade tiffin daily because they can afford to eat the restaurant food daily in terms of health and finance both.

Tiffin service is one of the best businesses for women in India because making tiffin is the art of ladies which they can convert into the business if they want.

There is a very minimal investment required to start a tiffin service business, and the profit margin is up to 50%, which is very high in comparison to the investment.


When we are talking about the best businesses in India, it depends on which state and city you are living in.

I mean if you are from Gujarat, then the restaurant business can be proved the best business idea, if you are living in Pune, then the tiffin service business can be proved as the best business plan.

Similarly, if you have the plan to acquire the all-India market, then the chocolate-making business can be a good business opportunity for you as well.

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