Top 5 Best New Business Ideas In Gujarat 2021 With Ultimate Growth

New Business Ideas In Gujarat: Gujarat is one of the biggest business hubs in India and there are many business opportunities are being generated every couple of days in Gujarat.

Not only in Gujarat, but Business is also an open-source for everyone everywhere, however, a person needs to the deep research about which business has the more potential in a specific region.

There are several numbers of business ideas in Gujarat which can be executed with a low and high investment with greater returns.

Best New Business Ideas In Gujarat

Since Mr. Narendra Modi has been elected as a prime minister, he has been moving in the direction of generating new business opportunities all over India, and Gujarat is not excluded from it.

Hence, Non-Gujarati regions are moving to Gujarat in search of new businesses and establishing the great empires of businesses in Gujarat.

In this article, we are going to explore some very awesome new business ideas in Gujarat and small business ideas in Gujarat

If you do not have a huge capital to invest in, there are many small business ideas in Gujarat that you can execute and can receive a good return in a few months.

So, Let’s Explore!

1. Vegetable Home Delivery – Best Business in Gujarat With Low Investment


Vegetable Home Delivery is the best business in Gujarat with low investment because you do not need to invest in bulk to start and run this business.

There are less than 1% chances to suffer a loss because, in this business, you receive the order from the customers first and according to the requirement, you will order to the merchant for the stock.

Potential of Vegetables Home Delivery Business in Gujarat

After the corona, people are avoiding going outside the home without unavoidable reasons, in this duration, this is the golden opportunity to establish and grow the service sector business.

By taking the benefit of this problem of people, you can take the biggest benefit of growing a long-term business of vegetable home delivery.

People will never negotiate in the rate of the products as they are getting them at home without wasting time and fuel and energy as well.

How to Start Vegetables Home Delivery Business

The starting phase of this small investment business is too simple and short, and later on, you just need to follow some other simple steps and your business will run very smoothly.

Market The Business and Collect The Customer Base

First, you will have to establish the customer base in a very minute targeted area of your home town.

Market your business by online and offline marketing strategies, and you would be surprised that you can start this best small business in Gujarat with 5-7 customers only.

After marketing, when you get the first few customers, just exchange the WhatsApp numbers, and request them to order the list of required vegetables prior to one day.

The benefit of this strategy is that you will be stocking only the required quantity of goods which will prevent the possible loss.

Processing Proceudre of the Orders

As long as you receive the orders from the customers, you should not waste the time to forward those orders to your merchants from where you purchase the vegetables for your customers.

The packing of each customer must be completed prior to one hour of delivery starting time which will allow you to confirm the orders again for the perfection aspects.

Fix The Vegetables Delivery Time Duration

You need to acknowledge to your customers that you will be delivering the vegetables within some range of a certain time so that customers can avoid calling or message reminders for the delivery and your prestige will remain good forever.

For Example, you decide the time between 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM to deliver the vegetables to your customers, then your customer will not remind you for delivery before 11:00 AM.

At the other end, you also are supposed to maintain the service of timing, you need to take extra care that you do not miss the time or delivery if there is an exception, you are responsible to notify the customers in advance so that they can arrange their products from somewhere for the particular day.

Payment Method

In a starting phase, you can keep the approach to collect the cash payment on delivery, but with the growth of the business you should offer the customers the credit service, or you can say the postpaid service. small business ideas in Gujarat.

Some people are used to managing their expenses once, twice, or thrice in a month, so you can decide a particular date of each month when they will be sending the payment for the whole month.

The second important thing I want to share is that you should enable all the methods of payment transaction online and offline (cash payment).

Allow the customers to pay according to their ease of access.

Generate the invoice of each customer for each delivery and keep one copy of the record with you.

Target Potential Area

This is the part of research before deciding the targeted area for distributing the vegetables, you should target those areas where the supply of vegetables is limited and people are facing problems to buying the vegetables.

The second golden area is the massively populated area, like big flats, huge societies, where you can have huge numbers of customers in one small territory.

2. Tiffin Services – Low Investment Small Business

Tiffin Services – Low Investment Small Business

Tiffin services business is one of the best profitable businesses in Gujarat, and after Covid Duration, there are many opportunities are being generated for people already associated with this business.

The starting phase of this business is not too hard, you can market your business online and offline by distributing the brochures and utilization of social media as well.

The big challenge of this business is to maintain the timing of delivery and the taste which is manageable.

You have two options of delivery, one is that you deliver the tiffin to the customer’s home, and the second one you approach the customer to collect the tiffin from your business location.

With the noticeable growth of your tiffin services business, you can move on to the catering business as well because you will be enough experience in this area.

Hence the multinational companies with huge staff provide the meal services from catering for their employees, some of the employees prefer the homemade meal as their dinner and lunch.

Here you have a very good opportunity to grow your business more.

The major profitable aspect of this business is that you will not have to spend the money for marketing this business because this best small investment business contains the mouth to mouth publicity.

Profit Ratio in Tiffin Service Business in Gujarat

You would be surprised that the profit ratio is higher than your expectation in tiffin service is very high.

The current rate of the tiffin for one person (Limited items) is between Rs. 50 to Rs. 70 and the actual cost is around Rs. 25 to Rs. 40.

The huge volume of customers will create more profitable revenue for you, hence in an initial phase, you would not be getting much more profit, but every business takes time to grow.

Growth of Tiffin Service Business

As each business has grown, this one is also not excluded from the growth.

As long as your business gets to start growing you can approach huge companies to deliver your homemade tiffins for some of their employees.

After becoming more stable, you can convert your small business to the catering business and can start to take orders of big occasions like marriage functions, parties, birthday parties, etc…

3. Home Decor Business


Home decor business is becoming more popular business day by day in Gujarat, and that’s why people are moving towards this business in their free time.

The major benefit of this business is that you do not have to book your fixed time slot for this business.

You just need to market your business with working and good strategies, whenever you get an order, you need to present the demo, if the customer likes your home decor strategy, you are supposed to execute the work.

You can charge up to Rs. 10,000 according to the requirements, materials (if you need to provide them somewhere), for one order only.

With the stability of the business, you might come to get the orders of decoration from the newly established companies, small firms, offices where you will be able to offer a high paid services as well.

4. Garment Reselling – Little Investment Business


If you are interested in the Garment industry however you are not too strong to invest the huge capital for the garment business, there is an awesome way to establish your garment business with almost zero investment.

Yes, there is the scope of the reselling garments in Gujarat as the manufacturers are looking for alternate an extra investment approach where they are not supposed to bear the recurring expense per month.

How can You Set Up the Garment Reselling Business?

Here the social media is your wild card because garments manufacturers and big wholesalers of garments are posting their products on social media to grow their business often.

What you have to do is that you need to contact them directly by call or message, and deal with them that you will work in your city for them, you will bring customer them and they will be supposed to pay par piece as a commission.

The biggest benefit of this business is that the deals are done in the bulky amount like you brought the order of 500 pieces, and if you consider a commission amount of only Rs. 10 per piece, you are going to earn Rs. 5,000 for one deal.

Here I wish to give an awesome idea that you should not contact any manufacturer belong to your city, they will never accept your proposal.

If you are in Vadodara, you are supposed to contact the manufacturers from Rajkot, and around cities, because they will willing to expand their garment business in Vadodara without recurring monthly expenses.

Here, the initial phase is done, now how will you promote the business, here it is!

The common steps among all strategies are that you need to buy some sample pieces from the manufacturer according to the current trend.

I suggest you invest at least 10k to 20k INR for sampling, and it will give you great returns.

Utilize The Social Media


You need to bring high-quality and original photos of their garments with each variant with catalog details from the manufacturer.

The next step is to join the related community people or groups on social media, create the page for dedicated products i.e. garments, and start promoting.

As long as you receive any query the customer sounds interested in your products, send them the sample pieces (they are supposed to pay for the sample, not free of cost).

If the customer places the order for some pieces, ask for 50% advance payment, forward the order details to the manufacturer, and deliver the products to the customer.

Now, here one short point is that if the manufacturer is providing you a garment with the rate of Rs. 250/piece, you can offer that deal to your customer at the rate of Rs. 265/piece.

Set the minimum order quantity like 50 pieces or 100 pieces according to your strategy and financial strength.

Shop to Shop Marketing

The second awesome way is that you can visit the retail garments shops in your local territory, and promote the manufacturer’s product.

Don’t Do This

While promoting the garments to your local territory, you need to take care that you are not promoting the same products to the two or more shops within 100-200 meters, it creates the duplication of products with variance in price.

You need to display the samples you are having and here, you do not need to ask for the advance payment, if the retailer is willing to pay anything in advance, you can keep it.

Yes, you should ask for an advance, but if he is refusing to pay anything in advance, nothing to worry, about because this is a physical deal so that you are safe.

Profit Ratio of this Best Business in Gujarat

The profit ratio of this business is pretty high than you are expecting, you have to keep the margin of just Rs. 10 per piece and set the minimum order value of 100 pieces.

Initially, you can go with the 50 pieces of minimum order value to make your business enough stable, but as long as stability starts increasing, you should hike the number of pieces included in each order.

Now, if we found the profit ratio of this business, if sell a minimum of 2000 pieces in a month (which is very easy), you are going to earn around 20k per month and with other expenses, you can earn at least 17k per month.

Here one thing is to be concentrated on that you will be spending a maximum of 3 hours per day as this is a side business.

Don’t you think that this is one of the side business ideas in Gujarat with very low investment?

As long as the number of selling pieces increases, your income will be compounding itself, you can make a chain of this business when it gets difficult to manage and can run this best side business very smoothly.

5. Catering Business – Evergreen Business in Gujarat


If you are capable to invest a big capital to establish the business, then the Catering field holds the best small business ideas in Gujarat.

One thing I want to mention in initial that this business will not give you quick return, you will have to put the efforts and money for some initial time.

The catering business has good potential in Gujarat, and your regular clients will be the staff of multinational companies, government offices, schools,s, and colleges.

Additionally, you can earn great revenue on seasonal occasions like Marriages, Parties, Reception, Birthday Parties, and other occasions.

Requirements of Catering Business

The growth of the Catering business is depending on the quality and service both, you must hire a chafe having excellent knowledge of multiple recipes and other staff must be active in serving the food.

Must Register on FSSAI

It is a must register your catering business with FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) where the team of FSSAI will carry the samples of your food and will test with their parameters and will pass as safe for the public health.

Running the business of catering without FSSAI License can penalize you and in some sensitive cases, your license can be rejected by the government as well, so do not take a risk of running the catering business without FSSAI approved license.

How to Get Customer for Catering Business

Initially, like other businesses you must apply the marketing strategies with a little bit of investment which contains online marketing and offline marketing, online marketing contains ads, Facebook Marketing in your region or city.

This is mount to mouth marketing business so after a certain time, you will not have to spend money on marketing, the most required condition is that your service and food quality in terms of taste must be excellent.

On the other way, you are supposed to keep distributing your visiting cards wherever you serve your foods.

Profit Ratio of Catering Business

The perspective profit ratio of each module is very high since you have to distribute the salary, transportation expense, serving manpower, chafe, which impact the actual profit margin.

Excluding all the expenses, the profit ratio is too good, as long as your number of clients increases, the profit ratio will be a hike in an ultimate proportional way.

Doesn’t this business idea seem one of the most profitable business ideas in Gujarat?

Manufacturing Business Ideas in Gujarat

Moreover, if you are searching for manufacturing business ideas in Gujarat, there are multiple ideas for manufacturing businesses in Gujarat which will make a huge profit for you and will run a sustainable business.

Best Business Ideas in Gujarat 2021

The 2020 and 2021 did not become profitable for the business industry except for some businesses, however, it created multiple opportunities for newly established businesses.

This Epidemic period generated some very Best Business Ideas in Gujarat in 2021 which are going to huge employment and replacement of the job who have been looking for establishing the business for a long time.

  • Vegetable Home Delivery Business
  • Vegetable Supplyl for Restorents, Hotels, and Canteens
  • Retailing for Garments
  • Event Managing
  • Home and Decor Professionals

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in Gujarat

Hence you are willing and capable to invest a small capital to build a strong business, we have brought some awesome small manufacturing business ideas in Gujarat with which you can build a long-term business.

Trading Business Ideas in Gujarat

If you are some of them who want to do retail and/or wholesale business in a static area, then you are going to go through some very best trading business ideas in Gujarat which are going to generate a massive amount of profit for you.

  • Small Super Store
  • Garment Retailing Business
  • Hardware Trading Business
  • Tiles Trading Business
  •  Cutelry business

Small Scale Business in Gujarat

Small Scale Business in Gujarat stands for those businesses which do not contain a huge amount of capital to start, but you will have to maintain the small recurring expense with modules.

If you are looking for Small Scale Business in Gujarat, you have good opportunities to pick anyone from the below listed.

  • Art and Craft Business
  • Fashion and Design sevice with coaching
  • Garment Manufacturing Business
  • Clothing Material manufacturing and/or Trading
  • Embroidery and Printing business
  • Food Manufacturig empire

Wrapping Up

In a conclusion, I would suggest you start a small business with a small investment as a side business because after corona, you should realize that the Jobs are not permanent nowadays.

If you switch completely from job to business in one go, it can be harmful to you if you do not have much capital as a backup.

Start a business as a part-time or side business, let it grow slowly, and when you get more income than your current profession, then start switching on the business slowly.

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