Top 12 New Manufacturing Business Ideas in India For 2022

Is it possible to start manufacturing business ideas in India with low investment? If you are thinking that it is impossible then this article is dedicated to you, because this article represents manufacturing ideas with low to high investment.

Business is a quite tricky industry, where if you directly start a large scale business, it may be a high risk with high investment as well.

The better option is to start a business with low investment initially, and then having a certain experience, we can upgrade it.

However, if you have better knowledge and experience for a significant business, you can take a chance to execute large scale manufacturing business ideas in India for upcoming time.

India is becoming a business oriented country day by day, and the government is also focusing on generating entrepreneurs in India.

New Manufacturing Business Ideas in India For 2022

New Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

New manufacturing business ideas do not stand for a new idea, but they represent that there are many business ideas in India that should be executed, but they have not been yet.

If we look around us, there are several small manufacturing business ideas in India that we can execute with a very simple strategy.

If you can not arrange a special Wearhouse or space and staff, you can execute any of the profitable home manufacturing business ideas in India that can reflect a good amount of revenue year by year.

Understanding about the financial variance of every willing person, I am going to cover the new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India in this article as well, which will educate you to startup a new business.

If someone has a proper business plan, but is facing financial issues, there are open ways to get financial help from the government and other authorities.

And, if you are a woman and want to start home manufacturing business ideas in India or any other small scale business idea, the government is offering a special business loan for women as well.

In this article, we will be exploring the new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India.

1. Candle Making Business Idea

Candle making business, a person in making candles

The demand for candles is too high in India and foreign countries as well. In the current time, the candle manufacturing business will open many doors of great opportunity.

You can manufacture the various types of candles according to the demand of local and international customers and generate a more than noticeable amount of profit.

Candle Manufacturing business is one of the fastest growing business ideas in India, and you can also export the candles to the foreign clients.

The startup for candle making business requires a very few investment that a middle class person also can afford

This business is also considered as the most profitable home manufacturing business in India because you can run this business from your home with ease.

2. Papad Making Business in India

Are you a working woman and looking for a woman in India with low investment? Stop searching, here it is.

Papad making business is amongst the manufacturing business ideas in India with low investment that can be introduced in less than 50,000 rupees.

Many papad making companies, which have become brands today, were started as a small scale business, and by providing the best quality and services, they converted into the brand.

The best example is the Lijjat Papad, which was started by just 7 women by borrowing 80 rupees, and today, its turnover is around Rs. 1600 Crores.

Papad is a food item, which is eaten everyday in a year, so there is not a single possibility of recession period, and you can start the papad manufacturing business from home as well.

3. Garment Manufacturing Business

Starting a garment manufacturing business may be tricky for you because it’s a huge field where several varieties of clothes are in demand.

The clothing market of India is too large, and this is one of the fastest growing businesses in India, in which finding the clients is too easy for this small manufacturing business.

Clothing business is amongst manufacturing business ideas in India for export because you will also find several international clients whom you can export your best quality cloth at a high rate.

India exported $12.27 Billion in March 2020 to 2021, and these stats indicate the scalability and profitability of garment manufacturing business in India.

4. Soaps Manufacturing Business in India

Soap manufacturing business

Soap making business is running in a very exponential way in India in the current trend, and another beneficial aspect of soap manufacturing business is that it is a daily routine grocery.

So, the business of soap making is never going to die to fall down, and it requires a low investment to start.

Finding the consumers and customers for the soaps is not a big deal, because, it’s a same reason, it is not a costly product that people should think twice before buying.

Soap producing business is an evergreen business idea in India, and additionally, you can manufacture the detergent also along with the soap.

5. Paper Manufacturing Business Plan

Paper Making business is another one of the manufacturing business ideas in India with low investment where you can buy a paper making machine for around Rs. 50,000.

The consumption of paper over the world is too high, students in schools, colleges use paper in a massive quantity, and at the other end, the industries, shops are using the same.

Invoicing for the billing, account maintenance, and many other stuff requires the papers, and it is another evergreen business idea which will never see the face of recession for many upcoming years.

Many manufacturing business plans require a huge investment which is called large scale manufacturing business ideas, and for that you will also require an enough team.

6. Namkeen Making Business

Namkeen is used on a daily basis by the Indian population, and many people use it in the snack as well.

Making namkeen on the large scale requires a very wide and large space, machinery, and staff along with other required costly equipment.

The profit margin per piece is too low, but selling quantity is very huge, i.e. if you start this large scale business idea in India, you will be dispatching around 20,000-50,000 pieces of namkeen per day across India.

So, the overall profit margin is too high, and there is a high demand for namkeens, in addition, people consume the namkeens a lot in the festival seasons.

If you are having a huge investment with backup, you can start this one of the most profitable large scale manufacturing business ideas in India without any trouble.

7. Charger Manufacturing Business

China is dominating the market of the world in the electronics items, and here we have a great opportunity to catch a new business idea in India with a medium investment.

People will never stop using mobiles, laptops, and other electronic devices, and it is the biggest plus point to the people who are willing to start the charger making business.

The average manufacturing cost of a good quality mobile charger is around 20-40 rupees and you can sell it for around 150 rupees, and you can imagine the overall profit.

Don’t you think that charger making business is one of the most profitable small manufacturing business ideas in India?

8. Plastic Bottles Manufacturing Business idea

All types of food industries, cold drink companies, water supplying companies, Chemical Industries, these all industries require plastic bottles, right?

They can not make plastic bottles themselves in their plants as it’s a very small module in comparison to other modules of their company.

All these industries have to import the plastic bottles from the other suppliers, and they try to save the cost, so here you have a very great opportunity to establish and run a profitable business idea.

Plastic making business is one of the large scale manufacturing business ideas in India as it requires around 4.5 Lakh rupees as only the plastic bottle machine making cost.

Including the other required cost, it will be more, so if you have a huge investment, and are looking for a large-scale profitable business idea, this one could be perfect for you.

9. Smartphone Back Cover Manufacturing Business

As I mentioned just above, the usage of smartphones is never going to decrease forever, so here also there is a huge opportunity to establish a small business with huge profit revenue.

At the other end, the demand for smartphone back covers is increasing day by day. Not only the plain covers, but well designed and colored covers are in huge demand.

You can tie up with a company or individual which is a specialist for designing the back covers of the smartphone which will save your cost as well.

By selling the smartphone back cover will save the production cost and increase the overall profit margin.

Manufacturing of smartphone back cover is one of the most profit making home manufacturing business ideas in India with low investment as it can be run by home also without any dedicated space.

10. Paper Cups and Manufacturing Business

Today’s world believes in using and throwing products in regards to saving time, and it can be a great opportunity which can be converted into a small scale business idea in India.

Yes, you may be seeing the people drinking the water, tea, soups and other beverages in parties, marriage functions, companies, and on the street stalls.

There is a very huge consumption of paper cups and paper plates all over India, you might have noticed that the panipuri sellers also are serving the panipuri in the paper bowl, right?

Selling the paper cups, paper plates, and paper bowls in a huge quantity generates a massive profit per day, per week or per month.

11. Towel Manufacturing Business- Low Competition Business Idea in India

Towel Manufacturing Business

If you are looking for other large-scale manufacturing business ideas in India that can produce a good amount of profit, then you should do more research on towel making business.

Of course, it needs more investment, only a towel making machine costs more than 3 Lakh rupees, and the material cost and staffing cost is beyond it.

But the profit generated from this small manufacturing business is much higher that will cover your investment in a few months.

The demand for towels is quite huge in India and other countries as well. You can also export the towels to the foreign clients at a high rate.

Big malls like D-mart, import the towels in huge bulks to save the purchase cost and gain more revenue, they can be your huge and potential customers.

If we pay a little bit more attention, we found that tower manufacturing business is amongst the most profit maker manufacturing business ideas in India for export that makes a massive profit.

12. Sanitary Pads Manufacturing Business

This business is an evergreen business, and also you can help the middle class people by running this medium scale manufacturing business in India.

The Sanitary Pads Making Machine cost is around 2.80 Lakhs which produces maximum 60 pads per minute.

The materials for making the sanitary pads are easily available at a low rate from the market if you purchase it in a bulk quantity.

Again, the medical stores, medical super stores, super malls and mini malls are your huge and profitable customers with the reason of purchasing in a huge bulk for the cost saving purpose with huge profit.

This business is also a revenue making manufacturing business idea in India for export that acquires the export clients easily from abroad.

Conclusion on New Manufacturing Business Ideas in India For 2022

That’s a myth that the manufacturing business requires a very big amount as an investment with many people as a team or staff, you have already gone through the manufacturing businesses which require small and medium capital investment with less manpower.

Your business idea should be great, the outcomes of great business ideas are always great, until you do not follow the strategies.

There are several manufacturing business ideas in India that can make you an entrepreneur as well, like papad making business, namkeen business, and many other businesses.

If you have a little bit more investment, you should focus on manufacturing business ideas in India for export also, as it has too much potential.

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