Top 6 Evergreen Best Online Business Ideas From Home in India 2021

Finding online business ideas from home in India has become quite easy nowadays with the benefit of the advanced and latest revolution in internet technology.

If you are also one of them who wants to do the online business from home but messing up about coming to such a conclusion about executing the Best online business ideas from home, then this article is especially for you.

In this article, you are going to get the Top online business ideas from home in India which can be executed with a lower or a minimum amount of investment.

Business is a very huge field where there are many streams to execute the business ideas with a combination of your unique business ideas and technology.

The online business community is too large in itself, and the meaning of online business is too wide as well.

If you have a garment business, and you are selling them online like on the e-commerce site, on a social media marketing, or on any other platform, it’s also called the online business.

You should not switch your current job or business to start an online business in India at home without investment, you can start the mentioned business as a part time online business to generate a passive income as well.

However, in this article, I am going to educate you about those businesses doing online, in which you would not need to maintain any inventory or financial aspects.

Online Business Ideas From Home in India

The graphical explanation for Best Online Business Ideas From Home in India

Online Business Idea stands for those businesses that can be managed from anywhere, and during the covid pandemic, it must be manageable by home as well.

Due to this reason, in spite of explaining how to manage business online, I would explore the business ideas that can be started and executed from home.

Doing Online Business does not ask for a lot of money as an investment or a huge team for managing the business, but it asks for your dedication, patience, and consistency.

I am also running multiple online businesses and earning too good from them, and that’s why I am suggesting you the Best online business ideas from home in India that can a passive income for you after a certain period if you hold and run them with consistency.

For the best online business ideas from home, you do not need an office or a separate location to run the business, however, you would be familiar with the online community terms, if you do not, you can search them on google or youtube as well.

Buy And Sell Domain


The online business of buying and selling domains is becoming very popular day by day because many people are aware of the potential of earning comes from websites and blogs.

This business can be run in various ways, you can have many options to execute this business idea if you have a proper strategy.

Prepare The Website and Sell

The first option is very profitable where it takes few months to make your domain strong and profitable.

Buy a good domain name for a micro niche website, fill the valuable content in it and then monetize it either with Google Adsense or alternative of Google Adsense and other blog monetization ways.

Try to gain some more organic traffic on your blog and then sell it, you will get a very good amount that will recover your minimal investment cost and also will give you a very huge profit.

If you don’t know where to sell the domain, then let me let you know that Flipa is the website that will provide you the potential customer for your website.

Flipa is the best source for buying and selling the domains and there are also other sites that perform the same action, you can browse them on the internet as well.

Buy a Domain, Keep and Then Sell

If you are aware of the trading business, then you can generate too much revenue by doing the trading business of Domain.

In order to execute this online business idea, you are supposed to buy a premium level fresh and new domain, and keep it parked, when you see that someone is looking for that domain name and ready to pay more amount, you can approach him to buy.

In this idea, you adjust a huge amount of commission between buying and selling the domain.

The second way to make money online by domain trading is that you buy the contented domain from anyone, make the necessary changes, updation, and potential, and make it more profitable, and then sell it.

Blogging – The Best Low Investment Online Earning Way

You might be thinking that Blogging can not be considered as business, but you are wrong, blogging is one of the best small business ideas from home which can be done according to ease of time as well.

Blogging is a business that consumes a very low investment and gives you a huge revenue after a certain time.

One more thing I want to mention regarding this business idea is that this is a long-term business so you will have to keep patience and work with consistency.

  • Domain Name: Rs. 700/Year
  • Hosting: Rs. 1,600/Year
  • Theme: Free (You can also use the paid theme, it’s optional)

Blogging is the business of information sharing, where you educate the people by sharing the information in the form of text and image content.

Earning source from a blog is Ad networks, affiliate programs and there are too many sources from where you can generate massive revenue.

If you are not having an amount for investment, you can start this online business without investment as well.

Yes, you can opt for Google’s Blogger Platform for starting the blogging, but I recommend you to make a little bit of investment and

Sellilng an Online Course

In the world of developing technology, people are not preferring spending the time searching the materials on the internet more, they are preferring the readymade knowledge also.

For example, the knowledge of Yoga is fully available on the internet with different sources like blogs, YouTube, and other platforms.

But some people do not like to gather information from different sources, instead of doing this, they are searching a source from where they can get already gathered information and they do not have to spend the time in research.

By taking advantage of this mentality of people, you can generate a good piece of revenue by making the course and selling it online.

There are many websites that promote your courses and bring them to the customers like, and there are many other sites.

The format course can be anything, it can be a collection of videos in which you explain everything about that niche, or that can be an Ebook in which you explain by writing.

Hence, the preferred and suggested method is making the videos for the course by which your customer will be able to fetch the knowledge easily.

You have to make the course just once, and you can make it sold multiple times and for that reason, you can also afford the low selling rate of it.

The low rate will be beneficial for the customers and the more sales you will generate which will make a huge profit for you.

If you are having a deep knowledge of any stream, prepare it, make the course of that niche, and register with the online selling course websites, you will be paying them a minimal amount as a commission, and you also will be generating good revenue for your hard work.

For example, if you are having a good knowledge of Image Editing, or about any image editing software, or video editing and its software, you can make a valuable course of it and can sell.

SEO Specialist – Trending Online Business

In today’s time, a lot of people are moving in the direction of online earning and for that, they are implementing various ways, and blogging is one of them.

On the other end, the owners of the existing offline businesses are carrying their business online, and in both cases, SEO is a required attribute.

If you are having great knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you can start an online business providing SEO services to bloggers and online business owners.

If you are not having proper knowledge of SEO, it’s not a big deal, you can gather full of information from the internet where you will get each and every aspect in deep of SEO.

Many people want to start blogging but they do not know how to do SEO or some people are not having enough time to do the proper SEO in their blog.

You can be a problem solver missing part of them and can provide the service of making their blog or website SEO friendly.

By providing the SEO service, you can charge a good amount, if you want a reference, I am here, I am charging Rs. 200 for making the written blog SEO friendly of 1500 words.

This charge is very minimal, and almost every person is willing to pay this amount, as long as you become an expert in SEO, you can increase this amount by building a strong portfolio.

Become an Influencer

Influencer makes a lot of money because their recommendation is followed by each his or her fan.

Becoming an influencer is not quite an easy task, you have to provide very high-value content to the people which adds value to their life.

In the beginning phase, you will not get any kind of good reward in terms of money, fame, trust, and other aspects, but you have to keep working until you get a certain number of followers.

Many people who want to become influencers, do a very big mistake that they share the content in different niches where they get a big failure.

You will have to hold a particular niche on which you need to share valuable content with people and realize to them that you are the best problem solver of them.

For example, you are holding a good knowledge of fashion, you are supposed to share different effective ideas of fashion, seasonal clothing ideas, occasional dressing ideas, and other effective attributes of fashion.

After a certain time, people will follow you, and you will start to become their iconic person, well this is a time taking process, you will not gain the hug follower in the first or second month.

No one will trust you directly, so you will have to keep patience and need to work with consistency.

There are many platforms where you can share your content in the format of videos, text, images, podcasts.

Facebook, Pinterest, Blog, Quora, Reddit, Instagram, Medium are very legit platforms to use to become an influencer.

This is one of the best online business ideas without investment in India which produces a great revenue after a certain time.

There are many online business ideas that make revenue in multiple figures, the condition is that you will have to work with a proper strategy and planning.

There is still one business that is zero investment online business in India and easy to do, hence, the same criteria are applicable, you will have to keep patience.

Become a YouTuber

Youtube as an earning source

Becoming a YouTuber is equivalent to become an influencer by spreading valuable content and knowledge to the people.

Starting an online business on YouTube does not require a single rupee as an investment, if you want to start an online business in India without investment, there could not be another option apart from YouTube.

You are supposed to just create YouTube Channel, provide valuable content to the users by transforming the content into video form.

By following the youtube guideline, you can monetize your YouTube channel by YouTube Program partner and with other sources also as affiliate marketing, sponsored videos as well.

Like Blogging, YouTube is also an endless money-making online business, with the hiking in numbers of subscribers and views, your income gets increasing day by day.

You will not have to pay a single rupee for creating a YouTube channel, there are many online software and tools where you can edit and prepare the videos, you can occupy many free screen video recorders as well.

The moral of this story is that this business idea is one of the best online business ideas with zero investment in India which enables you to generate revenue in multiple figures.


The mentioned online business ideas in this article are small business ideas from home that can be done also as a part-time online business in India.

If you are an undergraduate or pursuing your study, this online business in India for students can make you an independent earning person along with the study.

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