Top 5 Most Profitable Organic Farming Business Ideas in India 2022

Have you ever moved your eyes to execute the organic farming business ideas in India, as it is the most profitable agriculture business model?

Organic Farming Business is the oldest business of India which is running out for many centuries, and still running.

Business model of organic farming is one of the most scalable businesses, and you will learn how to do organic farming in depth.

We are going to learn each step about this business like how to generate revenue from the business of organic farming, what are the reasons that can fail you in this business, and how you can avoid them.

Nowadays, the government is conducting the special training for the agriculture business development along with the certification.

Second leg of running business ideas is to sell the product of a particular business, which you will know in this article about how to sell the farming products to domestic and international markets with online selling strategies.

Domestic and International Market of Farming Business

As every business needs a proper and small or huge market to sell its product, and luckily, the organic farming business has a very huge market worldwide.

People started to take interest in the organic farming business ideas after 2012, but there were many challenges to run this business.

Market was very unorganized, there was not proper knowledge, not any kind of certification, training, willing people were not able to conclude from where to start, and how to execute.

As a result of the unorganized market, there was a huge lack and shortage of products and sales.

But 2016 changed the concept and direction of the business model of organic farming with the introduction of more products and profit due to the government’s deep involvement.

Government introduced the guidelines, and placed the certifications, and made the farming business sector well organized, which caused the increment in profit, sales and growth as well.

Talking about the market for the business sector of organic farming, you have all doors open for the domestic market and international market.

You can sell them online and offline in the domestic market,and export to the foreign client as well.

Focusing on the export market, our biggest clients are USA, European Union, and Canada, and India has exported the organic products of $1 Billion in the last year i.e. 2020-2021 which is growing with the ratio of 51% year by year.

Certifications For Selling The Organic Products

The selling of organic products in domestic and international markets must be certified by the authorities, and there are two certifications that you will have to pass out.

NPOP Certification: NPOP Certification makes your organic farming products eligible for selling abroad i.e. exporting.

PGS Certification: PGS Certification makes your organic farming products eligible for selling in the local market.

These both certify your farming products organic and approve for selling in respective markets.

Both certifications evaluate your organic products on the same level, just the authority variance is there for selling your products.

Best Organic Farming Business Ideas

Now, what are the most profitable business ideas for organic farming, which kind of products you should trade or grow which can make your business sustainable and scalable?

We must have some products that we can sell and export to other countries which generates a good profit and support to grow the economy of India as well.

Because when we are going to start an export business, we must think about the country first and then for ourselves.

So, with good intent, let’s explore some very best business ideas for organic farming that have good future business opportunities.

1. Vegetable & Vegetable Oil

Organic Farming Business Ideas

As an experienced person in the vegetable trading business, I can surely state that the vegetable business has a good future with more than enough profit margin.

You can grow the green vegetables and fruit and sell them to domestic and international markets, there is no doubt that you will be getting a good business opportunity with a huge market.

If you are planning to grow wheat and paddy, you need to be careful and research first, because we have already available these grains in a huge stock in our godowns.

Hence, the vegetable and grain export business has a good opportunity, but do you know which product had the highest ratio of importing last year in India?

It’s Vegetable Oil!

Yes, India has imported vegetable oil in the highest amount amongst all imported products, which was 54% of all total imports in India.

You can enter in the business of producing vegetable oil and play a major role to decrease the import of vegetable oils in India.

Before selling the vegetable oil, you need to certify your products by the relevant authorities.

Like other businesses, you need to do a deep market research as well to conclude about which vegetable oil you should produce.

2. De-Oil Cakes and Oil Seeds

Organic Farming Business Ideas

The De-Oil Cakes Soya beans were exported in the highest amount of total export from India to abroad clients last year, and the oil seeds were coming on the second rank in exporting.

So, considering these stats, it indicates that growing the oil seeds and trading them, oil seeds and de-oil caches are very beneficial profitable organic farming business for current and future growth.

If you are already in the business of organic farming, or planning to enter, it’s quite mandatory to go through the data of the organic farming business model.

Before executing the de-oil and oil seeds business idea, you need to verify the demand, and arrangement already done, since these data are published on the public domains, there are many possibilities that many people would have started working on this business idea.

To avoid the possible loss, study the gap between the demand and supply, and then make the business strategy.

3. Organic Honey

The upcoming organic farming business idea is another one of the best business models of organic farming because the government is supporting and involving in this business.

Government is running a focused mission on the organic honey production with the intent of producing the best quality of organic honey, and different varieties and exporting them to international clients.

For this business, the government is keeping and tracing the data about honey production, like amount of produced honey, quality of organic honey, and who produced it to export it easily.

If you are interested and willing to invest in this organic farming business idea, you can consider it and start to inquire about starting an organic honey producing business idea.

As an additional benefit, the government is conducting a special scientific training to make the honey production qualitative, which can be eligible for export.

4. Medicinal Herbs and Aromatic Plants

The next best product for organic farming is medicinal herbs and aromatic plants to export, you are already aware of the popularity of Ayurveda.

Again, this is another organic farming business plan in which the government is totally involved, with the Ayush Mission plan, under which the government is popularizing the Ayurveda sector.

The export market of medicinal herbs is too huge, but along with that, you must have proper data and figures of supply and demand.

But here, you have to take extra care while executing this farming business idea, you would have aware about why you are growing this products, where will you be selling them, and what should be your selling cost.

You should research on some checkpoints like in which form you can earn maximum profit by selling that product.

For example, whether you will be selling them as it is, or will sell by making extract of it, what should be the quality, etc.. and enter in the business of medicinal herbs and aromatic plants business by studying all requirements.

5. Spices and Processes Food Export Business

Organic Farming Business Ideas

India has been exporting the spices for many centuries, and it is one of the most popular Indian products in foreigns.

India exported a huge quantity of processed foods last year, India exported the processed food of Rs. Rs. 36,946.20 Crores which is 4,987.76 USD Millions in 2020-21.

If you are thinking of entering into this organic farming business idea, it would prove a good business opportunity.

You can sell the spices and processed foods on the domestic and international level as well, but if you are planning to sell them on export level, I suggest you go through the latest published data.

6. Farming of Organic Onion

Onion is the best product for organic farming, and you have a very wide opportunity to sell it in domestic and international markets as well.

The international clients prefer the top quality of onion, and they prefer the same size of all onions, with the organic quality.

India is already exporting onions in a very huge quantity, and it’s a positive sign about the onion market.

You can start the organic farming of onions by selling it in the domestic market, by which you will reach the international market as well.

How to Sell Organic Products Online?

You can sell your organic farming products online as well with the support of the government by listing your products on if you are a certified producer of organic products.

After listing your organic products on the portal, you will be receiving the queries by the customer whoever is interested in your products.

The delivery facility is not provided through this portal, once the deal is done, you will have to manage the rest of the process.

Reasons For Failing in Organic Farming Business

By reading the article, you might have come to the conclusion that the organic farming business idea is the profitable deal, and there are many business ideas that you can execute with low investment as well.

But there are many people who fail in the business of organic farming, and I am suggesting some suggestions to avoid that failure.

By following these tips and checklists, you will never see the face of failure in the business of organic farming.

1. Proper Planning

The first thing you have to do is proper planning, you must have data of demand, supply, shortage, overstock, product form of most profit, and which is your potential place.

After analyzing these all matrices, if you run in that business, master it, it will be proven the most profitable business idea for you.

If you directly start growing the product, it can be proven the boomerang for you, because you have no idea about what you have to do with that product.

2. Knowledge of Science Behind The Farming

This is a very sensitive point that you have to take care of, you must have a proper knowledge of farming science.

What is the role of organic carbon, nitrogen, how will the water tasting improve the production..

Holding this knowledge can produce a good quality and quantity of crop which will make more benefit in terms of profit.

You will require the training to produce a good quality of crop, so do not ignore the training conduction as well.

3. Follow The Guidelines of Organic Farming

Government has already published the guidelines for organic farming which you have to follow, because if you do not follow the government guidelines, you will not be eligible to get the certification.

Without the certificate you lose the position for your product and commercial rights to sell your product in the local and abroad market.


Organic Farming business idea is one of the trending business models in the current trend, and if you start it now, it will become more scalable in the near future.

You should not ignore the required training and certifications which are provided by the government.

If you do not conduct the training, you will not be able to add the top quality in your product, and without certification, you will not be able to sell the product in local as well as international markets.

Like the other businesses, do not ever avoid gathering the data of the research, demand, supply shortage, and overstock.

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