7 Awesome Part Time Business Ideas in India – Mostly Done With Profitability

Starting a part time business is one most essential way to start creating financial freedom. Students mostly find part time business ideas to manage their expenses.

Moreover, if you are doing a job, and your salary is not enough according to your expense, or else you are not able to save any money beyond the expenses, the part time business is good for you.

Either you can start a part time job or you can start a part time business, but doing the business part time is more beneficial.

Because the business is an assured growing income source, whereas a job is a static income source.

If you start the business part time, in the future, you can switch your job on your business converting into full-time as well.

There are hundreds of people doing business part time, and most of them are appropriate for you.

Whether you are a student, working man, working woman, housewife, or retired person, it doesn’t matter what you are. You can start it easily.

In this article, we are going to explore some part time business opportunities which can provide you with financial freedom.

What Are The Best Part Time Business Ideas in India?

There are many businesses that you can start as part time, but it depends upon you and your situation that which kind of business you want to start as a part time.

Online part time business ideas, reselling part time business ideas, Trading business ideas for part time, part time business ideas for home, and there are many other business opportunities that you can begin with doing side business.

In this article, we are going to explore the best business ideas for part time with low investment as well so that students also can afford it.

So, without wasting the time, let’s begin exploring the best part time business ideas with low investment and high profit.

1. Setting Up Ecommerce Site

If you are a student and not willing to invest a high amount of money to start a business part time, then here is the best solution for you.

Ecommerce business is one of the most futuristic businesses in the world, and it has a great future as well.

An Ecommerce business can be run as a side business and it does not take more than 4 to 5 hours per day and it’s very easy to manage.

There is no inventory management, not to manage the accounting in-depth, or not to do much more marketing.

Talking about the investment for this online part time work, you will need to pay only for the commerce site platform which will let you host your online store on their portal.

If you don’t know how to set up an e-commerce site and create an online store, you can learn it from online legit sources as well.

2. Online Garment Reselling Business

Online garment reselling business is another most profitable side business idea in India in which you are not supposed to invest more than 5,000/- rupees while beginning.

Again, here you are not supposed to manage the inventory, in this side business, you just need to promote the garments on the online sources by taking the details from the sellers.

In this business, you have the opportunity to make almost 100% profit as a net profit, which means whatever profit amount you earn is yours, you are not supposed to adjust or manage any expense.

It’s a very simple process for this business. Deal with the suppliers who can supply the garments on demand.

The seller will send you the product complete details with pics which you will be sharing on your social media accounts and other sources with your price.

As long as you get an order, you will be forwarding it to the seller, and he will send you the product, and then you have to deliver it to your customer.

3. Become a Fitness Instructor

You might have observed that people are becoming more and more conscious of their health and fitness in the current era.

In this situation, if you are such a person who is holding a piece of good knowledge about health improvement, fitness tips, nutrition, and exercises, then why should you not convert it into a side business opportunity?

You can run this business online and offline with both types. It may be possible that you may be practicing the different forms of fitness exercises, yoga, or maybe practicing any other form.

In all these domains, you will definitely get clients, because India has a very high population, and all people may have different reasons and problems.

In the beginning, you don’t have to target anonymous clients, just refer your services to your nearby people, audiences, and your friends’ relatives.

According to your service and training, they will be raising the feedback and reviews which will help to convince the new clients.

One more tip is that you should create your website for your side business and target the people of western countries.

The people of western countries are too conscious of health and fitness and they do not think twice before paying any amount if they get the perfect solution for their problem.

4. Become a Tutor

In search of part time business opportunities, tutoring business is the business that is in full demand and the demand of this business is never going to end for several upcoming years.

Think to yourself that a student studying in any standard needs the help of a mentor in every subject.

So, if you are a person who can teach the students, can help them to gain good marks in the examination, can clear their concept, then parents will approach you for taking tuitions for their children.

You can do this business in both modes, online and offline, according to your ease of time and situations.

If you can manage one or two hours per day after your job timings, and charge only thousand to twelve hundred rupees per student, and you have just ten students in your batch, then you can generate a good enough amount of revenue.

5. Become a Coach

Here I am suggesting the business of doing coaching as a part time means, you can provide coaching in such activities in which you are a master.

For example, if you are the best at playing piano, or let’s say playing guitar, you can start the business of providing music coaching as a side business in your miscellaneous time.

In this business, you need to find your skills and focus on them and conclude whether you will be able to coach them to other people.

If you could do so nicely, it can be your other income source, and there is a good amount to earn with this part time business idea in India.

In this profitable business as a part time, some business will be able to be done online, and in some, you will need a physical presence.

For instance, if you are a swimming coach, then you can not learn it online, your physical presence is a must for your student while giving the coaching.

Whereas if you run the business of teaching music or dancing, you can conduct the training online as well.

4. Become a Freelancer

Let’s suppose that you are not interested in coaching or tuition business, you are satisfied with your current profession, and you wish to work in your field part-time, so are there opportunities for it?

Yes, there are, and it is becoming a freelancer.

Many companies in the market do not hire full-time employees for minor works, or works which do not consume much time. So they can not afford the salary of full-time employees.

They do not hire full time employees, but they do hire freelance professionals for their tasks.

In this case, if you are having skills, you can become a social media marketing manager, digital marketing expert, content creator, and if you have the relevant skill, you can also become a video editor or an image editor.

These are just some examples, there are several skilled jobs that you can do with your skills and knowledge with experience.

There are multiple sites where you can get clients easily for freelancing work, like Upwork, fiver, freelancer, guru, and there are many other sites.

If we analyze, then we will find that freelancing work is almost the best part time business because there is not any kind of bound there.

No time bound, no term boundaries, you don’t have to follow the rules of any organization, etc…

5. Start a Marketing Agency

Here I have used word agency because you will be presenting yourself as an owner of an ad agency or marketing agency.

If you have a good knowledge of digital marketing, you can begin your online marketing service providing business.

Many companies are looking for ad experts and marketing experts to market their business and products with services.

You can present yourself as the agency of online and offline marketing services and tie-up with them.

You need to offer different packages with different modules of marketing services to the clients.

Same as for offline marketing, you will find clients also. Here my suggestion is to start with dealing with small businesses and small companies also who have limited work to do.

First, do small things very perfectly, and then step out only one step, the second, and then so on, it will make your business strong and failure-proof.

6. Affiliate Marketing Business

Are you looking for a business to do part time that can give you a fully passive income? If so, then this is the most profitable part time business for you.

Affiliate Marketing business has a very bright future, and it is the best choice to start as a side business.

I think none of the people will tell you that there is one work that needs to be done before you start the affiliate marketing business.

See, Affiliate marketing means you recommend (not only promote) the products of some sellers and manufacturers.

But who and why will purchase that product on your recommendation? Will they have any reason to do so?

So, here you need to become a strong base first, and the base is your trusted and loyal audience.

First, you need to build your community by engaging with your audience, and when they start trusting and following you, you can start to recommend the products.

After building such a community, when you will recommend a product, your audience will buy it quickly because they trust you.

7. Homemade Chocolate Making Business

If you are a housewife or working woman and looking for the most profitable part time business, a homemade chocolate-making business is one of the most awesome part-time business ideas for women in India.

For this business, you need to spare only four or five hours per day, and at the end of the month, you can generate a good amount of revenue as a profit.

In the beginning, it’s not needed to cover very big and more customers, just cover your local area where you can provide the homemade chocolates in enough quantity on demand.

As long as your clients list increases, you can hire a team of employees who also are looking for a part-time job, so it will be beneficial for both of you.

The profit margin is more than 50%, and the initial investment is not more than 5,000/- rupees, so this is a very profitable business for women to start as a part-timer.

Conclusion on Part Time Business Ideas in India

See, part time jobs or part-time businesses can not replace your current full-time profession, but yes, it can add to your current income.

Sometimes we start a part-time job or business just for a little bit of a supportive side income, but with the surprise, that business gives us a very high return, and we make up our mind to convert into a full-time business.

So, if you are doing the eight hours job, then you should start any profitable part-time business which gives you several benefits.

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