Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas in Assam 2021 With Low Investment

If you are seeking the Most Profitable Business Ideas in Assam, but are not sure about which business you should start, then you have landed on the very right place, There are many opportunities to execute small investment business ideas in Assam.

Assam provides you the ease of business in terms of introducing the low investment business ideas in Assam in 2021 with Food Processing Business, Tea Business, Handloom, and many other businesses.

Even you can start a business by working from home as well if you are intending to start an online business in Assam which generates really good revenue.

In this article, we are going to share many profitable, scalable and sustainable business ideas in Assam which will make your business career strong.

1. Tea Business – The Most Profitable Business Idea in Assam

Business Ideas in Assam

As you know that Assam is the biggest and hugest exporter of the Tea in across India, and hence, there is a very big scope to generate a huge earning potential from the Tea Business in Assam.

In order to start a business, you may have various ways to do so, you can have a franchise of Tea Distribution over the state, you can set up a Retail Shop and another way is to establish a wholesale selling unit of the tea in Assam.

Tea Business never comes under the recession pandemic because it’s every time being used product, and its demand can never go down.

The second benefit of the tea business is that you can rebrand it and sell in the market by registering a private limited company, which makes your own a brand after some years.

You can purchase a raw material of the tea and process yourself by your team and unit which is required to create your own brand.

2. Clothing and Garment Business

Business Ideas in Assam

This is a second business that never sees a recession period because it’s a needy product for human survival, and demand will never come down.

In this business, you will be finding many ways to execute this one of the smallest business ideas in Assam, by Retailing, Wholesaling, Reselling, Manufacturing, and Distributing.

You can start this business with low investment, more investment, and high investment as well which depends on the category of business.

If you want to start a garment reselling business in Assam, it needs a very low investment of around 10,000/- to 15,000/- rupees.

There are many categories in the garment business like Men’s Garments, Kids’ Garments, Women’s Garments, and there are also subcategories in each segment of this business.

In a nutshell, this business is having a very wide and huge platform to execute and makes you have a too scalable long-term business in Assam.

3. Tourism Business in Assam

Business Ideas in Assam

Do you know that Assam is holding one of the most numerous visitors coming for tour purposes from which you can generate good revenue by establishing the Tourism Business in Assam?

The biggest benefit of this business is that this is one of the most profitable low investment business ideas in Assam which returns you a noticeable profit.

The Office of this business can be established as well from where you will be hiring the people who will be guiding the visitors coming to Assam.

It’s very recommended that you tie up with some hotels where you will be sending the visitors and the owners of Hotels will be paying you some amount as a commission.

4. Interior Decoration and Designing Business in Assam

Business Ideas in Assam

Interior Designing and Decoration is a self-employed business in which you may need a team also after a certain expansion of your business.

Many people believe in looking their home sweet and they really like the well-designed home instead of the simple rooms and halls.

If you have a good knowledge and mastery over this field, you have a very good opportunity to make good revenue by starting the business of Interior Decoration and Designing business in Assam.

It’s not applicable only for homes, you can approach the office owners, company owners as well to avail your services of Interior Designing.

You can charge a good amount per decoration, and it’s not a time-bounded business, huge decoration takes more and time generates more money.

Newly opened big offices are your most potential customers because they are having a wide area and multiple rooms and floors to design, and for which you will need a team.

While offering the quotation, you are supposed to give the approx completion because the consumption of more time may damage your prestige and service record.

5. Yoga Teacher and Fitness Tutor

Business Ideas in Assam

Yoga and Fitness are the two sides of one coin, whoever will come for Yoga, the main intent of him or her is to maintain the body and health fitness.

If you are having a piece of good knowledge about Yoga and fitness, the Yoga and Fitness mentorship is one of the best business ideas to execute in Assam.

Capturing the current and upcoming trend of human lifestyle, the mental and physical health is going to be a very crucial aspect for which the people will be ready to pay the endless amount.

Having a deep knowledge of yoga and fitness can make you able to build a sustainable and scalable business in the upcoming time.

We are openly stating this business as one of the most profitable online business ideas in Assam as it can be run online as well.

You can build a huge community for this class over the world because I think you are aware that the foreign population is diverting to the Indian Yogas and Fitness strategies.

They are now totally focusing to learn and accept OUR YOGA and FITNESS STRATEGIES to avoid the medial interaction in their life.

If you start the Yoga and Fitness mentorship business, you can acquire abroad clients as well who will be taught by you online according to their time zone, because Yogas are preferred to be done in the early morning.

What business can I start with 50000?

There are many businesses that you can start with 50000 Rs in Assam or anywhere.
Vegetable Home Delivery Business, Garment Reselling Business, Food Shop, Local Famous Food Shop, Grocery Shop, Home Appliances Shop, Papad Making Business, Namkeen Business, Home Decor Business any many more businesses you can run.
If you want to start an online business, then Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Online Yoga, and Fitness, by taking the advantage of Pandemic you can start online tuition as well.

6. Candle Making Businesss in Assam

Business Ideas in Assam

The Global Market of Business of Candle Making acquired the amount of $8,430 during 2018, and the expert of industry are expecting this figure to be converted into $13,500 and the growth is predicted at 5.5% of CAGR from 2021 to 2027.

It’s understood that you might or might not know how to make candles, but you do not need to worry about that because you can learn this about online classes or from any other free online source like blogs or YouTube.

After you learn how to make candles, then after you should apply for the license for candle-making business to the government with the interaction of lawyers or professionals.

When you establish your firm or a small business for making candles, then you should do the marketing of your business.

This business contains a wholesaling nature, so you can register yourself on B2B (Business to Business) sites which will be bringing the potential customers in a bulk from where you can generate a massive profit.

The best way to start a candle-making business is to buy a candle machine which costs around 40k onwards.

There are many varieties available for candle-making machines from which you can buy according to the size of your business.

If you are having a very huge budget to establish great business ideas in Assam then there are some long-term and beneficial business ideas which will make you rich after a certain time.

Huge investment requires a long-term projection and a bulk of patience to get the execution output in terms of profit revenue.

7. Electric Vehicle Charging Station – The Futurestic Business Idea in Assam

You might be aware that the cost of petrol and other petroleum fuels are hiking day by day and there are minimal chances to set as before.

As an option for Petroleum Fuel based vehicles, many big automobiles companies are introducing electric vehicles like electrical cars and electrical bikes.

If you are having a huge capital with backup to invest for a long time for return, you have a very great opportunity to make your future bright.

The reason for patience is that the concept of electric vehicles is quite new in India and people are still stuck with the traditional transportation resources.

You might be aware of the truth that the government is also addressing the people to switch personal transportation resources from traditional petroleum fuel to electric vehicles to save the environment.

In order to encourage people for using electric vehicles, the government has invoked and provided a subsidy to the electric vehicle charging station owners.

As I mentioned at the start of this module starts, it requires a huge size of investment which is around 35 lakhs.

The profit per unit charge is also quite high, and the second benefit of this business is that this is a new concept in India so that you will not have to face massive competition, and it’s quite understood that you will be getting the customers in a bulk every day.

On the other end, when people will realize the value of this business will think to start this business, you will have got a very strong position in the market.

So, if you are having the potential to invest a huge amount for a long time project and can wait for a few years for the rain of profit, you should grab this opportunity.

8. Courier Service – Best Service Business Idea in Assam

In the current time, the reselling business idea is on a hiking trend, and at the other end, the sellers are not wanting to share the customer’s data with the first-party seller.

In this situation, they can afford double transportation of a product by courier service, which is your potential area.

You have two options to start a courier service business idea in Assam, one is that you can take a Franchise partnership from an existing reputed courier service or you can start your own courier service.

The best option from either is to take a Franchise from the existing courier company for which you will have to pay the security deposit which depends on the terms of the courier service provider.

Courier service business idea is beneficial because it is spread over entire India, and by providing the low rate courier service than others, you can establish a strong customer base for your business.

In the initial phase of this business idea, you might face a little bit of compromise in your profit, but it will increase your customer base.

The reason behind it is that by reducing your little bit of profit, you are allowing your reseller customers to hike their profit indirectly, then why they will not come to you again and again?

The investment in this business idea by taking a Franchise is pretty high, which will take a long time to recover, however, this is a long-term business idea, you can take a chance to execute this business idea in Assam.

The other great reason to start this business is that this business never sees the face of a recession period, and meanwhile the festival season, you can earn an amount of almost a whole year.

Wrapping Up

Meanwhile the Pandemic of Corona, you might have realized that the Jobs are not permanent, any company can show us the way to outside without any reason just to save their recurring option.

Establishing a business from now can make you financially strong for upcoming possible pandemics in the future.

My suggestion is to you is that if you can not afford a huge investment to execute any of the best business ideas in Assam, you can start with a small one.

The reselling business from home is ever best because, in this business, you do not need much more investment and time as well.

It takes just around 2-3 hours a day to accomplish all the activities from promotion of the product to delivery.

My second suggestion is to start a vegetables home delivery business which requires a maximum of 10,000/- rupees and max to max 4-5 hours a day to cover all activities of this business.

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