Best 8 Quick Money Making Reselling Business Ideas That Never Miss

Congratulations on landing here in search of reselling business ideas in India that can generate a good amount of revenue, because this is the place where your desire will get accomplished in a couple of minutes.

You are reading a world of “quick money making” that does not mean that you would start a reselling online business today, and it will generate revenue from tomorrow, but it will take less time than the traditional business which contains lots of marketing.

Reselling business is not a quite new concept in India, it’s an old concept, but after the evolution of technology, the world became smaller, and communication became faster.

Before a few years, you could sell your homemade pickle in just your nearby territories, and shops, whereas today you can sell it anywhere in India by the digital media.

It’s possible due to the online selling business, and the same thing we are going to explore in this article.

Benefits of Online Reselling Business Ideas

Reselling Business Ideas

If you start a garment manufacturing business, you need a very huge investment, more manpower, an organized business model, lots of marketing, and maximum hours working per day.

Yes, it’s true that it returns a very high profit with a quick ROI, but it needs too many inputs first, and it takes time to become stable which is the defined nature of every manufacturing business.

  • Low or zero investment
  • Low marketing cost
  • Quicker results
  • Early making brand
  • No inventory management
  • No recurring expense
  • Location barrier free business model

These are just major advantages of reselling online business, there are uncountable benefits of starting a reselling business in India anywhere.

Now the question is which online reselling business idea is the most profitable? Well, there is not a single profitable reselling business, there are several numbers.

1. Dropshipping Business

If you know how to do an eCommerce business, then a dropshipping business is one of the online reselling businesses for you in India.

Starting a dropshipping business in this duration will become too profitable for you because India has not evolved more in the direction of dropshipping business.

There are only a few e-commerce sites that are running a dropshipping business, and if you start nowadays, you will have to compete with a very few numbers of rivals.

Dropshipping business does not require a heavy investment, you will have to spend money just for your online store on dropshipping sites like Shopify.

There are numerous e-commerce sites on which you can host your e-commerce store and generate a huge amount of revenue.

The trend of buying online hiking day by day in the Indian audience, and after the corona pandemic, people are preferring online purchase more than earlier.

2. Clothe Reselling Business Idea

Reselling Business Ideas

Clothes have very huge marketing over the world, and it is as mandatory appliance like a food for people.

If you are willing to make an investment of 20,000 rupees, you can set up a very profitable business model of online garment reselling.

Good knowledge of utilizing social media platforms will convert your creativity into money.

You need very few things to set up a garment reselling profitable business, a smartphone, some good suppliers of garments, and a targeted audience.

If I explain to you a guide to establishing an apparel reselling business step by step, it would take hardly a couple of minutes.

Find the suppliers of garments who can supply the garments on-demand from social media and B2B sites.

Bring the product details from them via email or other sources, promote them on social media, or online reselling sites, make the engagement with the audience, get them sold and make a profit.

Another way to continue with the clothing reseller business is to register on the reselling apps without investment and get earned.

Starting a reselling business of clothes will generate a quick revenue in India because the Indian population is quality conscious in terms of apparel, and you can see the big brands of clothing reselling like Myntra are trending on top.

3. Cosmetics Reselling Business Online

Do I need to say that you will never face a single percent loss in the cosmetics reselling business? I don’t think so because almost everyone is familiar with the women’s nature of India.

Moreover, Cosmetics products have a very huge margin on each, and you can sell them online and offline as well in your network.

Online reselling of cosmetics generates more revenue due to the lack of availability of different products in various cities and states.

Let’s suppose you are from Bihar, and you are running an online reselling business of cosmetics from there, and a lady from Delhi likes your products which are not available in Delhi and nearby areas.

But she can get that product easily by ordering on your portal, or site or WhatsApp, or other social media where she saw your products, and you can get a perfect rate for your product as well.

While running the online business ideas, you have to be consistent in promoting the products, and yes, be ready to dispatch the products.

4. Electronic Appliances Reselling Business

Reselling Business Ideas

The reselling business of electronics can be done in both ways online and offline, with investment and without investment.

Delhi is the biggest hub of electronic items from where you can get almost every category of electronic items at very low rates.

For example, if you want to start a business selling the smartphone back cover, you can get the bulk of smartphone back covers at the rate of Rs. 12 round per piece from Delhi.

Adding other expenses, its purchase cost will reach up to a maximum of Rs. 15 per piece, and do you know how much price you can sell them for?

You sell them from 40/- to 100/- in the market, the rates depend on the situation, area, and other aspects of the market.

You can sell them online as well with more profit, you will not find any smartphone’s back cover in less than 80-100 rupees on online shopping portals.

There are also big opportunities for making a huge audience for your smartphone backover reselling business on social media platforms as well.

Instagram and Facebook are the most perfect and appropriate platforms to increase sales for this online reselling business in India especially.

5. Online Reselling Jewellery Business

Jewelry reselling business idea is one of the most trending online reselling business ideas in India having a huge profit ratio.

Women and girls are too fond of fashion and styling and are always in search of presenting them to look beautiful than others.

The psychology of looking more beautiful than other women can be the opportunity for your online reselling business of jewelry anywhere in India.

You won’t need to invest a high amount to start this one of the most profitable business ideas, just having some good suppliers will accomplish the need to send the details of the product to you.

After you receive the complete product details, share them with attractive real images and descriptions with your audience.

You can share those products on your social media accounts, stories, and WhatsApp status from where you can get numerous orders.

6. Domain Reselling Business

Are you aware of the potential of the domain name? If you don’t, then you should be and then think about this best online reselling business idea.

You can get the .com domain name from Godaddy, Bigrock, and other domain registrars with a maximum of rupees 1,000 for one year.

Now, you don’t have to start a blog or website with this domain, just buy and keep it with you for 2-3 months.

After that duration, list that domain for reselling on either the same domain registrar or on the domain reselling sites.

I have purchased the domain for Rs 990 rupees, and you can see in the below image how much will I get if I resell it on GoDaddy.

Online reselling business ideas

I am able to sell this domain for around Rs. 70,000 and it’s the base price, I can also ask if I think that this domain name has more potential.

The business of reselling the domain is the best online reselling business that you can start with a very low investment.

If you are willing to invest just 15,000 rupees, you can convert them into around 7 to 10 lakh rupees in one year around.

You have to research those domains that have higher resale value and purchase them at their regular price.

There is a very good idea that you purchase multiple potential domains with the higher resale value, and keep for a couple of months, and then resell them.

Just think that you will not have to invest in a website, or blog, or even in hosting also, and don’t have to spend a single hour as well.

Now, you might be thinking who will be buying these domains from you, right?

Customers For Your High Valued Domains

There are many companies, and startups who need a relevant domain for their business, but if someone has already bought it from any domain registrar, then they are not able to buy it with the same name and same extension.

They have to approach either the domain registrars to keep that available for them or else they need to find on domain reselling sites or contact the domain owner directly.

Now, if you are a holder of that high-valued domain, the domain registrars or domain reseller sites will contact you and ask for the domain.

You can sell them at your price, hence they will negotiate also, and it depends only on you on how much price you resell them.

7. Travel Bag Reselling Business

The business of travel bag reselling is one of the most profitable online reselling business ideas, because most people purchase travel bags from online resources.

In this case, the tendency of comparing the products in terms of quality, price, and delivery service will be beneficial for you.

Before starting the online reselling business of travel bags, you have to do deep research on multiple e-commerce sites about their pricing, quality, delivery service, return policies, and other aspects.

Then, you need to find suppliers of travel bags who can provide you the travel bags on-demand, and collect the catalog of the products in advance.

Promote them on your social media accounts, and this is the high potential product, so you can run the paid ads as well on Google and social media as well.

As long as you get an order, you can forward it to the relevant seller who will be delivering the product to the customer.

Or else, you can bring it to you, and then you can deliver it to the customer if you don’t want to share the customer details with the suppliers.

This online business idea does not contain more investment, and even, you can also start it with a zero investment.

But I recommend you invest in marketing and running ads because it will give you massive revenue in some time.

8. Blog Reselling Business

This online reselling business is time taking business, but the final revenue coming is beyond your thought capacity.

If you have deep knowledge about any field, you can make a blog, like I have good knowledge about business ideas, business strategies, and marketing strategies. I am making a blog on those topics to share my knowledge.

But what you have to do is to make a very valuable informative blog, and monetize it with some platforms like Google Adsense, Rich Ads, and other Ad Networks and gain some organic traffic.

It will take around 6 months if you work with proper consistency, and as long as your blog becomes strong and stable with enough traffic and revenue, you can list it on the website reselling sites like Flipa.

Conclusion on Reselling Business Ideas

With the evolution of technology, many concepts of the world have been changed, and the reselling business concept is one of them.

Nowadays, if anyone talks about reselling business ideas, people start to think about the online reselling business.

And, it really works. I have mentioned in my other blogs that I run multiple businesses with the help of my partners and teams, and I have come to feel the potential business of reselling.

If you put in action any of the above-mentioned online reselling business ideas, it will definitely work if you start from anywhere in India.

The online business has one very strong aspect that it is location barrier-free, and it was the weak point earlier when online selling was not introduced.

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