Best 9 Ninja Techniques For Restaurant Marketing in India

For any business in the world, marketing is the must part to do to grow the business. Marketing is nothing but is the strategy to aware the people of your business more and more in less timer.

Because if you do not do marketing for your business, how could the people come to know about your business and products, right?

In this article, we are going to explore the ninja techniques of restaurant marketing which will boost your restaurant business.

See, the marketing strategy depends upon the niche of the business, if you have any online business, then you should adopt the different marketing strategies, if you have the shoe business, there could be different marketing strategies.

Restaurant business mostly depends on walk-in customers than other customers like online ordering customers, and rare customers.

So, your focus should be on attracting your nearby customers, and that is why I am educating you about some very wonderful marketing methods for the restaurant business in India.

Ninja Restaurant Marketing Strategies in India

Restaurant Marketing

Here, Ninja Marketing strategies mean, those strategies for restaurant marketing, by which you can grab the maximum customers in less time.

Don’t worry, I am not informing you about running the Facebook ads, or Google Ads with good videos, because you are already aware of this type of digital marketing method.

In this article, you will come to know some very extraordinary marketing ways for the restaurant business, and surprisingly, you will not have to spend too much money on them as well.

Do you know that the restaurant business is amongst those startups which get closed within 1 or 2 years from the start?

There could be many reasons behind it, but the most probable reasons are the wrong location selection and lack of marketing, and that is why I am creating this article for you so that you don’t have to quit ever.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore the successful marketing strategies for the restaurant business.

1. Social Share Marketing

If you are a restaurant owner and want to boom your sales, the social share marketing method is working as a booster for you.

What happens here is that whenever customers come to your restaurant and have a meal, after that you offer them one thing.

You offer them a 10% instant discount on the total billed amount if they share the picture of their restaurant having a meal on their social account by tagging your restaurant and inviting the people to come there.

Now, here are two possibilities, one is they like your food so that they will do that thing for an additional 10% discount.

But if they don’t like your food and service, they might refuse to do so, and in this case, you should take feedback from those customers and promise them to improve the earliest.

Now, if the customer shares your restaurant on social media like Facebook and Instagram with pictures, you can think about how many new customers you can gain.

As a result of this activity, many relatives and friends of those customers will be aware of your restaurant, and hence, if your restaurant is recommended by a third party person, people will be eager to visit your restaurant at least once.

And, you should offer this offer to maximum customers, and get the maximum benefit of social share marketing strategy.

See, the strategy for marketing is hitting your restaurants on the subconscious mind of people again and again.

When the share from different people’s social media will occur, again and again, it will force the other people to visit your restaurant anyhow.

2. Free Wi Fi Marketing

Free wifi Marketing

Wifi is one of the oldest marketing strategies for the restaurant business and cafe business, and it works 100%.

What if people get free wifi access for an unlimited certain time by paying anything extra to someone?

I think you have answered, and it is the next awesome marketing technique for growing your restaurant business soon.

You have nothing to do any extraordinary work for this, just make an attractive spot outside of your restaurant where your customers can take their selfies.

Now, you should offer every one of your customers to take a selfie at that spot and share it on their social media account, and you will share the password of wifi to them.

Here, you have to do just a one-time yearly expense of unlimited wifi, which is around Rs 5,500/-, and as a reward for it, you get unlimited customers as well.

3. YouTube Marketing

Don’t think that I am suggesting you create a video ad and run it on YouTube by paid marketing. Yes, it’s also an effective marketing strategy for restaurants, but here we are going to explore a different restaurant marketing technique.

You are supposed to invite the YouTubers, let them have the taste of your restaurant’s foods, and approach them to share honest reviews and feedback on their YouTube Channel.

By this method, you and YouTube both have massive benefits. They will get a new video for their channel, and you will get a huge class of audience.

Now, a YouTuber is also one kind of influencer, if your restaurant is recommended by him, there are lots of chances that his followers will come to your restaurant very soon, and it’s very beneficial for your restaurant business.

Moreover, some YouTubers have thousands of local subscribers who follow them, and if they approach their subscribers to have at least one visit to your restaurant, think about the results!

Here the charges for this marketing technique for restaurants fluctuate, some YouTubers charge you some amount, and some do not.

4. Arrange The Seasonal and Random Occasional Events

One thing you should know is that in the current trend, people are always in search of some new things in their lives.

As a restaurant business owner, you can take a huge advantage of people’s thirst by fulfilling it.

Arrange an event someday randomly and invite the people by running online campaigns like Facebook ads and streaming.

The benefit of this marketing methodology is people will see your ad and will come to your restaurant to have a new experience.

Once they come, they will have the food, and your ad expense will be recovered, this is not the benefit, the actual benefit is different.

When people come to your restaurant, offer them both offers of Social Media Sharing, and wifi marketing methods.

First thing is that due to the different event organizations, many people will come to your restaurant, and many of them share the recommendation of your restaurant.

If the taste of your restaurant or cafe is too good, you will get another benefit of word to mouth marketing from those people as well.

5. Festival Discount Offer Marketing Strategy For Restaurant

Generally, in the festival seasons like Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, and Navaratri there is a huge rush in the restaurants anywhere in India.

This is the peak time when you can double your revenue by offering discounts to the customers.

For example, the pizza restaurant owners offer the Buy 1 Get 1 offer, and for that many people are attracted towards that offer.

A group of friends will never want to miss these kinds of offers to have a meal at the minimum expense, right?

Moreover, there are many other discount schemes that you can offer to your customers, like, 50% off on some special days or those who come in a group of more than 4 people, etc…

When you offer this kind of cheesy scheme to multiple customers, your restaurant becomes word of mouth and becomes famous without spending any extra money on marketing.

6. Competition Marketing For Restaurant Business

Competition Marketing strategy

This is one of the different marketing techniques to make your restaurant famous in which you organize a competition on a certain date of every month and invite the people to participate in it.

In this strategy, you are supposed to organize a competition for something and invite the people via social media.

They will come, and yes, definitely they will have the food of your restaurant, and you will be making the videos and publishing them on your social media.

Moreover, the customers who come to your restaurant can not stay without doing the same, and just think, how many uploads for your restaurant will be done.

In addition, you will also implement the social media sharing marketing and wifi marketing strategy as well.

If you compile all the strategies, it works like a cumulative method where you are getting the audience from everywhere.

7. Cause Marketing Strategy For The Restaurant

Cause marketing strategy is a very awesome method for restaurant marketing, and you get a very huge coverage for your restaurant as well.

What you do is capture any recent sensitive national event and make its base, and start marketing.

For example, you can offer those people who have taken both doses of the corona vaccine, you can offer them a 50% discount on any food.

You can run this campaign for a certain time, and your restaurant will become the word of the mouth of the people.

People will share a lot about your restaurant on their social media, and yes, the new media will also cover you for their content.

Ultimately, your restaurant will get unlimited reach for the business and will keep on becoming the famous restaurant in your area, even your city as well.

8. Unlimited Food Offering Marketing Technique

A mn eating a jumbo pack of food

I have observed everywhere in the restaurants that offer unlimited food in a certain amount have a big rush of customers.

People think that they can eat unlimited food by paying a fixed amount, hence, ultimately, people can not eat the quantity of food for which they pay.

But the word “Unlimited” attracts them to go inside the restaurant and enjoy the “Unlimited” food.

For example, some pizza restaurant owners are offering unlimited pizza for just Rs 249/- or Rs 299/-.

Now, whatever quantities of pizza you eat there, the cost of it will not exceed Rs 150/- for pizza owners and you will be paying them around Rs 300/-. But the people always have to have maximum food in the minimum amount.

9. Whatsapp Marketing For Retargeting The Customers

Only a one-time customer is not enough to sustain your business for a long time, you should make the strategy for retargeting the customer to repeat them, right?

In order to do so, you should take their details like phone numbers or email addresses, or both of them.

Once you get their Whatsapp number, you can have many chances to approach them to come to your restaurant again.

You can send them an offer whenever you have any offer, you integrate a new thing, or you have some additional features as well.

When you send any customer message or invitation personally, he or she feels emotional respect, and makes up his mind to come to your restaurant again with family as well.

Now, you are not supposed to send a simple message, the content of the message must be attractive, and it must appeal to the customer to come again to your restaurant.

Like, you can send the message that They are one of the premium customers for you and you are eager to serve them again by offering xyz% discount, or you have an offer for family occasional customers, etc…

Conclusion of Restaurant Marketing Techniques

Marketing is one of the most needed pillars for the growth of the business, and the best marketing strategy can boost your business sooner than expected.

All the marketing strategies explained in this article work 100%, and I suggest you keep the first two marketing strategies constant for each of the customers who come to your restaurant.

Restaurant Wifi Marketing strategy, and social share marketing strategies are two of the best for your restaurant.

Because the current trend is dominated by social media and people are just eager to explore the new things in their life every day.

The rest of the world is enjoying social media to just see what others are doing, and liking and sharing activities, but you should take the benefit of the same things to grow your business.

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