7 Best Side Business Ideas For Ladies in India With Low Investment From Home

If you are reading the article for the best side business ideas for ladies, it indicates either you are a woman looking for business ideas for women or a man in support of women empowerment.

It was a different time when women were supposed to just handle the home responsibilities and kids’ responsibilities.

In the revolution era, women have become capable of handling the business responsibilities on their shoulders without anyone’s support.

Each journey has a certain start point, and for the business, the start point is to find the business ideas.

The first camping starts with gathering the multiple business ideas and ends with picking the best suitable one from all of them.

Now, the thing is there is not only one type of woman in India, there are working women, nonworking women, housewives also.

It is not possible to start a full-time business for every woman, most of them need to start a part-time business or side business while beginning, and later on, they can convert it into a full-time business after obtaining certain criteria.

In this article, we are going to explore some profitable business ideas for women that can be done as a side business from home with low investment as well.

Side Business Ideas For Ladies in India With Low Investment

Side business ideas for ladies

I am suggesting the side business ideas from home for ladies because as a woman, they have to perform many responsibilities that are unavoidable.

So, if they want to start a business, they have to start as a small part time business to handle the dual responsibilities.

As a lady, if you also want to start a startup, you should opt for the side business, and before it, you need to pick the best idea for the side business as well.

Maybe you are from an urban area, or you may be from a rural area, in both cases, you can start a small business from your home.

In this article, you will explore the business opportunities for ladies that can be started from home with minimal investment as well.

So, without wasting time, let’s start a business for ladies with low investment which can offer a successful business model in the coming time.

1. Tiffin Service Business

If you are living in a metro city like Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, Kolkata, or other developed cities, then you can start a tiffin service business.

The tiffin service business is a very profitable business for ladies because cooking is the passion of almost every lady in India.

When our passion becomes business, it reflects unbelievable results. Moreover, the tiffin service business does not require too much investment as well.

The next benefit of starting a tiffin service business is that it can be started from home without teamwork.

If you are thinking about fetching the customers for this business, then you should be aware that there are many people around you who are looking for homemade food on a daily basis, right?

You should do local marketing for your business in a proper way by which you can acquire the maximum number of customers at the lowest cost.

Talking about the profit margin for this profitable side business for women, let me give you a surprise that there is more than 50% profit margin in the tiffin service business.

So, if you are in search of a small scale business for ladies, then the tiffin service business can become a good choice for you.

2. Open a Baby Care Center

Baby care center

If you want to start a business for ladies from home, then you can understand the problem of working women, that they can not take care of their children completely.

They need a person, especially a lady who can take care of their children like them, and you can become that one.

By doing this business, you will accomplish two aspects, one is you will be earning enough by opening the baby care center, and second is that this activity is one type of social activity that encourages women to concentrate on their work.

If you take care of someone’s baby, she can focus on her work totally without worrying, and you can also generate revenue, right?

Now, let’s explore the requirements for this part time business idea for working ladies. You don’t have to have a dedicated space for starting the baby care center business.

You can start this business from your home also, and talking about the investment, you need to buy some baby toys, arrange for the daily baby foods, if needed then one maid, need to decorate the room according to the children’s psychology.

The actual amount of investment depends upon which kind of baby care center you start, and how you decorate the room(s).

You don’t need to spend too much money on marketing because this business contains word-of-mouth marketing.

If some working women like your baby care center service, they will definitely recommend your service to other working women.

3. Become a Graphic Designer

Even if you are an educated lady or not, you can start the business of graphic designing, and can start your own online business.

If you don’t know how to do graphic designing, there are many legit sources on the internet from where you can learn, or else you can enroll for the paid courses as well.

There are many organizations and individuals who are always in search of a good graphic designer who can assist them.

You don’t have to invest anything to start a graphic designing business, you just have the skills for the same, and need to acquire the clients.

There are many sites for freelancing work from where you can find a potential client. You might be thinking that if this is freelancing work, then why am I stating this as a profitable side business idea for ladies, right?

You are right!

But you should have the talent to convert your skills and freelancing work into a profitable business model.

In the beginning, do the work for the clients yourself as a freelancer, and collect positive feedback from clients for building a strong portfolio and mentioning it in the testimonials.

As long as you get more clients, start building a team, and assign work to the team on a small scale, and then increase the team and work as well.

By doing this continuously, one time will come when you will be only dealing with clients for the projects and your team will be working for you.

Later on, launch a website of your business and do online marketing as well, and keep your business growing.

4. Interior Designing Business

Interior designing business

If you want to start a part time business which you can do according to your time comfortability, you should learn how to become an interior designer.

Learning interior designing is not hard, you can learn it in just a couple of weeks, and when you get done with learning, you can start finding clients.

In the starting, you should target the small clients, like someone who wants to design her home interior, or a small startup wants its office interior.

After having the certain practices on a small scale interior designing, you should register your company and hire a few employees for your assistance.

You should start getting the clients from your local area first by doing the local listing of your business on Google my business and other local listing services.

Small hotels, banquet halls, newly launched offices, new sites for homes are your potential clients. I am giving you the best tips for getting more customers without doing any high-cost marketing.

You should distribute your business card to the builders and brokers, and other sources who are involved in the real estate business. Because they interact with the people who buy a new home, and the office always, and they can drive many customers for you.

5. Online Yoga Tutoring Business

If you are looking for a profitable business for ladies with low investment which can be done from home as well, then an online yoga tutoring business is one of the best and profitable online successful business ideas for ladies in India.

But for this business, you must have complete knowledge of yoga and other related exercises. After the corona pandemic, there is a big hike in the online yoga tutoring business in the world.

Now, if you are willing to start this best online business plan for women, but don’t know anything about yoga, you can learn it by enrolling in courses.

Once you get done with learning, you should create the ads by the demo video, and run an online marketing campaign.

In the beginning, you will hardly get one or two clients per week, but as your business spreads, you will get many clients per day.

When you are not able to handle your clients with a single arm, you can start building a team, and then also register your business.

In order to start this wonderful side business for ladies, you should have a room with a pin drop silence, one laptop with a webcam, and good internet connectivity.

6. Bookkeeping Business

Bookkeeping business for ladies

Even if you are a working woman or nonworking woman, but have more knowledge of accounting, you can start the business of bookkeeping service.

Accounting is considered the backbone of every business, and business owners must hire a bookkeeper.

Now, the problem is if someone hires a person for accounting, he or she demands a high salary by knowing the sensitivity of that aspect.

So, instead of hiring a full time salaried person for bookkeeping, companies are adopting the methodology of outsourcing this task to the bookkeeping companies who can do this at affordable rates.

If you have a deep knowledge of bookkeeping, you can start a small firm to provide bookkeeping services to clients.

Again, you need to list your services on the local marketing sites like Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads.

Once you start getting clients, offer them the best service at affordable rates, and collect positive feedback from them to build your strong portfolio.

As long as you get more and more clients, you can build a team of knowledgeable people to assist you.

7. Beauty Parlor Business For Women

I don’t need to mention why the beauty parlor is the best business for ladies, because you are already aware of it.

Every lady, on any occasion, never misses looking attractive, and for that, there is only one source, and it is the beauty parlor.

Moreover, the marriage season, festival season, and occasional seasons are the peak times to generate the highest revenue during the year. And you might skip knowing that there are 8 months when you can gather the highest revenue out of 12 months.

Along with providing beauty parlor services, you can sell beauty-related items, cosmetics, and hair-related items to your existing customers as well.

Creams, shampoos, facial packs, waxing packs, oils, massage materials are the most selling products for the beauty parlor.

A beauty parlor is the most profitable business opportunity for ladies from home with low investment.

In addition, beauty parlors have mouth-to-mouth marketing, so that you will not have to spend a lot of money on marketing as well.

The profit in beauty services is more than 70%, and in the trading of beauty-related products is more than 80%.

Conclusion For Side Business Ideas For Ladies in India

I can understand that as a woman, it might be challenging to find the best side business ideas for ladies may become difficult for you.

Because every business either needs full attention or needs a lot of money for investment. And side business can not be done with handling the other responsibilities by women.

But you know that every lock has a key, likely, apart from these, there are some great side business ideas for ladies that can be done with low investment and according to your time comfort.

I suggest that before starting any side business, you should conduct deep research about that business idea, and find the scopes in your area first.

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