Top 7 Best Small Business Ideas in India 2022 With Low Investment

Executing the Small Business Ideas in India is not a big deal, having enough capital amount as an investment and proper strategy with planning, you can execute any best small business idea in India.

During the Corona Pandemic you, me, and everyone realized that the jobs are not permanent, and to avoid the unwanted situation facing in the future, you should start a small business along with your job if you are doing a job right now.

If you are not doing a job now and looking for small startup business ideas in India, then also this article is dedicated to you.

According to our observation and research, almost everyone is looking for starting small profitable business ideas in India which can generate good revenue and later on can be converted into a scalable business.

I am 4 times a failure and then successful business person, and according to my experience, a little mistake can ruin your business idea, business is a very sensitive field where you have to plan a certain strategy on each step.

After getting failure 4 times in business, I run many businesses, and today I am a successful business person having a passion for educating people about business ideas, strategies, selection, and all other aspects.

Small Business Ideas in India With Low Investment

Small Business Ideas in India

I believe you might have been seeking small scale business ideas that can be executed in India with low investment, right?

Business is a strategical aspect where you are supposed to plan each and every aspect at the micro-level.

For example, If you have a business of garment, but you are not tracking the difference between the sales and purchase data and not analyzing the profit ratio per module, it can create chaos later on in the future.

Determining the potential of the business is the very first step of executing any best small business ideas in India where you should not do any minute mistake.

Because if you are taking a wrong turn while starting the journey, in the end, you reach the wrong destination which you did not assume.

Small Business Idea contains the low investment by which a person can survive for a long and can make the business scalable within a certain period.

Senstive Aspects Before Starting a Small Business in India

As I mentioned above, starting a business is not quite easy and there are some aspects that are very sensitive, so I want to aware you of a few aspects on which you should focus more.

Funding / Capital Amount as an Investment

Before you start any small business in India, you are supposed to make sure that you are holding enough funding or investment amount with the proper backup amount as well.

If you do not have enough funds, you can opt for borrowing a loan from any nationalized bank or organization which are willing to offer the Funding Amount for the startup businesses.

Hence, you are going to execute the small business idea, you will not need much more investment, and you can also start it with a little investment.

Proper Planning

You are going to invest money in the hope of getting more returns, hence you are supposed to make a proper plan and strategy to execute it.

Don’t rely on the module model, make the strategy taking from investment to selling, how much you will be getting as a profit, how could you be repaying the leading amount, how will you pay the salary to the employees.

Make the proper calculation, till how long you could survive without getting any profit revenue because the business does not generate instant revenue, it would take some time to make itself strong.

Social Media Consultant

You can run a business of growing the business of others, it’s very strange, right?

It seems very strange, but nowadays social media consultancy business has a very high potential, digital marketing is hiking itself day by day.

Almost all business owners are searching for people or companies who can boost their business by doing the digital marketing of their business.

Social Media Icons, Facebook icon, Instagram icon, Pinterest icon, LinkedIn icon, and people

People are spending the majority time on social media instead of television and newspapers and that’s why advertisers are diverting their business online and they are doing online marketing instead of traditional old marketing strategies.

If you do not have any knowledge of the Social Media Advertising business, you can learn it without paying anything from the internet.

Many YouTube videos and blogs are teaching digital marketing at a micro level, and if you want, you can also opt for a paid course.

The investment for this business is almost zero, or you can purchase some paid tools which will cost a maximum of Rs. 5,000 per year.

You can offer a Facebook Ads Service, Google Ads Service, and other Social Media Ads Running services for which you can charge a good amount per Ad.

Pet Food And Pet Care

Pets are becoming lovable for people nowadays in India, and many rich family people are keeping pets in their homes.

You might not be aware that the business of taking care of the pets and offering the pets’ food and other accessories is becoming more profitable and popular in the current trend in India.

When people who are having pets plan for a long time vacation they always worry about their pets, meanwhile, they are looking for a person or a source who can take care of their pets.

A boy is taking care of pet and having the food packets for the pets

In this situation, you can become their problem solver and offer them a service of taking care of their pets in their absence.

While interacting with your customers, you can offer them additional foods for pets, accessories, and the other lovable pets which you have.

This business returns you a good amount of profit margin per pet, per accessory, and for the service of handling your customer’s pet.

Small Super Store

Hence, it’s the time of online shopping, in spite of I am suggesting to run a small superstore business, there is a certain strategy behind it.

There are some people who do not believe in online shopping due to the quality aspects, and they prefer to buy the grocery from the store by visiting physically.

Additionally, you have a great business idea to make the superstore business scalable and more profitable.

Start the delivery service of the grocery items to the customer’s doorsteps by charging minimal delivery charges.

If you gain a huge number of customers, and you can adjust, you can make the delivery service free of cost, it must be adjusting the expense of transportation within an order, otherwise, you should charge for the delivery extra.

Restaurant And Cafe – Friend’s Point

Opening a restaurant is one of those top 10 small business ideas in India, that can be executed anywhere in India with the minimum investment.

If you open a cafe, your potential customer audience will be youth and students, you should open a cafe around the college, reputed tuition classes, or around a multinational company.

Huge companies are always looking for tea, coffee, and snack provider with good quality at affordable rates.

If you get an order from only one company, you can fetch a huge amount as the profit by serving them only the tea, coffee, and snack to employees of that company.

The restaurant is an evergreen business in India, even the covid pandemic could not disturb this business industry, you can imagine how profitable this business idea is.

You will not require a very huge amount as an investment, but it will also not be executed in a very little amount.

You will have to arrange some noticeable amount as an investment, approx more than 1 lakh rupees.

After opening a restaurant, you can also tie up with the online food delivery partners who will be delivering your food to those customers who are not willing to come to your restaurant and still want your recipes.

Packing Services Business

You might not aware of the potential of the packing service business, generally, the medium-scale business and huge-scale businesses do not acquire a special department for packing their products.

They always prefer to outsource this task to save time and money in terms of the salary for dedicated employees for this task.

The other option of this task is to establish the equipment for packing which increases the investment and the output is not much productive so that they accept the approach neither of both mentioned.

As a solution, huge and medium-sized businesses prefer to outsource this stuff to a third party that can accomplish this task at an affordable rate, so they can maintain the business module.

If you are seeking low investment small business in India, you can have a good opportunity to grab this deal, you will be required only some equipment like some good quality packing materials, cutters, stripes, and experienced manpower who can do this stuff nicely.

You can make a deal with huge-sized businesses by offering a packing service at an affordable rate.

After sustaining for a certain time, you will realize that this is one of the most profitable low investment business ideas in India which returns you high in less investment.

Supplying Vegetables to The Restaurants

How can we forget to explore a vegetable supplying business to the restaurants, this is the evergreen business idea that can be executed at any corner of India with a very minimal Investment.

The vegetable is a raw material for each restaurant and it’s the must element without which their business can not be run.

Purchasing the vegetable in a bulk from the local market is not affordable in terms of the rate for the restaurant owner, and they can not spend the time to buy it from the main market on daily basis.

Fresh Vegetables

Here, you can accomplish the missing part of their business chain, you can purchase the vegetables from the main market where the variation of rate is too high than a local market and can deliver to the restaurants.

This business idea is going to be very popular in upcoming times and in addition, the covid pandemic is still present so that you should not think twice before executing this profitable business idea in India.

On the other end, you can also tie-up with the e-commerce site to grow your sales, where you will be able to spread your product all over India and will be selling your pet accessories across India.

Garment Reselling Business

This is another one of those small business ideas in India which rarely sees the face of recession period during any condition.

Yes, the garment reselling business has too much potential of high earning and the positive aspect of this business idea is this business requires very few investments.

As I can state that this small-scale business idea requires less than 15,000/- as an investment, and the process of doing this business is quite easy and risk-free.

You are supposed to grow your customer base by interacting with people online like social media, telegram, and being aware of your business.

You need to perform two tasks parallelly, one is to build up the deals with the garment merchants who will be providing you the catalog of the garments, and at the other end, you will have to keep building the audience for reselling.

The profit margin of this business is too high, let’s suppose you are purchasing a piece in 350/- from the seller and selling it in 550/- to the customer including the courier delivery charges.

The courier charges of one garment maximum up to Rs. 90 anywhere in India, so your profit margin per piece is around 100/- in which you will not have to adjust any other expense.

If you make only 5 deals per day which consumes less than one hour, you can earn 15,000 per month, isn’t it the best small business idea in India?


Starting a small scale business is the best approach to establish a long-lasting business, and it should be a starting point for the long journey in terms of business.

If you have a huge experience, you can directly execute huge scale business like manufacturing unit, or production company, but if you are a fresher and not holding much more experience of business industry, you should keep the approach to start the business life by executing the small scale business ideas first.

The process of converting the small-sized business into a scalable business is implemented by adding new ideas, modules, experiments in the existing business and making them successful.

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