Top 7 Best Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India – Ultimate Profitable Business Opportunities

India is divided into 25+ states, and every state has various potential in each term, including finance, tradition, culture, land, politics, population, and literacy.

So, the business opportunities vary in every state according to the related aspects, but there are some business ideas in India that can be executed anywhere in India.

These business opportunities are some of them that return you the same potential as output. So you can plan a proper business plan with proper strategy.

Focusing on the small manufacturing business ideas in India, there are several wonderful small manufacturing businesses that return you a very good reward on executing them in a proper way.

The manufacturing business seems risky, lengthy, and a high investment-oriented business plan. It’s quite true, but there are many other ways by which you can build a successful manufacturing business model through certain strategies.

And one of the best strategies to build a manufacturing business is starting a small manufacturing business in India.

What is a Small Manufacturing Business Model?

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

First of all, many people consider the small scale manufacturing business as a low investment manufacturing business.

A small manufacturing business does not mean that you will have to invest a small amount of capital to start the business.

While starting the small scale business plan, you cover the limited category of the audience for your business, and slowly you grow up the manufacturing business.

Investment does not have any connection of concern with the small scale business ideas, small scale business ideas mean you start the manufacturing business with limited and enough resources.

The benefit of starting a small range manufacturing business is that it has a low-risk factor, and is easily manageable with the orientation of futuristic large business ideas.

There are many small manufacturing business ideas in India that you can start with low, medium, and high investment and make scalable and profitable.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore the most profitable small scale business opportunities in India.

1. Agarbatti Making Business Idea

Agarbatti making business is one of the most small scale profitable businesses amongst all manufacturing small scale businesses in India.

There is a huge demand for scented agarbatti, thin agarbatti, colored agarbatti, and other different kinds of agarbatti in the local and international markets.

The agarbatti manufacturing business needs a medium range of investment to start and needs a proper marketing strategy to grow up.

You will not need a team of more than 3 or 4 people to start agarbatti making business, and also you will not require any experienced person. You can also include your family members in this business and save the employee cost.

You can generate a very good amount of revenue as a profit per month by selling the agarbatti in bulk to wholesalers.

Moreover, there is a huge demand for different types of agarbatti in western countries, and there is a massive potential to make a big deal with international clients.

If you are looking for small scale business ideas, you should do more research on the agarbatti making business for 2022.

2. Banana and Potato Wafers Making Business

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India - banana and poteto making wafers

The semi-automatic wafer-making machine comes in around 45k-50k rupees which can produce 140kg to 180kg wafers per hour.

If you are thinking of starting a small scale business that you can run forever, the banana and potato wafers making business is one the best small scale businesses for manufacturing.

Luckily, the investment for starting the manufacturing of banana and potato wafers is not too high. If you have 70k rupees only in your hand, you can easily start this profitable manufacturing business in India.

You will require around 4-5 people only to manage the wafer-making business on a small scale. In this business also you can introduce your family members.

As you will do this business on a small scale, you should cover your local area first, and then grow up by covering apart areas, then cities, and then states.

Balaji Wafers, Real Namkeens, Diamond Namkeens, all were started as small scale businesses, and now they have captured all Indian markets.

You are supposed to receive a huge profit margin from this small scale manufacturing business because if we consider the lowest edge, you can make at least 700kg of wafers if you work for 8 hours per day.

Do you know that the wafer-making business is also one of the best small manufacturing businesses from home because you can run this business from your home as well?

The size of the wafer making machine is too portable and you need a very small space to manage it along with the raw materials of wafers and other accessories.

3. Sweet Making Business Idea

Sweet making business is one of the trending business ideas in India. Especially during the festivals and occasional seasons like marriage season, you can generate very massive revenue from this small scale business plan.

You need a small range of investment to start the sweet-making business, and if you have a good location, you can also start a retail shop of sweet selling business.

There is a massive demand for made-in-India sweets in the international market because there is not such a country in the world that can make the taste of Indian sweets.

Moreover, India has various kinds of sweets and that changes with the location in terms of geography.

Like, Bhopali sweets, Indori Sweets, Nagpuri Chivda, Gujarati Farsan, and many other varieties of sweets are available only in India.

With the introduction of online selling businesses, you can easily capture the outside market of your city and state.

This is one of the best profitable small scale manufacturing businesses from home as you don’t require dedicated land for it.

You will need a team of around 5-6 people to manage a sweet-making business in a proper way. Here I do not suggest you include your family members if they are not good at making the sweet with a good taste.

4. Paper Bag Manufacturing Business

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India - Paper bag making business idea

I don’t need to mention that including India, many countries over the world have banned the utilization of plastic bags and some other plastic materials.

Bags are too mandatory objects in daily routine life to carry some medium size products. If governments have banned it, it is mandatory to find a good alternative, right?

Paper bags are the best alternative to plastic bags, and there are very few countries over the world that are manufacturing paper bag-making machines, and India is one of them.

You can start this one of the international small scale manufacturing businesses anywhere in India having a medium range of investment.

Let me inform you that the demand for paper bags is much higher in foreign countries than in India, and of course, India also has a lot of demand for plastic bags.

Considering the profit and revenue of paper bag making business, it depends on your working system, how much quantity of paper bags you are producing per day, and other subjects.

But, one thing is pretty sure that if you work for 8 hours per day along with your team, the revenue of the day can reach up to 8,000/- rupees per day easily.

You will require a team of around 3-4 people to manage this small scale business plan properly without any glitch.

Hence, you will be producing the paper bags in a massive quantity, the retail trading is not an appropriate selling strategy for you.

You can list out your products on B2B sites, from where you will get the potential clients who will be purchasing your paper bags in a huge bulk in one go.

Moreover, you can buy international clients to export your paper bags out of India. Those clients will pay you the cost for paper bags with enough profit as well.

5. Papad Making Business Idea in India

If you are still looking for a small business idea in India that can be processed from the home with very low investment, then get a small pause, and read about the papad making business with attention.

India is the country of the foody people. The Indian population is not used to having only meals without supplements like papad, salad, pickle, and other supplements.

And, if someone has received the guests, the dinner or lunch dish must include the pickle, salad, and papad, do you agree with me?

If you want to start the papad making machine business from home, you can purchase the papad rolling machine, which costs around only 20k to 25k rupees.

You may need a group of around 7-8 people to manage papad making business because there are several modules in this business.

Preparing the flour, operating the papad rolling machine, frying the raw papad, and packaging them need more people to manage with precision.

Talking about the profit margin of papad making business, there is a very minute profit per piece, but you will be trading in a very huge bulk of quantity, which converts the minute profit into a massive amount.

Moreover, there is a huge demand for Indian papads in western countries, and you will find very potential buyers from western countries as well.

You can export your papads in massive bulk at your rates and can generate a very good profit per one deal as well.

6. Pickle Making Business in India

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India - pickle making business

Similarly, like the papad, pickle is one of the most mandatory supplements with Indian meals, and lunch or dinner is incomplete for Indian people without pickles.

The most beneficial factor for you is that very few businesses in India make the pickles according to the demand.

The demand for pickles is pretty high, and that’s why you can jump into the business of pickle making.

This small manufacturing business idea has another prime feature of accessing it from home without any obstacle.

Yes, if you do not have a separate space for making the pickles, you can make them in a corner of your home, if you have a very small vacant room in your home or backyard as well.

Like the papad business, there is a very huge international market for the pickle business as well. There are lots of Indian people in the western countries who distribute pickles to the native population of western countries.

This is one of the best small manufacturing businesses in India having a very low investment, and you don’t need any machinery or equipment to run this small scale manufacturing business.

Pickle making business can be done by both selling strategies of retailing and wholesaling. You can make small packets of pickles to sell, and you also can export in the bulk as well.

For retailing, you can list out your pickles packages on multiple ecommerce sites, and for wholesale trading, you can list out your product catalog on B2B sites.

7. Disposable Plates, Cups, and Crockery Manufacturing Business

After banning the usage of plastic materials, these products have been grabbing more demand day by day. These kinds of groceries are used in parties, functions, celebrations, restaurants, and hotels along with shops.

People prefer to buy more disposable products because they are used and thrown away, there is no headache of washing them again and again.

Moreover, the disposable plates and other crockeries can be used for multi-purpose. People can serve the snacks, the food, and the meal as well in disposable plates.

The business of disposable plates and other crockeries manufacturing is a very low investment and space and a small team.

You can get very potential clients for this business from B2B sites and ecommerce sites within and outside of India very easily.

There is also a very huge class of people who are running the street business and need disposable crockeries in the medium quantity.

Conclusion on Small Scale Manufacturing Business in India

Starting a small scale manufacturing business is not a big deal if you have enough investment, but yes, you will be depending somehow on your workers or employees.

While running small manufacturing businesses, you need to be sure that you are treating your team and employees well.

The next thing you should take care of before executing the small scale manufacturing business is the marketing aspect. You need to adopt all the possible strategies for marketing your business and products.

The last and important factor of a small manufacturing business that I want to share is that you are supposed to keep patience and work dedicatedly with consistency to make your small business scalable.

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