How Can You Start Keventers Franchise in India 2021 || Ever Best Business For Franchise Model?

The reasonable approach to go for Keventers Franchise is its prestige, reputation, and greatest business model, Keventers is a synonym of Milkshake.

The dairy industry was introduced in India in 1894 by Edward Kventers by opening the first dairy farm in Aligarh.

Before this time, no one was knowing what the dairy business is, and it wasn’t the existence of the milk business in India.

Keventers was appointed by the British government to establish, monetize, and enhance the milk business in India and he started the first outlet of Milk in 1894.

He handed over the company to Dalmia Industry with 48 outlets spread across India before his death.

Keventers was supplying the milk to the Indian National Army and after some years, the Indian government took over the land of Keventers Company which was located in the Chanakyapuri area of Delhi.

Keventers Franchise

Due to this reason, the company was around to close, and it was targeting the old generation population which ideas was not got succeeded and hence, many outlets were forced closed.

Franchise Business is one of the best business models where you can use another person or company’s fame, goodwill and generate revenue for you.

Keventers Franchise Cost in India

Definitely, taking a Keventers Franchise is one of the best business ideas in India, you need need a huge capital amount as an investment to establish Keventers Franchise in India.

We are going to provide the investment details for Keventers Franchise in a very simple breakdown so that you can go through it in the easiest way.

The Fees for the Franchise are INR 9 Lakhs which you can pay it in installments of 3 years as well and it provides you the license which is valid for 5 years.

The Signage and Collateral will be around an estimate of INR 1 Lakh.

The Refundable security deposit amount is INR 1 Lakh which you will have to pay while taking the franchise.

The cost of collection of equipment which is required to make the milkshake is around INR 7.5 Lakhs.

Keventers Franchise

The amount for Marketing Expense and Pre-Operating Cost reach up to INR 3 Lakhs.

The Advance/ Contractor Fee for the property will be at an estimate of INR 7.5 Lakh.

Combining all the amounts together, you have to keep around INR 25 to 30 Laksh to take the Keventers Franchise in the estimated area of 100 sq. ft which is the minimum required.

For information to take the franchise of Keventers, you can contact the team of Keventers by reaching out to the below sources.

On the official site of Keventers, you will find the Franchise Inquiry Form where you can fill in the details and submit them, you will be contacted by them the earliest possible.

Reopening of Keventers in India

Keventers was reopened in Delhi in August 2015, and with the relaunching, the sales of the first year were worth Rs. 4 Cr, and within the upcoming 2.5 years, the turnover of the company touched 80 Cr from 4 Cr.

Within this duration, it expanded its business across India including Delhi, Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, West Bengal, Karnata, and many more cities and states.

It also spread its business in the international market including the countries Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries.

This business was reopened by the two people with the help of Mr. Sohrab Sitaraman.

Keventers Franchise
Keventers Franchise

The History of Keventers Company

Before the 1900s, the business model of milk and dairy products was not existing in India, a Swedish person and dairy business consultant Edward Keventers started the first unit of dairy outlet in India in Aligarh.

Keventers Franchise

Edward Keventers revolute the dairy industry for the first time in India, the dairy opened by Keventers in Aligarh 1894 was converted into a hugely profitable business.

He established the first major unit of dairy in 1925 in the Chanakyapuri of Delhi, and his business was catching more fame day by day.

He started to spread the business day by day very fast, and he established the units of dairy in Kolkata, Darjiling, Delhi, Mumbai, Karachi, Lahore, Nainital, Masuri, Dehradun, Rachi, and Rangoon.

After the death of Edward Keventer in 1946, his nephew Warner Keventer took over and managed the business.

After the death of Warner Keventer, Dalmia Group acquired the business in 1960, but in 1970 Indian government force closed the plant of Chanakyapuri, and then the Dalmila group lost interest in this business.

But the Keventers brand was not finished at all yet, some old outlet owners continued the business without any official recognization with Dalmia.

Later on, in 2015, two entrepreneur guys reopened this business with the help of Mr. Sohrab Sitaraman, and then what happened, I have already shared with you.

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